Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1

A month ago I received an interesting email from a reader who will remain anonymous. After reading it I asked her if I could quote it at TRANSITIONS—with everyone’s names changed—so more people could benefit from her important Ascension-related experience and she generously agreed.

I’ve been waiting for the correct time to quote her letter, and due to some other unfolding lessons that happened elsewhere I knew it was time to share it and connect it with this other situation. I am not blaming anyone for anything nor am I wounded by what was said at this other location. (M**** none of this is about you or directed at you!) The reason I’ve brought this up publicly is because people need to understand and be responsible for themselves, their words, thoughts, emotions and actions etc. We all do of course, but in this particular case it’s about how the Dark Ones use and/or try to manipulate certain people to cause more chaos, confusion, separation, emotional pain, distort, distract, and separate the growing Groups of people carrying Light Energies in themselves. For brief periods since my Ascension Process began in 1999, even my Mother has been used, manipulated occasionally by the Dark Ones to get at me. And god knows how many times over the past six or seven years the Dark Ones have tried to get me to write things to discredit and distort what certain other Lightworkers have written.

Hopefully you see how and why the Dark Ones occasionally attack and/or try to manipulate all of us to do damage to our fellow Lightworkers, the growing Groups of people embodying Light, ourselves and our loved ones, and the other folks out there just living the Ascension Process. All of this negative polarized crap is part of living the Ascension Process and learning how to be more conscious, aware, and responsible while simultaneously extricating ourselves from the negative energetic control and mind-job the Dark Ones have had over everyone on Earth. The negativity and dark tactics won’t last much longer, but it is and will do its damnedest to take as many of you down with them as they can. Wake up, take your power through being responsible and sovereign, and don’t let yourself get used or manipulated by the non-physical Dark Ones and the unaware physical humans they use.

Everyone honestly wanting to Ascend/Evolve now must realize that the Dark Ones attack Starseed Lightworkers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Indigos. They use and manipulate regular or non-ascending people; they try to manipulate and use those people who are evolving and embodying more and more Light in themselves to break apart the Groups of people embodying Light; and to diminish the progress and energies the Starseed Lightworker teachers make by spreading Light and teaching and so on. In other words, the teachers are not the only ones who come under attack and attempted manipulations by the Dark Ones; each of you do as well and you need to realize this, learn from it, stop projecting on to others while not taking any responsibility for your own actions, words, and part in it even if you were manipulated by the Dark Ones! This is NOT about blame or shame, guilt or weakness or any other such negative crap. It’s about being more aware, learning to take full responsibility, learning to discern your thoughts and emotions from occasional manipulations from the Dark Ones through you to do damage and/or separate fellow Lightworkers, positive Groups, or any other negative stunt they try to pull on all of us. This really has been a war and more of you are discovering this fact in 2011 during the final Ninth Wave phase.

So, here’s the email letter from M**** about her and her fiance’s personal experiences of being attacked and manipulated by the Dark Ones and other lower frequency humans the Dark Ones use and manipulate. The “Command”  M**** mentions is from Lisa Renee’s Nov. 2010 “The Restoration” article.

This is a very important spiritual, energetic, etheric, emotional, physical and psychological lesson about one of the ways the Dark Ones work and how and why they use and attack regular or non-ascending people, Starseed Lightworkers, Lightworkers, Indigos, plus all people living the Ascension Process.

