Is March 2011 Over Yet?

I haven’t posted much during March 2011 because I haven’t had much of anything nice to say. During my thankfully rare periods of this I go into self-imposed exile until I get myself back to a better place emotionally. Soon I’ll master this reactionary business and will exist within Center constantly. Until then however, this is me repeatedly learning about how energetically falling out of the eye of the storm feels, looks and works.

For many of us it’s been extraordinarily difficult these past six months, with March 2011 blasting everything for everyone everywhere into the Ninth Wave final stages of completion. I knew this potent transition into the Ninth Wave—and all that goes along with it—was coming just as you did, but intellectually knowing something vs. actually being in it and living it are two very different things as many of us are currently experiencing…yet again. Because entering the earlier Eighth Wave was monumental for me because it was the start of my biological Ascension Process, I assumed the start of the Ninth Wave would be equally intense yet in different ways and so far, it certainly has been.

As most of my readers know I don’t paint things in angelic-like pink glitter fluffiness. If it’s difficult and Dark then it’s difficult and Dark. If it’s amazing and full of Light then it’s amazing and full of Light. It’s all the same Process to me; integrating, resolving and evolving/ascending beyond 3D polarity and polarized consciousness into the 5D Center or Unity or High Heart consciousness and being. It’s not an easy or attractive Process and we don’t always look, feel or sound like we’re dipped in cosmic sparkling fluffy Love n’ Light fabulousness while actually living The Alchemical Ascension Process in-body! So, for those who are used to getting your ascension-related information coated only in warm and fuzzy loving sweetness and Light, then you’ll probably find what I sometimes say and how I say it rather coarse, harsh, or even repulsive. That’s because I say what I do from within the Process in a physical body, and not channeling some non-physical Being whose not living it in this dimension as we are. Focusing entirely on only one-half of this Process is foolish and dangerous; focusing too much on the opposite half is equally foolish and dangerous. In a polarized world and consciousness it’s a minuscule razor’s edge between these two, but that’s what polarity resolution in 3D physicality is all about and not many can traverse that difficult Path and not repeatedly get cut deeply before their Transformation is fully complete.

I had negative non-physical beings (the Dark Ones) attacking me and mine with final-phase last-minute intensity starting back in October 2010. We dealt with it because there’s nothing else to do but deal with it and learn what you can from the negative, polarized experience. By February 2011 these attacks from the non-physical Dark Ones changed their tactics as they often have during my lifetime, and began using and directing certain physical humans to do their attacking of me in another attempt to derail me, slow me down, distract me, shut me up, and/or preoccupied. I’ll confess that it worked for a few days as I dealt with those people and their energies directed at me and my reactionary emotions to their actions. (Oh to be completely free from this emotional reactionary junk!) After this of course came the great need for me to get myself back to Center…yet again. (You wouldn’t believe how often this tactic has been and still is used by the non-physical Dark Ones where they use certain humans against other certain humans for very specific reasons. And of course the really amazing part is that the people who are used and manipulated by these Dark Ones are never consciously aware they’ve been used to stop, derail, slow down, side track, wound, harm and attack a human Starseed/Lightworker carrying Light.

Then March 2011 arrived and the energies shifted back into full-on here comes the Ninth Wave energies that are seriously launching the Light beings and people one way, and the unwilling-to-change Dark beings and people in another direction. Then Mother Nature had 9.0 muscle spasm and the planet and reality changed in mere minutes…again…and people’s hearts felt things at a very different level than what they’re used to. I felt the Dark Ones shift their focus due to the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor problems. They suddenly had great numbers of people producing new fear, physical and emotional pain, chaos, suffering, shock, trauma, and more fear which is the Dark Ones favorite food and fuel source. I am NOT saying that the non-physical beings or physical human Dark Ones caused the 3-11-11 Japan earthquake, because from what I’ve perceived they did not create it or any other earthquake. What I am saying is that due to the tremendous fear, pain and chaos the Japan quake naturally caused in much of humanity, these Dark Ones had a boost of lower frequency emotional energies to feed from.

So, yeah, it’s been rough lately on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions and I know there’s more to come because many of the Dark Ones and humans simply won’t easily or quickly relinquish all they’ve had for so long. The Reptilian owned and operated humans like Gaddafi and so many other human leaders around the world including the USA, won’t give up their power/control/money/fame as quickly and easily as some already have and others soon will. Watch how this unfolds in America because our time for this has arrived.

I’m going to share this next bit but do NOT want to add to the fear levels in any way. This is why most of us Lightworker Seers do NOT publicly share what we see or sense because too many people who don’t understand fixate on it in a lower frequency way; spread disinformation online; produce more fear energy over it that only feeds and prolongs the Dark Ones and makes more energy work for us exhausted Lightworkers to then have to transmute! Our hands are tied with these types of matters so we usually only hint at certain potential or strong probabilities that may manifest physically.

I’ve been sensing that $$$ money will do something unpleasant again in late April and into May 2011 here in the USA. Also that the  2011 June Summer Solstice energies will trigger another potent round of Earth Changes and typically be another intense period of shifting for all of us. However, these probable events are not set in stone because opened hearts and Conscious Creating can change much, redirect much, and greatly reduce much that needs to happen.

In no way is the USA exempt from what’s happening so obviously in certain other countries, but it will unfold differently here because the illusion of freedom is so much more complex and well-developed in this country. Our dictators won’t give up their power and control willingly either and Americans (and other countries) need to consciously see this and make the needed changes within themselves. It’s take your power back time around the globe and in some cases it will happen rather quickly and painlessly, while others will resist, fight, and typically create as much spin and BS as they’re capable of.

