The Different Layers of Lightwork & the Ascension Process

In recent Comments J, Lenny, and Cat were talking about how much Ascension-related physical and psychological pain they’ve experienced and were wondering where the OFF switch is with all this, plus why some experience so much more pain than other people. Here’s J’s Comment.

“Reading the comments i see others question why we are in lockdown and for how long this has been so for SOME? I just read a page on a forum of people feeling they cant go on any longer alone, housebound, where life stopped and there is no way to see how to get beyond the enforced isolation/limitation lockdown.

“Watching the celeb lightworkers traveling the world, not being forced to let go their self-importance and workshop shit, their life still as it’s always been and they take the next steps for this years worldly travels.

“WTF is going on, does anyone actually know why only some are living years of this living death? Are we all doin the polarity dance, or only some?
Its like this is forced onto us, and why for so long, and i mean a decade or even more for some. Denise, if you have any ideas as to why this is i know many of us would be grateful to find a chink of light, cause this is crazy making and i know all is built from within but despair is setting in now, no one cares if they stay or go it seems now and we need some help down here and not from some channel who never lived what they spout about, (yes, Denise, so true) so HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP anyone!”

I think many can relate to what J is saying and feeling, plus I had a giggle over J’s “celeb lightworkers” term. Sulaireland also asked about these very public “Lightworkers” who travel extensively lecturing, doing workshops etc., but either don’t experience any Ascension symptoms or they’re tremendously reduced and short-lived. The question is…how can those Lightworkers do all they do publicly while other Lightworkers (plus many regular ascenders) are so severely affected by Ascension energies and the symptoms they cause that they can barely leave their houses to do the necessary monthly grocery shopping?  Pre-incarnational soul contracts; individual Service LightWork experience; the ability to house a wide range of frequencies in one’s body and awareness and not loose it!

I fall under the group of housebound Starseed Lightworkers who’ve suffered constantly from nearly unending Ascension symptoms. It’s improved tremendously for me over the past three years from how it was (and today, 4-4-11, has felt amazingly positive and NEW!), but it’s still difficult and painful. I chose the book publisher I did ( because I knew self-publishing my books would free me from any and all control of a publishing company expecting or demanding that I travel to do book signings, book tours, book readings etc. Because my Ascension symptoms were so severe, I knew I couldn’t physically, mentally, emotionally or psychically do that so I needed a book publishing company where I was in control over these issues. does this perfectly for me.

I also chose to share higher information/knowledge—which is Light—at TRANSITIONS for free because I’m intentionally trying to acclimate people to the NEW 5D reality and awareness that we don’t need money and can share everything with everyone for free. Evolved higher societies and their free-flowing open-ended systems function like this and don’t have, need, or use money. I realize we’re still in the middle of this old lower frequency money and money consciousness transition, but the more we evolve and expand our thinking, expectations, and creativity out of the old lower patriarchal ways, the faster the higher unified ascended NEW will manifest for All. Change the consciousness and reality quickly changes to reflect it.


Back to J’s question. There’s no fast answer to this for the simple reason we’re each at a slightly different level/timeline/phase/stair step within the compressed Evolutionary Ascension Process. I’ve tried to explain this concept before using the term stair steps or images of stairs or an escalator to help people understand that, even though we’re all heading in the same direction on the symbolic escalator, we’re each doing so at different stair steps in slightly different timelines (by days, weeks, months, or years) within this Process than everyone else is and this is perfectly normal.

Some people have lived the Ascension Process much longer than others and are obviously farther along within the Process. Other people are standing on a stair step that’s directly above or below someone else and those people find it easier to communicate and interact because they’re both so energetically close to each other at that moment within that timeline. Some move on faster than others, while some decide to hang-back and wait for loved ones, family or friends to catch up or to help them by sharing information/Light about the Ascension Process. Some move ahead farther and faster than others so they can aid them by passing on what they’ve learned and lived themselves. And of course other people are currently standing on much lower stair steps (stages, levels and timelines) within this ongoing Process so they’re experiencing different Ascension symptoms than someone farther along within it whose transmuted more.

