Ascension Related Symptoms & Improvements

Someone asked me recently about if and when there will be any physical body improvements concerning the ongoing Ascension pressures, aches and pains. The situation is that when something physically hurts due to the ongoing transformational Ascension Process, it’s because there are improvements happening to us and our bodies and brains!

Old polarized 3D consciousness and belief systems have taught us that if something hurts in our physical bodies it’s automatically a warning sign that something is “wrong”, that something is “sick”, that something is “not working correctly” and needs a doctor to “fix it”, typically from some pharmaceuticals. Another old lower 3D belief system about body pain is guilt. You must have done something “bad”, something “wrong”, something “incorrectly”, or you “overworked it” or you “don’t exercise enough” and on and on. A huge sense of frailty, guilt, shame, blame, dis-empowerment and separation about and within our physical bodies and why they hurt. Is it any wonder why so many people are confused and worried about why their body hurts—and in such strange ways—due to the Ascension Process?

This Ascension Process is about higher frequency Energies and Light Energies coming into our solar system, our Sun, and on to Earth and humanity as a Divine cosmic way to trigger compressed and rapid evolution (ascension) out of one dimension and level of awareness (3D density and Duality consciousness), into a higher dimension and level of awareness (5D). When higher vibrating, higher frequency energies and Light comes into contact with lower, slower frequencies, more dense, less Light-filled energies, emotions and polarized bodies and consciousness it causes pains in our physical bodies. It also causes plenty of emotional, mental, psychological and psychic pressures and pains as well.

When we repeatedly feel the Ascension related aches and pains it does not mean we’ve done anything “wrong” or that we’re “flawed”, or that we’ve “sinned”, or that we’re “sick” or “broken” etc. Those aches and pains indicate that our bodies and brains (and everything else too of course) have been Divinely triggered to evolve, and to do so in a very short span of linear time. It’s a great sign, a very positive indicator that you’ve chosen to remain in your current physical 3D body and evolve/ascend it into a much more Light-filled, higher frequency 5D version. In this case you could say, “No pain, no gain” is an accurate indicator of how you are continuing to evolve and take on increasing amounts of Light energies within your physical body, brain, and everything else which alchemically transforms it into something very different.

Another aspect of this that I suspect some people are still confused over is the old lower polarized 3D consciousness and beliefs about linear time, space, and physical distance. I’m talking about how many of the 3D “professionals” are only aware of and believe in linear time, space, and distance and how it takes “time” between something happening in space and when it actually reaches Earth—not to mention if that event will have some (if any) effect on Earth, humans, animals and life on Earth.

Since yesterday, July 3, 2011, I’ve strongly felt those old familiar body aches and pains—aka the “Ascension flu”, joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, head and skull pains, deep exhaustion, and repeated waves of body chills similar to when you have a fever. Today, July 4, 2011, these body pains and chills were much worse so I did what I usually do to confirm what I’m feeling in my physical body; I went to to see if the Sun is doing anything. Here’s what I found there today, July 4, 2011: (there’s a link to in my sidebar LINKS area.)

INCOMING CME: “During the early hours of July 3rd, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a mild but beautiful explosion near growing sunspot group 1244. The B9-category blast hurled a faint cloud of plasma toward Earth, which could cause some geomagnetic activity when it arrives on ~July 6th. This is not a major event.”

According to the old 3D “professionals”   this “Incoming CME” (Coronal Mass Ejection) won’t even reach Earth—forget about how it affects humans and other life on the planet!—until July 6th, yet, I’ve been profoundly physically affected by this latest Solar energy event since the start of July 3rd. When the Sun does anything it affects us immediately and does not take days for the Solar energies to travel through linear space/time/distance to, days later, finally reach Earth and humanity. The same is true with time-coded, deep-space events like massive Energy Light Waves radiating out from the Galactic Center (GC) which are further cosmic evolution/ascension triggers for humanity, Earth, our solar system and beyond. These are instantaneous energy events that happen and affect us, change us, help us evolve/ascend from the very first second they happen.

My point is that you will feel and be affected by cosmic, solar, galactic Light Energies when YOU feel them and not necessarily when the so-called “professionals” believe they’ll physically reach Earth in a linear only way. Don’t instantly and automatically believe that you’re “wrong” or that you’re “incorrect” or “confused” because you’re being affected by solar, cosmic, magnetic, astrological, galactic and universal Energies and Light Energies even though the “professionals” believe those energies haven’t physically arrived yet, or that they cannot and do not affect humans or Earth.

These “professionals” are now only sources to confirm what YOU already know from living it yourself first. YOU are your primary source of information now and these “professionals” information is to be used only as long as you feel you need or can benefit from what they have to say about what they believe and perceive is currently happening. Remember, they do not perceive reality—nor are they affected by it—in the same way you are so you’ve got to take what they say with a huge grain of salt, correct the timeline, make the necessary adjustments to what they’ve said, and always, always pay attention to what you yourself are experiencing, feeling, perceiving and being affected by moment to moment. The rest of the world will catch up to you if and when they can, otherwise YOU are your #1 source of information now. This is another aspect of the NEW responsibilities I mentioned before; expanded consciousness always brings with it new responsibilities. Not difficult hardships or burdens, just expanded responsibilities with expanded awareness and being.


