Dark Rites & Light Rights

Lisa Renee’s May 2011 article goes a long way in explaining why I recently needed to post goofy astro humor the other day! I’m exhausted beyond any level I’ve known before (and that’s saying something!) and have had a hard time writing and articulating all I’ve been living, perceiving and transmuting all while trying to not lose my consciousness balance and fall back down into the old polarized insane mosh-pit that the collapsing patriarchal world is.

There are many lines in Lisa’s article below that say so much about the phase we’re in now, plus the new level of Ascension work some of us are currently doing. As has always been the case, the Ascension Process must be lived right in and through our bodies and beings so the NEW has a place to land or manifest within in this dimension. Prototypers we are indeed, and it’s exhausting, dangerous, and usually painful work embodying the NEW first but that’s who we are and what we do for All. Don’t get sidetracked by the insanity and negativity and keep on keepin’ on just as we always have.  Thanks and gratitude Lisa Renee for another great article.

Denise Le Fay

May 8, 2011


Communion to Confirmation

Saturday, 07 May 2011 16:27

May 2011

by Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

“We are entering times of a Great Celebration as the Ascension cycle in the Restoration period continues from last November. This month the Guardians use common terms in religious and theological rites that are not from my current life experiences, as I have had no biblical or religious training. However, they describe that many of these terms used in ceremonies of organized religion (and other power controller rituals such as within the Illuminati factions) are actually referencing to and using parts of our own personal and planetary (collective) spiritual “lightbodies”. They also speak of how these “rituals” are used to build energetic positions ( called trigger events) to manifest certain world events to an desired outcome in the globalscape. We have entered a time such as this, where World Domination is being attempted as a response to the recent progress of “Open Architecture” that has changed the game on planet earth as we know it.

This year has many upcoming frequency events relating to the connection of the Universal “Unity Logos” architecture (the House that God Built) merging with our invaded planetary logos (planetary logos = collective human blueprint body and crown chakra of the human race). This rebirthing of the planetary logos includes recoding the 7th Violet Ray of Ceremonial Magic (which changes how ritual/spell/curse energy has been cast or used in “magical rites” on our planet), the rebirth of the Female Melchizedek Christ Mother principle to embody the “Crown Chakra Logos” (to change the distorted electron fields and heal the male mental body principle), and healing the Bloodline from the Wounds of Christ, an miasmatic infection held inside the bodies. The Wounds of Christ are karmic blood miasms in the planetary and personal bodies from the distortions embedded as the false Crucifixion inserts in our Logos/Group Body. These inserts misdirected and stole our planetary “pranic” energy and body parts belonging to our spirit. (i.e. auric energy bodies) These false crucifixion inserts are how our planetary collective mind was invaded to reflect itself with the salvation model of a crucified deity, which represented the enslavement of humanity to recycle their souls from karmically bound physical bodies and distorted blood. These crucified group bodies were used to feed the artificial creations or phantom spaces made by controllers to serve their agenda. It is relevant that these terms are surfacing now to be recoded into alignment with God purpose from their misuse within those groups that wielded religious wars and power over others in the past. (as well as what is transpiring now in the current times) This time of Restoration is the Reclamation of the Christ Intelligence, and returning its spirit bodies back to the planet and the “Rightful Owner”.

The “Witness” Overrides Distortion

These are “energy” and intelligence bodies that can and are being returned to us during this Restoration period, when we claim them with all of our heart to be aligned with our desire to have a direct connection to God Spirit. This is a cycle where miraculous healings are possible through being a “fully present” witness to the past histories – as they are memories recorded in the cells of your body. These memories can be painful, so as you observe them with loving neutrality you have the power to remove them from your body. This healing and related clearing happens at a non linear, non verbal, non mental body level. You have to be in your “now” moment awareness, completely relaxed, to access this consciousness power from within your Inner Spirit. From the observer level, without judgment of what you are “witnessing” your conscious power will neutralize, thereby clear the distortion from your body, therefore changing your future record by changing your consciousness vibration. This is how timelines are overridden, and many Starseeds and Indigos are learning and practicing this experience in their lives now. Staying in the “now”, commanding your space and not taking things personal is a skill needed while gaining mastery in holding the “witness”.