Another aspect to all this is that Starseed Lightworkers, Lightworkers, Path Cutters, Wayshowers etc. are vastly more sensitive than regular or “normal” people which means we feel and are affected by higher frequency energies hitting and transmuting the lower frequencies within and around us a great deal more than they ever will. (Don’t forget that what you do Starseed/Lightworker creates an easier and faster Pathway for the “normal” folk to traverse.) Also, some of us have more karmic energies or residual unresolved emotional energies/wounds/projections/fears/polarity that are still being transmuted and integrated. Said another way, Starseeds/Lightworkers/Path Cutters can handle and cope with MUCH MORE  transformational  energy and energy Work than “normal” folk can; we’re built for it.

Starseeds/Lightworkers also Work while asleep and out-of-body doing their part in the Planetary and Collective transmuting of past lower frequency negative or Dark actions and residual emotional energies created by others through the Ages within both physical 3D and astral 4D. And, increasing numbers of people now have more conscious awareness of one or more of their past lives and selves and are currently integrating and transmuting those unresolved emotional issues, wounds, karmic energies and so on also.

Most people living the Ascension Process are not Lightworkers and are only dealing with their own lower frequency emotional energies, polarity, projections, fears, wounds etc. Because the First Wave Starseed Lightworker Group literally paved the way for this Process to be available within 3D physicality for humanity while they were in it themselves, their Ascension journey is much less painful, difficult, dangerous and intense as it was for the original Path Cutters who began it in total Darkness. They were the only Light in 3D physicality at that time, but now the Light is everywhere pressuring the Dark to evolve or be reabsorbed back into Source. Their time and Work is done. Add to this the profoundly compressed and accelerated 2011 timeline and these Ascension energies and symptoms cycle in and out so much faster than they did many years ago.


1) This Group have pre-incarnational contracts to do Ascension-related Lightwork as public teachers or channelers. They either do this teaching Lightwork from self-knowledge gained from past-lives, multidimensional awareness, wisdom’s gained from lucid dream astral and higher dimensional experiences, conscious multidimensional interactions with Starbeings/ETs/Lightbeings etc. Far more commonly however they channel a non-physical, other-dimensional Being or Group of Beings and are more of a 3D middle-man or mouth piece to transmit higher dimensional information/Light for other Lightworkers and regular folk living the Ascension Process. For many who channel, the act of channeling itself is a specific teaching and awakening process for them. They needed to see, hear, feel and understand that reality and their consciousness and body is far more complex and multidimensional than what they’d believed or could perceive before they began channeling.

For other people who channel it was  more about their pre-incarnational contract to work with specific higher dimensional Groups of Beings and channel information from them to assist Lightworkers and other people living and struggling with the Ascension Process. These people aren’t “Lightworkers” in that they do not transmute lower frequency energies through their bodies, but they certainly do spread Light in the form of higher dimensional channeled information around the country or countries for others to benefit from.

In more rare cases the human who is doing the channeling and/or teaching or writing for other Starseeds and Lightworkers is directly connected to the higher dimensional Groups of Beings they are channeling or writing about. They are oftentimes a deliberate seeded aspect of that 5D, 6D, or higher Group of Beings whose chosen to physically incarnate on Earth during the Ascension Process to very directly help others on Earth, and further their individual spiritual growth, learning, and development.

2) This Group are Lightworkers and Starseed Lightworkers with pre-incarnational contracts to incarnate as the first Group (the First Wave) to do the darkest, most dense, difficult and dangerous energetic transformational Lightwork from within the physical planetary system in physical human bodies. They are literally designed to and excel at transmuting Dark, negative, dense lower frequency energies from within the negativity and muck while in physical bodies themselves. They are the Path Cutters who energetically bulldoze through and transmute lower energies in physical 3D and astral 4D. Doing this Work creates energetic Pathways for increasing amounts of Light Energies to rain down on humanity…just like cosmic waters pouring out from Aquarius’ jug.

These Starseed Lightworkers infiltrate and live like spies in a foreign land (on Earth within the third dimension) doing transformational Lightwork the entire time and typically have different connections back to their higher frequency Home dimensions, Family and Assistants (5D, 6D and higher) who function like Guides while both awake and asleep to help the Starseed Lightworker in 3D physicality with their multidimensional planetary Ascension Service Work. This Group of Starseed Lightworkers live the Ascension Process and do their Planetary Service Work in and through their physical bodies and are usually in no shape to travel around the country or world lecturing, teaching, channeling or doing much of anything else other than what they do!

