Japan Quake/Tsunami/Nuclear Events

I’ve been an “Earth Sensitive” and have felt, heard and sensed earthquakes before they actually physically manifest for decades. However, during the past fifteen years or so of the Ascension Process, the ways that I’ve perceived earthquakes and their energies and pressures has changed or evolved…right along with the changes Earth is living through now too. As our consciousness and hearts evolve and expand, we’re  automatically regaining many of the natural abilities our ancient ancestors had, which was an intimate and conscious connection with Earth and its energies.

On Wednesday March 9, 2011—the day we entered the most accelerated and highest frequency Mayan Ninth Wave—I experienced a couple of things I never have before which I want to share with you. Firstly, I was painfully aware of building pressures and stress below the surface of the earth and knew a large magnitude earthquake somewhere on the Ring of Fire was ripe and ready to pop.

Secondly, throughout that day I clairaudiently heard strange sounds. Typically in the past I’ve clairaudiently heard magma pushing and flowing below the crust as massive booming sounds like thunder. (Took me years to figure out what I was hearing!) But, the 3-9-11 sounds I was hearing—and later in the day discovered my Mom was hearing too—was not this same sound but something new to me. They were completely unrecognizable sounds coming from different directions in the air and not underground. It was a total mystery and I’m sorry I can’t even describe what those sounds were like.

The other new anomaly I and my Mom both felt on 3-9-11 was something that’s even harder to describe. Very simply it felt like reality got adjusted or literally clicked one degree at a time and it did this maybe six or seven times throughout that day. Yeah…weird I know, but that’s what it felt like to me and my Mom.

I’ve repeatedly felt and perceived earthquakes in other countries days and weeks before they physically manifest and what I feel is typical earthquake shaking, jolting, banging, rolling, rumbling etc. I’ve lived in southern California the majority of my life so I’m very familiar with how earthquakes feel and sound. The movements I felt on March 9, 2011 were something different and new to me and I suspect it’s because we’re now in a very new place energetically. It felt more internal than the old familiar external  earthquake jerking and shaking. Every time I’d feel this it literally felt like everything got slightly adjusted and moved a bit more into a different place. Click…jerk…snap…click…  That’s the best I can do at this point to describe what I felt on that day; reality being tweaked, snapped, clicked and moved one little degree at a time.

So entering the 3-9-11 Ninth Wave day was a weird day of hearing, feeling and sensing energies I never have before in my life. I did/do expect reality to  change dramatically with our entry into the Ninth Wave period, and so far it’s done so with a bang and boom and repeated adjustments and we’ve only gotten started! Climbing the energy stair steps to 11-11-11 are going to be intense for everyone everywhere. We knew this but now it’s here…physically.

On Friday March 11, 2011—3-11-11—I awoke very early in extra physical pain in my lower back, hip joints, legs and feet to the unfolding news of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. This was the third (3 – March) 11-11 portal day, AND it was also the day Uranus entered Aries. The lower body pains and aches I’d been having for the past few weeks should have clued me in that earth energies and pressures where building once again. Now my lower body and bones/joints/spine hurt like all hell while earth pressure is building and getting ready to click, jerk, snap into another NEW position. Now my head, skull, eyes, sinuses, neck and upper spine hurt like all hell when cosmic energies are pouring down on us through the Sun in the form of CMJ’s, solar flares etc. Top-half of body receives galactic, cosmic, and solar energies; bottom-half of body pierces and anchors into Earth, and also feels what Earth is going through. Our High Heart houses all this and more and like a higher dimensional prism, spins, integrates, and reflects everything to help create and hold the NEW.

When I went to bed (3-11-11) after watching the TV news about Japan’s multiple disasters, I requested more insights about why Japan’s nuclear reactor is doing what it is now. (Clearly I’m no scientist and don’t understand nuclear or atomic devices or most of the other patriarchal monstrosities, but just go with me okay and discern for yourselves.) Here’s what I perceived from requesting deeper insights about this.