A Pure and Light Heart

In these tumultuous times, our priority and discipline must be to serve our Inner Christ Light over our lower ego nature, and that is our sovereign path and divine right to God’s confirmation of our Light. This term “Confirmation” is absolutely not to be used as judgment upon others.

To be in Communion with Christ and Confirmed by God is the measurement of the frequency alignment of a pure and light heart carried within a loving human being.

No human based organization can control or measure that relationship. Communion with God Spirit has nothing to do with I.Q. level, canon based religious law or paying money for your afterlife position or title of “salvation”. To be confirmed and protected by God Spirit, one must model and aspire to become more Christ-like, as this is the image of God physically manifested. The choice is always ours without any judgment, however the consequence is the energetic imbalance created by ignoring the “Natural Law”. Where you direct your consciousness power is your responsibility at the level of Law you are aware of it. As you become more aware, the responsibility is greater, as the results of the Law are amplified within each higher octave of energetic intelligence considerably. The Law in Action on planet Earth is now undergoing change which will manifest consequences to aberrant behavior that was not previously in view. What has been hidden is being revealed through the Change in Law. The protection supported by God’s Natural Laws are palpable, as you learn to free your mind from fear, you will experience this protection as inner peace regardless of any external source. Focus on your pure and light heart.

Measurement Factor of God’s Natural Law

This year is of serious consequence upon the human race to make the vibrational choice of personal evolutionary direction. This event will be the deciding factor of our future destiny in this life and beyond. This is difficult to express in language as I have been looking at the change this “measurement” refers to in the architecture of the planetary field and words are not adequate. However, the Guardians refer to this upcoming time of Mid May’s Ascension wave and its electrical peak as having a new quality of planetary measurement. We are either initiating our body to progress into the Unity Field of Inner Christ Light, or be ravaged in the escalating collective mental body fear and anxiety programs being pushed within the current world events. We must be fearless in our connection with God as in the Living example of Christ. (Dedicate to clearing fear from controlling you or your body every day and do not falter in your love for yourself and others. Choose Love, love and more love.) This is truly the year to live in this world and not be of it.

According to the Guardians, this year marks a delineation point between those who choose to be with the Living Light of God and those that do not. God Spirit leaves the door open but the threshold must be crossed into the Living Light Architecture. There is a direct relationship that is supported with the new Unity Architecture which allows an orbital and spherical connection with God Force, and a measurement and monitoring of our light field is transpiring at personal, collective, and planetary levels. This planet entered a cycle in March with the anchoring of a new architecture that is akin to explaining a direct measurement of our current station of identity and its life stream is being “monitored”. This has nothing to do with judgment of our Light, however the release of the crucifixion imposed upon our Inner Light. This “mark” upon our Soul is being removed. We are being “Restored” through this measurement of returning Gods Natural Laws to our planet.

Freed of Bondage

Every effort is being made to either rehabilitate or move those who resist change at the expense of intentionally harming or abusing others for service to themselves. This intent to harm is in a “consciousness power override” with the Legions of those who Defend the Law of God on Earth and those who disregard it. This is the last cycle of “free will” to be in abuse of the Natural Laws of God, and this Age of the dark control is ending for those reasons. It cannot sustain itself in the current environment without annihilating itself. As it annihilates itself it attempts to take as many souls as it can with it, to bind souls into pain and further fragmentation. This is why this year is critical to transcend these mass consciousness attempts being used to instigate pain, fear, torture or delusional fantasy in the human race. You cannot buy these externally fed lies that take you away from owning the power of your own Inner Truth.

As we become present to observe the past histories, (and the rituals used) in order to transcend those patterns from repeating again in the future, we can shift how these bodies (and their terms ) have been used and bound in magical rites. We become the “consciousness technology” to override the painful histories and clear them from the planetary cellular memory as they have been embedded repeatedly with harmful or manipulative intent. As we intend Freedom and Sovereignty for all human beings to live in relationship with the experience of knowing God Spirit – we deliver past patterns and the bondage of others to be freed in the power of God’s Natural Laws. The “Open Architecture” (unity source code) anchored on our planet in March, is designed to support this foundation to create this as an energetic and manifested reality on the Earth.

