Ascension Related Symptoms & Improvements

Someone asked me recently about if and when there will be any physical body improvements concerning the ongoing Ascension pressures, aches and pains. The situation is that when something physically hurts due to the ongoing transformational Ascension Process, it’s because there are improvements happening to us and our bodies and brains!

Old polarized 3D consciousness and belief systems have taught us that if something hurts in our physical bodies it’s automatically a warning sign that something is “wrong”, that something is “sick”, that something is “not working correctly” and needs a doctor to “fix it”, typically from some pharmaceuticals. Another old lower 3D belief system about body pain is guilt. You must have done something “bad”, something “wrong”, something “incorrectly”, or you “overworked it” or you “don’t exercise enough” and on and on. A huge sense of frailty, guilt, shame, blame, dis-empowerment and separation about and within our physical bodies and why they hurt. Is it any wonder why so many people are confused and worried about why their body hurts—and in such strange ways—due to the Ascension Process?

This Ascension Process is about higher frequency Energies and Light Energies coming into our solar system, our Sun, and on to Earth and humanity as a Divine cosmic way to trigger compressed and rapid evolution (ascension) out of one dimension and level of awareness (3D density and Duality consciousness), into a higher dimension and level of awareness (5D). When higher vibrating, higher frequency energies and Light comes into contact with lower, slower frequencies, more dense, less Light-filled energies, emotions and polarized bodies and consciousness it causes pains in our physical bodies. It also causes plenty of emotional, mental, psychological and psychic pressures and pains as well.

When we repeatedly feel the Ascension related aches and pains it does not mean we’ve done anything “wrong” or that we’re “flawed”, or that we’ve “sinned”, or that we’re “sick” or “broken” etc. Those aches and pains indicate that our bodies and brains (and everything else too of course) have been Divinely triggered to evolve, and to do so in a very short span of linear time. It’s a great sign, a very positive indicator that you’ve chosen to remain in your current physical 3D body and evolve/ascend it into a much more Light-filled, higher frequency 5D version. In this case you could say, “No pain, no gain” is an accurate indicator of how you are continuing to evolve and take on increasing amounts of Light energies within your physical body, brain, and everything else which alchemically transforms it into something very different.

Another aspect of this that I suspect some people are still confused over is the old lower polarized 3D consciousness and beliefs about linear time, space, and physical distance. I’m talking about how many of the 3D “professionals” are only aware of and believe in linear time, space, and distance and how it takes “time” between something happening in space and when it actually reaches Earth—not to mention if that event will have some (if any) effect on Earth, humans, animals and life on Earth.

Since yesterday, July 3, 2011, I’ve strongly felt those old familiar body aches and pains—aka the “Ascension flu”, joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, head and skull pains, deep exhaustion, and repeated waves of body chills similar to when you have a fever. Today, July 4, 2011, these body pains and chills were much worse so I did what I usually do to confirm what I’m feeling in my physical body; I went to to see if the Sun is doing anything. Here’s what I found there today, July 4, 2011: (there’s a link to in my sidebar LINKS area.)

INCOMING CME: “During the early hours of July 3rd, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a mild but beautiful explosion near growing sunspot group 1244. The B9-category blast hurled a faint cloud of plasma toward Earth, which could cause some geomagnetic activity when it arrives on ~July 6th. This is not a major event.”

According to the old 3D “professionals”   this “Incoming CME” (Coronal Mass Ejection) won’t even reach Earth—forget about how it affects humans and other life on the planet!—until July 6th, yet, I’ve been profoundly physically affected by this latest Solar energy event since the start of July 3rd. When the Sun does anything it affects us immediately and does not take days for the Solar energies to travel through linear space/time/distance to, days later, finally reach Earth and humanity. The same is true with time-coded, deep-space events like massive Energy Light Waves radiating out from the Galactic Center (GC) which are further cosmic evolution/ascension triggers for humanity, Earth, our solar system and beyond. These are instantaneous energy events that happen and affect us, change us, help us evolve/ascend from the very first second they happen.

