Remember Volunteering For This?



One afternoon in the early 1980’s I had a sudden intense memory surface within my Denise consciousness. Because this memory happened before the start of the Ascension Process (1987), it was unusually intense for me to make a fully conscious quantum connection with this particular memory—more accurately the actual event happening simultaneously. During the minute or so of my remembering and seeing in my mind’s eye this simultaneous quantum event, I instantaneously had sweat running down my back and was shaking mildly from the conscious connection with this higher, larger aspect of myself. That’s how much more difficult it was some thirty years ago to make a conscious quantum connection with a very high dimension and aspect of SELF like this. I—not just this Denise aspect but many other aspects of my greater SELF also—was/am aware of existing simultaneously in multiple forms in multiple dimensions. Here’s what I suddenly remembered that special day thirty years ago.

Suddenly I was aware of being a Being of Light that exists vibrationally closer to Source with a small group of other like-Beings or Spiritual Family. There were maybe five or so of these similar Beings standing in front of the rest of us like-Beings. We’d gathered together to discuss something very important and make equally important decisions about it. I was one of the Beings listening to the other Beings informing the rest of us about these situations and the changes needed.

The short discussion consisted of us being informed that THE Plan needed help from some of us to be corrected, separated, completed, and lifted up to an entirely new level and dimension. That was all that needed to be understood or discussed because it was instantaneously known by all of us what was happening, what would happen, what was needed and why. At this point I raised my hand and announced, “We’ll go!” and that was that. That’s all that was required to volunteer to seed an aspect of one’s Greater SELF to incarnate within lower frequency 3D on Earth as a Starseed Lightworker/Lightworker/Wayshower/Path Cutter to work from within that dimension and Earth world disguised as a local to seed, embody, and manifest the transformational energies of the Ascension Process.

To take this topic one more quantum step—which we must to be completely honest about this—if your Greater Self volunteered for this current Ascension Mission, then this part of You didn’t seed and send out only one aspect of You to do this, You most likely seeded many aspects and deliberately sent them to incarnate in different timelines and countries around Earth (aka your “past lives”). Why? Because it was/is a quantum crash-course in learning about living and functioning within polarized 3D physicality; living, perceiving and functioning within dense polarized male and female physical bodies; existing, functioning and perceiving within greatly restricted linear time; and learning to function with greatly restricted awareness and consciousness etc.


When this call went out for volunteers to help with dislodging humanity and Earth up and out from the dark mud-pit it had fallen into thanks to some other stubborn and confused aspects—aka the Dark Ones—YOU intentionally seeded different aspects of Yourself to incarnate on 3D Earth to all work on this particular Mission simultaneously. I know, I know, just breath and don’t think linear thoughts and linear time! Let your sense of self, selves, Self expand back to what it really is which is NOT linear and separated at all.

The Greater Self You volunteered to help with getting THE Plan back on-track and to accomplish this It seeded aspects of Itself into…let’s say…Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, ancient China, Asia, north, central, and south America as native Indians, Mayans etc., Tibet, India, north and south Africa, different countries and timelines throughout Europe and so on. And It seeded these different aspects of Itself into these different countries and timelines in both male and female bodies so that as much knowledge, learning, creativity and integration could be gained. (Think spherical not linear.)

In many of these past/simultaneous lives you were trained by other Master Teachers, other Starbeings and by other-dimensional Beings (who in some cases where also other aspects of You as well) all to help the overall quantum Mission and teach these different incarnated aspects of You the things you/You/YOU all needed/need to know from firsthand experience within the third dimension and polarized physicality. How could you possibly help anyone or anything if you/You/YOU didn’t know what it’s like living in a dense physical body with limited consciousness in a profoundly polarized physical world? So, crash-course to learn, to live, taste, feel, to know for yourself/selves how and why and all the in’s and out’s of a life in 3D. And because You have inserted aspects of Self within this Earth world and THE Plan, you’re not breaking any universal Freewill Laws by making the needed Ascension-related changes. Now the many different you’s have some serious personal knowledge tools to work with during the last leg of this quantum Mission, plus no one’s Freewill has been infringed upon either.

