Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2

Because the current learning about 3D Polarity Consciousness vs. 5D Unity Consciousness is still powerfully unfolding, I want to share another email letter I received on June 6, 2011 from Eva. Like M****, Eva has also generously agreed to let me share her recent experience too.

I know some of you reading this and the first article don’t yet fully understand what I’m talking about, what I’m doing or why. If you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt with these two articles I’ll help you in recognizing the beginning stages of 5D Unity Consciousness…if it’s time for you to do so. Quite often there’s much more going on and playing out multidimensionally with many of my articles than what it may seem or feel at first glance. These two particular articles with the two quoted email letters from M**** and Eva, plus all of your Comments and my response to them, is one connected and unfolding event that’s trying to reveal a lot to all of us. I’m trying to make it a bit easier to see certain things happening now plus why they’re happening, plus how the Dark Ones have used and manipulated all of us many times. There’s no shame, blame or guilt in this as it’s just the way it’s been. Having access to increasing 5D Unity Consciousness makes all of this much easier, while 3D Polarity Consciousness only perpetuates separation and polarization between people and awareness.

What Eva (and everyone else) didn’t know was what I’ve been feeling, perceiving, and living since May 21, 2011 when I first received M****’s email. As I said, I waited for the best time to write something and quote M****’s letter which I did on June 4, 2011 for the reasons stated in it.


However, I didn’t mention what I’d been feeling and perceiving in that June 4, 2011 article, nor in any of my response Comments on it. After I received Eva’s email letter (quoted below) on June 6, 2011, I knew it was time for me to share what I’ve been feeling and perceiving—in very increased ways—since May 21, 2011 and why.

Eva’s email beautifully confirmed what I’ve been feeling since I received M****’s May 21st. email, and then more strongly once I quoted it in my June 4th. article, then much more strongly because of all the great Comments. (Neither Eva and M***** have heard about what I’ve been perceiving and feeling concerning all this either.) These current unfolding learning’s are connected to the Mayan Day 3 “sprouting” phase, plus the approaching 6-11-11 portal in a few days. Today we entered Night 3 (June 7–June 24, 2011) and now we’ll each integrate what we’ve been living, feeling, perceiving, and learning during Day 3.

What I’ve been feeling and perceiving is a tremendous increase in the Light Energies and simultaneously a tremendous decrease in the Dark Ones and their abilities to effect and manipulate all of us and this world. I’ve been feeling this for a while now anyway but, like everything else, this process must also unfold in Stair Steps incrementally otherwise the change would be too severe and too sudden. Even as it is its unfolding tremendously fast now in 2011.

Day 3 (May 20–June 6, 2011) this ongoing disconnect and demise of the Dark Ones and their control on this world and all of us and humanity is diminishing in great massive chunks which I’ve never experienced to this degree before. Needless to say, this particular aspect of the Ascension Process is profoundly important and meaningful to me personally because I’ve been consciously aware of the Dark Ones since age five and always on their radar because I am a Starseed Lightworker.

Each time throughout 2011 when another massive chunk of them and their control over humanity and 3D Earth is disconnected, the sky literally glistens brighter with silver-white 7D Photon Light. WE literally glisten brighter with Light/Love and 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness and so too is our world. I barely have words for how this makes me and my Heart feel! My deep joy, excitement and gratitude from getting to witness so many of you experiencing and entering 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness after working so hard to extricate yourself/ourselves from 3D Polarity Consciousness and the seemingly unending attacks, manipulations, and pain from the Dark Ones (non-physical and physical humans and 3D systems and belief systems) is beyond belief. Me and my Heart are grinning…can you see/feel it? 😀

A short recap of Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1 and Part 2:

*The Dark Ones are rapidly on their way out of our lives, our bodies, our consciousness, our world and reality. However, on their way out many of them are still doing their best to snag, confuse and manipulate as many people as they can. Eva’s letter clearly shows one of the Dark One’s favorite tactics against people embodying Light and/or living the Ascension Process and taking on increasing amounts of Light. Divide and concur, or, be strong and continue waking up and inching our way into 5D Unity Consciousness and reality.

*Polarity Consciousness feels totally polarized, intense, and causes immediate knee-jerk emotional reactions in us all. Either/or, black/white, good/bad, male/female etc. type of thinking and feeling.

*Unity Consciousness is so different from this that you HAVE to experience a bit of it to even get a feel for what I’m talking about. Unity Consciousness sees, feels, and knows the larger picture and understands so much more because it knows and feels that all is connected and not separate like Polarity Consciousness perceives.

Thanks again to Eva and M**** for allowing me to sharing their personal experiences so all may benefit and learn a bit more about what we’re each living now.

