First the REWIRING, Then the NEW Energies Start Flowing

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I’ve talked about the Body Rewiring Process in the past and how it painlessly feels like moving, vibrating, shaking energy deep inside the physical body. I’ve felt my physical body Rewiring happening since 2000. I didn’t know what it was then so I’d lay in bed in the middle of the night feeling, observing, counting and paying very close attention to the on-again-off-again buzzing, electrical-like current zzzzzzzing deep inside my body. I’ve spent years observing and watched it moving slowly up throughout my body heading towards my head/brain. It made sense that once this Rewiring Process reached my head and brain, that things would start changing externally very quickly and they have.

Some of the symptoms of the Head and Brain Rewiring were horrid intense headaches; painful pressures in my skull; one side or the other of my skull feeling bruised and sore like it’s literally been pounded on; pressure and pain in the bridge of my nose and sinuses and eyes; the top of my head/skull so tender, bruised and hot that it hurts; hair loss and my hair just changing; vision changes; sense of smell changes; sense of spinning, tipping over, or falling through the floor etc. A plethora of new weird head and skull pains and pressures happened when the Rewiring process reached my head and brain a couple years ago, not to mention the consciousness changes that having one’s two Duality brain hemispheres Rewired so it can embody and operate at higher frequency levels in a higher dimension and entirely NEW energy template that’s integrated, unified.


In late 2010, and much more so in 2011, I’ve been feeling what had been Rewired within me coming online as greatly increased amounts of Divine Source Energy began to flow through my newly Rewired body and brain. The Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers are coming online first, meaning we’re starting to run larger amounts of much higher frequency Source energy, Light energies safely in and through our bodies, HighHearts and brains because of the Rewiring which has created our NEW individual human “Grid Systems”. This is the same Process Gaia is currently experiencing; slowly coming online because she too has been Rewired and now has a much more complex, higher frequency Grid System in place that can safely embody the greatly increased energies that the NEW Earth and matching NEW Humans must have.

The greatly increased energies flowing into and through my physical and energy bodies feels very different from three, five, nine years ago during the Body and Brain Rewiring phase. That was an Inner Body Vibration or buzzing that slowly moved around throughout my body. Like the Rewiring Process, this huge increase of incoming Energies doesn’t cause me any physical pain, it’s just rather intense feeling and hearing the great roar of it internally. I’ve never experienced a physical tornado or hurricane and don’t intend to, but the way this increase of energies feels and sounds flowing down and into my physical head and body must be like what a tornado or hurricane sounds and feels like. It is amazing in its force and volume, but like everything else, I know I’ll adapt and faster than I thought possible. Soon this roaring torrent of increased energies won’t even be audible to me any longer, nor will it rattle and shake my body with its great internal force and volume. It will soon become the NEW normal to me and to you. Until then however, it’s rather dramatic!

The way I’m currently feeling, hearing, and seeing these increased energies coming online and pouring down through my Crown chakra into other areas in my body is when I’m napping during the daytime, and also at different times throughout the night while asleep. For most of my life I could never nap and if I did I’d wake up with a nauseous headache so I never napped. But with the Alchemical Ascension Process literally kicking our everything’s from one end of the cosmic block to the other, I discovered the necessity of naps because I suddenly pass-out in the late afternoons from sheer exhaustion. Now naps are a favorite time and I get either fully out-of-body or half-in and half-out and intentionally maintain my awareness there at the dimensional edge to feel and hear the increased amounts of energies rushing into and around inside my body causing it to rattle, shake, vibrate and howl like the force of an internal hurricane.

Once I’m asleep either during a daytime nap or in the middle of the night I become lucid which just means I become conscious while not in my physical body and can usually retain the memory of whatever and whomever I experience while in this state. I know my Higher Self wants me, Denise, to be consciously aware of this aspect of my coming online and feeling and hearing the greatly increased amounts of energies flowing through me now so I pay close attention and report back here about what I’ve experienced and perceived.

From my current point of view these increased Source Light evolutionary ascension energies pouring in through the top of my head sound and feel almost violent and scary and far too intense and loud. But I suspect it’s just my current perspective of these greatly increased energies entering my body and being after a lifetime of running on nothing but Starseed Lightworker determination, Capricorn grit and stamina, and only two and a half miserable little 3D cylinders! Suddenly having the Source Energy floodgates opened a few more feet makes the force of the increased energies running through my body truly amazing and a bit unnerving. I just sit in between dimensions while napping or asleep and marvel at the great roaring, rattling, buzzing, clanging and banging vibrational flood of increased energies pouring into my newly Rewired Body and Brain. I also excitedly wonder about what NEW awareness and abilities I’ll naturally have due to this great increase of Source Energies flowing within me. Conscious Creating and Co-Creating fuel and more no doubt.

This increased energy flow always enters my body through the top of my head/Crown chakra area and typically floods powerfully down to my High Heart (the Thymus, not the lower physical heart and old Heart chakra) until it feels like it will explode. Often this raging flood of energy is then directed down further to my gut or Solar Plexus area where it rages, bangs, pounds, shakes, swirls and floods that entire area also. During all this my whole body feels like it’s being assaulted by massive amounts of energy which cause it to buzz, shake, vibrate, flutter, radiate and glow as my Rewired multidimensional energy tank is filled with endlessly flowing Source Energy. Again, from my current perspective this particular phase of The Process often sounds and feels like it could be too much, but the Rewiring did exactly what  it was designed to do; my new internal Grid System is embodying and running larger amounts of Source Energy and this is what some of you have recently perceived in your dreams or higher awareness as me becoming a transcended something else. I am, and so are and so will increasing numbers of us. This is why the body and brain Rewiring happened in the first place; so we could safely embody and run much more Source Energy in and through us constantly.

