An Astral Thrashing by Ancient Giants

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Before we can talk about the improvements unfolding in 2011, I want to backtrack us a bit for contrast and reflection. I could write a book based on this topic because it’s so amazing and such a profound change to what reality has been on Earth for my almost sixty years. I’m talking about the now steady and increasingly obvious decrease of the Dark Ones/the Negatives/Team Dark from our reality and lives. Here are some examples of this increasing shifting and departure of them from a few recent multidimensional experiences I’ve had.


On November 6, 2010 I had one of the most interesting and informative lucid dream encounter I’ve ever had, and I have had some whoppers! I was lucid in this dream from the first moment because the dream had been designed and created by a Dark One. He wanted to talk face-to-face with me so he created this “dream” setting for me to make sure I got his entire message, which I most certainly did. He created this dream setting to look like the old house I lived in during the most difficult years of my early biological Ascension Process where I’d been under constant demonic attack for four horrific years. [See A Lightworker’s Mission]. He wanted me to be very consciously aware that it was he and his kind behind all of the Dark attacks I went through at that house from 2000 through June of 2004.

In this lucid dream, which was not a “dream” at all but an actual meeting in the fourth dimension (4D Astral), this Dark One and about five or six of his buddies were waiting for me in the backyard of this other house. From my perspective I just suddenly found myself in this already started dream, which is usually a sign that something other than you has designed it and intentionally pulled you into it for a specific reason. So there I am all of a sudden, lucid in the Astral and back at this other house looking up at about seven incredible giant Beings; Dark Ones that were not Reptilians but something else. Their bodies were all the same but their non-human faces were slightly different, as human faces are, and they were wearing costumes which were intended to further intimidate and frighten me. They didn’t however but looked rather ridiculous. We’ll get to that in a second.

So there I am standing outside in full daylight in this astral meeting with about seven of these ancient humanoid Dark Ones. They all were around twenty feet tall; I estimated this from marking where the highest peak of the house roof came on their bodies which was around their waists. In other words, they were some HUGE, ancient, giant Dark Ones and they got my attention for sure! Now here comes the funny costume part; they all were dressed in stereotypical biker outfits. Black leather pants, vests with “colors” on the back, chains, spike collars, wide leather cuffs and all the other typical old bad-ass motorcycle biker dude costuming from the sixties and seventies. Seriously, I should get an award or metal or something for not busting into a belly laugh seeing twenty-foot tall Dark Ones trying to look extra mean n’ nasty by wearing old “Hell’s Angels” biker costumes in my backyard! I just stood there staring up at this group of non-human, non-physical Dark Ones trying to further intimidate me and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Their size and unpleasant non-human faces alone was enough, but thankfully for me the old “Hell’s Angels” biker outfits took the edge off of the entire situation.

After a bit the head Dark One leaned down, picked me up, and held me close to his ugly non-human face and gave me a good hard thrashing! I was the size of a rag-doll in his huge hand as he shook me, yelled and screamed viciously at me and clearly let me know how much he HATED my goddamned Forerunner Starseed Lightworker ass and how seriously I have ruined his plans, his life and lifestyle, his fun, his ruler-ship over humanity and Earth blah, blah, blah. His buddies watched with great pleasure as their Boss spewed hatred in my face and shook me around in his giant clawed hand. And, as amazing as all this was because it was “real”, was that I wasn’t nearly as frightened as I would have been had it happened a few years ago. I was lucid of how I was emotionally feeling and what I was thinking during this designed intimidation tactic by these particular Dark Ones, but I was rather surprised by my lack of fear.

Of course it helped tremendously having these giant giants costumed in old-school biker regalia, plus it helped tremendously having the main Dark One telling me his secrets and how I (as a Lightworker) had ruined his species way of life and their food and fuel supplies (humanity) and so many other things I couldn’t believe it! I kept thinking to myself while this Dark One was raging in my wee astral face, “My god Denise, listen to everything he’s telling you in his wild rage because he’s revealing tremendously important secrets. Do not pull the ripcord and wake yourself up yet. Wait until he’s done telling you everything.”  So I remained and endured him raging at me about what a miserable day he and his kind were having all because of what me and my kind have done. Instead of fleeing the astral scene as I usually do in these types of astral abductions, I remained until this Dark One had finished his rant at me and then I got the hell outta there and woke myself up!

