Entering the Ninth Wave


March 9, 2011 we officially enter the last, the shortest, and no doubt the most compressed and accelerated phase within the Mayan calendar. Tomorrow humanity and Earth enters the Ninth Wave and quite literally we and reality will never be the same again.

To still polarized minds and lower frequency egos, if the sky doesn’t turn purple tomorrow or the oceans boil then all this Mayan Calendar and Ascension stuff is pure delusional bullshit. To the integrated, no longer polarized mind, tomorrow is another major turning point energetically. To the non-polarized mind and heart, entering the Ninth Wave phase tomorrow is entering the final stretch and seeing the finish line only a short few yards in front of us. Some know what tomorrow will trigger in us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Indigos, the Galactic Center, within mass humanity, and within all global lower frequency patriarchal systems. We know that starting tomorrow the compressed and accelerated simultaneous death/birth stage will fully activate across Earth. Nothing and no one on Earth or off can hide from this Process and its energies.

The Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers also need to understand that entering the Ninth Wave phase will trigger us individually in exactly the way/ways we most need to correct, adjust, integrate and more fully release or let go of whatever within ourselves. I’ve been living this much more consciously the past few weeks and have paid close attention to the last-minute things I need to let go of so I’m free to BE instead of constantly externalized and focused (either mentally, emotionally, or physically) in old but highly familiar DOINGS. What I’ve realized over the past few weeks is what this transition from the Eighth Wave (which began Jan. 5, 1999) into the Ninth Wave (March 9, 2011) is for us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightbearers.  I’ll try to explain what I’ve sensed so far in a very simplified way.


We Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers are transitioning from DOING the Ascension Process as the Path Cutters, Lightworkers, Energy Transmuters and Wayshowers we’ve been, to now needing to BE the Rewired and increasingly Unified High Heart Conscious beings we’ve individually become due to living, anchoring and surviving Phase One of the Ascension Process. Now that the majority of energy transmuting, integrating, polarity resolution work and new planetary Grid building (if you’re a Starseed Gridworker) and anchoring is completed for us, we’re now evolving into the Ninth Wave phase of increasingly learning (throughout 2011 and its 11-11 portals and other energies) how to Consciously Create and Co-Create the new world reality and how to hold and anchor it in place through our BEING that which we’ve evolved/ascended into. What was the purpose of the Ascension-related body and brain Rewiring and everything else we’ve lived, suffered, and struggled through since the start of the Eighth Wave? So we could house, anchor, and BE and not necessarily need to externally DO anything in that old lower 3D way…unless we want to that is. But the Indigos are increasingly ready to be loosed into the new ascended world to do their parts in it.

Phase One or the Eighth Wave of the Ascension Process was rather like us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Path Cutters climbing a huge energy mountain while transmuting most everything throughout the difficult trip and creating an easily seen Pathway behind us for all others to follow when they were ready. Now as we transition into Phase Two—enter the Ninth Wave of the Ascension Process—we’ve got to familiarize ourselves with life on the top of this mountain with the NEW Energies increasingly running through our Rewired bodies/brains/hearts constantly. We’ve got to adapt to our new abilities and tools of Creation via simply BEING and holding and anchoring as integrated, Unified, High Heart Conscious beings. I’ve been learning recently that BEING is harder than DOING, which I found rather surprising, but suspect I’ll quickly adapt and be very glad about this important transition! All of us that this stage and phase applies to now will.

Now that many of us have completed the horrendously difficult Eighth Wave phase of transmuting, integrating and paving the Way out of total Darkness for all interested parties, now we’ve got to learn how to Consciously Create from within ourselves and our High Hearts and BE what we’ve worked so long and hard to accomplish during the past 12-plus years. Now we’ve got to adapt to increasing Source Energies beginning to flow through us, our bodies and brains like it never has before while in physical bodies. Now we’re learning to DO by BEING; to understand by knowing on our own internally and not externally through other Beings, Guides, channels or sources. The Ninth Wave phase is graduation time for many of us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers. Pay attention to whatever you too may need to cast-off and permanently let go of so that you can more easily BE.


March 8, 2011

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  1. Deb, my best advice is to not seek any western medical advice, pharmaceuticals, or care. It is a fear-based, 3-D, old paradigm that seeks to short-circuit your body and soul’s natural and amazing healing process. I think most mental illness is induced by society or demonic possession. So walk your own road, and maybe throw in Lisa Renee’s command now and then to dislodge the ickies. It’s lonely and everyone will label you as crazy, but it’s better than feeling tormented trying to “fit-in” to a reality that is not your own.