Faith Ends Knowing Begins

We have waited eons of time to witness this event and it is a joyous time for many who bear witness to this change in the energetic architecture of our planet already. We have an incredible opportunity now and this year to experience what it means to be free. It is the freedom of living as a Light Heart , confirmed in our direct relationship to God and Christ, knowing that we are beyond faith and reunited with our true knowing. True knowing requires a cellular recognition of your direct experience to feel, sense and be merged with the Living Light Intelligence. With True Knowing , faith is not required as your faith is limited to mental beliefs, your knowing radiates the luminescence of your eternal life throughout your body. Once the inner light is illuminated, it overrides all need for mental constructs, beliefs, and intermediaries telling you what is right and what is wrong in the way to connect to God Spirit.

Terminating the Poisoned Chalice

As God Spirit bodies are sequentially being “Returned to the Rightful Owner” it is also the termination of the use of intermediaries directing and using our spiritual lightbodies in a false exchange (the poisoned chalice) to “Become Closer to God”. (The term “poisoned chalice” is applied to a thing or situation which appears to be good when it is received or experienced by someone, but then becomes or is found to be bad. The idea was referred to by Benedict of Nursia in one of his exorcisms, found on the Saint Benedict Medal: Be gone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!).

Salvationistic models and Redemptive models are complete. Many of these “Intermediaries of God” have abused their knowledge and power over their vow to serve human beings as God’s humble servant. They have become drunk from the poisoned cup. When the ego nature takes control to manipulate outcomes that satisfy personal agendas over the will of God, black magic is being used. When we choose to serve agendas of personal power over others, greed or material wealth, we are easily corrupted by continually drinking from the poisoned chalice.

This consumption and use of others energies has been the way many humans (and non humans) have abused the energetic consciousness power of the masses into an enslavement program and disdain for the “genetic undesirable”. The wounds of discrimination are based on this model as it creates a continual enemy and war pattern dividing the human race. The genetic undesirable is considered the slave to a self proclaimed master, who imposes his karmic load repeatedly upon the slave. This is a trick the dark controllers have been playing on all levels of human beings for at least the last 5,000 years. Unfortunately this mind control thoughtform passed down through the generations, altering human DNA by continuing this ignorance of race discrimination and its infection into the global social structures. Holding the patterns of Christed intention in our Heart to Unify with God Spirit- and with all of humanity – heals this “wound of discrimination”. Through these inspirations we will also terminate the many ways the “poisoned chalice” has infected our lives. For we are about to drink from another cup…

The Eucharistic Body

In many Christian based religious traditions there are a variety of beliefs concerning this term and its use as a magical “rite” to become in Communion with Christ in order to become Confirmed by God.

From Wikipedia : The Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, the Sacrament of the Altar, the Lord’s Supper, and other names, is a sacrament or ordinance that Christians celebrate in accordance with the instruction that, according to the New Testament, Jesus gave at his Last Supper to do in his memory what he did when he gave his disciples bread, saying, “This is my body”, and wine, saying, “This is my blood”.

This is a rite that describes the relationship of a human being to the Body of the Christ and its connection being made alive in the Blood of the Christ. According to the Guardians this “Eucharist” (or Eukakrist) is an actual “body” of the Christ Intelligence – it is a group body as well as a personal light body. It has been supported in the new architecture to become manifested as an actual living body on the planet. This “Christ Body” is now able to manifest through the “House that God Built” also referred to as the Sacred House of Mirrors [1] .

