Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2

Because the current learning about 3D Polarity Consciousness vs. 5D Unity Consciousness is still powerfully unfolding, I want to share another email letter I received on June 6, 2011 from Eva. Like M****, Eva has also generously agreed to let me share her recent experience too.

I know some of you reading this and the first article don’t yet fully understand what I’m talking about, what I’m doing or why. If you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt with these two articles I’ll help you in recognizing the beginning stages of 5D Unity Consciousness…if it’s time for you to do so. Quite often there’s much more going on and playing out multidimensionally with many of my articles than what it may seem or feel at first glance. These two particular articles with the two quoted email letters from M**** and Eva, plus all of your Comments and my response to them, is one connected and unfolding event that’s trying to reveal a lot to all of us. I’m trying to make it a bit easier to see certain things happening now plus why they’re happening, plus how the Dark Ones have used and manipulated all of us many times. There’s no shame, blame or guilt in this as it’s just the way it’s been. Having access to increasing 5D Unity Consciousness makes all of this much easier, while 3D Polarity Consciousness only perpetuates separation and polarization between people and awareness.

What Eva (and everyone else) didn’t know was what I’ve been feeling, perceiving, and living since May 21, 2011 when I first received M****’s email. As I said, I waited for the best time to write something and quote M****’s letter which I did on June 4, 2011 for the reasons stated in it.


However, I didn’t mention what I’d been feeling and perceiving in that June 4, 2011 article, nor in any of my response Comments on it. After I received Eva’s email letter (quoted below) on June 6, 2011, I knew it was time for me to share what I’ve been feeling and perceiving—in very increased ways—since May 21, 2011 and why.

Eva’s email beautifully confirmed what I’ve been feeling since I received M****’s May 21st. email, and then more strongly once I quoted it in my June 4th. article, then much more strongly because of all the great Comments. (Neither Eva and M***** have heard about what I’ve been perceiving and feeling concerning all this either.) These current unfolding learning’s are connected to the Mayan Day 3 “sprouting” phase, plus the approaching 6-11-11 portal in a few days. Today we entered Night 3 (June 7–June 24, 2011) and now we’ll each integrate what we’ve been living, feeling, perceiving, and learning during Day 3.

What I’ve been feeling and perceiving is a tremendous increase in the Light Energies and simultaneously a tremendous decrease in the Dark Ones and their abilities to effect and manipulate all of us and this world. I’ve been feeling this for a while now anyway but, like everything else, this process must also unfold in Stair Steps incrementally otherwise the change would be too severe and too sudden. Even as it is its unfolding tremendously fast now in 2011.

Day 3 (May 20–June 6, 2011) this ongoing disconnect and demise of the Dark Ones and their control on this world and all of us and humanity is diminishing in great massive chunks which I’ve never experienced to this degree before. Needless to say, this particular aspect of the Ascension Process is profoundly important and meaningful to me personally because I’ve been consciously aware of the Dark Ones since age five and always on their radar because I am a Starseed Lightworker.

Each time throughout 2011 when another massive chunk of them and their control over humanity and 3D Earth is disconnected, the sky literally glistens brighter with silver-white 7D Photon Light. WE literally glisten brighter with Light/Love and 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness and so too is our world. I barely have words for how this makes me and my Heart feel! My deep joy, excitement and gratitude from getting to witness so many of you experiencing and entering 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness after working so hard to extricate yourself/ourselves from 3D Polarity Consciousness and the seemingly unending attacks, manipulations, and pain from the Dark Ones (non-physical and physical humans and 3D systems and belief systems) is beyond belief. Me and my Heart are grinning…can you see/feel it? 😀

A short recap of Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1 and Part 2:

*The Dark Ones are rapidly on their way out of our lives, our bodies, our consciousness, our world and reality. However, on their way out many of them are still doing their best to snag, confuse and manipulate as many people as they can. Eva’s letter clearly shows one of the Dark One’s favorite tactics against people embodying Light and/or living the Ascension Process and taking on increasing amounts of Light. Divide and concur, or, be strong and continue waking up and inching our way into 5D Unity Consciousness and reality.

*Polarity Consciousness feels totally polarized, intense, and causes immediate knee-jerk emotional reactions in us all. Either/or, black/white, good/bad, male/female etc. type of thinking and feeling.

*Unity Consciousness is so different from this that you HAVE to experience a bit of it to even get a feel for what I’m talking about. Unity Consciousness sees, feels, and knows the larger picture and understands so much more because it knows and feels that all is connected and not separate like Polarity Consciousness perceives.

Thanks again to Eva and M**** for allowing me to sharing their personal experiences so all may benefit and learn a bit more about what we’re each living now.

Denise Le Fay

June 7, 2011

Hello Denise,

“I’ d like to share something Great with you, but I wasn’t sure if I should write it publicly in your blog. First I’d like to explain what was happening to me in connection to you/to your blog, since I’m your reader.

I felt many times as if ‘someone’ had been ‘whispering’ negative thoughts into my ears/brain about you and your teachings. I felt ‘pushed away’ hard from your blog frequently. I knew none of those feelings or thoughts were mine at any time! The dirty trick the Dark Ones had been using to make me doubt you was as dirty as it gets! They ‘placed’ the name of that therapist who misguided me in the past right next to your name in my mind. ‘Suggesting’ that, I’ll have the same negative experience with you, if I follow. I was constantly annoyed by this ‘mind game’ of the Dark since February. But, here comes the good part.

In my latest comment, ‘I let it out into the open’ how much I trust you and your words, even tho I had a bad/painful experience with a ‘teacher’ not long ago. When I went to sleep that night, I felt  some sort of pressure started to leave me. I focused, to see what was happening and wow!! I saw that Dark device of the dirty mind game finally was disconnecting/pulling away from me. They gave up on me!