So here comes the real mind-bender with all this. Breath, expand your sense of self and relax.

This current incarnation, this current life you aspect is the really, really important volunteer piece in this massive elaborate quantum Mission. I know it doesn’t seem like you are and it sure as hell doesn’t feel like you are, but you are nonetheless. This current self you and incarnation is the real anchor aspect to all this; the real incarnation body/mind/soul that’s the one living, transmuting, and embodying within the Ascension, the “End Times”, the end of the 16 billion-yearlong Plan timeline to actually do the deed of Ascension through yourself, your bodies, your heart and soul. All the rest of it has been, is, quantum prep-work and support for this particular aspect of You in this life, this incarnation and timeline to wrap this Mission up and bring it home, Home, HOME.

Many years ago I read something channeled by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians. They called us Starseeds/Lightworkers/”System Busters” the “Standard Bearers of our Souls”. When I first read that term I wasn’t positive of what they meant by it. A few weeks later I totally understood. We are indeed the aspects that are embodying and living the Alchemical Ascension Process and 16 billion-yearlong polarity resolution transformational work within and through our current bodies and selves to get THE Plan back on-track and provide a way out of the old stuck mud-pit Earth now for any who wish to extricate themselves from the endless negativity, darkness, polarity, violence, suffering, greed, lack, pain and tears.

Let your greater quantum identity and volunteered role sink in a bit and go have a bowl of ice cream or something and cut yourself some slack. Is it any wonder why so many of us are exhausted beyond comprehension at this point? Well done everyone and just a little way left to go now.


July 9, 2011

multicolored copyright 2Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link.

45 thoughts on “Remember Volunteering For This?

  1. I feel useless, wasting away. I feel broken, incapable of doing this “human thing” correctly. I feel every pain, every atrocity inflicted on this world and everything that breathes, and it’s brought me to my knees, drenched with tears because I feel like I’m letting God and my spiritual siblings down. I feel like the position I took in volunteering could have been used by someone who is actually capable of this task. Apparently, the strength and determination in my mind is much stronger than what actually exists, and now, I don’t believe my mind anymore either. Even my sleep dreams, my meditations, my visions are confusing and contradictory. I feel paralyzed. Just when I feel I’m on the right track something comes along to de-rail me. Just do this and just do that… like telling an addict to “just stop”. When someone is gripped by something, it’s called addiction or possession, and assistance and support are imperative because if a person could break free on their own, they wouldn’t be addicted, possessed, or gripped in the first place. This is how I feel; encased, bound and blindfolded. The thing is, I don’t feel better after meditating, I don’t feel better after talking to my higher Self/Source. I can’t seem to find a way to uplift myself or to just feel better. So yes, I am looking for something, someone to help me, help me. Daily, I look for messages, indications to help me find my way, and other days, to simply just cope. I am writing this to you because my name too is Debra and my spouse’s name is Denise, and I see that as a possibility of being synchronistic, perhaps leading to…?

  2. Lamplighter,

    Oh that was just wonderful! Thanks for sharing it and a link. Especially loved this line…

    “…left to the elements to rediscover your supremacy over them;”


  3. Debra,

    The negatives (Dark Ones in all their forms) want everyone to continue believing they need and require something, someone, a group of someone’s to save/rescue/fix/define reality for them because they cannot do it themselves. That is the opposite of the Ascension Process which is all about people taking responsibility for their own consciousness and abilities and becoming more empowered etc. The negatives don’t want humanity strong and capable of thinking for themselves, doing for themselves and each other, and consciously embodying more and more. But to ascend/evolve now that’s exactly what people must do individually. Well done you! 🙂


  4. Denise – you said

    “Are you going to continue waiting for others to define reality for you, or are you going to get with the real program that the Ascension Process is and live it yourself, see it yourself, experience it yourself all on your own? New responsibilities coming for more and more people throughout the second-half of the Ninth Wave; are you ready to do it yourself, or are you still waiting for some external event/events and/or governmental or religious people to continue defining reality for you?”