Denise Le Fay

June 7, 2011

Hello Denise,

“I’ d like to share something Great with you, but I wasn’t sure if I should write it publicly in your blog. First I’d like to explain what was happening to me in connection to you/to your blog, since I’m your reader.

I felt many times as if ‘someone’ had been ‘whispering’ negative thoughts into my ears/brain about you and your teachings. I felt ‘pushed away’ hard from your blog frequently. I knew none of those feelings or thoughts were mine at any time! The dirty trick the Dark Ones had been using to make me doubt you was as dirty as it gets! They ‘placed’ the name of that therapist who misguided me in the past right next to your name in my mind. ‘Suggesting’ that, I’ll have the same negative experience with you, if I follow. I was constantly annoyed by this ‘mind game’ of the Dark since February. But, here comes the good part.

In my latest comment, ‘I let it out into the open’ how much I trust you and your words, even tho I had a bad/painful experience with a ‘teacher’ not long ago. When I went to sleep that night, I felt  some sort of pressure started to leave me. I focused, to see what was happening and wow!! I saw that Dark device of the dirty mind game finally was disconnecting/pulling away from me. They gave up on me!

But, there is more good news! As I kept my focus on this process, I saw that the Dark Ones were disconnecting devices from many of your readers at the same time!! It felt/looked like some kind of ‘chain reaction’ had been triggered and the Dark pulled away from many/Us.
It was an amazing, Freeing image and I simply had to share this with you!!!”


Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

25 thoughts on “Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2

  1. Gerry,

    Absolutely! We and the Sun and our NEW Earth world are becoming more silver-white stellar-like instead of the lower frequency pre-Ascension yellow-gold solar Sun and world we incarnated into. Each day the air and sky is more pristine because it’s being scrubbed clean (as we and everything else is) by the higher dimensional Light energies.


  2. I just read the last two days worth of comments. A special thanks to those who have played such an “intense” role fighting the Dark Ones, and at such a young age, Denise! Wow! It is very interesting to see how we all have unique (yet some similar) experiences based on what we have chosen our mission to be in this “global” Awakening. Although many of us probably can’t remember choosing our path as a Lightworker, it can help just trusting in the fact that we did. My purpose and “origin” become clearer to me every day, and I’m eager to know more, but I also KNOW how important it is to respect the stair approach. (Right on, Denise!) So for now, I just enjoy every new moment this changing awareness brings. And without any fear, it’s like bathing in a sea of love, light and beauty. There is perfection in everything! Peace can come easily just trusting in the process.

    And if we hold in our hearts the Truth that we are all ONE, originating from the same Source, our Light and Love can continue to reach the farthest corners of the Earth. Unconditional, non-judgmental love without limits is what it’s all about, and I believe this includes the Dark Ones. Our love CAN overcome them, and they will be powerless in the end. As everyone has mentioned, we are seeing the results of our efforts, and it is beautiful! So keep the faith, everyone! It is a very freeing experience to know that nothing can really hurt us. While we may feel physical and emotional pain through this process, our true Self knows we cannot be harmed. I myself have not been without attacks, but the Dark Ones don’t come after me anymore. 🙂

    My daily mantra is “Love to ALL, for We Are ONE.”

    Thanks to all for sharing your experiences. And thanks, Denise, for giving us the opportunity to share!
    Love to you All!

  3. Eva, not sure when you experienced the collective dark leaving those of us connected to this post but I felt it also. Like something was being pulled out of my body. Some in my family have been used against me so now anytime I am around them or even think of them, I send love light and feel joy in knowing that soon all will be aware of the changes in me. Yes I will say without guilt that I was taken down to the level I never want to see again. I simply refuse to be pulled into any games anymore. Thank-you Denise for a place to share. I have only one person to talk to about this and sometimes she even does not understand. I experience depression before a severe weather event and sometimes question my sanity. But each time within days I understan the reason. I have few days of total bliss and savor every second and know soon it will be that more and more. PEACE

  4. Thank you Denise,
    For several weeks I’ve noticed the air outdoors sparkles- I think of it as fairy dust. I thought at first it was a trick of sunlight but, I see it where the sun is not direct. I wondered if it was always like this and I just didn’t notice. Is this, possibly, what you mean by silver-white 7D photon light? Just curious.

  5. why do i still feel like i’m in the beginners section? 😦
    i read all of your wonderful post and experiences and still feel like i’m in ligthworkers pre-school heheh 😛

    sometimes i feel my vibrations to low like today i’m not sure if is because of the night 3 but the
    whole day i’ve been feeling so negative, angry and sad … i feel like my emotions are always up and down
    now a days ..

    great experience eva 🙂 thank you for sharing it with us

    lot of light and love to all of you

  6. l wasnt aware of the importance of the date in mayan calendar till now 😀 now l see why my body was pulsing all day especially along my spine ;also lve been feeling as if a huge rock was stuffed into my breast 😦 l felt so sick and slept the day away.
    it s great to hear that those dark devices are being pulled away .l ve always felt like the girl in the drawing all my life . looks familiar ????

