Entering the Ninth Wave


March 9, 2011 we officially enter the last, the shortest, and no doubt the most compressed and accelerated phase within the Mayan calendar. Tomorrow humanity and Earth enters the Ninth Wave and quite literally we and reality will never be the same again.

To still polarized minds and lower frequency egos, if the sky doesn’t turn purple tomorrow or the oceans boil then all this Mayan Calendar and Ascension stuff is pure delusional bullshit. To the integrated, no longer polarized mind, tomorrow is another major turning point energetically. To the non-polarized mind and heart, entering the Ninth Wave phase tomorrow is entering the final stretch and seeing the finish line only a short few yards in front of us. Some know what tomorrow will trigger in us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Indigos, the Galactic Center, within mass humanity, and within all global lower frequency patriarchal systems. We know that starting tomorrow the compressed and accelerated simultaneous death/birth stage will fully activate across Earth. Nothing and no one on Earth or off can hide from this Process and its energies.

The Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers also need to understand that entering the Ninth Wave phase will trigger us individually in exactly the way/ways we most need to correct, adjust, integrate and more fully release or let go of whatever within ourselves. I’ve been living this much more consciously the past few weeks and have paid close attention to the last-minute things I need to let go of so I’m free to BE instead of constantly externalized and focused (either mentally, emotionally, or physically) in old but highly familiar DOINGS. What I’ve realized over the past few weeks is what this transition from the Eighth Wave (which began Jan. 5, 1999) into the Ninth Wave (March 9, 2011) is for us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightbearers.  I’ll try to explain what I’ve sensed so far in a very simplified way.


We Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers are transitioning from DOING the Ascension Process as the Path Cutters, Lightworkers, Energy Transmuters and Wayshowers we’ve been, to now needing to BE the Rewired and increasingly Unified High Heart Conscious beings we’ve individually become due to living, anchoring and surviving Phase One of the Ascension Process. Now that the majority of energy transmuting, integrating, polarity resolution work and new planetary Grid building (if you’re a Starseed Gridworker) and anchoring is completed for us, we’re now evolving into the Ninth Wave phase of increasingly learning (throughout 2011 and its 11-11 portals and other energies) how to Consciously Create and Co-Create the new world reality and how to hold and anchor it in place through our BEING that which we’ve evolved/ascended into. What was the purpose of the Ascension-related body and brain Rewiring and everything else we’ve lived, suffered, and struggled through since the start of the Eighth Wave? So we could house, anchor, and BE and not necessarily need to externally DO anything in that old lower 3D way…unless we want to that is. But the Indigos are increasingly ready to be loosed into the new ascended world to do their parts in it.

Phase One or the Eighth Wave of the Ascension Process was rather like us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Path Cutters climbing a huge energy mountain while transmuting most everything throughout the difficult trip and creating an easily seen Pathway behind us for all others to follow when they were ready. Now as we transition into Phase Two—enter the Ninth Wave of the Ascension Process—we’ve got to familiarize ourselves with life on the top of this mountain with the NEW Energies increasingly running through our Rewired bodies/brains/hearts constantly. We’ve got to adapt to our new abilities and tools of Creation via simply BEING and holding and anchoring as integrated, Unified, High Heart Conscious beings. I’ve been learning recently that BEING is harder than DOING, which I found rather surprising, but suspect I’ll quickly adapt and be very glad about this important transition! All of us that this stage and phase applies to now will.

Now that many of us have completed the horrendously difficult Eighth Wave phase of transmuting, integrating and paving the Way out of total Darkness for all interested parties, now we’ve got to learn how to Consciously Create from within ourselves and our High Hearts and BE what we’ve worked so long and hard to accomplish during the past 12-plus years. Now we’ve got to adapt to increasing Source Energies beginning to flow through us, our bodies and brains like it never has before while in physical bodies. Now we’re learning to DO by BEING; to understand by knowing on our own internally and not externally through other Beings, Guides, channels or sources. The Ninth Wave phase is graduation time for many of us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers. Pay attention to whatever you too may need to cast-off and permanently let go of so that you can more easily BE.


March 8, 2011

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50 thoughts on “Entering the Ninth Wave

  1. Hi Denise

    I totally resonate with your take on Being and Doing.

    This past week I tried to create ‘planners’ as in daily, weekly & quarterly action planners to get my life in order. Well, as you can imagine, this did NOT work! I felt terrible, really dizzy and out of sync when I tried to plan and set DOING tasks.

    It is clear to me, no matter how much I WISH I could plan, that where we are now is ALL about BEING and acting out of inspired action in the moment and not planning too far in advance. If we do, we will not be in flow.

    This is so hard to do, as you mentioned, because we are so ingrained in the illusion and we must DO DO DO. It’s not only managing our expectations of doing but those around us who still may not understand the shift that is taking place and can see BEING as lazy.

    The other problem I still face and I assume it is for all of us Indigos, Path Cutters, Way Showers, Starseeds, is that we need an INCOME. A lot of the new foundations have not cemented yet so everything is still up in the air. Hopefully Uranus coming into Aires on Friday will help solve that!!

    So managing the BEING as well as still living in the world, requires us to have incredible faith and courage to not move into fear.