This body is represented at two levels of physical function and stages of development, the “body structure” itself and the “bloodline”. The life blood must have a structure of which to carry and circulate, and that is represented by the Chalice. (The Holy Grail of Christ Blood) The Golden Chalice is the Golden Heart that circulates Gods Holy Blood to Creation, The Christ Bloodline. The Chalice “Eucharist body” as given to the planetary heart (as well as multiple areas becoming Diamond Heart Centers for the planet) is beating for the first time at the 4D Stargate in Giza. This is rapidly changing the emotional body of the earth and human beings, as deep memories surface to be healed, as well as open the heart functions to override the 4D astral heart distortions. (If you would like to see pictures of the Chalice over Egypt, please send love and gratitude to Carmen Boulter at pyramidcode.com for capturing these most magnificent images. Sign up for her newsletter and you will have access to her personal photos)

The Christ body of the Eucharist ritual is represented by the taking of the bread, which is the representation of the new Unity Architecture as a “skeletal” structure that Houses the Christ Body on Earth. As the “Blood” can now give life to the “Body” – many of us are now experiencing changes within our own blood and bone. (We are the microcosm to the macrocosm, as Starseeds we are designed to embody the prototype first) Our skeletal bone structure and the marrow are responsible for the production of new red blood cells, and our core skeletal structure (bone matrix) is changing now to house the new “body”. The change to “blood and bone” has given many of us a new meaning to the term of “exhausted to the bone”! For months now we have been sleeping and laying down past the point of any comprehension. As deep as the blood and bone matrix go into our body, it makes complete sense now. Indigos and Star beings evolving this “Eucharist” body prototype will experience both of the extremes, based on the self responsibility to etherically clear the blocked energy from the body and Auric field. (Please meditate and work your tools to clear your body daily if you have been impacted by this and are ill. Send an email to mentors@energeticsynthesis.com and we will send you free tools or join our community for monthly themed Guardian clearings. Do not have fear, just do your clearing and know you have the power to heal your body.)

Since last November, blood diseases and related issues from the cleansing of the “Wounds of the Christ” (resurfacing) as well as removing crucifixion blockages, manifest related physical symptoms. Heart, Blood, Circulatory and their cleansing organs such as Liver and Kidney will need extra care. This “Christ” bloodline clearing has been active in my awareness since 2008. Many of the Indigo children are clearing these implants and memories now and have greater ease than an Adult Indigo. If you so feel guided I have included more on the topic of the “Wounds” of the Christ” from 2008 which are undergoing another level of massive clearing on the planet now. This is freedom for our race as we are being released from this bondage as we so choose to be! Commit to your meditation and spiritual practices daily!

Here is the 2008 audio update :


Please note that most renaissance paintings depict the side wound of Christ as being pierced and bleeding on Christ’s right side. Interesting to me that the Guardians are saying this is a reversal (or mirror image) of the crucifixion holographic insert, (an insert is a memory being programmed upon our consciousness)and that the Spear wound is the symbolism of tainting the blood of Christ with “ karma” and was representing the implant placed on the 7th meridian ( Violet Flame) that impacted the Spleen from being able to operate at its “ spiritual purpose”. Please only take in what information feels aligned to you personally, I am sharing this with you for your information and discernment only.

Bloodline detoxification may create symptoms such as:

blood illnesses (anemia to leukemia)
liver and spleen flutter and related issues
digestive problems
skin rashes ( generally from liver overload)
changes in Eyesight, cloudy vision
diarrhea or changes in bowel elimination
fatigue and great need for sleep
Ancestral clearings, relatives showing up suddenly, etc.

You may want to use the Core Soul Protection Prayer Audio or Negative Form Clearing and dedicate its clearing to your Ancestors and clearing your bloodline. More on the Spear of Destiny: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spear_of_Destiny

The Ritual Beltaine Marks the “Beast” Timeline

In direct opposition to the successful anchoring of the Eucharist body to the planet, the controllers are revving up for their “beast” agenda to regain their self proclaimed dominion on Earth. Certain parts of the planet where the “beast machine” exists as a stronghold have been unstable to horrific for those “warrior” gridworkers committed to clearing the planet and human beings infected in those areas by this technology. Since April 29th we have began another series of “trigger events” globally orchestrated by the controllers and their human puppets to engage with the timeline of the “beast machine”. On May 1st the sacrifice of the “Anti Christ” posterboy was made public (in the form of Osama Bin Laden, apparently already dead) and was used as the ritual sacrifice to energetically feed the consciousness (responsible for the death of thousands and bound to that “beast” 911 agenda) to be directed for the power required to continue the “beast” timeline. Upon the tremendous power wave of a ritualized fairytale wedding in the United Kingdom (11th Stargate) – millions attended the beatification of Pope John Paul at the Vatican in Rome (5th Stargate) and simultaneously the announcement of the death of the most hated and wanted man on the planet – marked the beginning of trigger events on the ritual of Beltaine used to power up the “beast machine agenda”.