I perceived that what’s happening in Japan with their nuclear machines malfunctioning due to the earthquakes is another aspect and layer of what’s unfolding in the Middle East, which is making it more tricky for America to get oil/petroleum/gasoline. These two events are really about the Piscean Age and the patriarchal “End Times”. These two events are and will force mass humanity to finally—through physical disasters and millions, billions of dollars (further massive indebtedness) because that’s what it’s taken to get them to even think about change—see that it’s time to release the old patriarchal Piscean Age ways, tools, and thinking. It will force the masses into seeing the insanity and dangers of the ways they’ve used and abused Earth and its 2D elements plus endangered humanity during the violent patriarchal rule.

Another layer of what’s happening now due to the 8.9 earthquake nuclear reactor problems in Japan goes back to when America dropped two bombs on Japan (Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 and Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945). Pluto today at 7° Capricorn, plus being in the Ninth Wave, this past warring energetic karmic mess is going to be fully transmuted on all levels between America and Japan. Fully transmuting this will make it that much easier for both countries and their people to evolve and contemplate new safe, sane, human and earth-friendly ways to fuel, heat, cool, drive, run, light, power etc…not to mention the insanity of war and “weapons of mass destruction”.

Compressed evolution could be had so much more quickly and easily, and yet, when people suddenly die so horribly the masses wake up faster, their hearts get triggered and opened so they can feel higher frequency emotional energies and all so they can finally see the glaring need to let go of the old patriarchal ways. And of course with every disaster the world goes more in debt than it was the day before, which is another aspect and layer of weaning the masses off the belief in—make that obsession and addiction to—$$$ money and money consciousness. With hearts opened by these many disasters and global events plus the  financial cost of repeatedly replacing and repairing everything, eventually the masses will discover that money (and debt) isn’t necessary and we can let the debt go for all; that you just do, just give, just help, just provide, just share it all with all FOR FREE because that is an open-ended system where energy naturally flows continuously for all. But, to get to that realization, the sleeping masses need many things around the planet to get really dangerous and scary and in-their-face like this first…which they will throughout 2011 and 2012! That snaps, jolts and clicks them into thinking outside the old patriarchal box and frequency fence plus gets them feeling the emotional desire to help others and feel good about themselves too. Like a dear old fifth dimensional Pleiadian family member and friend told me long ago, “The Key is in the Heart.” It most certainly is.


March 12, 2011

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35 thoughts on “Japan Quake/Tsunami/Nuclear Events

  1. I am energetically sensitive and I also work in disaster management so the earthquake hits me doubly by triggering personal work issues and my energetic senses.

    For several days, I have been feeling a strange kind of energetic feeling. I used to have these dreams when I had fevers as a child, but I’ve never been able to grasp them because the rational mind doesn’t comprehend them, similar to when our minds go to other dimensions and we black-out. The closest description of what this energy feels like is that it’s like heavy dense energy and moving it about. I suspect that it is related to work my other selves do on other dimensions and an aspect of my purpose being here.

    In any case, I woke up right after the news hit without understanding why I was so wide awake and keyed up. Then I had a waking dream version of this energy dream for several minutes. That’s the longest and most tangible version I’ve had of this feeling.

    Any conspiracy theorists who believes that this earthquake and the Haiti earthquake were man-made phenomenon rather than higher-dimensional don’t know what they’re talking about. I felt both earthquakes on an energetic level in my body before and after events. I was mentally scattered and disoriented for weeks before and after Haiti. I’ve experienced earthquakes before, and I don’t get this kind of energetic disorientation usually. I agree with you that this earthquake is a follow-on to old paradigms shifting such as the Middle East. This was less about the earth moving and more about consciousness moving.

  2. Lamplighter, ~ you state: “my ears, which have become accustomed to constant ringing, are now harboring a sound so loud and harsh it sometimes wakes me up.” ~ EXACTLY the same for me. It was worse the last week or so, so loud it was very distracting and couldn’t be ignored. I managed to ride the energy, possible downloads, and eventually heard what sounded like an angel singing?, layered with sounds from outside ~ dogs barking, a train (that went all night long), other misc noises ~ sounded just like a Tom Kenyon sound healing with layers of sounds which somehow all fit together as if they had been composed to work together ~ I suppose they were. This morning though, terrible headache ~ I have not had headaches in years until the last couple of weeks. I am so grateful for this site; I have not found a place that compares to share and hear other’s stories. Reality as we know it is changing for sure, I have been looking forward to the acceleration for so long, it has been a long time coming for this Starseed, but I am so excited about the new potentials.

