Remember Volunteering For This?



One afternoon in the early 1980’s I had a sudden intense memory surface within my Denise consciousness. Because this memory happened before the start of the Ascension Process (1987), it was unusually intense for me to make a fully conscious quantum connection with this particular memory—more accurately the actual event happening simultaneously. During the minute or so of my remembering and seeing in my mind’s eye this simultaneous quantum event, I instantaneously had sweat running down my back and was shaking mildly from the conscious connection with this higher, larger aspect of myself. That’s how much more difficult it was some thirty years ago to make a conscious quantum connection with a very high dimension and aspect of SELF like this. I—not just this Denise aspect but many other aspects of my greater SELF also—was/am aware of existing simultaneously in multiple forms in multiple dimensions. Here’s what I suddenly remembered that special day thirty years ago.

Suddenly I was aware of being a Being of Light that exists vibrationally closer to Source with a small group of other like-Beings or Spiritual Family. There were maybe five or so of these similar Beings standing in front of the rest of us like-Beings. We’d gathered together to discuss something very important and make equally important decisions about it. I was one of the Beings listening to the other Beings informing the rest of us about these situations and the changes needed.

The short discussion consisted of us being informed that THE Plan needed help from some of us to be corrected, separated, completed, and lifted up to an entirely new level and dimension. That was all that needed to be understood or discussed because it was instantaneously known by all of us what was happening, what would happen, what was needed and why. At this point I raised my hand and announced, “We’ll go!” and that was that. That’s all that was required to volunteer to seed an aspect of one’s Greater SELF to incarnate within lower frequency 3D on Earth as a Starseed Lightworker/Lightworker/Wayshower/Path Cutter to work from within that dimension and Earth world disguised as a local to seed, embody, and manifest the transformational energies of the Ascension Process.

To take this topic one more quantum step—which we must to be completely honest about this—if your Greater Self volunteered for this current Ascension Mission, then this part of You didn’t seed and send out only one aspect of You to do this, You most likely seeded many aspects and deliberately sent them to incarnate in different timelines and countries around Earth (aka your “past lives”). Why? Because it was/is a quantum crash-course in learning about living and functioning within polarized 3D physicality; living, perceiving and functioning within dense polarized male and female physical bodies; existing, functioning and perceiving within greatly restricted linear time; and learning to function with greatly restricted awareness and consciousness etc.


When this call went out for volunteers to help with dislodging humanity and Earth up and out from the dark mud-pit it had fallen into thanks to some other stubborn and confused aspects—aka the Dark Ones—YOU intentionally seeded different aspects of Yourself to incarnate on 3D Earth to all work on this particular Mission simultaneously. I know, I know, just breath and don’t think linear thoughts and linear time! Let your sense of self, selves, Self expand back to what it really is which is NOT linear and separated at all.

The Greater Self You volunteered to help with getting THE Plan back on-track and to accomplish this It seeded aspects of Itself into…let’s say…Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, ancient China, Asia, north, central, and south America as native Indians, Mayans etc., Tibet, India, north and south Africa, different countries and timelines throughout Europe and so on. And It seeded these different aspects of Itself into these different countries and timelines in both male and female bodies so that as much knowledge, learning, creativity and integration could be gained. (Think spherical not linear.)

In many of these past/simultaneous lives you were trained by other Master Teachers, other Starbeings and by other-dimensional Beings (who in some cases where also other aspects of You as well) all to help the overall quantum Mission and teach these different incarnated aspects of You the things you/You/YOU all needed/need to know from firsthand experience within the third dimension and polarized physicality. How could you possibly help anyone or anything if you/You/YOU didn’t know what it’s like living in a dense physical body with limited consciousness in a profoundly polarized physical world? So, crash-course to learn, to live, taste, feel, to know for yourself/selves how and why and all the in’s and out’s of a life in 3D. And because You have inserted aspects of Self within this Earth world and THE Plan, you’re not breaking any universal Freewill Laws by making the needed Ascension-related changes. Now the many different you’s have some serious personal knowledge tools to work with during the last leg of this quantum Mission, plus no one’s Freewill has been infringed upon either.