On May 1st this manifested on the planet as “death marks” or “beast marks” which are like “curses, spells, hexes, and false artifacts” that were sprayed on millions of human beings. This was a desperate attempt to claim power over many liberating souls that were out of the “frequency reach” of the dark controllers. These “beast marks” are implants that work like curses, they are designed to create incredibly negativity in you and your life. Please do not fear this, if you have been impacted by this event, connect with your spirit and ask this mark/curse/spell to be terminated. You can use the “Return to Rightful Owner” command In Gods authority and Christ Name (from the November 2010 newsletter), if you feel you need more guidance on how to ask for clearing. These are “marks” for attempts to overwhelm people with negativity so they can be possessed by these forces. Do not falter in your Love of God and Connection to your Inner Spirit, that is your antidote to this attack against humanity. Do not engage with negativity, let it dissolve into your neutral witness.

I thank with all of my heart the many Warrior Lightworker’s all over the planet who helped to clear the “death mark of the beast” from the field and intervening for Guardian support. If you were “down for the count” around the weekend and the first few days of May – you may have been contributing your support to our God Forces to remove the implants from the field and your spiritual family bodies. The sensation was like being isolated in a strange energetic fog, designed for protection from these forces infiltrating your aura.

We are in the best of times and worst of times, choose your heart with all of your Light.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.”

Love Always, Lisa

1. The Sacred House of Mirrors is referring to the Spiritual House that God built by the schematic received through the Divine Cosmic Cube of 144,000. The Ascended Arc Lights of Christos, the Luminaries have created the Architecture that allow this to descend into the physical manifest worlds. In effect – we have animated the “House that God Built” in the March Equinox energies) The Mother and Father Arc were a part of birthing the Unity geometries that became living breathing creatures (the offspring – the Christ Child Trinity) alive and well – dwelling within the Sacred House of Mirror.

© 2011, Lisa Renee

21 thoughts on “Dark Rites & Light Rights

  1. Michelle. OMG, what you describe here, re your back/hip area, well for about 12yrs now, (it 1st begun in 87 at my awakening) this terrible pain has been there, in 87 it crippled me for 3mths, then bit by bit it come back for longer and longer, and now i am not able to walk without a stick or crutches.
    WTF can i do?, whatever i have tried has not worked, i also have what is termed as ME., but i am not at all sure about that and never have been.
    Drained isnt the word, now as you will see my partners got this thing, the main life force artery of the body he has an anuerysm, well he has never been ill ever, now in the last weeks he has massivly high BP, diabetis, and this anuerysm, and i dont feel its real somehow, also he has seemed to change in himself.
    I have animals, they sleep with me, cats sleep with my daughter, she is having probelems with rage and stuff, seems to have gone from a warm and loving girl to a cold and robotic one, and my other daughter had an eating disorder and some kind of personality thing too, she did odd stuff as if to want to drive me crazy, and i took it for as long as i could 3yrs, now she is not here living with me no more.
    Denise, what can i do, any suggestions how i use this light as this light things not felt that great to me, maybe i sense there is some kind of calling for the light that is not what it appears to be, same as Lisa said about AA Michael, again, debatable as this also can be so we dont call on help.
    The hip and back thing i have never seen anyone mention until you did, and as i have a hip thing i was born with i did not associate with this quite as i am now, but i have still wondered.
    I intend each day and night that all here inc obviously all pets be protected, yet this pain in me is hellish and the last weeks where i cant rest now due to him being ill i am even more zapped.
    Thanks for the sharing here, and its kinda odd the same things we come across and question, some of lisa’s i have wondered about to, as the degree of words i do not understand makes me wonder why she would need to do that with us all in this state where the brains not workin so great.
    A while ago i had the same kind of dream thing as you have only it was 2 young kids, i saw no heads but they wore poncho’s, they cornered me by some stairs, no words spoken but i felt the heavy dark energy and i fough them off and i woke up as they tried to force something in to the top of my head, some plug thing?, implant that blocked me to the source.
    i dont have much time on the net now, so if you have a quick tip or 2 Denise that i can use here even while i am under so much onslaught i fall into bed exhausted i would be so grateful, or anyone else.
    I will go look for Lisa’s command right now anyway and thanks to you all here. xx