During Phase One of the Ascension Process this Group were the workhorses doing the groundbreaking work so that everything and everyone else could come in afterward and do what they excel at doing. During Phase Two of the Ascension Process the First Wave Starseed Lightworkers—those workhorses—are again the first Group living, housing, grounding and anchoring the NEW higher Energies through their NEW Rewired bodies, brains and hearts, and as usual, quietly from behind the scenes and totally for free.

This Group had to transmute and clear the lower dense energies first (Phase One), and now in Phase Two of the Ascension Process they’re the first ones doing the Conscious Creating/Co-Creating in the NEW over the lower collapsing, corrupt man-made laws, systems, belief systems and ways etc. Think of this as this Group of Lightworkers invisibly redesigning, redecorating, and replacing all the old patriarchal world system with NEW.

(This is why I do not care about who claims to have done or created the latest dirty deed or earthquake disaster on the planetary stage. This is why I don’t care about who claims such n’ such about some negative action or evil technology created by the elite because they are no longer running or steering this planet, this world, and most certainly not the NEW reality! The First Group of Starseed Lightworkers are with plenty of help from higher dimensions and the Beings of Light therein. So…give it a rest and I suggest you take an honest look at where your consciousness is and which system its feeding and supporting now and why.)

3) This group are NOT Lightworkers, NOT Starseeds, NOT Path Cutters yet they channel, or lecture, tour and travel extensively, write books, have websites or blogs, are on TV or write or make movies etc., but they’ve always played for the other team—Team Dark. These people have taught and promoted what’s been called “New Age” material over the past thirty-plus years, and made plenty of money doing so, but it’s mostly highly distorted material from the Dark Ones. All of the weird, harebrained and distorted “New Age” movement stuff should make a lot more sense to many knowing the majority of it was from the Dark side to prevent as many people as they could from recognizing or utilizing real Light and higher Energies to help them through the Ascension Process.


We’ve all heard so much hype about creating abundance, attracting money, the great and desirable need for abundance and money. My question to you is, why would you need to attract money or abundance if you exist within the planetary Ascension Process and are evolving beyond that level of reality and consciousness?

The most obvious thing to me is that a group of some bodies don’t want you focused on taking advantage of and living the current Ascension Energies to evolve. They want everyone to stay entrapped within lower frequencies and consciousness and be endlessly preoccupied with money and materialism. So here comes that deliberate distorted disinformation via the Dark Ones we were talking about earlier. To keep the portions of humanity seeking a higher way distracted and misinformed, the Dark Ones manipulate and direct certain humans to teach, write, lecture about how they can intend and envision increasing money, wealth, youth, happiness etc. coming into their lives via their particular “New Age” belief system and techniques…usually for a hefty price of course.

A couple years ago I wrote an article about this money business and consciousness and the Ascension Process. What bothers me about this topic and so many others like it is that some are trying very hard to keep everyone focused on money (and gasoline and oil and all the other old patriarchal Piscean Age negativity) and not on how we’re currently evolving beyond that level of consciousness and need for those things and methods. Like I’ve said before, how many Ascended Masters, Starbeings, ETs, Lightbeings, Angelic Beings or higher evolved Races of Beings have you ever seen or read about that carried wallets, purses, money or credit cards? My point exactly.


April 4, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2011-2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link.

88 thoughts on “The Different Layers of Lightwork & the Ascension Process

  1. A big thank you for that message Denise, and for telling it how it is with that touch of humor. Could hardly keep my eyes open this morning, yet was thinking have to get on with all the 3S ‘stuff’. Your posts are invaluable in these times!

  2. This topic was an issue for me, for quite some time, until I had some profound realisations that I feel could be of assistance here: I am not in anyway invalidating the ascension experience, because I know how difficult it can be.

    At some point in the ascension process I realised I was making the ascension ‘my story.’ This is a big trap and to be avoided if we are to evolve and move out of victim consciousness. 

