Remember Volunteering For This?



One afternoon in the early 1980’s I had a sudden intense memory surface within my Denise consciousness. Because this memory happened before the start of the Ascension Process (1987), it was unusually intense for me to make a fully conscious quantum connection with this particular memory—more accurately the actual event happening simultaneously. During the minute or so of my remembering and seeing in my mind’s eye this simultaneous quantum event, I instantaneously had sweat running down my back and was shaking mildly from the conscious connection with this higher, larger aspect of myself. That’s how much more difficult it was some thirty years ago to make a conscious quantum connection with a very high dimension and aspect of SELF like this. I—not just this Denise aspect but many other aspects of my greater SELF also—was/am aware of existing simultaneously in multiple forms in multiple dimensions. Here’s what I suddenly remembered that special day thirty years ago.

Suddenly I was aware of being a Being of Light that exists vibrationally closer to Source with a small group of other like-Beings or Spiritual Family. There were maybe five or so of these similar Beings standing in front of the rest of us like-Beings. We’d gathered together to discuss something very important and make equally important decisions about it. I was one of the Beings listening to the other Beings informing the rest of us about these situations and the changes needed.

The short discussion consisted of us being informed that THE Plan needed help from some of us to be corrected, separated, completed, and lifted up to an entirely new level and dimension. That was all that needed to be understood or discussed because it was instantaneously known by all of us what was happening, what would happen, what was needed and why. At this point I raised my hand and announced, “We’ll go!” and that was that. That’s all that was required to volunteer to seed an aspect of one’s Greater SELF to incarnate within lower frequency 3D on Earth as a Starseed Lightworker/Lightworker/Wayshower/Path Cutter to work from within that dimension and Earth world disguised as a local to seed, embody, and manifest the transformational energies of the Ascension Process.

To take this topic one more quantum step—which we must to be completely honest about this—if your Greater Self volunteered for this current Ascension Mission, then this part of You didn’t seed and send out only one aspect of You to do this, You most likely seeded many aspects and deliberately sent them to incarnate in different timelines and countries around Earth (aka your “past lives”). Why? Because it was/is a quantum crash-course in learning about living and functioning within polarized 3D physicality; living, perceiving and functioning within dense polarized male and female physical bodies; existing, functioning and perceiving within greatly restricted linear time; and learning to function with greatly restricted awareness and consciousness etc.


When this call went out for volunteers to help with dislodging humanity and Earth up and out from the dark mud-pit it had fallen into thanks to some other stubborn and confused aspects—aka the Dark Ones—YOU intentionally seeded different aspects of Yourself to incarnate on 3D Earth to all work on this particular Mission simultaneously. I know, I know, just breath and don’t think linear thoughts and linear time! Let your sense of self, selves, Self expand back to what it really is which is NOT linear and separated at all.

The Greater Self You volunteered to help with getting THE Plan back on-track and to accomplish this It seeded aspects of Itself into…let’s say…Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, ancient China, Asia, north, central, and south America as native Indians, Mayans etc., Tibet, India, north and south Africa, different countries and timelines throughout Europe and so on. And It seeded these different aspects of Itself into these different countries and timelines in both male and female bodies so that as much knowledge, learning, creativity and integration could be gained. (Think spherical not linear.)

In many of these past/simultaneous lives you were trained by other Master Teachers, other Starbeings and by other-dimensional Beings (who in some cases where also other aspects of You as well) all to help the overall quantum Mission and teach these different incarnated aspects of You the things you/You/YOU all needed/need to know from firsthand experience within the third dimension and polarized physicality. How could you possibly help anyone or anything if you/You/YOU didn’t know what it’s like living in a dense physical body with limited consciousness in a profoundly polarized physical world? So, crash-course to learn, to live, taste, feel, to know for yourself/selves how and why and all the in’s and out’s of a life in 3D. And because You have inserted aspects of Self within this Earth world and THE Plan, you’re not breaking any universal Freewill Laws by making the needed Ascension-related changes. Now the many different you’s have some serious personal knowledge tools to work with during the last leg of this quantum Mission, plus no one’s Freewill has been infringed upon either.