    Thank you – this was a confront to me – to realize I was giving my power away to the illusion – something I try to keep on top of! So, yes, I was waiting – waiting for “disclosure” of the reality of aliens, of the reality of ascension – instead of living it. I am going to define what 5D will be like for me and start living it. No more waiting for others to put it in ‘black and white’ – just live it. While I’m sure my perception will change, probably from day to day, no more waiting for some outside authority – I am my own. Thank you and everyone else here for sharing your/their process!

  5. Oh, Denise, thank you! You are WONDERFUL!
    Whilst I have been perfectly ok with the concept of parallel lives, I’ve been mulling over the concept of “karma” for the past few weeks, not quite getting my head around it. I was just formulating a question about it, in case you’d like to give me some input to clarify my thoughts, and then you post this 😀 Your timing couldn’t be any more perfect!

    The idea of karma has always bothered me in its linear explanation, ie. you do something in one life and need to correct it in the next etc. But your post here gave me a startling revelation – so it must be, I assume, for Lightworkers at least (?) who incarnate in different timelines simultaneously, that if one aspect of the soul in one timeline acts on a decision that’s non-loving, ie. would “incur karma”, then the other aspects in other timelines work to correct it… and when the energies of such a situation has been transmuted, then that particular “karmic” issue has been corrected? This would answer SO many of my recent years’ experiences. Several simultaneous lives have been shown to me in much detail, clearly for me to transmute. In some ways this year, 2011, I’ve consciously even started to “oversee” all of my soul fragments that incarnate here together to help. It feels like I’ve been lifting the energy of the whole group of my own should fragments… and that, in part, has contributed to how difficult the past few years have been. It’s like in some timelines the energy is so horrifically thick and low that the soul aspect of me that incarnated there, has lost much of the memory of his/her soul connection and it is my task to make contact and help them…

    Denise, if you could shed any further light over my pondering about karmic issues, I’d be most grateful. I’m also trying to understand the general structure of everything in the 3D existence, what the karmic wheel is, how it functions(functioned?) when the Darks are/were recycling souls for their own energy source… I have many questions I guess 🙂

    I feel & know clearly that I volunteered. That idea in itself gives me much strength. I died to my previous life in the end of last year, after that horrific November, and since then, I have known without a shadow of a doubt that I’m here only for work now. I aim for nothing anymore, in terms of personal ambition, I just go where I’m shown and do what I’m asked by my Higher Self. It’s a completely different outlook on life and being in the world now, at times I pine after how things were, but there sure isn’t going back now.

    Also, regarding you comment about the parallel realities of this lifetime. This also is a realisation to me… In the end of 1998 I was presented by a big choice. It would have involved a move to another country from the beginning of 1999 plus different type of work (a tempting opportunity), and it was a VERY probable timeline indeed, I almost saw myself living in it… Even now I often wonder how my life might have been had I made that choice -yet I know in my High Heart that at the time I chose right for my soul purpose. But in 2012 I have been invited for a visit, travelling to that particular place, to meet those particular people who initiated the original offer in 1998 and now, reading your post, I’m very intrigued as to how it will all go… (if I’m still here by then, heheh!) How fascinating.

    ~*~with much Gratitude~*~

  6. Hi Denise,

    Everything that you write feels good. I just found your website now. These days I am very tired also due the operation I had on friday and took a biopsy. Anyway….I just wished they moved along…I am also tired of 3D realm and it makes it harder when I am half in3D and half 5D, especcially during the night. I am Clairsentient. Thanks for the uplifting anwser.
    I also follow Zingdad ascension papers and asked 8, one of the spiritual beings what deja-vu is?

    8 wrote: Just as the contents of your dreams can actually be one of many things, so to can the experience you have called “déjà-vu”. Though there are a number of reasons you might experience this I will highlight the most common and the most relevant to the ascending soul. It is the realisation that time is an illusion. There really is no such thing. All time is NOW. All places are HERE. There is really only NOW HERE. Or NOWHERE. But you are experiencing a very powerful illusion that there is indeed time and space. That there is a “previous” and a “later” and that there is a “here” and a “there”. But your Inner-Self has a much less powerful version of this illusion. Your Inner-Self sees your entire life, from beginning to end as one thing and as Right Now. It also sees all your alternate “possible and probable lifetimes as Right Now. The lifetime you are observing is only a small part of the greater picture which is You. But before I digress. Before you incarnated you spent some time in preparation for this lifetime. You reviewed some of the events you would be experiencing. Sometimes déjà-vu occurs when you remember something you knew would be coming… and here it is! Sometimes déjà-vu is when your consciousness and the consciousness of your Inner-Self draw nearer to each other. You become aware that the things that you are experiencing are all already created. You are simply the part of self that is navigating that which was already created.