    In my view, the whole point of ascension is to awaken to who we really are and reclaim our power as unlimited beings. In my experience we do that by experiencing who we are not through all of our karma, depression, powerlessness, fears and experiences that show up in our life that create pain and struggle, and long story short, we eventually bust through to the other side to realise who we are (self-realisation) and claim back our power as unlimited abundant beings knowing who we are and that we are the creator of our life experience.

    Having lived for the past 10 years completing karma, losing everything including finances, relationships, career, dreams, status and all the things that you realise do not matter, and for the past 5 years living through debilitating ascension symptoms, I recently realised how I was prolonging the pain in my life and that it was time to do my part and come out of the darkness. This took me a long time to make this shift.

    My latest realisation is that the key to coming out of exile and transcending the ascension symptoms is to find the gift that is in the darkness. It is experienced differently for everyone but essentially it is all the same – knowing who you truly are. 

    We are not victims. However the ascension can make us feel that way and by experiencing who we are not it moves us back towards our Truth to remember who we really are – Unlimited beings of consciousness knowing only love and joy. 

    If you are stuck, then it means you’re not ready to accept that fact and still need to experience more of who you are not as part of your lessons (and that is ok) or you are resisting popping up to the next level of your life because you still have fear of some kind. 

    Here is an except from Transcending Levels of Consciousness by David R Hawkins.

    “At the level of consciousness of Acceptance, a major transformation takes place with the understanding that oneself is the source and creator of the experience of one’s life. Taking such a responsibility is distinctive at this degree of evolution, characterized with the ability to live harmoniously with the forces of life. 

    Below this level there is a tendency to see oneself as a victim at the mercy of life. This stems from a belief that the source of one’s happiness or the cause of one’s problems is ‘out there.’ The enormous jump of taking back one’s own power is completed at this level with the realization that the source of happiness is within oneself. At this more evolved stage nothing ‘out there’ has the capacity to make one happy or unhappy, and love is not something that is given or taken away by another but created from within. Acceptance is not to be confused with passivity, which is a symptom of apathy.”

    I have to say after years of powerlessness, my power and joy is returning more and more everyday and I am saying this to empower and give hope to those who may not be there quite yet but have all of this and so much more to look forward to. 

    Remember you are not a victim and nothing outside of you has any power over you. You are it. 

    Thank you Denise for your service.

    Much gratitude


  3. I agree with everything that you wrote. The highly developed ETs, starbeings etc have all they need becuase it is their manifest reality, springing from their highly advanced consciousness. And they are far less dense than we humans are.

    Yes, money is a product of 3D, but my body is still dense and I still need to feed it, to take care of it. I still need sources of income that will provide for this dense body. Food, water, a roof over head – these things are still needed in this transitional period.

    I agree with you, but you can’t expect everyone not to eat, not to provide for their kids etc. I am doing my spiritual work each and every day, I left a host of bad habits behind me, I am living in the now, I can’t even remember what was yesterday let alone last week or month, I feel that this is all an illusion, that time does not exist, that everything is energy that vibrates, that I am Spirit, but I am still inhabiting a 3D body. And I still have to take care of it.

    If you have any advice how to get rd of the money but being able to function normally in everyday reality, I am all ears.

    Thank you for sharing your insights, and spreading light.

    Love & Peace

  4. Denise, awesome post. I sense your frustration with the money situation, I am frustrated too, mostly at myself for not being able to figure out how to move past it more elegantly. To be honest, like Amy, I am having some trouble with the transition – though I have made giant strides in a positive direction. I am in the midst of huge transformations – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Experiencing so many ascension symptoms for years, (and yes, they’ve recently changed thank you for the recent post about that) right now I mostly exist in my house (not being able to deal with people) feeling either wonderful or completely confused and unclear. I quit my job last August, and have been offered what I consider to be a dream position (for me) which was surely divinely guided – they found me – but the thought of doing the 8-5/m-f thing again, goes against everything inside of me. That said, the “work” would be much less work and more my “passion” – but I have been running on Indian time now for so long, don’t think I can live any other way. Could you point me to the article you wrote about money that you referenced, I’m having trouble finding it? Thanks to everyone – this is home and family to me in so many ways.

  5. Thanks Denise, you really spoke to some of the things I have wondered about as a behind the scenes heavy lifter, watching others float through life as if on a magic carpet ride.

