OMG it’s the “END TIMES”!

Oh, it’s the “End Times” alright but the real question is — the end of what and who and why now isn’t it?

It’s the “end times” for the non-physical other-dimensional negative Dark Ones controlling and running Earth and its species. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones using physical humans to carry out and enforce their non-physical desires and negative agenda’s. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones endlessly feeding off humanity as their primary food and fuel source because they don’t believe in Source/The All That Is and therefore believe they need to use certain other lesser beings (humanity) parasitically to receive the energy and life-force they need to survive. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones multidimensionally trying to kill, attack, destroy, wound, stop or derail the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers carrying Light on 3D Earth.

It’s the “end times” of Dark owned and operated humans sucking the life, money and resources out of both humanity and Earth and demanding we the people pay for it all, and be grateful that we have what little we do now while they frantically figure out new ways to take more from we the people supposedly in the name of trying to balance or fix a bogus money system that’s unfix-able and needs to go now anyway. It will and soon now.

It’s the “end times” of mega egos being force-fed to the masses as the latest “hero”, the latest “super star”, the latest pre-teen “super star”, the latest hot “sex symbol” etc., when it’s really about how much money a few people can quickly make off their newest super star before they blow an emotional fuse and publicly melt-down in a few short years. It’s the “end times” of humanity being convinced they need other people to adore, hero-worship, fixate on, project upon when they themselves are the real prize.

It’s the “end times” of lower frequency and lower consciousness people deliberately being kept in positions of power and authority in every system around the planet. It’s also the “end times” of the global media system force-feeding humanity controlled information (to support lower frequency consciousness and produce lower frequency emotional energies) that’s forced upon them by an inter-dimensional hierarchical system and so on down the line.

It’s the “end times” for all this and much more in every country and government around the world. It’s the “end times” of mountainous piles of negativity, greed, lies, deliberate distortions, manipulations, elitism, a lock-down on consciousness, manipulated emotions, global corruption, darkness, negativity, warring, violence, bloodshed, polarized consciousness and everything created by it and all that perpetuates these lowly negative things.

It’s so easy for Americans to watch our TV’s and see the leaders of foreign countries who are corrupt to the core, greedy to the core, heartless, bloodthirsty and will kill their own people to stay in power and keep their greedy stockpiles of money they’ve stolen from their own people for decades. It’s easy for Americans to see this in these corrupt and vile leaders of other countries; it’s going to be vastly more difficult and painful for Americans to see and admit to how totally corrupt, how totally Dark and negative every system and the majority of leaders in America have been and still are. It’s time for the Revolution of Consciousness to happen in the USA and it’s going to manifest very differently from how it’s been in other countries.

To people in other countries these foreign egocentric greed monsters—aka leaders/dictators—are easily seen, but here in the USA, Americans have been so profoundly manipulated mentally, emotionally, etherically and physically that they actually believe they’ve been “free” all along. As they continue waking up to discover that the USA has been and is far more controlled and less free than they’ve been brainwashed into believing, many will FINALLY rise up and rebel like never before.

It’s the non-physical and physical Dark beings and humans controlling, running, directing and depleting humanity and Earth that’s ending now. That is the “End Times”. Be strong and keep your High Heart Consciousness focused on the positive end results of this intense 2011 transition phase for us, humanity, Earth and beyond. We’ve worked so hard and long in multiple lives and dimensions to get to this point right now so don’t give up during the final fifteen seconds of this Grand Transitional Process.

Denise Le Fay

March 25, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link.

37 thoughts on “OMG it’s the “END TIMES”!

  1. Thank You. Your post today has greatly assisted me in explaining to others who are in fear of armageddon that the ‘End Times’ is actually something to look forward to. Bring it on. Thanks again Patricia.

  2. Your words echo what I’ve been feeling in my heart and throughout my being for several years. Our system is broken and corrupt (which came first? the chicken or the egg) and with each passing day it seems more folks are awakening from their media-inspired hangover and realizing just how wrong things are in our world.