July 4, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

39 thoughts on “Ascension Related Symptoms & Improvements

  1. Yes, net stuff, been going on here for me a couple of weeks now. I tried to come to the comments last night, nothing worked, so its been overnight and still wasnt this morning, and i see there was some comments made i did not get by email, i only got 2.
    Hope it works out and in the meantime take care 🙂 x

  2. J,

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I don’t know what the hell’s been going on with the Internet the past week but it’s been driving me crazy! I suspect the solar energies are messing with things again. Hopefully it will correct itself soon as I don’t know what to do about these computer/Internet problems. The TRANSITIONS email notifications that are sent out to everyone whose signed up to receive them is done automatically through WordPress so I don’t know why that’s not working as it always has. Big changes today with the energies and this may just be an aspect of all that.

    Thanks again for letting me know however. And you’re right, it’s been rough for sure and that’s one reason why I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do, that and these latest changes.


  3. Hi D, your comments are not coming through and the links not been working on your post you sent out? I tired to use google and they did not work either? Thought i best tell you as maybe your wondering why not many people are round here?:)

    I just got in now from a post on another forum, but the links not working on the original post you sent to me?
    Hope your ok, its rough, i send my best to you:). xx

  4. Lamplighter & All,

    “Things have subsided and shifted, only to be replaced by other ‘issues’.”

    That’s it exactly! I usually feel guilty writing much about the physical and/or emotional pains and difficulties I’m personally experiencing because I don’t want to bum everyone else out. But, as you’ve so accurately said, things subside and are constantly, endlessly, replaced by other pains/issues. I think it’s just gonna to be this way…until it isn’t. 😐

    I woke up this morning (July 5, 2011) and something feels VERY different…in a good way…but REALLY different. I can sense a new great rush unfolding in the higher dimensions as of today like I’ve never sensed prior. I’m also sensing some major unseen energy improvement throughout the entire Middle East; more of the Dark Ones finally realizing they’ve got to make some sort of change and fast and more of them letting go of.

    I totally believe Calleman that there are only these few remaining months (July – Oct. 28, 2011) left in which to wrap this baby up. I believe also that, due to the distorted info about Dec. 21, 2012 being the completion of the Mayan calendar, that the Collective is still going to play out its beliefs throughout 2012. But, like everything else, the Wayshowers/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Prototypers always live it first themselves which is exactly what we’re doing now and will continue doing like crazy during these final culminating minutes, days and weeks.

    Calleman is the best at what he does imo and I’m grateful to him and his Higher Self for his planetary Service Work. However, he’s not doing what we are the way we are. I’ve paid attention to these calendar shifts and in most cases there’s been some type of solar activity and/or astrological transit etc. that happens at the same time as one of these important Mayan calendar days/nights or whatever. It makes perfect sense to me that cosmic, solar, astrological, solar/lunar, galactic energies and energy events would happen at the same time as many of these calendar events. They’re all working together and Calleman should know or intuit that but it’s fine. He’s done his part and well.

    Carry on indeed! Thanks for an always insightful and humorous Comment Lamplighter. 🙂

  5. Read a great quote today: “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”- Doris Lessing.

    Most excellent timing for this post Denise (as usual). According to Dr. Calleman, the so-called peaks and valleys of our physical experience will increase in intensity during this “second half” of the 9th Wave, which began — wait for it — July 3/4.

    Not that it matters to me at this juncture. I was hit by some sort of cosmic bus a couple days before the full moon eclipse on June 15. Nothing, and I mean nothing seems to have lessened in terms of either physical, mental or emotional discomfort since then. Things have subsided and shifted, only to be replaced by other ‘issues’. Fatigue is a near-death experience for me these days.

    And yeah Kit, I think about 20 times a day what I must be doing wrong, or should be doing better. Or more. Or less. I am now meditating twice a day; as once does not seem enough. I feel more alone (self-imposed?) than ever before, yet more comfortable than I think I should be with it. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: The Gateways to Ascension. ;0)

    If Calleman is correct, we have only 3.5 months to git ‘er done. Which could explain why we are processing like a Bass-O-Matic on steroids.

    Y’all might find this interview (link below) with Dr. C interesting. Warning: He blows off any significance for solar flares in this transition. But are we not entitled to our differing opinions even in Unity Consciousness?