But, there is more good news! As I kept my focus on this process, I saw that the Dark Ones were disconnecting devices from many of your readers at the same time!! It felt/looked like some kind of ‘chain reaction’ had been triggered and the Dark pulled away from many/Us.
It was an amazing, Freeing image and I simply had to share this with you!!!”


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25 thoughts on “Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2

  1. Hello Faye,

    I posted a comment on June. 5. 11.53AM /on blog time/. But, I live in different time zone, so not long after I finished writing, I vent to sleep, and then all started to happen. I believe, because I ‘announced’ how much I trust Denise, the Dark finally got the message: manipulation time is over!

    As you said:
    ‘I truly believe now, that if we voice these doubts out loud&express them, they lose their power.’
    That’s exactly how it felt to me!!! And I think We All have to remember to ‘voice Out Loud’ more often.

  2. Hi Denise and everyone,

    I just have to say I also feel very connected to all of you because I don’t have anyone to talk to about any of this either – they’d just say you’re nuts and go to the doctor! But here I find the understanding and the answers and the same questions I have, it’s such a simple but wonderful thing to know we’ve all been battling the same fight, and we’re all winning!!! Also I agree the light outdoors is simply fabulous lately and I can’t get enough of just being out in my yard with the flowers and gardens and birdsong. Finally feeling this band around my head loosen as the dark energies go away, and all this excitement and peacefulness. It really has been a long road and there really isn’t just a train at the end of the tunnel!! “) Happiness to all!


    P.S. I always have LOVED sleeping in and I actually find myself just about leaping out of bed the past few mornings – even when I have to go to work! LOL

  3. Denise and Cat,

    It is so reassuring that you are sharing these shimmering/fog experiences. I will say though, that I _did_ finally get new glasses and my outdoor/safe space vision has markedly improved, but I still feel like a ghost shopping and can’t read signs, although reading books and computer screens when I feel high vibe has gotten easier. This experience has been going on for the past 2 years for me.

    I feel so disconnected from interacting with almost everyone. I don’t know if I am purposefully quarantining myself while I train myself to master existing in 5-D unity consciousness or if I truly cannot stand or tolerate being around other humans right now, or if it is both.

    Also, the “dark ones” tried pretending to be my boyfriend this morning. Telling me I was being too restless (but in a really mean rude way, which was the tip off) and that he was going to the couch. But I woke up and there he was, sound asleep.

    I am sooooo glad the sun is finally back. My batteries need MAJOR recharging.

    Thank you all for sharing and the biggest, bestest kodos to Denise for taking the time and energy to host this forum.

    ❤ Nadeanna

  4. @Silvia and @silmirillion thank you so much guys

    @silmirillon i really feel the same specially when i’m in my up and down mood like if i was not evolving and i was doing something not right… i even get angry but as you said we have to learn to dicern all this crazy emotions so we wont get caught on it …. now that i read all about this crazy feelings because of the eclipses i feel much better to understand that is part of it 🙂

    thank you and much love to all of you

    light to all of you

  5. BRAVO DENISE!!!!!!!!!

    As a Lightworker who is also an Indigo Starseed, I know of this stuff all too well. I am one of the patrons who’s been working with the higher realms since 10/10/10 to eliminate all threats of the dark ones to be able to affect our physical bodies any longer and that is just what I have experienced. I too have been on their radar since being born into this dimension and have witnessed them use my body and other people to try and “take me out”. They even went so far as to kill my beloved kitty last year in an attempt to get to me. That same kitty has since returned to me as a rottweiler and though she is a baby right now, she is a very high vibrational pup who carries strong devic/angelic energies that are here to assist the remainder of my work in this dimension in a much more suitable body to do so from. 🙂

    Since that shift on 10/10/10, If you set your intention and beliefs, you can literally prevent any such further attacks by simply COMMANDING ALL NON PRISTINE ONES TO BE SENT HOME TO SOURCE. End of story and attacks, I have witnessed this through my own experiences numerous times now, the dark simply cannot any longer affect us physically if that is what you believe and command. A shred of doubt is all they need to get in and have another party in your energy field. Now more than ever we must stand in our power and speak our truths so help us God because that is what we are here for as lightworkers, indigos, starseeds and the lot of us.

    Namaste’ my beautiful brothers and sisters of light!!!

    YaMa’EL ~ the Golden Dragon Goddess

  6. Reading all these amazing comments reminds me of one of my fave reads, Carlos Castenada’s “Journey to Ixtlan.” I think I understand the methods don Juan used better than ever as a result of this conversation, as well as my own transformation.

    Don Juan referred to an entity who he deliberately called in to teach his apprentice the ways of sorcery as the ‘ally.’ We could call them Dark Forces, or some other word indicating a nemesis interfering with our personal universe. Don Juan concludes that these are our truest allies, as they teach us to live each moment with intention, discipline, fearlessness; living not a single moment with haphazardness or unconsciousness. Never easy for anyone, and seemingly impossible to his apprentice. He teaches that a warrior gains fullest power by facing down these allies, never turning our backs to them, and never, ever running away.

    That we are increasingly finding the opportunity and ability to face down our challenges and free our souls in fearlessness is uplifting as nothing else has been for me. I will know when I am fully free when every negative force I meet is greeted as an ally for my greatest empowerment, awareness and growth.

    It is comforting to know that I have at my behest the unified field of all of humanity’s strength to help me in my personal quest and transformation!

  7. Lamplighter, I’ve read hundreds of works of fiction and non fiction on all kinds of subjects. Journey to Ixtlan is the only one I’d call a masterpiece…whatever that term means!

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