Denise Le Fay

June 4, 2011

“I took your advice and have been saying the Command each evening. Before I go to sleep I wrap myself, my dog, my fiancé and the house in Light. When I’m feeling like the ether is wonky I smudge my house with Copal or sage/sweetgrass.
I can deal with myself being attacked, but when the dark is going after me through ones I love it is really difficult as you know. It is hard for negative people to get to me because I am very careful who I keep company with. I don’t work so I don’t have to deal with anyone I don’t want to. Anyway,  my fiancé is being bombarded lately. Just one thing after the other this week. Petty people pushing dark shit. Thank God my fiancé (Jim) is a sturdy guy, but he’s been pushed towards his limits.
The other night he was working nights and when he came home I felt a strange feeling of vertigo hit me as I was laying in bed, then the nausea hit me really hard, then a feeling of repulsion. It’s extremely rare for me to feel this in waking life. Well, something was attached to Jim. Someone/something sent something like an attack entity to attach to him. (I have no idea how to properly describe this.)  I have never felt this with him ever before. He was fine, said he was just really tired. He came into bed and the heat coming up my body was like I was on fire and I didn’t want him to come near me. Clairvoyantly I saw what was attached to him (it showed itself to me), it reminded me of a weird spider-like thing with lots of long legs, it was huge and nasty!!!  I closed my eyes and with all my might I filled our room with the most brilliant Light. It vaporized the entity, but not easily. It took a lot out of me. The image of it is burned into my mind.
Next day my fiancé gets a call from his terribly abusive psychopathic boss, ripping him to shreds, telling him horrible lies etc. Really really upsetting him, just crazy hurtful things beyond criticism. There are two men who for some reason have it out for him. They’re just really dark horrible people. Totally repulsive. And I knew that it was sent from whatever was animating these guys. I managed to keep Jim from totally falling into a spiral of emotional turmoil. And by the end of the day he was back to himself.
My question is, how in the world do I protect him? How can I better protect my little family (me, Jim & Daisy our dog) from intrusions like this? After all the stuff I do I can’t understand how something like this was able to get into our home. In your book you said there are ways to further shield a home and property. What happened went right along with what you had said about Dark Ones fighting more to hang on, to deter us. What happened really disturbed me. It pissed me off more than it scared me.
I’m sure you get tons of emails and I don’t want to be one of those people that tries to monopolize your time. I haven’t been able to tell anyone about this. It’s so private that I don’t want to post it publicly. But this is a different type of attack than I’m used to. I don’t want any more dark shit like that getting past my threshold. Any advice you have I would be deeply grateful. (On the plus side however….yesterday when we were driving we saw 3 rainbows. 2 of them full arches. So beautiful. I turned to Jim and I said, “See sweetie…that’s the universe telling us everything is going to be alright”.)
Sending you lots of love and tons of gratitude for all that you do to help others.”

[Also see Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2]   https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/learning-to-be-more-responsible-aware-sovereign-part-2/

teal purple copyrightCopyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/  

32 thoughts on “Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1

  1. Hi, everybody,

    I really love how we’re coming together more and more as a community here and one person’s experiences echo another’s. Raven, I’m with you about the intense anger about my latest attack. I wrote about it in another thread, but essentially I made a silly mistake at a tense moment in a shaman initiation ceremony and the head shaman got really angry at me. He did calm down, but I suspected that he would try to attack me or curse me later and he (and perhaps some others– he’s in an association) has been working on me all this past week. Each time I feel it starting (always in my heart center), I put up the 12D light protection and it effectively dissolves it. It’s happening again right now and it is just annoying. I wish he’d stop. And it’s making me insanely angry at times. But I don’t want to hurt him. Will keep doing what I’m doing, I guess. It’s so easy to feel it, too.
    Another thing, talking as others have about strange new experiences. The air around me has changed considerably over the last two months. I could see the vibration in the air during that time. Then, this last week, when I do lightwork, the air vibrates. Then, this morning as I was laying in the tub looking up at the ceiling, the lines of the wall were shimmering and jumping with the vibrations. Has anyone else had this kind of experience? I also couldn’t see very well this morning, like I had a film over my eyes. Very interesting stuff. You just accept it till you figure out what it is or one of our friendly helpers explains it to us! 😉

    Hugs and love to all,

  2. Denise, thank you for the the clarification about what a dark one is and where the information comes from. I recently had a dream I was driving in the mountains and a spaceship if you will sent down a purple light and my car went right into it. I realized there were several beings around me they said I was healed and someone next to me took my hand and squeezed it for reassurance. I squeezed back. I remember feeling comfortable not scared and I could hear the sounds of energy whatever that sounds like. Whatever, that was was interesting because I do not believe in aliens. And I feel silly even talking about this dream. I believe in angels, ghosts, etc because I have personally experienced them, aliens or whatever they are not so much but this dream was strange indeed and I had severe headaches for a week after that. What is your take?

  3. “I dislike the term “God” or “god” because of the horrific distortions certain religions/religious beliefs have placed upon that word. That word -capitalized or not- literally carries the thought-form created by the patriarchy; a male human image as the creator of all. It’s ridiculous, polarized, and profoundly limiting and that’s why I don’t use that word or capitalize it.”

    I agree! I am baffled by how many New Age people incorporate various aspects of religion like “God” into everything and do other things like quote religious texts. Does what Jesus did actually matter or is he some final authority? Has the corruption in the bible and other “holy books” not become obvious by now? I guess people have to transition somehow…


  4. Raven J,

    Thanks for sharing your important experience. What a Light Warrior you are!

    I too have had the Dark Ones try in dreams to use the image of actual people in my life who I loved to try to trick me and/or use me. They do a great job in replicating our loved ones…except for the eyes. They just cannot get the eyes right because they don’t know about higher energies and Love. It’s a dead giveaway every time.