    ‘Carry on’ are my only words of advice, dear Surfers of the Waves. The only way out is through…

  6. I also for the last 3 days have had lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain.. the shivers I have had also off and on for 3 days..
    I am very depressed.. don’t want to talk or eat.. old patterns abound and seem to have control..
    I Am aware however that These old patterns are no longer needed in my Now journey..
    All I have been able to do.. even in crisis is bring down the light..
    I have named My Challenges..
    Acknowleded and I Am now ready to release..
    I have also visualised Archangel Micheal holding me.. wings n all.. Very soft very warming..
    I Am also very tired and Lethargic.. Crying and feeling very sad at times.. Yet I know within that all will be as it will be..
    The Change is here and I seem to be fighting it.. Confused thoughts.. not knowing what to do next.. where to live etc..
    I so want to unload and have been for a year or so.. now my stuff is storage.. I live in a garage with someone elses stuff around me.. I at times feel like I am suffacating..
    I see/feel the message.. Let it go..
    Why am I finding it so hard ? The past few days is the lead up to the past few months.. and I Am so tired.. of thinking thinking thinking..
    In amungst all my confusion and pain I Love the next step.. knowing I Will Feel Better.. Knowing that this is another stepping stone over the hurdles I have made for myself..
    Knowing that the Light is stronger than ever before.. I know it.. I Feel it..
    I have known the dark.. I now Know/Feel the Light.. Balance.. Intention.. Love.. Light..
    Namaste All
    Annie girl..<3..

  7. yesterday evening – 3rd july here in england i started feeling fluey – sore throat, achey joints, head pains etc – felt much worse today – pains in my neck and shoulders, upset stomach – zzzyness in chest and solar plexus etc etc …….. hot and cold ….. weird eustachian tube stuff going on v painful and like i’ve been in a plane and my ears need to pop – always get this with the whole fluey symptoms/ascensionness!!.
    asked what was going on and all i could get was it was stuff clearing – then i just read your article denise – makes me feel slightly better to know you’re feeling like this too!!!
    i have to say i did think not again – been having a period of not sleeping properly recently too – taking ages to get to sleep and then waking through the night – cant say i look wonderful right now!!!!
    i remember when about 11 years ago i started with all of this the zzzyness i got really freaked me out – it was something odd i couldnt explain to people – i have noticed over the years this zzyness can vary a lot – imagined having to explain to a doctor what i felt like – and what the diagnosis would be!!!!
    whilst i ‘m listing all my aches and pains – anyone also having sore tongue, mouth type stuff too??
    the other day my daughter and i were both feeling ill and you mentioned the solar energy and how it can affect us – seems to be affecting me more and more strongly – anything affecting the earth in fact – seems like when i think about it different parts of my body correspond with different areas and stuff – in teresting – but a bit painful and tiring –
    at some point in the future do you think this will all stop or get a lot less – i mean the way it affects earth sensitives –
    thanks for all the info – hope you’re feeling good again soon –
    love s

  8. Amazing post, thanks D, pain!! wow, and a friend is mentally and emotionally traumatised and i’ve been with her most of the day on the phone an online, what can i say, its been so long for some of us now, hopes failing the end will ever come to the horrors we face daily in one way or another.
    I needed to read this today, like you i felt it come in the other day, long before i found the same comment you found re the CME. I already knew it was another kick up the ass, and the past nights pain and stuff, migraines, nausea, not able to eat for over a week now, has had me down for the count, unable to get up, or stay awake.
    The info is good to share, mainly cause its like a bottomless pit of crap we keep going over and over but dont actually get no place,
    I guess, i am in sync with you on this one and feeling it days before the clever folks say we will, like you i stay with my own version now, my own knowing an hunches, i go sniff them out an see it its out there, and it was, and i wasnt surprised 🙂
    I was able to fwd to my friend your post today, i hoped she would see i wasnt trying to just pacify her, but others too felt crap in some way, and we both are grateful you wrote this when you did, thanks a lot, its really appreciated.
    Love J x

  9. the solar flare was just the icing on the cake for me yesterday. For at least three days before the eclipse I’ve reverted to the old back/neck/head pains, extending this time to toes and fingers and running up and down my spine. Occasionaly the pain/volts of electricity stick between my shoulder blades and under my right jaw, the headaches are all at the front of my forehead. Last week I was so tired in the afternoon I closed my eyes and couls still see my hand!!! Weird weird weird!

    For some reason I used to experience these types of pain mostly on the left side of my body but this week it is all on the right. Dreams were vivid but I haven’t worked them out yet (it normally takes a week or to to decipher them). For some reason right ring and little finger and right toes are very painful.
    I’m not being a hypochondriac with the list. Usually when I begin to experience these strange symptoms I go straight to the net to see if anyone else is having same and would like to know if you recognise these. Also ringing in ears has been deafening at times over the past few days and always present at some level. Digestive issues are back with a vengeance and they brought some new intolerances with them.

    I would really like to feel this going somewhere more positive than it seems at present – anyone else feel like they’re doing something wrong or not doing the right things? I’d like to feel as positive as you Denise but the fact is although I KNOW something big is happening and feel it, the goalposts feel like they keep changing, the road stretches on and on and I can’t see the end of it

    Best wishes Kit

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