This was a big deal for me to NOT be so frightened and NOT escape when things got too scary because I do know how to wake myself up and escape when needed. This also told me a lot about how much I’ve personally grown, and about how much the Light has done to cause the Dark Ones to not be able to stay within the still increasing Light Energies here.


On February 22, 2011 — 2-22-11 — I started out having a very nice dream but it kept morphing into bad, then into worse, and then much worse. Once the nightmare reached that ultra-icky sick blood n’ guts violent point, I did pull the astral ripcord and woke myself up. Problem was—as it often is—I didn’t leave this nightmare in the 4D astral plane, it was right there in my physical bedroom hovering above me near my ceiling! “It” is what caused my nice dream to morph into a gory, sick nightmare.

Once I was awake from the nightmare I could easily see in the natural night’s darkness this mass of unnatural Blackness hovering about a foot below my ceiling like a large 4D astral oil spill. It was wider than my queen-sized bed and took up nearly the entire square footage of my bedroom ceiling. I’ve had many attacks over the years from this same type of mass Blackness that’s darker than the darkest night, and in years past these attacks would leave me severely ill for a couple of months. My point is that I was well aware that I was going to be fighting for my life and well-being as soon as I awoke and saw this 4D canopy oil spill Blackness hanging over me in bed. What happened next however was an absolute first in my life and that is what’s really important about all of this.

Once awake and aware that I was in for another serious battle for my health, sanity, multidimensional energetic well-being and possibly my very life, I went into hyper-aware, hyper-sensitive Light Warrior mode while simultaneously taking mental notes of the entire situation. The thing with negative Beings is that, no matter what shape, disguise, or costume “It” puts on, you know what “It” is because “It” cannot change or alter “It’s” energy signature to save “It’s” life. “It” is what “It” is no matter how clever or creative. “It” always feels exactly the same no matter what because “It” has not changed one little bit. Nasty is nasty is nasty period.

So there I am yet again fighting my way through another attempt upon my Forerunner Lightworker life by the Dark Ones, but, there’s one HUGE change to this familiar attack; “It” cannot move down any lower to attack or touch me! My god this is a minor miracle and something that’s never happened before. Now I’m not saying this attack was easy because it wasn’t and it lasted for an hour and a half and was very intense and exhausting. However, “It” could not drop down any lower and literally, repeatedly, pound on my head like an actual assault as “It” has in years past. So, what’s changed and why?

We’ve gone deep enough into this battle at this point (2-22-11) that the Dark Ones cannot effect me (a Forerunner, Starseed, Lightworker, Gridworker, Embodier) in the same ways they have because the Light has returned and is taking back and filling up this world and so much more. The Dark Ones are on their way out in other words and I cannot tell you what this means to me after 59 years of having to deal with them and their endless attacks throughout this life. For me to repeatedly and vividly be shown just how much has really changed energetically, both within my Denise self and the Earth world and the Astral and beyond, is so incredibly rewarding… and the best is yet to come!


Moving right along.

May 12, 2011 I had a dream attack which really amazed me. It’s almost—dare I say—comical. So I’m dreaming early this morning and find myself in some unknown neighborhood in some unknown city somewhere walking down the street at night alone. Suddenly a pack of dogs comes running towards me from down the street. Normally this would have sent me scrambling for that astral ripcord in a hot second, but, my-oh-my how things have changed in a few short months since November 2010!

No I do not escape the dream attack but turn to look at the pack of barking dogs running wildly towards me with the intent of ripping me to pieces in the street. I noticed they were different sizes and breeds but that they all are beige in color. That told me that the Darkness ain’t so dark no more (May 2011) but is now more of a matte beige color. Go ahead and have a good giggle over this symbolism, gawd knows I certainly did.