How do you and I stay in higher Center in the eye of the storm while the patriarchy collapses around us and the Earth continues to quake and spew worldwide? We learn to remain in our High Hearts—aka Unity Consciousness—and let fall and shift all that absolutely must during 2011. We also are learning to perceive from a higher viewpoint, as our Higher Selves do, where we realize that every human death is Divine and perfect for that soul at that time on multiple levels for both itself AND for the rest of humanity living the Ascension Process. My highest Gratitude goes to every soul in a human body whose chosen to utilize these Ascension-related disasters and Earth Changes to force and assist the rest of humanity into realizing how much must be changed now in every country around the world.


March 27, 2011

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40 thoughts on “Is March 2011 Over Yet?

  1. Thank you so much Denise, reading this makes me feel a little better about my reactionary emotions and outbursts. I can stay centered and feel focused and loving and feel like I’m on the right track and then BAM! I act like a four year old all of a sudden and it makes me feel that maybe I’m fooling myself thinking that I’m making spiritual progress. But lately I’ve been telling myself that this is ok, and to stop being so hard on myself. Then I read what you write and realize we all probably go through this. After all there is a lot of releasing to do and as it comes out, it doesn’t always come out pretty 🙂

    I have a question Denise. I usually feel connected to my Higher Self and Mother Earth , and my intentions are to let go of what I need to and accept the new energies coming in, but this past week I feel very disconnected, like I’m just floating around and not really here. People talk to me and I can barely focus on what they are saying. I also seem to have lost my connection with Higher Self, I just can’t tune in. I’ve had this feeling before, but this is so much stronger. Even as I write this, I feel so out of it as if I took a valium, but this little nagging part of my self is saying, “What if I stay this way and just drift off and not do what I came here to do?”. I just want a little reassurance that this is fine, maybe part of the process, and as long as my heart is in the right place, I’m not being lulled into complacency by the dark ones. I hope I’m making sense, because I can’t focus, lol.

  2. Thank you Denise. Thank you for your courage in sharing.
    Love and light to us all. May we all find the strength to stay high heart centered. Gratitude to you Denise.
    Hugs, Gwen

  3. “Focusing entirely on only one-half of this Process is foolish and dangerous; focusing too much on the opposite half is equally foolish and dangerous.”

    Wow how powerful and truthful. Focusing on negative emotions, entities, portions of lives, deceptions given and shown; wear you down when you are able to as I call it all the time have De ja vu or glimpses. These red lights that tell us there is danger, change, wrong, dark, or doesn’t fit seemed to always lead me when not under the influence of those who tried to control my environment, thoughts, beliefs, and life. It was so very hard to break free but like you said more difficult to walk the path against everything you thought was real. I have concentrated on the negative in my life that I lost track of the meaning in, through and because of it. I am a survivor, blessed with the ability to see the darkness before hand. And since 2010 I have been unable to receive or concentrate on these gifts but a dream of fear of telling the truth woke me out of another slumber. Why should I be afraid to be honest about the horrible tragedies that our leaders, families, and sometimes religious leaders consistently, lie, hide, persecute, judge and build our so called civilized society on. Not anymore I refuse to live on my knees, I will relay truth on my feet.

  4. “That’s because I say what I do from within the Process in a physical body, and not channeling some non-physical Being whose not living it in this dimension as we are.”

    Denise thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best piece of wisdom i’ve heard yet. I’ve said this myself before.I go for an intuitive feel when knowing somethings going to happen and most time when you directly here a non-physical being tell you something, you dont know what or who that being is.My suggestion is, is to tell them to suit up in human uniform and experience, then they’ll know what to say or do from that perspective…..

  5. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for your reply. I am still in the state of flux, so some confirmation of what I am feeling is still necessary (I wonder when I will get my own Power back – I feel like I am still cocooned/caged/restricted). I am studying acupuncture right now (I want to be a healer working with energies), but it will take time, and I still need a job to pay for my study. Perhaps I need to look elsewhere as I have had enough signs that I am not resonating with a banking job anymore. Thanks again.
    Love, Violet

  6. Denise, I can relate. It feels like I am stuck in tar, it feels like nothing is moving, I can’t stand the energy around me,and the people’s energy around me its like I am over sensitive to it and take it on. I want to move away from this lower energy place. Why does it feel like everything is on constant hold and waiting? I want to move forward uhhhggg.

  7. VioletRose,

    First you need to really be aware of all that YOU are already sensing about this money thing okay? 😉 You and your body has been telling you plenty, and now YOU need to pay attention to it and get familiar with how this communication feels, works, functions etc. This is how we all learn to read energies using other parts of ourselves than our left brain.

    You’re right, money won’t exist for much longer because it’s a ridiculous and corrupt system and is collapsing as we speak. It won’t be resurected in the near or distant future either. So you should be ready to let go of your job working with money and follow your heart into some NEW job that’s a better match to you now.


  8. Hi Denise, thanks so much for your excellent post.
    Can you comment a bit more on $$$ thing? I used to work in banking for 5 years (in Europe), and I was forced to quit my job last year. Although there are still many opportunities to apply for, I do not feel I am resonating with a banking job as much as I was a year before. I also feel that another black swan (aka a major crisis)is imminent, which will change the financial industry forever. So I just do not feel it is safe for me to think I can stay in this kind of job for my whole life, and I wonder if this perception has some other reasons than just my own feelings. Love and Light, Violet

  9. Thank you Denise, I must say I’m still amazed how your posts always resonate with me in the right way! I especially like the last part, dealing with deaths. That is exactly what I wanted to communicate to people around me, and now I have the wording I need. So thank you again, in Love and Light, Marina

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