    Sunday begins Night 1 of the Universal Underworld; we’ve nearly completed the first of the 13 “steps” before the dawn of a new consciousness. As we ride this final wave, the illusion of chaos abounds (and will increase in the coming weeks and months). I was having a conversation with a spiritual friend just the other day…she was trying to figure out what to do to be at peace in the midst of all this “turmoil”. The key, I shared with her, is not to “do”, but to “be”. Set the ego aside (the “I’ve got to DO something” energy), and follow your heart, your intuition…it will allow you a comfortable and easy peace and you’ll set an example for those with whom you come in contact that will calm their spirits as well. And in those moments when peace eludes you, just remember that there are potential lessons to be mastered in every experience.

    What an honor to be alive at this time, participating in these events as the Universe transitions to its next, glorious state.

  3. dailygreatness,

    Breath and re-read my post okay? Thanks. 🙂

    The “end times” (I don’t exactly know what that term means to Christians) have been coming – especially since the start of the planetary Ascension Process – for many years already. It’s just that now in the first three months of 2011, the shift of whose in control of the planet and humanity is rapidly changing from the Dark back to the Light. From this point on there are certain negative things, events, stunts and so on that the Dark negative people will not be allowed to do any longer to humanity. Their time is ending; their ruler-ship and control over humanity and Earth is ending now, and that is the real “end times” for those Dark beings and the people and systems they control to control all of humanity. That is what’s reached its “end times” now throughout 2011.

    I was watching some movie on TV the other day and there was a country-western song playing in it. I don’t know the name of the song or who was singing it, but one line in it really jumped out at me because it was so great. It was: “…weren’t no dark till something shined…” And isn’t that the truth! Until the Light returned here recently, most people haven’t even been aware of how profoundly dark its been for so long on Earth.


  4. Lya,

    I know how difficult, emotional, painful, frustrating and depressing it’s been for the past couple of weeks. It’s been hard for me to find something nice to say here when all I’ve been feeling lately is the opposite.

    However, I know that the more sensitive and empathic one is, the more difficult it becomes when the planetary Collective is in turmoil, when the planet shakes and spews, when people around the planet are in elevated fear/grief/sadness/pain/confusion/anger, when global governments and systems are collapsing under us and our belief systems…the more we FEEL it all. If we let it we become pulled down vibrationally by what other people are feeling, thinking, saying, and believing.

    This is the nitty-gritty test phase for all of us who are very sensitive/empathic to learn how to be a “Keeper of the Frequency” despite the chaos, insanity, violence, fear, lies etc. all around us. WE have to learn to maintain the level of awareness and energy we have to date and NOT “fall” ourselves because of all that’s going on in the world…and will continue to throughout 2011. No easy task if we slide out of our High Heart Consciousness and frequency. But if we remain in our Center or the eye of the storm where it’s calm and safe, then we continue doing the Energy Work we’re supposed to at this point within the Ascension Process.

    Be strong and know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Know too that it will last as long as you (me, all of us) allows it to last in us. 😉


  5. Hi Denise

    Can you elaborate on why you feel so strongly that now is the end times? I understand it is coming, but why now? Has something been revealed to you?

  6. Hi Denise,
    it seems you wrote that for me, I am thinking about giving up all day long. Realizing that we were all puppets in a theater or game made in a way we only loose. I had my heart broken all my life and in the last week I could see the dark people who was around me, making everybody around me to be puppets and hurt me all the time. It was a stupid game, everybody was fooled. And now who will fix my heart? For what? I dont have stamina anymore. Sorry about the sadness and about the English… 🙂

  7. For the past few weeks, I feel like I have been holding on by my fingernails. Things are moving so fast and furiously that I hardly know how I will survive the next change. Last night I slept with a big chunk of rose quartz on my heart chakra. It helped. (Poor rose quartz is now resting quietly in some salt, waiting for the skies to clear so she can take a nap under the moonlight! ;)) Right now, holding on is hard to do.

    Denise, I appreciate your blog more than you know… you are a calm port in a chaotic sea. Thank you.


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