My point is that you will feel and be affected by cosmic, solar, galactic Light Energies when YOU feel them and not necessarily when the so-called “professionals” believe they’ll physically reach Earth in a linear only way. Don’t instantly and automatically believe that you’re “wrong” or that you’re “incorrect” or “confused” because you’re being affected by solar, cosmic, magnetic, astrological, galactic and universal Energies and Light Energies even though the “professionals” believe those energies haven’t physically arrived yet, or that they cannot and do not affect humans or Earth.

These “professionals” are now only sources to confirm what YOU already know from living it yourself first. YOU are your primary source of information now and these “professionals” information is to be used only as long as you feel you need or can benefit from what they have to say about what they believe and perceive is currently happening. Remember, they do not perceive reality—nor are they affected by it—in the same way you are so you’ve got to take what they say with a huge grain of salt, correct the timeline, make the necessary adjustments to what they’ve said, and always, always pay attention to what you yourself are experiencing, feeling, perceiving and being affected by moment to moment. The rest of the world will catch up to you if and when they can, otherwise YOU are your #1 source of information now. This is another aspect of the NEW responsibilities I mentioned before; expanded consciousness always brings with it new responsibilities. Not difficult hardships or burdens, just expanded responsibilities with expanded awareness and being.


July 4, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

39 thoughts on “Ascension Related Symptoms & Improvements

  1. Avian,

    i think archangel michael was on my mind yesterday playing tricks 😛 the message was from archangel metatron sorry my mistake 😛 where can i send you the message?

    if you want send me an email to and i can forward to you 🙂

  2. I have needed to remind myself that even though we are in the 9th Wave, we are still dealing with Waves 1-8. Picture a powerful 90-foot curl coming towards the shore. We paddle and position our boards, excited yet fearful we might get drilled into the sand or miss the ride altogether. We also know there are waves right behind this 90 footer, so heads up!

    This is my analogy on why we are still dealing with old stuff, as we try to align with this monster wave that will take us all the way to shore. With one hell of a riptide, I might add.
    So, from my perspective, here is the trick to riding this surf (you will want to smack me when you read this):


    My goal for years was/is to work on this mega-issue. Yet as soon as I began thinking I was ‘there’ with various people or situations (especially wrt myself) I was/am slammed to the ocean floor, my bathing suit peeled off as I frantically resurface gasping for air.

    Yes, that is a metaphor. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in four years. :0)

    IOW, I finally understand through repeating experiences that I was/am rather conditional in my Self love, love for others and expectations. Damn those dreadful Coulda Woulda Shouldas! Away you perfectly-primed presenters of my Shadow! A pox on life-altering agendas of my Higher Mind forcing me to free myself. And fast!

    I believe that when we really, truly, completely, totally, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY love ourselves we have no more ‘needs’ — beyond food, oxygen, warmth and sleep. Everything else is desire; and with desire comes a compendium of often unconscious resonances that vibrate more lack than its opposite. If I understand correctly, this high-energy Universal Law of Resonance is the Main Surf on the New Turf. So cleaning up the goo is Job Number One.

    I think many of us are more ‘alone’ because our Higher Selves are forcing us to meet and be joyful and serene with our authentic selves, regardless of the company we do or don’t keep. I think we are in physical pain because our bodies are processing the toxins of a millennia; otherwise known as the human conditions of worthlessness, hopelessness, self-denial, manipulation, appeasement, coercion, conditional love, etc.

    “Whatever it takes for you to find your freedom, that’s what you’ve lived.” In my mind this freedom, impossible as it sometimes seems, is forged by accepting anything and everything that happens as valid, required and necessary. No exceptions.

    We can’t hold back the tide. We can’t control the waves, other surfers, or weather conditions. But we can stay afloat, alert, and aware that we came here to master The Big One. And even when we are slammed and pounded by the relentless waves, eventually we are washed ashore. With sand in places we didn’t know it could go. :0).

  3. I’m with so many of you!! All of June was a nightmare for me physically. I think the fact that my birthday was right in the middle of June did not help. Then I got one week reprieve….then the 29th….the pain began again. Stupidly incredible pain and crazy exhaustion. I’m still exhausted! The pain is slowly, slowly getting better. And oh yeah…I’ve been on fire!!! So not fun.