    Love and Peace, Susan

  6. Dear Denise, brilliant as usual. Thank you for being such a wise giving being. I have stopped reading anything channeled or otherwise unless my guidance tells me it is at least 85% accurate. Lots less reading material is available! But a must better use of my time. As you know I read your material faithfully. Thank you for being real dear one.
    I am on the same page about money. Without duality, it will no longer be needed. Right now? One of my passions is painting folk art, not with peace signs in almost every creation. Now, I need to buy some primer, do I have the money to buy it? Not so much. I have challenged with that. How do we bring an end to duality?
    Ascention wise, I feel brighter, my phycisial pain has increased, Yes, I am sentative beyond “normal”
    As a ritual abuse survivor in childhood, I believe I have suffered enough that no one need have any more pain ever.
    Maybe some of my pain now is unhealed torture from childhood, unhealed broken bones and such. I think I have healed it, but it seems there is so much in the unconscious levels. I didn’t have memories of the abuse until I was in my 50’s. There has been so much intenst work on healing the past few years.
    EFT, rebirthing, Reiki, Qi gong, prayers and sometimes begging! And I have found some shrinks work for the dark and take money to help and have hurt me more. My best help has came from nature my two dogs Grace and Joy and one shrink and of course my own inner guidance. My dogs are now on the other side and help me do my night work there. I get to help trees! I love trees. As a child, there was a maple tree in my front yard and I could climb it and it would hide me from the family males who would look for me when they wanted to rape me. I love trees and am thankful I can help them now as they helped me in childhood.
    Dear Denise, you are the best person, I find to read and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I completely appreciate you and send blessings, love and high heart hugs your way.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gwen in New Mexico.

  7. Thank you so much for hitting the nail on the head with your latest post. It really helped me to understand my place in the pattern of the newly emerging World. I can think of myself more clearly. I AM a Channeling medium working with both angels and astral doctors, as well as inner World Service work that I have only recently become aware of. I have never felt an urge to come forward with this, preferring to work with a small group I have become associated with. In my world, Byron Katey has a church building on the corner across the street from me. I find it interesting that you have said that people like her might not be specifically ‘light workers’ but light SPREADERS. Also that their time is done. Is it time for us to step up yet, or are we still having to wait in the shadows, doing our work from the caves that protect us?

  8. Denise and friends…

    This TRANSITIONS post certainly opened a can of worms! I returned home this afternoon to see a stack of overnight responses, and they suddenly end, with what I can imagine was everyone’s daily round on the ‘job-wheel’, about which so many of the early responses seemed so desperate.

    Having been through all of that, myself — but so many years ago! — I feel a responsibility to share some of what I learned (all those many years ago), as my own discovered answer to the job-world dilemma. My situation had undoubtedly been different; but perhaps you can glean, for yourselves, something of what your own approach might effectively be. So let me briefly tell it.

    I was in the agony of discovering, in my mid-40s, that life had not at all turned out as I had wanted it for myself. And I recognized that I really had no stomach for the commercial world; that I was doing it because that was what one (a ‘mature’ one) was supposed to do.

    Recognizing I had but one life to live, and that I had already thrown probably more than half of it away, somehow empowered me to just ‘go for broke’ for the time that was left to me. I just entirely abandoned that income-based world!

    I’d not expect anyone to take that approach; it was scary, to say the least. The important thing is not the way I did it, but what I learned from it!

    I decided that time (my own, such as remained to me) was worth far more to me than money. This cushioned my fall from economic grace. But almost at once, as I took that trail, I began to see that . . . things somehow worked out for me. And KEPT working out for me. It just kept on happening!

    Ultimately I realized that some unknown principle was at work: that some kind of Providence was set in motion when I abandoned my take-charge ‘need’ to assert myself for my ordinary needs. At ‘some other level’ I was being looked out for.

    It didn’t really take long for me to experience this; what did take a couple years or so, was to really believe in it. I can tell you, specifically, that when I began the ‘new life’ my backstop was a $500 bank account (equal to $2660 in today’s value), and it dropped by $100 (one-fifth) per year. The descending level was my diminishing fear . . . or my trust-level as to staying free of the job world. When it was finally down to nothing, I knew I was fully free of the need to do a job I didn’t want to do.

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