So here comes the real mind-bender with all this. Breath, expand your sense of self and relax.

This current incarnation, this current life you aspect is the really, really important volunteer piece in this massive elaborate quantum Mission. I know it doesn’t seem like you are and it sure as hell doesn’t feel like you are, but you are nonetheless. This current self you and incarnation is the real anchor aspect to all this; the real incarnation body/mind/soul that’s the one living, transmuting, and embodying within the Ascension, the “End Times”, the end of the 16 billion-yearlong Plan timeline to actually do the deed of Ascension through yourself, your bodies, your heart and soul. All the rest of it has been, is, quantum prep-work and support for this particular aspect of You in this life, this incarnation and timeline to wrap this Mission up and bring it home, Home, HOME.

Many years ago I read something channeled by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians. They called us Starseeds/Lightworkers/”System Busters” the “Standard Bearers of our Souls”. When I first read that term I wasn’t positive of what they meant by it. A few weeks later I totally understood. We are indeed the aspects that are embodying and living the Alchemical Ascension Process and 16 billion-yearlong polarity resolution transformational work within and through our current bodies and selves to get THE Plan back on-track and provide a way out of the old stuck mud-pit Earth now for any who wish to extricate themselves from the endless negativity, darkness, polarity, violence, suffering, greed, lack, pain and tears.

Let your greater quantum identity and volunteered role sink in a bit and go have a bowl of ice cream or something and cut yourself some slack. Is it any wonder why so many of us are exhausted beyond comprehension at this point? Well done everyone and just a little way left to go now.


July 9, 2011

multicolored copyright 2Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link.

45 thoughts on “Remember Volunteering For This?

  1. Mia,

    The most important thing for all of us to grasp, especially now as we complete the 16 billion-yearlong cycle or THE Plan (Mayan calendar showing this completion point or Expiration Date of Oct. 28, 2011), is that we’re more than linear beings; we’re quantum beings that exist within multiple dimensions, multiple worlds, multiple incarnations, in multiple levels of development/consciousness etc. simultaneously.

    Each of us are like huge, complex networks that are connected to all of its other parts and aspects with the Higher Self at the center of everything. The reason I’ve been pushing this particular information and concepts is because they go along with our evolution/ascension out of dense 3D physicality with profoundly narrow linear time consciousness/awareness only, into 5D NON-linear reality with increasingly unified, non-polarized, more quantum consciousness/awareness within a much more vast and fluid dimension (5D). In other words, one natural side-effect of ascension (the Body and Brian Rewiring) is that our sense of “self” and time must evolve and expand much more than what we’ve believed and perceived it has been.

    About karma. Like everything else from the old lower 3D world and awareness, karma for many people simply became an Eastern version of Western sin and punishment. Karma isn’t about “good/bad” or “right/wrong”. It’s an energetic way to teach or remind us that all is connected and all is learning and evolving constantly. It’s not that we’ve done something “wrong” and now will have to “pay” for our evil ways or lack of understanding or selfishness or whatever it may be. It’s about us learning within a realm of polarity. and learning within polarity means we get to experience BOTH sides of an energy, issues, beliefs, actions and so on. And all the while the many aspects of us are learning from each other and making changes, progress, evolving and learning simultaneously.

    “It feels like I’ve been lifting the energy of the whole group of my own should fragments… and that, in part, has contributed to how difficult the past few years have been. It’s like in some timelines the energy is so horrifically thick and low that the soul aspect of me that incarnated there, has lost much of the memory of his/her soul connection and it is my task to make contact and help them…”

    Yes, this is very true and another reason why we’re so exhausted at this point within the Ascension Process. Remember too that we’re transmuting, completing, and wrapping up 16 billion years worth of everything which is hard to even comprehend…let alone do! 😐 All is connected and constantly learning and evolving and this is what our current incarnations are very much about.


  2. Debra,

    Please hear what I’m going to say next.