    I keep recalling Lisa Renee’s last article where she mentions that illusions and masks are going to start falling. And many people are not going to be able to handle it. I have been watching this go on around me. People who I thought were dear, close friends having their masks fall and their true selves made apparent. So much drama!! Ugh. I can’t deal with it. In the past I would have been right there in it trying to help. But now, I just can’t do it. I am repulsed by the drama, no matter how much I care about the people. I had began spending more time in another state with my fiance and at first i was real upset and thought that I was going to lose my friends. I realized today, that moving down there is just what I need to do. I have to let people work through their issues themselves. I cannot intervene at all. I feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m okay with letting go finally. There are very few people I am “close” with. I just can’t bother meeting new people, because there is just no common ground and I feel like I live in a different universe than them. It is soooo hard to connect with people, in the past decade it has been extremely rare. I love being in my home by the river, spending time with my dog and watching the critters that live on our property & trying to be kind to myself and my body while I go through these intense changes.

    Knowing that you’re out there Denise along with everyone else helps get me through the real rough spots.

    Sending love to you all

  4. awake and debra …

    awake you just describe my life… all my friend are with their babies and so caught into this 3d world money and families they dont care about anything just cloths and looking good…

    my family i’m very blessed my father is the one who show me this road my brothers and i are fallowing this path but we all live in different cities so it makes it very lonely ..

    my father lives in a place in the top of the mountains where almost nobody wants to live there expect me i guess … anyway last time when i was at his place he told me: “you choose a very beautiful path but I must warn you that is a very lonely path and the more deep you get the more lonely you’re going to get” …. i said to him i already am

    i like being alone but sometimes i want to turn around and look to someone and “say hey look at the sun or did you ready this message or how is your symptoms going?”

    if anyones is interested I have a very beautiful message from archangel michael about why we’re alone it is the most beautiful message i’ve ever read as it is explain in a very great way why we need to be alone ..

    i don’t know how can i share his message but if anyone feels like reading it just let me know and i’ll send it to your mail …

    love and light to all of you

  5. Thank you Denise for this blog and all you do to sponsor it and care for those that are here. Thanks to all of you that share b/c it helps me so much.

    Thank you Deepness – Me too! I told someone the other day I feel like I’m doing time. And I guess we are – I get thru reminding myself I signed up for this and – this is my purpose – but that said, the waiting is difficult – I am done with this life and going thru the motions is incredibly difficult.

    Awake – I too have lost just about everyone; my son is all that is left and I know his conversations and calls are somewhat obligatory – we love each other very much – but we are not connecting which for me is really sad b/c all in my family have either died or we are so distant it is painful to be together. And, I guess for all of us on this blog, as we show our true selves and no longer hide, many will move away – but I can no longer hide my true self – it is way too painful. Done it all my life, now that time is over.

  6. hey divsy

    same here i’m not having reccess my symtoms are ballistics sometimes is my ears sometimes my nose then a back pain that never eneds then when i feel l like i’m finally coming out i start with hot flashes and pain around my neck and shoulders is like now what? hahaha yesterday i felt this strange energy around my 4 chakra it was beautiful i felt like everthing that i thought was beautiful no matter if i was thinking about a problem i saw like it was going to be ok …

    *debra and kit

    count me in sometimes is like so negative and i get this strange mood where i just say what else is next? plus i got to a point that i feel like this 3d is so boring i don’t find any interesting topics, or things to do… no more 3d friends who talk to is like what is next, what am i doing here if everything around me no longer serves me? i’ve been asking to my spirit guides to give me a few signs but like someone said i think they are on vacations hahahah just joking

    debra im with you in that im so tire of waiting is like sometimes i want to scream … i’m doing my best to stay positive but it is so hard …

    light to all of you

  7. Thank you, Denise!
    I have been recently wondering whether we’d be in the point yet when the symptoms would ease, so it’s calming to hear it’s still going on for many and I’m not the odd one out 🙂