    Keep your eye/heart on the goal and these dark jerks simply won’t be able to jump high enough to touch us anymore. 🙂


  5. Eva,

    Heart Hugs back at you sweetheart. 🙂

    I’m so going to use what you’ve just said and what you’re beginning to live, be, feel and perceive!

    What you’re feeling and perceiving is the beginning stages of 5D “Unity” Consciousness! 😀 Non-polarized consciousness perceives and exists like what you and many others of us are beginning to feel, live and perceive now. And, it’s exactly like what you’re trying to describe! We’re all connected but, now with increasing High Heart or Unity Consciousness flowing through our newly Rewired bodies and brains, we’re starting to KNOW things ourselves and FEEL the very real energetic connections to each other from within this fifth dimensional level. Know too that this is just the beginning of 5D Unity Consciousness. See why no lower frequency thing, person, system, belief etc. can or will be allowed to exit within our ascended Earth world with its ascended 5D humanity? 😉 Well done you.


  6. Jenjermin,

    Lot’s in your Comment! First I’ll attempt to define what I mean by the term “Dark Ones”.

    Based on my lifelong experiences, higher dimensional awareness and teachings, numerous negative attacks, clairvoyant vision, and my being a Starseed Lightworker and remembering that fact from the age of five, my definition of the “Dark Ones” covers all of the non-physical, other-dimensional beings and entities that are dedicated and polarized to “Service to Self” instead of “Service to Others”. There are also physical living humans who are dedicated and polarized to Service to Self and, due to frequency resonance and like desires and focus, these physical humans are receptive to the non-physical, other-dimensional Dark Ones or beings and typically do their bidding here on Earth. This isn’t much different from the non-physical, other-dimensional Beings of Light who are dedicated to Service to Others and the humans living in physicality now who are also dedicated to Service to Others; we call them Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Warriors of Light etc. I’m going to add that not all dimensions and worlds are polarized as the old lower Earth world was that we all incarnated into. Polarity is something many souls desire to experience and add to their spiritual resume so to speak. 😉

    So is one Group “bad” and the other Group “good”? Not in my personal opinion, but these dark shits certainly do cause great pain and suffering to others. But, again, is that quote unquote “bad”, or has it been a way to learn very specific things within a profoundly polarized world and reality just as you suggested? I’ve personally learned even more from the Dark Ones and the Service to Self humans on Earth than I have from my own Service to Others Light team and I’ve often said how grateful I am to the monsters and cruel humans who’ve taught me so much and kept me on-track with my own Service to Others Lightwork.

    The problems arise when one Group totally controlled others to prevent them from continuing to evolve, traps and uses them as a food and fuel source for themselves! That was a huge dark deviation from what Earth life was originally designed to be and eventually the other Group needed to return to 3D and make the needed corrections energetically to free everyone who desired to continue evolving beyond polarity.

    As to your question about “…where this information comes from…?”

    What I write comes directly from me based entirely upon what I know, what I’ve learned, what I’m still learning, what I remember from past lives, what I remember from teachings and discoveries within higher dimensions, from my own Higher Self, from Starbeings and Lightbeings etc. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution] If I write about something I’ve learned from another person, such as Lisa Renee, Barbara Hand Clow, Carl Calleman etc., then I always include the person and a link to their site in my article/post. Because I work for team Service to Others, I’m all about sharing the Light which is knowledge or information. Otherwise, everything I say comes from me and increasingly from my growing awareness and conscious connection with my Higher Self. I can read Energies which means I feel and know if something/someone is working for team Service to Self or Service to Others. It’s real easy once you’re intimately familiar with both and begin functioning once again within Unity Consciousness.


  7. Hello Denise,

    In 2008 I had been misled/misguided/manipulated by a ‘spiritual’ therapist/teacher, and I couldn’t realize this fact! until I evolved beyond her level. By that time my Non-physical, Real teacher took over, to guide me, and He made it clear, I had to leave that ‘therapist’. I’ve trusted her completely, so as you can image, that was a painful learning experience for me. I don’t have any negative feelings about her /any more/, I understand she had her role in my life, but the Trust! I’ve lost in ‘human’ teachers…
    Until I found your blog 🙂
    I had an immediate connection with you as I was reading your words for the first time in February and this connection is getting stronger and stronger since. After the experience of being misled, I was sure I wont be able to trust anyone ever again, but I was wrong.
    Your Pure, Honest teaching/guiding is truly touches me on the deepest/highest level Every Time!
    There are days when I have moments of High Heart connection with you, I simply Feel You. Without me thinking of you, you/your energy just kind of ‘check in/to my day’ and then I hear your name, Denise.
    I wish I could describe this feeling better..,but perhaps I don’t have to.. I believe, we All/Starseeds/Lightworkers going to experience more and more of this Pure energy connections/moments with each others.
    Thank you for being here with us Denise!