  2. J,

    Take care of YOU first. And yes the “celeb club” folks are probably not interested or ready yet in this life and timeline to let go of their material lives and goodies etc. The Ascension Energies arrive for All, but not ALL ever take advantage of them to evolve out of density. There’s no shame or blame either way; it’s a situation of do it now or do it much, much later is all.

    I hear your pain and frustration over all of this and all I can tell you is to take care of YOU and let the rest go IF you really want to use these Ascension Energies now. Very few people could honestly grasp how brutal, fast, dangerous, and intense entering the final Ninth Wave was really going to be…plus how vicious the Dark Ones would become when they really realized that their Free Ride and Free Human Food supply is ending now. We’re talking months now however instead of decades so everyone hang in there and live in YOUR High Heart and let the shit fall where it will. That part of this Process is not your or my responsibility or concern. We’re all learning now how to really Keep The Frequency and not waver or fall energetically…and when we do, we’re also learning how to get our butts back up again and again. I’ve done it thousands of times myself and I know I’ll do it many more times until I Master that too.


  3. Michelle,

    Oh sweetie! Always, always, always wrap yourself, your house, your bedroom etc. up in LIGHT before you go to bed…especially now in 2011 with the Dark Ones (and that’s who was attacking you in your dream) being cut off from their old human energy food/fuel supplies now. I read that “Command” by Lisa (the one from Nov. 2010) every night…with gusto and attitude because every evening I see a couple of the Dark Ones energy vampire/siphon devices flying around in my bedroom. This shit’s been going on for years but it’s really serious now because the Dark is on the way out of this world and they’re frantic and profoundly angry and are constantly searching for food/fuel from us humans. We’ve got to be MORE vigilant about this now than ever before only because of these mammoth changes. No fear, just protect yourself and your pets and KNOW who you really are. 🙂


  4. Lou Ann,

    The majority of us Work more while we’re asleep and out-of-body and linear time because we can more quickly and easily make changes, have Inner Plane meetings with other Lightworkers and Starseeds and Starbeings etc. We’ve always done far more “Work” this way because so much more can be accomplished so quickly when not in dense physical 3D…plus we’re Multidimensional Beings and this is just how we roll! 😉


  5. Dear Denise,

    For the first time since I have been reading your blog, I have reached a “bump”. I usually have problems with Lisa Renee’s writing because it is so dense and needs “unpacking” for me to have any clarity. I often rely upon you to do that unpacking and this particular post of hers no exception.

    My initial problems with it are that is is so dense with loaded words that I have had a hard time just slogging through it. Many of those loaded words are Christian and or Catholic in origin but there are also loaded Pagan words as well. As a Baptist-turned-Pagan, alarm bells always go off when people try to use the language of one belief system to discuss another belief system. Further the text is so dense as to be difficult to discern even what she is trying to communicate. Finally, although she says not to fear numerous times, the gist of the text seems to be fear-full (or fear-filled). As if to say “Be careful, Lightworkers, Starseeds, et al, because you could make a mis-step here and get left behind (another loaded term!) with all those misled (by the Dark) souls.” My feeling is that she is making it much more difficult than it (already) is. I find the whole post very disturbing in a rather dark way as though Lisa Renee may have been hijacked…

    And yes I have considered that I have been hijacked … thus I continue to meditate on this… mis-reading is a meme that has been entrenched within reading since the beginning of language! I know that sometimes with some of the other voices “out there” you have some reservations as to their messages and I wonder if that is the case here. I really would like to know how you are processing some — hell, all of this — because it is so… I don’t even have a word beyond “disturbing” which is way too mild for what I am feeling!!!