So here comes the real mind-bender with all this. Breath, expand your sense of self and relax.

This current incarnation, this current life you aspect is the really, really important volunteer piece in this massive elaborate quantum Mission. I know it doesn’t seem like you are and it sure as hell doesn’t feel like you are, but you are nonetheless. This current self you and incarnation is the real anchor aspect to all this; the real incarnation body/mind/soul that’s the one living, transmuting, and embodying within the Ascension, the “End Times”, the end of the 16 billion-yearlong Plan timeline to actually do the deed of Ascension through yourself, your bodies, your heart and soul. All the rest of it has been, is, quantum prep-work and support for this particular aspect of You in this life, this incarnation and timeline to wrap this Mission up and bring it home, Home, HOME.

Many years ago I read something channeled by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians. They called us Starseeds/Lightworkers/”System Busters” the “Standard Bearers of our Souls”. When I first read that term I wasn’t positive of what they meant by it. A few weeks later I totally understood. We are indeed the aspects that are embodying and living the Alchemical Ascension Process and 16 billion-yearlong polarity resolution transformational work within and through our current bodies and selves to get THE Plan back on-track and provide a way out of the old stuck mud-pit Earth now for any who wish to extricate themselves from the endless negativity, darkness, polarity, violence, suffering, greed, lack, pain and tears.

Let your greater quantum identity and volunteered role sink in a bit and go have a bowl of ice cream or something and cut yourself some slack. Is it any wonder why so many of us are exhausted beyond comprehension at this point? Well done everyone and just a little way left to go now.


July 9, 2011

multicolored copyright 2Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link.

45 thoughts on “Remember Volunteering For This?

  1. Well I’m pleased to say I’ve made it. Though durning the 80’s no one believed there was any making it back for me, and as I was handcuffed and brought into the court for about the 5th time that year..I said I just can’t go on. I was not living in this reality but many, weaving out of life times and still knowing it was happening.
    It started in 82′(from college to business) and ended in 86′(to living on the streets with the street people) as I began to make it back from hell I said for every step I take I’ll take a thousand people with me.And I have…. It has been 25 years of healing…that was my life healing.
    But oh the Spritual gifts that came with it. I’m tired as all of you, but after the last 2 1/2 years another attempt to take me down again,,”They” just couldn’t do it not even close.
    It feels like time to rest,renew…ritual and then perhaps a bit of joy and a deep breathe.
    What a Fucking Ride…..What a Fucking Ride.
    But I’m here fairly sane, and now there asking me to come forth and teach on a whole new level.
    What stayed with me today was Denise’s understand the 5th dimension has arrived…Hala-fucking-luya (Not know if that’s a word). I have so many battle scares that I don’t know what will surfice for the surviving.
    But maybe it’s the last word…I carry my honor, my truth and intergrity as a badge of courage into the World.
    Thank you Denise and thank all of you who have born this journey.
    Who would have believed..Way Shower

    P.S. The new teaching transiting the 4th to the 5th dimension. That’s why I had to let the warrior go it’s more of a co-creating then fighting…boy that’s new.
    Again able to manifest what is needed. A little scary right now..could this be real.
    I’ll be here as long as they need my work then over to the other side to see my dear beloved who passed away 2 years ago, although he has said as the veils lift I will be able to see him and connect.
    I’ll go eat the ice cream now…it truly is a celebration.

  2. Many of us across this blue-green sphere must be asking wtf we are doing here, because I get at a reminder nearly every day now. I have been asking this question for years, but rarely got the responses so consistently and definitively as I have of late. Thank you Denise for giving the response even more clarity. Good to know that we have many aspects of our best intentions at work on the project. Somehow makes me feel less tired. ;0)

    This was in my mailbox yesterday and I think I have read it at least five times. Each time I laugh a little harder:

    “You do know, of course,
    why you’re here – don’t you?

    Because you couldn’t resist the challenge.

    Nothing in all creation, not in any sphere of the Universe,
    compares to being born into time and space
    without any recollection of your past;
    having to find your own way when lost,
    your own courage when frightened,
    and the infinite powers at your disposal when challenged;
    left to the elements to rediscover your supremacy over them;
    driven by your passions so that you might rise
    above your humble, naked beginnings,
    and ultimately see through the illusions that had trapped you.
    To find yourself, once again, high upon the throne
    of thy kingdom come from whence it all began.

