Physical Body Restrictions Created by Your Higher Self

This is another topic that’s well familiar to me but one I realized I’ve not talked about publicly at TRANSITIONS. The subject is about why many of us have built-in safeguards in these incarnations which, from our perspective, seem like miserable physical handicaps, disabilities, or restrictions. Because I was born with scoliosis and have had arthritis in my spine since forever, I’ve had a life of physical pain and things I couldn’t do…but tired damned hard nonetheless!

So why would my Higher Self limit Denise this way in this incarnation? I’ve discovered that, had I not had these types of physical restraints imposed upon me in this life and timeline, I would still be doing all those intense physical things I loved so when I was young/younger. But because I did not reincarnate in this life and timeline so I could be that jockey I wanted to be as a kid, or a professional dancer for more years than I actually was, or use my 5′ 2″ female body to landscape people’s yards to resemble my past-life memories of Master Hotei’s temple gardens, or redecorate people’s houses to resemble other of my past-life memories or any other such fun physical stuff, my Higher Self helped keep me on-track in this life by placing some physical limitations on my physical body. And even after all that I’ve still used my small beat-up female physical body as if it were a healthy and very strong  6′ 2″ male body! Sometimes remembering more of one’s past lives lived in opposite sexed bodies doesn’t always make this current life and focus easier. Sometimes this type of past-life memories and energetic integration is supposed to be used in non-physical ways.

To prevent some of us Forerunners/Wayshowers/Starseeds/Lightworkers who specifically incarnated (Volunteered) on Earth now to live and anchor the Ascension Process and its changes from getting happily sidetracked in other fun physical 3D things for all of our lives, our Higher Selves help us by giving us certain physical restrictions or limitations. I know this may sound harsh, cruel, karmic or such but that’s not the case at all — quite the opposite in fact. To help us do what we came to physical Earth now to do, oftentimes our Higher Self will, in some way, deliberately limit our physical body so we cannot permanently go rushing off once back in 3D physicality and become permanently enmeshed in some very physical endeavor… like dancing, or soccer, or building houses, or whatever it is that we’re deeply attracted to once back in a physical body on a physical world.

I mentioned in A Lightworker’s Mission that I could always clairvoyantly See my life up until the age of 40. From that point on it was black to the me I was prior to age 40. This told me that I was working within a tight timeline in this lifetime and that I had until age 40 (actually it was the start of my Uranus Opposition at age 39) to do most of those intense physical things I desired doing. From age 39-on however I was fully on the clock so to speak and there wouldn’t be room or time for me to fool around with certain “normal” physical endeavors like I had prior to age 40. I was and still am grateful that I had those 39 years to try to make my physical body do things it wasn’t designed in this life to do.

A few years ago I discovered a story by David Icke about the onset of his rheumatoid arthritis. He too had an intense passion for the physical and evidently wanted and had planned on being a professional soccer player when he was young. But his Higher Self had other plans and to help David stay on-track with those plans he too had physical limitations or restrictions placed upon his physical body. I know there are many other Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers who’ve lived lives in physical bodies that don’t work the way they’d like them to and for the same reasons as mine and David Icke’s. It was to help us do what we came to Earth now to do and that has nothing to do with racing thoroughbred horses, dancing professionally, playing soccer professionally, or physically moving boulders and trees around outside to create the correct energy flow in one’s backyard, or any other such intense physical labors of love, no matter how intense the passion.

So if you’ve found yourself restricted or limited in some way like this, stop and honestly do a Reality Check to get your spiritual bearings again. What at first may seem a terrible and unfair restriction placed upon you in this life, may actually be the very thing that protects you from becoming sidetracked and/or lost your entire Ascension Process lifetime in intense earthy physicality when that’s not why you’re here now at all!  Thanks Higher Self for the personal help and protection. What’s that great old saying…? “Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage!”  Nope, we’re here now to turn the entire planet into a 5D “summer cottage”. 


July 24, 2011

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33 thoughts on “Physical Body Restrictions Created by Your Higher Self

  1. Hi Denise….wow…you were telling my story there…..until I was about 39 exactly the same..then a myrid of neurological symptoms stopped my in my tracks….and the journey began…..and the same words…we need to slow you down…..know them so well……….

    Thanks carol………..