    I truly respect your opinion and your “connection” to the higher dimensions and I am asking for guidance!


  6. This is rough, i do my best but i feel myself falling into anger, challenged by someone who is ill, who isnt himself no more. Faced with my own physical pain, then the mess to clear up thats built up over the yrs here while this ascension stuff took over my life and body to the point i dont even remember my life as my life no more.
    Seeing how there is no one to turn to, realising there is not going to be as i am to be self sufficient now, draw my all form source and wait to be able to take knowing action, only my ego is in panic, the mess is something else and i cant hardly move due to pain and then famil;y rows and so much stuff to be done and no one to help, no one is who i thought not even myself! Strange realistation as to why i felt drained and dragged under, others karma like Lisa said put on some of us by others seen and unseen who didnt want to do their own shit…
    Its so hard to just witness and not get mad as impossible stuff where theres no way through or round but its got to be done or…
    Doing my best each night to call back the negative judging shit i put out when bogged under with a huge task i dont know how i will do it, i know we are to keep choosing love, but i fall and i fall again, over and over, and the wait thing, waiting for some idea what to do, well i did for 16 yrs and now i am faced with the mess of the whole 16yrs and alone to do it, so i am a bit questioning this , “we dont have to act/do anything but wait?

    Fear hits as i see what i been doing for yrs but did not see at the time, didnt see what people in my life where up to, how it all was balanced on me as the foundation of holding it up., cause now if i dont do it i see its gonna hit me anyway despite this dettached compassion, well you cant dettach when you know the balls going to end up in your court whatever way ya go! UGH.
    I dont know if this is to bring up the core shit from us we have not yet dug deep enough to find, for all is still there in whatever place you’ve been in, only its another level and God help you if ya fall outa NOW!
    Seeing big flaws in so much of the belief stuff of the new age crap, its beliefs we only must trust, meditate more etc, but in this physical world we have to act, so when to act, when to stay still is the question, discernment is big in all of this, but the spin out now means few of us are present enough to see what is happening as its all some kind of immediate/emergency shit your dragged into before you realise you have done what you really should not of.

    I spent 2 weeks, fighting to get treatment for someone ill, then i see i took on this shit to the point i used up all i had, went to bed exhausted in pain and no
    food as i am too done in by then, so this time its been to much, all the yrs of this with no break, now the final straw was to much to make it without letting rip, blame, bittereness of the whole lot, and i dont think i am alone with this for one moment.

    DAMIEN.. I did some breathing the other day, but it felt like i was full of holes like a collinder and the breathe leaked out from my body?, so yeah, same kind of thing i think as your saying here, this could be cause now we are part of all the trees, flowers, all other life forms so our energy is in all things and all things in us, this can be a a bugger if we dont stop to feel the energy that is in our space, and in this furious stuff now we are side tracked, whacked out, challenged beyond all things and we fall out of common sense and ways we know we would help us dont enter our mind, and this is when i know compassion, mercy and love etc is for ourselves too, the most dangerous of its when we judge ourself, then feel we failed, thinking we should be walking on water and so all i keep doing is reveiwing my day, forgiving self, others, even those who i know have not acted in a fair way, or worse.

    Denise, i got a message a while ago from a suddenly felled tree (ancient Oak) i loved outside my window, people i live next door to cut her down, i was upset, i tried to get them not do it, but as always a law unto themsleves they did it anyway, well as i cried as i watched her fall i got, this is the end of history, of karma, ancestral and other, dotn try to save whats falling, you will be freed from physical limitation. That was almost 5-6 months ago now, but time is not more an nothins linear but this is feeling like if we can make it through this awaful feeling challenging time and not break we will know liberation, but it is scary, heartbreaking, as some leave, we get left alone when we most need another to lend a hand, others have no money, food, shelter and yet others take more trips abroad here and there and having a whale of a time, so is this about only the some of us still who have to do this gruelling stuff without let up, are those in the celeb club just not there yet, are they maybe not needing the punishing cleansings?, i dont know, i see how little i know of any of this, for it expands as each moment does, non of us know the real truth of why it is as it seems, and i aint gonna ask now, i just do my best, and i do love, but i am also a human, and i dont think we are to be some saint who never gets mad, never feels pissed off, betrayed, fucked up, for its a perfection and its not anymore than nebulous idea that could be the exact opposite of our human idea about it.