    Either that, or you were dared…

    Notes From The Universe

    Wishing comfort, humor, ice cream and champagne for all humanity!

  3. Gerry,

    Some of these type of experiences aren’t “past lives” but probable realities. Example: in this life you and your husband decide to NOT move to…let’s say…South Carolina but remain living in Arizona where you’ve both lived for decades together. Then one year you go on vacation to South Carolina and wander into some town that feels remarkably familiar to you both. Then some long-term SC residents see you and your husband and mistake you for the probable reality you’s that DID decide to move to SC twenty-five years earlier. Just because these versions of “us” in these current lives make decisions to NOT do certain things doesn’t mean other aspects of “us” don’t sometimes branch off and do do those things.

    Jane Roberts who channeled the Seth books talked about “probable realities” and it’s fascinating material. I too have had people in one city I’d never been to in my life be convinced that I was someone else that they knew very well. It’s a weird experience for sure. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂


  4. Fascinating Denise. Is it possible to have lives in the same “linear timeline”? A few years ago, my husband and I were in Portland, Oregon. We discovered a neighborhood which we were both much drawn to. I clearly felt in an altered state. We wondered around in shops and markets; when we went into a bar, people there knew us. They were excited, saying: “haven’t seen you in so long!” We had never been there before. These people were clearly confused when we said so. Very Twilight Zone. Denise, what was that?


  5. OMG denise,

    i had a similar experience with a memory of my volunteering. so i do get exactly what you have said. btw, i also have been a whiny little monkey for the last few days and was completely at my wits end yesterday. I was done. today’s a new day and the newsletter was an nice boost. thanks
    btw, there were 4!!! c-class solar flares yesterday

  6. Denise, I loved this ~ the depth of it, somehow, just Feels Right. 🙂 a book that helped me along similar lines to this direction, is called “Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness”, by Valerie V. Hunt – and in this, she speaks to the recovery of All our previous lives incarnations Memories, into a singular lifetime, where we then can access all of that work towards wisdom ~ she discusses that this process is organic, and varies with the individual, and there is no one “road map” to linking into that pool of knowledge, but it IS possible to do ~ so your description of linking into a … plethora of other aspects/ incarnations hits home. Also, we carry much of this linkage in our “vibrational field” – a sphere of energy that hovers around our physical body – and as we share time and activities with others, they too can inherently ‘learn from’ our fields, just by being nearby ~ no discussion is needed as the field is about energy and wavelength ~
    Thanks for your writings, very inspiring! all of us ‘slogging thru’ hopefully will start to come into the peace and ease I sense is quickly approaching ~ ice cream therapy is allowed! 🙂 being kind to yourself and others is part of the unfolding process

  7. Hi Denise:

    Just found your web site and I am very glad I did. I get exactly what you’re saying and you confirm for me what I thought of a couple of years ago and made me kind of shudder to think of it, but that thought was, “I am my Higher Self”. Kind of made me lonely for a long time, but now I realize that I’m doing one hell of a good job for all of me/Me/ME and so accept your invitation to have that bowl of ice-cream, though champagne might more appropriate. It’s great to have your web site to help handle the load. Love to all/All/ALL

  8. Jane Waters,

    Glass of wine, bowl of ice cream, bitchin’, crying, whining…it’s all allowed. 🙂 We’d loose our everluvin’ minds and hearts otherwise.

    Heart Hugs,

  9. Denise, thank you for this timely reminder of my remembering process. I’ve been in a funk for days, tired, fed up, weary to the bones. And all I want is….. I’ve been hammered, pounded, tossed from loss to loss, and I’m just tired. So, I’ve been a bit whiney…. all to the distress of my closest friends! Somehow this is a comfort, although it doesn’t solve my lack of enthusiasm. Guess I need a real break from this 3D “life” I’m stuck in….. or maybe a glass or two of wine might help?? LOL — love and light, and keep up the reminders system. It continually reminds me that I’m not alone ❤

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