    Every word you said is how I feel, how I’ve felt for years and years now. Honestly, I’m as beat up, as exhausted, as fed up with the shit and insanity and my not even being able to move to another town and see some fucking trees! All this pressure and feelings of being trapped in between the old world and the new is just about driving me crazy right now. Tomorrow’s another day however and, as usual, I find some small space within myself (that was the key to this situation at this moment) that feels somewhat content within this Process. Then the shit returns with a vengeance and I have to find that inner High Heart zone again and again and again. It’s another freakin’ Initiation and some days I’m golden, and other day or minutes I’m a (I just loved this line by someone else here) ” a whiny little monkey” for a while!

    This next bit is probably gonna sound like fluffy new age bullshit but hang in with me okay? 😉 Sometimes us laying on the floor crying, exhausted beyond comprehension, done done done with it all is the magical moment and indicator that – ONCE AGAIN – we’ve gotten so freakin’ fed up with whatever that we finally just let go of…which was what we needed to do all along! Harsh but true. The Ascension Process hammers us repeatedly which eventually causes us to let go of another and another and another old lower frequency aspect of ourselves, our ego selves, our beliefs, our dreams, our awareness, our habits etc.

    The Ascension Process literally happens in stages and phases like the tides coming in and out:

    1) Higher frequency energy/energies waves come in which effect us in multiple ways and typically hurts like all hell.
    2) That Energy Wave ends to give us time to adapt and adjust to the latest NEW energies and how they’ve changed us internally/externally.
    3) Because of #1 and #2 we now literally exist in a slightly higher, more Light-filled energy level (those stair steps I’m always mentioning)
    4) For a short period we float around in the latest NEW state/place/level/energies and it feels pristine and quiet in comparison.
    5) Next this process starts all over again with #1!!!

    Yesterday I got hit hard with what it sounds like you’re being hit with too. (Uranus turned retrograde yesterday at 5 Aries and that’s causing much of what we’re currently feeling. Turning inward again to do more inner excavating.) I’ve been a bitchy “whiny little monkey” fed up entirely with so much that I can’t seem to change in my life (moving, getting into Nature, living away from people etc). This too shall pass as it always does, but it’s a big pain and frustration while here!

    Us living this Process is us doing it. It’s often not what we think or believe it is; it’s hard, dirty, ugly, painful, uncool looking, miserable, heartbreaking spiritual work. Those times, those phases where you/me/all of us are on the floor and at the end of our ropes is the Alchemical process at it’s finest and most transformational moments. Again, harsh but true. I’d like you to just know that you are doing it, that you’ve been doing it all along…that’s why it feels like it does to this current aspect of you. You are not required to do anything else than what you’ve already been doing/living/being all along.

    You are Loved and Respected more than you know, 🙂

  3. Denise, your posts keep getting richer and deeper. This one is so profound it is literally jaw dropping. This one post alone explains better than the thousand other posts I’ve read over the years regarding what the hell we are doing here. I am greatly appreciative of your sharing this wisdom. Namaste.

  4. Linda Lubin,

    And I am greatly appreciative of your recognizing what I’ve shared. Truly, deeply.

    I know I’m now supposed to be sharing more fifth dimensional information primarily to consciously introduce more people to quantum consciousness and being. We’re evolving out of linear time and consciousness and as those old 3D blinkers fall off, we’ve got to know that our “reality” is going to increase tremendously. As consciousness expands, so too does reality, and we’re teetering on the brink of this now in the second-half of 2011 and beyond and there needs to be more discussion about some of these 5D traits and abilities.

    Thank you again…I needed to hear what you said right now. 🙂

    Heart Hugs of Gratitude,

  5. Thank you Denise, I posted a very similar message to our mini group just earlier that morning, its great so many of us are ready to shift now.

    My friend next to me just said ” Now I know why I was always reluctant to raise my hand in class even when I knew the answer!”