Denise Le Fay

April 26, 2011

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29 thoughts on “First the REWIRING, Then the NEW Energies Start Flowing

  1. I have not experienced these body tremers yet. Is this something that we should all have to through if we completely have a change of heart from living in the fiction world?

  2. Hi Denise,

    Thank you again for the post…..I’ve been noticed lately that lights are turning on and off a lot more than usual around me lately…not just street lights…it’s been happening almost everyday for the past two weeks i think….i read somewhere online that it meant that there is some kind of imbalance, but anyway I felt like ur post was related to my experience…what should i do?

    thanks again,


  3. Denise,

    I do have to say thank you for this site, its given me much insight in to myself, the things I have experienced and what I am currently going through now. The waves of emotions, the continued opening of my heart, the sight to see bigger and the dreams of growth, abilities and dissolving of fears. The Hathor’s message finally made sense of when I have traveled out of body to an area that is dark, where I had no breath, no sensation except fear and now that is gone too. The waking up with massive vibrations tingling through my body.

    I just don’t feel like I am going too insane anymore, so thank you again.


  4. Hi Denise and All,

    Doing my regular check-in of your blog, Denise and I am glad to see this topic here. I, too, have been experiencing many physical manifestations of the changes within my brain/head. I’ve been having horribly intense headaches that seem like they last for days! Yet, the moment I start doing something nice for myself – massage, deep breathing, meditation – the symptoms disappear for the period I am taking care of myself, only to later return, once I am back to doing “regular” things. I also am getting lots of audible ringing frequencies in my ears too. Different levels/sounds of ringing which I figure are just messages that my brain knows how to decipher but not necessarily my consciousness (just yet!).

    My sleep has been harsh. Lots of waking up multiple times throughout the night; if I come to a place astrally that I don’t like, I wake myself and jump out of bed very quickly. This has actually lead to a couple episodes of syncope and lightheadedness due to the blood pressure change. In addition, I’ve woken up to heart palpitations a couple of times as well. I must be doing some very serious work in the astral world, I guess.

    The buzzing, vibrating has definitely been in my feet, pelvis, and heart as well as the head. I can tell my crown chakra is activated because it feels like I’ve got wisps or feathers falling on my head and it sometimes feels internally VERY itchy or like I want to keep smoothing my hand over my head. Been using the Earth a lot lately to ground these energies as I find connecting with the Mother through sunshine and air helps immensely.

    Anyhow, I can relate with everyone on this post and I admit, things are nearly as “weird” as I had expected them to be but then again, I haven’t known what to expect at all. Very much have come to peace with a free floating feeling about it all. I feel a lot of sychronicity, love, and ethereal energies lately which just makes me smile.

    Love and Peace to all,

  5. Michelle,

    I’ve had some of my old Ascension symptoms/reactions return when we entered the Ninth Wave on March 9, 2011. I figured some of my old Eighth Wave Ascension symptoms/reactions might due to our entering the final fastest and highest phase of all this. One of my old symptoms/reactions is not sleeping or sleeping for maybe two or three hours per night and that’s broken and not solid sleeping for two or three hours! 😯

    And yes, those few brief moments I do get to sleep now I’m dreaming much of the time. No rest for the weary! We often wake up more exhausted and beat-up feeling than when we went to bed/sleep the night before because we’re doing so much and/or having so much done to our bodies while we’re OOB/asleep.


  6. It wasn’t until I read your book Denise that I understood the buzzing. A few years ago it begin in my pelvis. It was so weird, if it was a sound it would be more like a humming. And it went on for a while. I remember I was going to a Chinese doctor at the time for acupuncture and told her about it, I had no idea what the heck was going on. And neither did she. It was the strangest thing. I haven’t had much of it since then though.

    I am having a terrible time of trying to sleep lately as well. Anyone else having this issue? I am sleeping, I think, but my dream time is so active it feels like I’m not. My body feels like it got hit by a truck after doing the simplest thing. Fun stuff.

  7. A friend forwarded this to me and I am sooo glad. I too have been experiencing strange and wonderful things since about 2000/2001. The experiences you mentioned here are very familiar and I feel relieved to know I have company. I have begun a blog on wordpress and I would be honored if you would check it out, it’s fairly new and I am still figuring it out …

  8. @ Nadeanna,

    You TOO!!! 😮

    I thought it was just me!?! I noticed a few of us in my circle have felt and witnessed these shakings and little hints of slight tremors, ever since 2007. It was because we finally had our very own earthquake in our region (south of the Caribbean), that I’ve become aware of them… and just last night I felt it again… during so many nights of sleeping and napping.

    One night I abruptly went off my ruckus to get up from a dream I didn’t want to return to… and felt that subtle hint of tremor… and more tremors… and more tremors… subtle yet noticeable… that lasted for hours on end to me (or maybe a few minutes, but it felt like forever). Always in the night.

    As for that dream… I know only by “thought-feeling” that it was a “battlefield” of a strange kind… all because it wasn’t a typical 3D one. By mental memory, I strangely and honestly cannot remember what it was about. But on that very same spot, in that very same hour… I just didn’t want to return to the Dream World… even though my body was immensely and deeply exhausted. But yes… the little subtle quakes from late after midnight through the wee hours of the morning… I’m noticing has never stopped since 2007. Wonder what that really entails: does this mean we in the Caribbean must eventually move out permanently??? Idk… but I hope it means I get to go North. 😉

    Hugs to all. I WISH I had that upgrade of the zzing humming sound. But no: deep… DEEP exhaustion (especially for my eyes) … no matter what time of day or night as usual.

    Lou Ann
    Saint Lucia, Caribbean

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