So as the pack of beige dogs reach me I magically produce — are you ready for this — a large bed pillow to whoop-ass with. Yes, a bed pillow to beat off a pack of attacking beige dogs, alone, in the night. Ya gotta luv it. So there I am in the street pillow popping attacking dogs left n’ right with my Kung Fu Light-infused Bed Pillow of Destruction. I sent every dog that attacked me flying through the air and dissipated them into nothingness. But again, the most important point in all this for me was that I was totally and completely emotionless about this whole business. I had NO fear, NO anger, NO aggression, NO hate, NO nothin’ but poppin’ attacking beige Hell Hounds back to Source. I felt like one of those old rock-solid Kung Fu movie warrior goddesses calmly whoopin’ ass with the greatest of ease. I’ve never ever felt this before in my life and it was good, really good.

I said a couple of months ago that one of the things I wanted for myself now was to finally evolve beyond reacting to lower or negative frequency situations, attacks, and people etc. I no longer want to respond in that old lower emotional way and my dream of fighting off attacking beige dogs with ZERO emotions one way or the other was a huge symbol for me personally. When I look back over the past few months like this to get a better understanding and perspective, I see just how much has really improved on multiple levels for me personally, but also with how much has improved collectively in this dimension and others. I also know that this is just getting rolling now in early 2011, and that it will unfold exponentially week by week and month by month through to the end of the Mayan calendar on Oct. 28, 2011, and then the great transition through the 11-11-11 portal of November 11, 2011. Reality will be increasingly unrecognizable and in completely positive ways.

From a direct and intimate face-to-face rage-fest with what I believe were an ancient group of giant Nephilim beings, to unemotionally popping attacking astral hell hounds back to Source in seven short months is pretty impressive, especially after nearly six decades of living in a totally Dark controlled world. Hang in there everyone because the best really is right around the corner at this point.


May 12, 2011

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57 thoughts on “An Astral Thrashing by Ancient Giants

  1. Whoa. This post and the ensuing comments made me fall off my little pony. Onto a horse!

    As within, so without, I like to say. Thanks Denise, for fighting, and sharing, the good fight. And thank you Vervain, so black and blue in this moment, for stepping forward and sharing your heart light. Both of
    you helped me move exactly the few inches deeper and farther to where I needed to be today. And tomorrow. :0)

    Denise, you have some seriously brass balls. No news there. With this post I was able to put the events of my last week together as two and two to make a four. Simple, but not always easy.

    Vervain, I was certain, after reading your citation of circumstances, that you lived in the good ole US of A. I nodded in agreement and felt your despair. As a long-time political activist, I have had to go the distance to come up with a reason to carry on, with often seemingly no progress. One step forward, two steps back became my mantra.

    But the progress I have finally learned to monitor is the progress I make: Being the change I want to see. Oft times this too seemed as futile as changing the government and fascist policies that rule my country of origin. Or more accurately, shifting the perspective of the masses that hold the Powers That Be in place.

    Today, I read how Denise was able to face off against her long-term abusers, unafraid and listening; she saw them for the sad and frightened Bozos they are. And then she beat back some faded out but frothy dogs with a downy pillow.

    Yeah, me too, in a way.

    What I see happening within (and also without), is simply that we are taking back our own power. The power we, personally and as a collective, gave away over the eons. Willingly, and repeatedly. All we had to do all along was to be not afraid. Pretty simple. But we sure as hell know it is not easy — or pretty. But certainly possible. The evidence continues to mount.

    Yesterday I watched some of the Senate hearings and could not stomach the responses of the oil execs spewing their BS, whinings and threats. Nothing new there. What made me notice myself was when I hit the mute button and intently watched their faces. All the anger, rage and my need to push back disappeared. I studied their faces and realized they were utterly destroyed in their own sense of power. But I saw they had none. Not real power. They had only the “power” that I fed them, in my need to push back and fix it.

    I had gone through the same sort of thing (ad infinitum) with my ex earlier this week. I first and again reacted with my need to push back and attack the attacks and attempts to control. Then, rather quickly for me, I simply closed the door energetically, with no, none, nada attachment, just relief. By the next day the pending crisis literally disappeared. No small feat mind you. So much blood and guts spilled in this war.

    I am gaining strength and a more neutral and compassionate response with every encounter, in so many various events in and around my universe.