  3. I appreciate very much, I received your wonderful message. Please let me post your this article on my blog. Here many of the people are continue visiting my blog. I want to do it. We are seeking some guidance, indeed.
    Thanks, with much light,


  4. i dreamed on night of quake that i was trapped in a wooden structure and things were attacking me through the holes in the roof and sides and i couldnt get out and i had to wait to be rescued -it was nightmarish and i woke with my herat pounding feeling dreadful – aching and just feeling odd – i told my husband about the dream – it was so vivid – remember saying why on earth did i dream that –
    i have felt the last two or three days that things are increasingly strange and not been able to put it into words –
    it seems unfeeling to say how achey and odd i have felt when the things the people in that area are going though must be unspeakable!!
    i get that this sort of thing helps to get people to see things in a new way etc but when i watched on television briefly the destruction and particlarly the water destroying everything is its way it made me feel so horrified and – cant even put it into words actually how i felt – its a hard way for the world to learn isnt it!!
    it struck a chord i think – maybe it was atlantis related or something like that – all the water –
    its interesting to read all the posts – how many people are feeling this stuff now – and how we are all getting to recognise more of whats going etc – something encouraging –
    whats with all this different sounds in our ears ???? got so loud i cant put it into the background anymore – be interesting to see what this turns out to be about –
    is anyone else getting twitchy eyes – if that makes any sense –
    and extremes of being hot then really cold – here we go again!!!!

  5. What a kind generous woman you are Denise. Thank you. I now understand the headaches I have had. And I did wake up at 3 am my time, which is when the big quake happened. The noises are new to me too, no words to understand them. At lease any more, I don’t think I am loosing it, I just know it is a new symptom and wonder how this can be healed.
    The sharing your do makes my life so much easier and I feel so much less isolated and more “normal”
    Lightening fast change is the only normal it seems to me.
    I appreciate you very much Denise.
    Reading your posts makes my life much easier.
    Bright blessings, hugs and love, Gwen

  6. I’ll tell you what, Denise, when even I know earthquakes are coming, then the times, they are a seriously changin.’ Wednesday, the 9th, I was as dislocated from my body as I can remember. By Thursday I was still whacked so I went online looking for an earthquake — and found one. A 7.2, in northeast Japan, no less. Thought that explained my difficult condition. I then went to the NASA site and saw that on Wednesday a GINORMOUS solar flare/CME known as an X-Flare would be hitting earth’s magnetosphere sometime on Thursday afternoon. First time in years a solar storm of that magnitude. NASA insists there is absolutely no connection between solar flares and earthquakes (or volcanoes). Maybe so. But I emailed my cousin that Thursday afternoon, (she lives in SoCal), and told her I thought a really big quake was coming soon. She scoffed. That is, until just before midnight when I told her to turn on CNN.

    Coinkydink or otherwise, I knew on Wednesday morning when my head was both spinning and floating, that sh*t was looking for fan. My ears, which have become accustomed to constant ringing, are now harboring a sound so loud and harsh it sometimes wakes me up. And the achey, breaky bones throb all night long for a week now. Neurological flu symptoms. My feet are on fire, yet I can’t get warm.

    If you want to read another really interesting astrological interpretation of Uranus entering Aries (Friday) I recommend Lara Owen of http://planetaryenergies.net/ . She also had an interesting write up on the earthquake itself posted on Friday.

    A younger cousin passed last week, and an older aunt last night. Both had been ill, but I do say I am a wee bit curious about how long I get to stay here, and relatively speaking, sitting in the eye of the storm. I fully believe our way of life is going to get tsunamied, and soon. For better or worse, it’s on…

  7. I was trying to sleep at the time of the quake and didn’t learn about until morning, but I did get the clairaudient noise that you describe, something like low frequency chatter or maybe an angry squirrel, but only when I was lying down and my ear was against the pillow. It was certainly a restless night.

    I just learned of the wildfires in Oklahoma and Colorado. I have been in my own reality, and even more so this week. I felt like I was slipping completely out of time Friday, spending all afternoon in a sacred landscape that has not been much very greatly impacted by modern society. Most of the building there is very in tune to and in harmony with the landscape, and I could imagine that the energies were much the same for hundreds and hundreds of years.