    Great post! X

  2. Hi Denise,
    Wonderful article. You’ve put into words what I’ve intuitively felt over the last few weeks. Like a number of light workers that have gone through the uneasiness of the rewiring process of the 8th Wave, I’ve felt the magnitude of the pre-wave energies leading up to today.

    I wanted to share my experience thus far as I’m coming to the end of the first day of the ninth wave in the southern hemisphere.

    Over the last two months, I have found that I just clicked into BE-ing and felt more in communion with my more Expanded Self, living purely from intuition and a moment to moment reality. It really has been like flicking a switch for me from the beginning of this year to effortlessly letting go of relying on others or 3-D society at large for guidance. Never thought I’d click over so easily.

    From the moment I woke up this morning I felt more connected. I have a permanent (thus far) tingling sensation on my crown chakra. I feel it is a more strengthened connection with my Higher Self. Just a few short months ago and I would have been overwhelmed by this energy. It would only run for short bursts and I’d usually have to lie down as my circuitry for this amped up energy wasn’t complete.

    Even though I believe this is just the beginning as the Universe is always constantly unfolding, I feel I can handle a lot more energies that are being “downloaded”.

    The 12 years has been worth it!


  3. Hello, Everyone,

    I’ve been MIA for quite a while now because things have gotten busy, I was feeling quite down for a couple of months, and I was also in China for awhile where I tried not to access this kind of stuff because it’s “forbidden” there.
    But, because I’m on the other side of the world, March 9th is almost over and I’ve had an interesting time of it the last few days. Two days ago, I had a big headache/migraine and was exhausted and worried about a family matter that has been troubling me (how on earth to divorce the family who won’t let me go). Yesterday, I was a little headachey but much more positive and got proactive about the family issue. I tackled the most obvious issue first and I have a feeling that everything else will fall into place from there. There is one family member who has hated me for, well, decades and has never offered an explanation for it. I was always patient, kind, and polite with her in spite of it to no avail. Last night, I sent her an email saying I wasn’t willing to accept her hatred any more and sent her on her way with love. (She reacted to a completely different issue with fury, so go figure.) Last night, my feet, which usually have quite a bit of energy going through them, were just buzzing and the air was vibrating so much that it was visible and then later I saw waves of light. I thought, Wow, this Ninth Wave is starting off early here and it looks like it’s going to be really cool! Today was very positive and happy and I was the life of the party I was at (a rarity for me these days). And then I realized that I let go of my family on the eve of this day. I am feeling a lot less stressed by them and like I really did let them go. I fought off the defensiveness and the worry about the oncoming group attack (yes, we’re a happy family, hehehe) and I feel so much the better for it. I think I’m going to like this new wave if it continues like this!
    Sorry, that was terribly long and rambling, but I haven’t written for so long!


  4. Addressing ego is ego nonetheless. What exactly do you mean by it being a lower 3d way. In terms of creativity I believe we are getting higher and higher in the physical realm. Just depends on what you are focusing on.

  5. Kerrie, Damien & Nadeanna, thank you for your dear comments. I know that I’am not going through all this alone – even if there is no one in my visual space to see going through it with me and that is a huge comfort. Your kind words and really excellent advice — I have thought Tai Chi for ages but just haven’t done it – and Damien the rose visualization is just beautiful as well as the grounding advice! And of course Nadeanna we have so many times talked about the dangers of pharmaceuticals! It is terrifying to be in the position of thinking one needs them.

    I so appreciate this community that Denise has created. With much love to you all and the love creation that we are all consciously-co-creating is supportive in and of itself. Namaste to one and all.

  6. Hi Denise – very informative and timely message here, but what I’m most excited about is, that I think I’ve just figured out why the number “nine” has always resonated with me. After waiting and wondering for years!, it looks like it’s finally going to be my turn – I’ve just found out that I am one of the Cheribum Angels ,who are here for a very special mission (can’t let the cat out of the bag yet). Wow, the feeling of waking up to one’s mission is UNDESCRIBABLE!!!! I am so thankful!…my heart is bursting!!! Thanks for this posting – In Love ~ Willow

  7. Denise and all – First I love this post and thank you Denise for all the information you provide. I scan the internet daily and read every book I can, but your posts are always perfectly refreshing.

    To Debora – I want to say, as others mentioned, it is your choice as to whether or not you buy into 3D fear based allopathic medicine. Generalized anxiety disorder is not that big of a deal – you just have problems dealing w/your anxiety. (OK, sometimes it is a big deal and a pill sometimes at least help you get into a space where you can actually deal with your anxiety – there is a time and a place…) But, it may help to think of the anxiety as a teacher – you are needing to learn how to stay calm in the midst of chaos. Kundalini yoga is an awesome way to learn to stay centered and grounded while at the same time allowing you to touch your spirituality/your spiritual self. I can not tell you how much it may help you. When the anxiety gets really bad, just pull yourself together and close your eyes and breathe deep. The more you practice, the easier it gets and the deeper the results. Also, Tom Kenyon’s website has some great suggestions. I would like to offer a distant reiki session to you, free of charge. If you are interested, just go to my website journeywithreiki.com and you can contact me that way.

    I have one question – like Lyndelle – how do we BE and pay BILLs at the same time? I read that money will not be part of the new world, but we are not there yet and I’m trying to figure out how to live and be within this paradox.

    With love and gratitude for the community here – Debra

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