  6. Yesterday I was watching Saving Private Ryan again. Noticed something hadn’t noticed before. Towards the end of the movie the team runs low on ammo and energy. They’ve gone thru the unspeakable horror (and enormous victory) of landing at Normandy and now they’re trying to run the bad guys out of some little french town but they are weary to the bone. Tom Hanks tells them here’s what we’re gonna do: we’re going to make shitty bombs. The men just stare at him. He tells them how to make the bombs. If I understood correctly what they’re gonna do is shit in their socks, tie up the socks with rope, put axle grease and some other combustible material on the outside of the socks, light the rope and launch the socks like grenades. This works. They take out bad guy tanks and lots of bad guys. It’s all very explosive and clearing and cleansing. Hanks is fatally wounded but he lives to see the air force planes finally finally show up and give the team cover and vanquish the rest of the enemy and save Ryan and everyone else.

    We have the tools! And we’re learning when to fight and when to let go and let our higher selves take over.

    Denise is like Tom Hanks and the air cavalry as far as I’m concerned. NOT a savior! A huge helper.

  7. Denise, thank you for your explaination of the Ascension Process. I generally don’t get to excited by the ways things are going becuase they keep shifting, but when I saw the possibilty of something coming forward and it did I became very excited,
    It hasn’t changed but I have, afraid to believe.
    Any idea where things will remain in 5D reality, or does it continue to change for a while.
    After what I have been trhough in the last 2 years I need something to hold on to.Ha LOL
    Thanks, Cheri

  8. Denise said

    “I know I’m now supposed to be sharing more fifth dimensional information primarily to consciously introduce more people to quantum consciousness and being. We’re evolving out of linear time and consciousness and as those old 3D blinkers fall off, we’ve got to know that our “reality” is going to increase tremendously. As consciousness expands, so too does reality, and we’re teetering on the brink of this now in the second-half of 2011 and beyond and there needs to be more discussion about some of these 5D traits and abilities.”

    So looking forward to this! Am finding very little information about what this process is like now, not 5 or 10 years ago. Loved what you said before about the etherial building and about the beings flashing their head shots at us.

  9. Denise

    Thank you for an amazing post. When I read

    At this point I raised my hand and announced, “We’ll go!” and that was that.

    I couldn’t hold back the tears. It moved me from a deep place of knowing that is exactly what I said and have continued to say through-out my journey. The crazy part is I feel like don’t know what the hell I am doing. I’m just doing it. It feels like I’m doing it blindly but at the same time I know that I am right on track. tough gig.

    This current incarnation, this current life you aspect is the really, really important volunteer piece in this massive elaborate quantum Mission.

    This makes perfect sense to me. Lately I’ve had the thought that perhaps I am the most evolved version of me incarnated in 3d- perhaps that is why the current me hijacked my past life, meaning from 2006, and I am now living a completely different life. (Lisa Renee says that 2006 was the final clarion call to for all indigos to wake up and get prepared and boy did I get the wake- up call in a harsh way!!)


    So many parts of your comment resonated with me.

    Lately I have been consciously “going back” or forward or wherever I am going to collect my fragmented parts and have been helping those parts that are stuck or caught. A memory surfaces in my mind like a still photograph of a point in my life and I know that I must go back to that place and time to help that aspect of me become conscious and join me in this timeline. I usually just go back in my mind like a visualisation and stay there until the feeling is complete. In essence I feel I am making myself whole again.

    In the end of 1998 I was presented by a big choice.

    I also felt that I was presented with a huge choice at the end of 2009 to pursue a dream of mine but I said no and am now living that decision. It is still painful as I’ve had so much trouble letting that childhood dream go and feel it slipping away and I also wonder what that life would be like.

    In terms of personal ambition, as an Aries, this is a topic I struggle with. I also feel like I am not here to pursue my dreams but to do specific work. I am trying to balance ‘my work’ AND pursue worldly things/goals to give myself something to focus on and make my choices and create my own reality but I am not attached to the outcomes. I’m going to give it my best shot but I will not be surprised if, like everything else, it is taken from me with the lesson that – you volunteered for something else and that is not part of The Plan.

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