  2. Thank you for BEING with us, guiding us through this journey,for your wise and caring information.
    Blessings, Peace,Light to you and your loved ones

  3. @Debora – Friend, I myself went through Panic Disorder late December and got prescribed Xanax which i’m still tapering off of. Have been going through the most intense shifting this year so far and i’ve come to a place of knowing that i’m in a space Between what i’ve known and what i’m learning. My best advice would be to BREATHE , run a grounding cord from your root chakra to the center of the Earth, and ask that all the Panic Energy run down it till its grounded out. You can also image a Rose in front of your space and ask that all Anxiety or Panic energy go into this rose, then send the rose up to the universe and blow it up. Keep using as many roses as necessary.

    I’m still seeing a therapist periodically and processing in the traditional style is certainly off the usual track but having faith that i’m accurately and authentically describing my situation in the moment helps me flow through the session.

    You just need to trust yourself, your soul, and your path. Blessings and Namaste.

  4. Thanks Denise,
    I feel a little like, “we are off the see the wizard” only we don’t exactualy have a yellow brink road to follow. I think we do have a “few witches” to confront yet, but singing I go off on a new adventure.
    Where I live, the forest service and local volunteers just put out a 2000 acre wild fire. I am thankful to be safe and have a home. Praying for those with loss.
    Fun or not so fun, we just keep rowing the boat!
    Bless you dear Denise.
    Hugs to all, Gwen in New Mexico

  5. @Debora- if you haven’t found your way to energy techniques like Tai Chi, Qigong or Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (her book is amazing!!), you might check it out. There’s so much energy coming in (to me, it feels like buzzing), that I want to just move the energy through and out. These techniques have been a true gift for doing just that. Also meridian tapping is another great technique. Search for “EFT” or “meridian tapping” and you’ll get hundreds of links to videos, free scripts and basics, just to try. It’s pretty darn easy to pick up…and FREE, too. (I don’t have health insurance, either.) Best~ Kerrie

  6. Hi all…

    “We know that starting tomorrow the compressed and accelerated simultaneous death/birth stage will fully activate across Earth. Nothing and no one on Earth or off can hide from this Process and its energies.”

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have been dying and birthing for several days now… (ok weeks months years… but still) last Thursday I described my feeling to a RNP at the clinic I go to for my low cost health care and she sent me to the hospital a-runnin’ thinking I was having a heart attack. They kept me over night (and now I have a huge bill that isn’t going to just go away what with no insurance and the lack of health insurance for any but the privileged in this country) … not a heart attack though — just felt like one. And I was sent home with some blood pressure meds, some cholesterol lowering meds and an anti-anxiety pill. Great. All ancient, old school generics, so far less dangerous than the ultra expensive crap they used today to try to control us.

    Still, if I am going to feel like that from here on out for the rest of this year until 10-28 or 11-11 or until next year …. sheesh just let me go on now! I really have reached the limit of what I think I can take. When people start telling you that you have panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder — you start to really panic. Worse than that, now I have to go see a psychiatrist. Just what will he/she say when I start telling what what I think is going on in my body, the world and the other dimensions… de-lu-sion-al. Do they have a rubber stamp for that? Any advice anyone wants to pass my way I’d gratefully accept. I am at the end of my 3D rope and can’t see that the rest of the 3D world is going to let me let go.

  7. Hi, I am loving all your info, as I am plowing through the changes you speak of, to the day its all right on, I may have a negative attached to me, that has been cleared by me and a reiki master, but I was down for so long, I am a comfortable bright light with very low self knowledge of my power, my main point is I have stopped seeing, hearing, or feeling it, but it has just began hiding, making me sick, and full of fear of death, as soon as the overt neg. stopped I got sick, and very fearful, any parallel with anything you are aware of, Just asking out of interest, don’t expect you to solve this, anyhoo, Have a great shift, I feel something big is coming down soon, and today feel as if I am in a coma! Take care, Lisa

  8. For months now I have wanted nothing more than to just BE. I’m so tired of the doing that is typically still required in 3D. I am so DONE with DOING! I am ready for simply BEING! Bring it on.

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