    Indeed I reckon it would be pretty much impossible to keep this 3D body intact and pain-free through all the upgrades and re-wirings we’ve needed to go through. I guess I’d be more worried if I didn’t have any physical symptoms, as tiring as it is – it’s just that I’ve been worried maybe it should all be going away now… some days have improved for sure these days but… Basically I can take everything else, joint pains, skin rashes, sleep problems, head/tummy/whatever-aches, just not the nausea which also occasionally hits. When I had a bout of it for about 3 months a while back, I was truly ready to slash my wrists! Anything but the nausea please! I cannot even begin to imagine what you Denise have been through since 1999, your stamina, wow – I’ve certainly been saved from the worst brunt of it, being in the second wave.
    I only made the connection between all my years of physical troubles and ascension when I fully came online in summer 2009. All sorts of general unexplainable oddities started for me in spring 1999, the physical symptoms in summer 2002 (with me being flat out for a week lying on my back eyes closed while the world was spinning, literally could not move – doctor called it “vertigo” but the horrid ascension version of it felt rather potent… no doubt many here have experienced it!)
    Basically by now I’ve forgotten what life might be like without all the symptoms, they’re unfortunately too much of a constant thing. For many years, I thought that was just me and my poor health, until indeed I was triggered two years ago to realisations about all of what’s happening in the universe, shortly followed by finding Denise’s “A Lightworker’s Mission” and this amazing blog.

    Because I’ve noticed that spending time in bright sunlight definitely seems to ease my symptoms (except when there are all those bursts…hmm) I’ve been recently pondering a lot about this amazing Fire Ball of ours, fascinated about the changed sunlight that Denise and others here have mentioned, and developed a real love for that Sun of ours. Combined with my reluctance to eat, and current inability to find much anything I’d prefer to eat, I was led to an intriguing video “Eat the Sun” (You can find it on YouTube: Eat the Sun Official Trailer). I started to research it and sounds like an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset should be UV free times for sun gazing, ie. would not burn the retina 😉 Somehow the concept just resonates with me. Somehow makes sense to me that we would have Sun as the energy source for physical hunger too in the 5D world… Now I just need to move to a place with constant sunshine, to practise 😉

    Wishing everyone a lot of strength in enduring the 3D body with Light ripping at the seams 😀 …You’re setting a great example, Denise ❤ ~*~Gratitude~*~

  8. Avian,

    As a lifelong Starseed Lightworker I’ve always been repulsed by the global patriarchy in all its forms. And I totally hear what you’re saying and why you feel this way about it all etc. However, at this point within the Ascension Process I literally cannot focus on these horrific specifics for more than a few seconds, if at all, without becoming so frustrated and angry and THAT isn’t why I’m here on Earth now. 😉 I’m here now (as all Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are) to continuously override all of this polarized patriarchal insanity by bringing the Light back in here. That’s been accomplished and now the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are currently mastering the art of not getting sidetracked by the escalating but expiring insanity, greed, fear, BS, wars, murdering, patriotism con job, money situations etc. etc. That sounds so easy but it’s not.

    I’m going on and on about this only to help you and any others that need this perspective now to realize that by focusing constantly on the shit and negativity out there, you’re not helping me or any of the other Starseed Lightworkers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos at all. We need everyone else to NOT FOCUS on the negativity, the insanity, the chaos, the greed etc., but to focus on all of that shit not being here any longer!

    At first it’s important for people to wake up to the lies, the cons, and to how severely they all have been used and lied to by the Dark. The next step is to get really angry about it and then honestly and completely desire positive change. Then the next step in this process is to turn your back on this shit/insanity/greed/negativity etc. and fully focus on -mentally and emotionally from your High Heart – what you do want. If that’s too confusing right now then just envision a planet that has no negativity in it at all because everyone has evolved into a frequency and consciousness of Unity instead of separation and polarization.

    Point is that the old lower frequency patriarchal world must, and currently is, dying because its time to do so is here now. We don’t need to “fix” it because it’s un-fixable because it’s negative through and through. We’re totally replacing it with a higher model and you can help this Process by focusing on that and not what these crazy fucks do. Pardon my French everyone. 😉


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