    I hope that we are able to integrate that essence into our new reality.

    Blessings to all,


  8. Very interesting further insights. I shared on a blog that I had a kick ass start to the 9th wave on 3-9-11. By that I mean I was on my ass for 2 days! Went to bed feeling great on 3-8, only to be followed immediately by intestinal cramps, vomiting, etc, sweats, profound weakness…

    All the while consciously saying, is this what the rest of the 9th wave will be like for me?? WT…hell? I considered 3D causes, yet none of them felt right. By the end of yesterday, 3-11-11, I came to the conclusion that I was sensing on the 9th what was to manifest on the 11th. Unlike you and others, I have never experienced this before (at least knowingly). But this time it was the only thing that felt “right.”

    Time and again we have seen how it takes these kinds of tragedies to open humanities hearts wide and bring out their highest nature and generosity. Coming a heartbeat after the uprisings in the Middle East, revolts in the US, seeing the uptick in frequency is readily apparent.

    What I am awed by is the reports for example in Egypt, after 18 days of standing steadfast, they had a day of cleaning! In Japan, so my witnesses claimed the same thing: people remained calm.

    That things are changing is clear, welcomed, necessary and inevitable. That people who are effecting and affected by this change are handling things in “higher” ways, is to me, remarkable! THAT speaks to me about the underlying strength of the Unified High Heart of Humanity’s growing Galactic Consciousness.

  9. http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/Woolaston/Woolaston2010a.html

    I was just reading this from above link, and in comes your email in my box.
    This is on the comments/articles on the link above and just as you figured the Karma return i managed to find myself reading it!
    I know nothing of scentific stuff either:)
    Lots of pain past week in jaw joints, ear, face, hips, legs back, lower parts been not working since november, but woke in agony most of this week with same again as is in your post, heck will this ever stop for us as i am now feeling so weak i dont get up no more cause i cant stay up or go out.
    Thanks for the info and here is the bit you may find interesting to read.

    Lithium 6 is an isotope of lithium 7 depicted above, having one fewer neutron in its nucleus but an otherwise identical atomic structure.

    6Lithium deuteride is utilized to produce tritium through the bombardment of 6lithium with neutrons produced in the first stage of 235Uranium fission. The reaction of 6lithium deuteride with a neutron is described by:

    6Li + n = 4He +3T (tritium) + 5 MeV.

    5. That the WGCC design was placed by its creators at a location directly across the River Severn from the Oldbury nuclear power station may indicate a deliberate reference to nuclear energy being the “theme”of the WGCC formation. (This relationship had been previously pointed out by Julian Gibsone on the http://cropcircleconnector.com website).

    6. Although the WGCC design was discovered on July 18, 2010, it may have been produced on July 16, 2010. July 16 would coincide with the date of our civilization’s introduction to the “Atomic Age”, when the first detonation of an atomic weapon occurred at Trinity Site of the White Sands Missile Range in central New Mexico, July 16, 1945.

    7. On August 6, 1945, the city of Hiroshima, Japan was leveled when the United States dropped the atomic bomb “Little Boy” on the city, claiming 90,000 -140,000 lives. ”Little Boy” carried a yield of 13 -18 kilotons of TNT. Compare the destructive power of the relatively primitive “Little Boy” atomic bomb with the yield of a modern B83 U.S. thermonuclear warhead at approximately 1200 kilotons of TNT, and one realizes what a serious threat modern thermonuclear weapons represent to our civilization.

    8. CCRF concludes that the Woolaston Grange Crop Circle design suggests itself to be yet another reminder from the “Circle Makers” regarding the danger that thermonuclear weapons represent to our civilization. We believe that mankind should heed these warnings.

    Richard O’Connor, MD Executive Director, CCRF Inc

    Sorry, forgot the thanks for the article and to mention the clicking sound you, hear, this other circle reminded me of some combination, also of the hunam ku : http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/somewhereinwiltshire/somewhereinwiltshire2010.htm
    Today i got a cracking migraine and i cant think straight.
    Much love in the coming days to you and yours.

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