    These are complex subjects and can be hard to comprehend for those that are inside the illusion of the 3D realm. My suggestion therefore is to simply enjoy the moment as being one which you are sharing with your Inner-Self.

    Wish you lots of love,light and JOY.

  7. Hi Denise, your comments emails arent coming though still? Just thought i’d let you know.
    I dont remeber signing up for this, if i did i musta been mad! 🙂 J.x

  8. Wow! I was really surprised when i saw you had posted a message as i had said i was not getting on the computer today but i was led here.. I have felt so disoriented, confused and scattered yesterday and today that i said i need to hear something that resonates with me to let me know what to make of this right about now and so i come here first and here you are..Much Love to You!!!

    I too remember volunteering and in the early 1980’s think it was 1981 a bright light came in the room where i was praying in the wee hours of the morning. It was very unusual because for some odd reason i felt impelled to pray/speak to Source-God. It was unusual too that i would get out of bed rather than silently speak as usual and especially it being about 3:00 am in the morning and also odd that i would leave my husband in bed to go completely into another room.. Well, as i sat there praying this bright light came through and i heard this voice, sounded outer but it was inner and very loud.. Needless to say it scared me silly as i was in the depth of a mind controlling religion and had been taught that voices were from the Devil/Demons..Anyway i audibly asked the voice “What is it Lord” and the response was “I have a work for you to do” and the light stayed a few seconds more and disappeared.. It would be many years before i understood what had really happened and what the work would be as i am continuing to learn much now, thank You Denise for your share!!!
    On a side note in 1984 i started what that religion calls Pioneering, where you spend a given amount of hours each month in door-door or some other method speaking to people about the religion and for the next 10 years till 1995 i pioneered spending 90 hours a month doing so, and of course i though this was the work i had heard about from spirit vision in 1981..I am a Pioneer! Yes! Surely was not so then in religion and boy have i grown much from that time….

    Albeit, i learned when i left the religion after some 25+ years i finally got to know why i was there, nothing like living the experience to have walked in it personally and speak from personal knowledge..Organized religion has made one big stench on the earth as most of everything else here however the vast of the teachings, beliefs, etc are rooted in lies set forth by religion so that system has to be toppled-remember Ghost Busters? So to along with all the rest..I find it so wonderful now to know that being locked in that religion was simply a tool to a locked door that i had the keys to and would use later…I know me coming in as Sagittarius which is religious sign has to do with religion and it’s end. I was born on the 10th of December which 10 means completion and my Life Path number is 9 which means endings so endings and completions as you say are here for us now.. I see so many people are instantly turned off by religion because of the hypocrisy and so much more so your being used to bring the information in a secular way is wonderful as you do not have the religion indoctrination to overcome, but of course whatever we have as we know is tools to use to get us HOME!!

    There is a daycare next door to where i live and many of the boys have bible names and when they go on the playground i hear the workers calling Jeremiah, Isaiah and others i forget..Yesterday as i set on the back porch i heard her call Isaiah really, really loud so i said my he must be doing something really serious, so today Denise when i started reading your message i knew instantly why i had heard her call Isaiah so loud as in the Bible at Isaiah 6:8 it says “Here I am send Me” Also i immediately recognized your words as a meal/feeding as you mentioned giving information–in the bible there are ones chosen by source-God in spirit who are referred to as Domestics-in house servant who are to give the other members/domestics(in house servants) of the household the proper food/information at the proper time…
    So ironic i say as i end how i had a dream in early morning with me sitting on this very wide marble staircase where everything was so white, light and bright and i worked as a domestic in the household..

    Love and Many Hugs for all you do!

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