    We can take to the streets angry, vengeful, fearful and discordant, or we can march and parade on purpose, with intent, faith, determination and hope. One path makes war, the other makes progress.

    I am often unable to see clearly the emotions I hide behind my need to protect, produce or make change. These shields are the skins we are all shedding now; and it is hard and exhausting work. We are doing it nonetheless. And as within, so without. :0)

    So take heart Vervain, and honor yourself every time you feel any courage, hope or peace. Be still, and know ye are God. Do not feed the monsters by letting them think you cannot or will not go on. Light your ‘love’ match and send the darkness on its way.

  2. Hi Denise,

    Great message, you truly are a light WARRIOR! I have to say I have never felt any negative beings luckily but I have orbs all around my house whenever I take a picture so I think I’m in a special place, it felt so from the first time I found my little house.

    Vervain – you obviously have the light inside you so don’t give up or give in, we’re all in this together!!! We are all carrying this light so that ALL can be free, don’t feel alone and ask your angels or guides to keep you strong whenever you need help, as they are always with you whether you know it or not! Things had to get worse before they can get better, and it IS HAPPENING, believe it!! 🙂

  3. Vervain,

    I don’t have much experience coming from the Middle Eastern standard of living… but I have envisioned your world with no more warring from both the puppets and the Old Controllers… for some time now. I can even “see” in my mind’s eye… a much quieter world… with no bombs, no ammunitions… no-gun fires… no male-dominating oppression in site. I can even see us women taking off our veils (both visible and invisible ones)… as a symbolic expression of our true freedom… touching every stone and rock and bones that are still left after the final countdown of abject chaos… and whatever bloodshed that was once there… we take it back to Source… to be fully whole!

    This is one of the many visions I deeply hold in my High Heart. I don’t have much wise suggestion other than what was already been said and shared here: be in the centre of the chaos to find your peace… in spite of what’s going on around you.

    I also sense that… this build-up of more domination and darkness… feels more like coming from out-right desperation. Even witnessing it on the news… really feels and seems that way alright, so hang in there as we all keep you in our Hearts. I’m sure this family is right now doing so. Tears pouring through my eyes knowing and sensing your pain… but could’ve been more… as being there with you physically, experiencing it first-hand is far better.

    As for the Oil… anyway I see it… the ones in power are still milking out Oil anywhere and everywhere… even… EVEN in the melting Artic according to the Wikileaks:

    … my intuition states grave desperation from the Global Elite… because time for them and their black gold rush is running out.

    Be well and Be free,
    Lou Ann

    Vervain: thank you SO very much for sharing with us what’s really going on in the Mid-East. Yes we’re getting enough information via the Media… but I’m becoming more and more suspicious about its distorted reportings. Anything from someone on the inside to me is much more valuable. Thanks so much again.

  4. vervain,

    I see you’ve removed the “black” from your name. I think you will feel a better vibration from you’re having done that. 😉

    And thank you for your honesty about “…everything being for and about OIL…” It’s the same here in the USA. We too have our negative dictators here and always have; the lies and manipulations have/are a bit more creative in this country than in many others. But, all this is changing everywhere now and will continue to so please do not forget this fact despite the negativity the Old Controllers are trying to maintain. It will not last and they will be forced to leave. Be strong in your heart and hold the higher Light and knowing that much, much better is coming soon for all everywhere who truly and honestly desire it.


  5. thanks for your supporting and kind words.l can say l live in the most modern looking (!!!) Middle -eastern country for now , where a bigot government has been brought to power by the design of that Dark world government behind the curtain. like they played with the other Mid-eastern countries’ fate using poor,oppressed people to overthrow their dictators just to replace with new puppet governments to obey THEM .( not like those ultra-optimistic lightworkers believe “oh the world s awakening, mother Egypt is free la la la ” . sorry but everything is for OIL. if it was a real awakening of the world people where are the poorest African or oppressed Chinese etc ? and l m not even sure l ll be able to follow this blog in near future because of the new filter of the government .that s one of the reasons l feel it s getting darker.
    and something l want to know… l dont think all that s my choice. and some lightworker once l knew who s running after promiscous sex both on the net and real life , lying ,even prejudiced one yet living and performing his gifts in one of the most free thinking, wealthy,democratic countries and never alone…and me who always trying to avoid both bigotry and degeneration, too naive to tell even a simple lie,so lonely to hold onto his lies (even when l knew they re whole lies just to feel like l was not alone) and facing attacks in a dark place…….is there not a single drop of justice in this world ? anyway that s the point where l ve got completely broken.
    l know my words sound too harsh and angry ,l ve lost my ability to get calm recently but thanks to your supporting presence there l ll get myself back again l believe.