  8. Yvonne,

    Well done you for catching that your (what sounds like Indigo) son was the reason for the escalation in activity from the Dark Ones. This is why they do what they do. They’re fighting us who are Light embodied because they don’t want us here doing what we (and many of our Indigo children) will be doing. (My son will turn 39…gads!…soon but I too had horrific nightmares -aka astral attacks- when I was pregnant with him long ago. The Dark always sees the Light trying to get into this world and dimension.)

    And you’re totally correct about how all of us have to be aware and take responsibility for those times when we get used/manipulated by the Dark Ones etherically and physically. We are not all Light, and they are not all Dark. We’re all both and more and there is no “right/wrong”, “good/bad” or guilt or shame/blame etc. with any of this. Thinking that way is old lower 3D polarized consciousness, and we’re ascending into 5D Unity Consciousness or as I call it High Heart Consciousness. What there is is larger knowledge and consciousness which automatically means larger responsibility.

    I appreciate what you said about when you and your husband become tired or hungry these Dark Ones instantly show up. This too is another very important learning that everyone needs to know. For me this has evolved to when I even think a lower thought or have a lower emotion I instantly clairvoyantly see a flash of one or two of the Dark Ones old energy siphon tools and interdimensional viewing windows directly to me manifest. It’s amazing to me how fine this energy line becomes the more we evolve! “Dark Arts Training” indeed!

    Thanks again Yvonne for your honesty and sharing your experiences here for All to benefit and learn from. 🙂

    Hugs of Gratitude,

  9. deepness,

    Thank you for sharing you and your Dad’s experience with us all here. This is why I wanted to quote M*****’s experience because it was so typical of how the Dark Ones work and how they manipulate other humans to get at the humans that are more evolved and/or ascending/evolving and literally exiting the Dark Ones frequency range. Everyone benefits when they can read about other people’s experiences like this so thanks again for sharing here. 🙂

    “…so i’m not sure if this was a dark being or just a negative person…”

    Sweetie…that’s polarized thinking! There is no one or the other type of business with this! It was the Dark Ones possessing and/or manipulating that human man only to cause pain, fear, chaos or worse (the town needs to get rid of this crazy bastard because he could become physically violent soon with people like your Dad) upon the higher vibrating people living in that area. THAT is how the non-physical, other-dimensional Dark Ones use and manipulate lower vibrating, unaware living humans to mess with, attack, fuck with, make miserable etc. etc. other living humans. This is simply how this crap has worked for Ages and it’s accelerating now because the Dark Ones End Times are here now.

    You did right by telling your Dad, and also helping him to cleanse and then protect his house and self. See how important it was (what an Initiation it was) for YOU to follow through on what you felt when you arrived at your Dad’s usually pristine house? That entire business was an Initiation for you. Bless your Dad for being cool and open enough to listen to you and the wisdom you have! 🙂 THIS is how we who embody the Light learn to recognize and discern different frequencies of energies or different ranges and areas of energy and consciousness. This was an incredibly important lesson for you and you did wonderfully with it. Be proud and don’t forget what that lower negative energy felt like to you. Knowing this could save you or others…not to mention how you can teach others about it also. (Remember Lisa Renee talking a few months ago about how some of us would have to be going through “Dark Arts Training”? Well, this was one aspect of that.)

    I’d like to suggest that you tell your Dad he needs to continue energetically protecting himself and his entire property and house. I’d suggest you tell him to envision in his mind’s eye a huge and solid 20 foot tall wall of white Light around his property line. Like a wall or solid fence of Light Energy that no lower vibrating thing – physical or non-physical – can pass through. Tell him to visualize this wall of Light around his entire property every morning and every night before the sun sets. The more he does this the stronger and more solid the wall/fence of Light becomes because he’s creating a thought-form of protection. Eventually it will be so “real” that he’ll sense and feel it and he’ll then be able to maintain it quickly and easily each day by just visualizing it. You might want to beef-up your etheric protection around your house and car and self now too because the Dark Ones always know who’s doing what with Light. 😉 No fear, just being more responsible for being one who is and carries Light while the Dark is finally being pressured to change too or permanently exit this world.

    Oh, one more thing. Can I live with your Dad on top of the mountain? 😀 Just kidding…I hope to some day soon be able to live in the forest myself.


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