  2. Thank you, Denise. I really relate to this and some from a physical standpoint(huge food allergies and hypoglycemia), but also from an emotional one too. I cannot be around certain people and or situations without having very intense emotional reactions come through me, like depression or anger. These emotions come up like I am channeling them and they feel like a nightmare. I am extremely sensitive to energy. It is not like these people or situations are “bad” that I have come incontact with (although some might have been), it is just this barometer that has kept me from doing too much and being around a lot of people. I also seem to have this “defect” (gift) which bounces people off of me like I have a repeling magnet on me. I would meet someone and become friends and I would be so happy to have a friend and then they just fade away and disappear for no reason or they get angry or have something in which I become the scapegoat. This has happened to me my WHOLE life (as a child I was always the weird kid even though I moved a lot, it was always the same wherever I went) and I am almost forty, but this last year the knob on the barometer has been cranked up and I feel I have been given a shock treatment that is saying to me—“STAY PUT AND JUST DO NOTHING!”. This has been hard for me and I have felt so alienated and estranged from the human race and I have tried so hard to understand it and have done all kinds of inner work. From the twelve steps (which I started when I was nineteen) to therapy to yoga and other spiritual practices. And I have been very honest with myself and can find no reason why this would happen, but for some kind of “gift” although it has always felt like a curse. So painful. Especially now that I have a child(soon to be another) and I think I should be more involved and do more things in the world with him, but I tried that and it literally almost killed me. Part of it is sometimes the dark ones interferring, but also there is this protection and just this year I have become more grateful for it and can see how my child (who is a lightworker too) is benefiting from this isolation. But we are not really isolated. We have huge gardens with every lind of elf and fairy and gnome and then there are the goats and chickens and ducks who live with us too! The flowers and plants and trees can get their messages across to me much easier and the land spirits too. This pregnancy I feel I am being cared for by these beings compared with my other pregnancy where I was so lonely and trying so hard to connect with other moms and helpers and I ended up so depressed and feeling more lonely than I ever had in my life even though I had the most people in it then. And I want to say the bar has been raised even higher. I can not mess around because the reactions to doing too much and being around too many people are so much bigger now. I really appreciate all of you sharing these same things and helping me to feel stronger in my mission here. And thank you, Denise for sharing this space to do so. LOVE to all of you.

  3. Cheryl,

    Oh ♥ hugs to you for such a massive and life-altering lesson/gift/learning/teaching.

    Yes some of us, myself included, would have run (yes I choose the word “run” intentionally) screaming in the opposite direction had I/Denise fully known about all of the darkness, evil, pain and suffering I would endure because of my undying need to help people free themselves from the Dark and step back into the Light. So our Higher Selves keep certain information, knowledge and memories from us so we can more easily get through what we need to get through in a shorter span of 3D time.

    Personally I think loosing your legs was both a “tragedy and a gift” because that is High Heart Unity Consciousness. Do you know what all you can spiritually teach others based on what you’ve learned from all you’ve gone through due to your tragedy/gift/gift/tragedy? Do you realize that you ARE the “the best that you could be”? despite the external package not looking or functioning like society tells all of us it should? I’ve often had this lecture with myself over the past 13 Ascension years and it’s a hard one to honestly and fully accept.

    All I can tell you is how much I admire your strength and determination to ascend/evolve at any cost. This is Unity Consciousness and your Higher Self helping you to “be the best that I could” in this life and timeline. You’re doing it and so much more.

    ♥ Hugs of Gratitude and Respect,

  4. Dear Denise,

    Thank you for the reminder. I have actually been more sidetracked by the “why can’t I…” lately … in fact even this morning I saw a piece on television about Cirque du Soleil and their costume builders. I started to cry and asked my husband where I turned off of that path … I *should* have been a costume designer making those beautiful costumes for someone — Cirque du Soleil or some other theatre company. He tried to reassure me that I wasn’t on the wrong path but didn’t really have the right words … but this message from you are the words he needed. I remember all those beautiful Elizabethan gowns and Baroque hats and Egyptian gauzy, delicately pleated kalasiris. But my energy levels and stress levels (how odd that as stress goes up energy goes down! why can’t we just rechannel the energy expense???) will not allow me to participate in theatre any more. And so, I pretend, as my mother did when she could no longer swing on grapevines (really no joke she did that), I just don’t “want” to any more.

    Anyway, once again you are in tune with what needs to be said when it needs to be said… thank you for your continued guidance!



  5. I’ve been on the ascension path since 2001. In 2010 I was involved in an injury where I lost my legs. I’ve often asked why I would go down this path when all I ever wanted to be was the best that I could. It’s like I was taken out of one timeline and placed in another where it was time to get down to the real work. I do admit, I’ve gone through this transition with ease and grace and my life has become simple. Old habits, friends, things that didn’t matter all seemed to fade away leaving me plenty of room to focus on whats important. I am told from within that what happened to me in 2010 death experience was directly related to my awakening in 2001 that triggered my kundlaini awakening. So is this tragedy or a gift?

  6. thank-you Denise ❤ I too wanted nothing more than to be with racehorses and I cursed god that my body couldn't do what I wanted 😦 I understand what you are saying and it brought tears to my eyes ❤ I must go and process this now ❤ thank-you very much indeed ❤ ❤ ❤

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