  6. Denise,

    Again, glad to know what I feel like is almost a teaching experience, a chance to try out new abilities, new bravery, new “guts to glory”, is something that I’m sharing with others. I, too have had lucid dreams back in the old house I grew up in this lifetime. One where I opened the doors, and several, 7 feet tall vicious animal like beings came and attacked me. I did not fear as they tried to tear me apart, but looked beyond and created something that would entice them more and they ran off to chase that which I created. I was done for my lesson and flew away. As I have started to reclaim myself, this last week and a half, in a more stronger and loving way, I am always comforted to hear about yours and others experiences to help me soothe my some what frazzled state. You’ve brought a great sense of peace, curiosity and understanding of some of the many things that I have experienced and dealt with, so for that , thank you, deeply and abundantly thank you.


    I do hope you know that you have incredible power and what you may consider simple ability to seek out truth, light and guidance takes a tremendous amount of courage and something to be commended upon. That is the hope, the power that you hold with in you. May I also suggest, look deeper in you and the situation around you. As dark as it may seem, look for the deeper meaning, the incandescent light that you are holding will help reveal all the truth you need at this time. Even in the darkest of times, there is light that will help you continue and find the path of a better time. It is there, don’t give up, don’t ever forget, you are stronger then you ever thought you are at this time. My prayers and thoughts to you, I hope you find all you need soon.

    Lots of love and light.


  7. Hello all, I was telling a friend last week about the last year and remembered saying, “it is nothing like what Denise has been through.” I think it was easier taking the ride as a child,
    perhaps becuase of all the darkness in my childhood, “they” decided
    if she could have endured that no sense in bothering her any more in that area.(who knows)
    There have been shocking interactions with “people” but I survived that.
    Where they got me was my heart, it was two fold I would start a job feel like I was doing everything possible to help this person then out of the clear blue “we don’t want you here anymore”.
    Actually the day I fell down the stairs. I haven’t worked for 5 weeks and was giving up. I worked 3 mos. last year. 2 months this year.
    I worked with a healer today who brought to my attention this is how I was treated as a child.
    So in some ways they are breaking my Spirit( how will I cont.on) but last night I just said I am ready to go, literally ready to go…for I have no reserves to survive.
    However, a number of things happened this morning that where grace.
    When people say surrender I say sure, with $8.00 in my checking account. Let’s just say I didn’t quite surrender but opted out.
    I know who I am on all levels but am very tired of fighting for survival when I am so good at my Spiritual work. For there is no place for it now.

    To the lady who is struggling in her hell in her country. I walked out of hell(had been there 20years) into a reality that no one could believe, but I believed it and it became REALITY.
    Bless you, and all of you who have taken on this journey. What a ride…

  8. I SO relate to this Denise. I too have waged battle with the Dark Ones for as long as I can remember. In ’05, the Giant Black Mass that you refer to was after me big time and often. Ugh! At one point in the most lucid of these attacks, I called for the Light repeatedly when a booming male voice came through me shouting I AM THE LIGHT!!! Poof! No more darkness – it dissintegrated!
    A few attacks later I stood my ground in the pitch black as I heard the sound of a shovel hitting the dirt and felt the intense hatred and desire to have me buried alive. Well, I had the awareness of an Angelic Being “behind” me and I stated clearly toward the sound of the shovel “We are Children of the Light and you cannot harm us!” Poof again!
    I’ve had some nasty astral events/attempts since then, but using this phrase – and understanding that it is indeed true that we cannot be harmed by them if we do not fear them changed the dynamics profoundly.
    Thanks you so much for sharing.

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