  7. Mia,

    This is why these Stair Steps are necessary; so we don’t become overwhelmed by the changes happening within our bodies and consciousness. I too want all this icky stuff done and gone as fast as possible, yet I know it’s happening so fast now anyway.

    Because you’ve been through this in this way, you’re going to need to REST and REST some more and take extra care of yourself while you recuperate from this. I didn’t rush this as you did and I had a serious headache and other intense body pains and intense exhaustion and the need to nap for the past two weeks. The headaches were severe and very painful. We’re just in the midst of another big transition, but the positive that’s now happening with it all is breathtakingly wonderful. 🙂

    Take good care of yourself and thank you for sharing your current experience with us all.

    Gratitude Hugs,

  8. Oh my goodness!!! Eva and Denise, I have to instantly react as this is SO in line with what I have experienced today – I even considered long and hard to write to you Denise, but in the end didn’t want to bother you… then you posted this! I will write here because this is clearly so connected and may be useful for others in the general pool of experiences shared.
    Earlier today I started to feel a tingly sensation in my 7th chakra. I asked straight away if this is re-wiring and thus nothing to worry about, as I was also starting to have a bad headache. I received answer that it indeed is about re-wiring, and it did feel ok, didn’t feel suspicious so I was fine. It went on, and I suddenly saw a black (iron) band all around my head, with two spikes entering both sides of my head. I was really annoyed as I didn’t expect to still have a horrid dark device like this installed! I asked the Light Beings doing the re-wiring to remove this device INSTANTLY. They indicated that it’s not that simple and things need to be done in right order and at correct time so the removal wouldn’t do damage. I kept an eye on what was happening as my headache was getting worse. In the end I also saw another of these spikes that lodged from the black band into the base of my skull and that was it, I got so angry and said I just want this thing out no matter what and I deal with whatever I need to just to get it out, NOW! I was indicated that there’d be sort of a toxic shock if it was just taken out – a bit like those security devices in clothes in shops, that if you try to break them off, they spill ink everywhere. I said I still want the device off, no waiting.

    What happened next… I was knocked out, I plain fell asleep, couldn’t resist, woke an hour later, and thought nothing of it, felt like the device was off… (I hope, I still can’t see properly!) But toxic shock I did get, one of the worst experiences ever – like plain evil running through my veins. I lost all will to live, completely, it was a struggle to connect to any feeling of Love whatsoever, cut off from the Heart, I seriously thought I fell into darkness for good, that they finally got me. The saddest thing to me was that I wasn’t suffering alone – my daughter came from school and met the grumpiest mother on earth. Now that the worst is over, I feel slashed to pieces within for not handling this “toxic shock” like I had hoped I would. I’m quite shattered, still with the headache and recovering – cannot feel or “see” anything, too tired…

    Wanted to ask you Denise, just to confirm to myself if I indeed got this correctly – I’m pretty certain I wasn’t attacked as such, but it all was more like an evil oil spill within my energies? I don’t think the device was being put on there and then, it’s almost like I recognised it being quite an old setup… But I’m a bit shaken at the moment to properly discern. I really would like to clear this as quickly as I can, I’m just SO peeved about all the devices that have been clearing from my system all this year and then to come across this kind of thing still in! Maybe I should have let them finish whatever re-wiring they were doing before attempting to remove the spikes…

    But yes, what Eva said about devices being cleared, seems to correlate with this. I’m also very familiar with that similar thought manipulation technique Eva refers to, it’s great to notice so clearly though – they’re not fooling us any longer!
    I will start with the Restoration now to try and get a grip on life again, been a bit of a day…
    Much love to you Denise and Eva!

    Thank you everyone who’s following & liking this page! Approaching a group of 100, I’ve decided to do a “give away” then. Everyone on the list will be automatically included

  9. Oh, Eva & Denise,

    This is all COOL and completely perfect. I write from ‘Downunder’ and here is the same. Our Light is shining brighter and brighter so the experiences we have are becoming more wondrous. Connections that confirm our future ‘oneness’ and clarity that makes each day Flow.
    Words don’t describe the magical feeling that now stays with me for most of the day. Acknowledging that I still deal with different vibrations, so some tiredness comes as well.
    I have noticed that everything really does turn out better than I had ever imagined. In the long road from 1999 this is also a wondrous thing. My gorgeous husband is moving ahead with me and our journey together feels awesome and brilliant.
    Stay the course and know that we are loved and protected in our chosen paths.
    Love and hugs from Authentic Linda

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