    Take care Guys, much love to ya’ll, and i hope those in this now will find the energy to share your own expereince of this as its been something else, and thanks D, for your posts. XXX J

  7. I am having trouble putting words together as well. This validates many experiences I’ve been having the past week or so. Headaches galore. Big time digestion issues. The other morning I had a dream that two beings (in the guise of two girls that were bullies in middle school, very powerful archetypes for me)came after me. In my dream I had an iv in my arm and they kept trying to get me to take it out. So that the blood would leave me. They grabbed me and one of them said “i’m going to rip you apart from the inside” and took her hand which somehow went into my left side in my hip/back area. It created an excrutiating pain that made me scream & made them laugh. Luckily my doggie picked up on something and woke me up. As soon I woke up I knew exactly what was going on. I went right to Lisa’s website and printed out the command once again and read it out loud with all my heart and went for a walk. The change was palpable. Its been a while since I’ve had an attack like that. This time, I wasn’t so afraid when I woke up.

    And oh boy, talk about those wandering clusters of negativity out there! that’s the only way I can describe them. My fiance and I were driving right outside of the D.C. area and one moment I’d be perfectly fine, then I would feel this overwhelming negative vibe. It felt like it wanted to just suck me down into it. It took everything I had I stay out of that nasty state of mind. I had to really focus on my heart center, try to connect with the purest,most beautiful love that exists in my life. It was rough. A few times I was saying, man, I wish we could have just stayed home.

    There are too many points that resonate really deeply with me to comment on. Thanks for the words of encouragement Denise!!

  8. The change to “blood and bone” has given many of us a new meaning to the term of “exhausted to the bone”! For months now we have been sleeping and laying down past the point of any comprehension. As deep as the blood and bone matrix go into our body, it makes complete sense now. Indigos and Star beings evolving this “Eucharist” body prototype will experience both of the extremes, based on the self responsibility to etherically clear the blocked energy from the body and Auric field.

    AHA! Now I get it! I knew it on non-verbal/mental levels but… this is coinky dink ding-dong moment for me here. And all this time I felt like… I’m just sleeping doing nothing… and yet my Higher Self keeps reminding me with encouragement that I AM “doing” something by just simply Being.

    My ego-Human small self gets side-tracked by this because I used to be so full of Life and energy and vibrancy and now…. that old me is so long gone it’s sad for me… only to be at peace again. I’ve been in tears, not knowing when all my hard work from recent past will ever pay off. But now… that “hard-work” energy’s currency is flowing in other rivers… flowing in places… in the long term… I’d rather have manifest: true FREEDOM!

    I’m noticing more and more that my sleeping-dreams are all appear to be “missionary” kinds… like I’m either on a quest… or/and I’m the omnipresent observer watching “others” go on a strange and out-of-this-worldly quests. Certain things Lisa mentions hints back to my sleep-dreams… the ones that make no sense to me and now I get it… I GET it now.

    Thanks Lisa…. and thanks Denise for posting this. I’m ever so grateful that I’m now being FREED from my religious bondage… I used to be ever so faithful on. And now… I’m FREE!!! 🙂

    I also keep remembering that movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with the Elites having their rituals… while reading this. Interesting times we’re in alright… interesting indeed… so many puppets being played on the public screen… ^_^’

    Hugs to all and to all a good night/day’s sleep
    Lou Ann

  9. Very interesting article. I’ve been feeling especially sensitive and delicate for the past couple of weeks, haven’t felt like this since the big shifting I went through at the End of December, beginning of January. At the same time the Multi-Dimensional dreaming and Soul-travel has increased.

    Also have been experiencing a phenomena where some times i’ll inhale but then not exhale, like the air is gone. Anyone else? Sun is currently in my 12th house so there in indeed a deep spiritual/subconscious cleanse happening. Staying in Now and Neutrality are indeed the antidotes.

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