Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process

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This article is for the people who may not be familiar with how Ascension related Kundalini energy feels and also how the Rewiring Process feels in the body. Many of you have already lived through these stages so it’s old-hat to you. There are however increasing numbers of people in 2011 (and beyond due to those Stair Steps) being activated who are suddenly living with some very weird energies and sensations inside their bodies. This information is primarily for them, but I hope you too will enjoy this recap.


February 1999 my physical Ascension Process suddenly began and I mean suddenly! Literally overnight I went from being and feeling one way all my life, to the next morning having my body producing some very strange physical symptoms. It was a horrible and difficult time and it lasted for many years. Your mileage will vary at this late date within the Ascension Process so don’t panic. The worst of the worst has already been done by Lightworkers over a decade ago and they’ve created a huge, wide open roadway for everyone to energetically travel down, meaning that what you experience now won’t be as long or as difficult and painful.

Before the Ascension energies were available, people who wanted to activate their kundalini energies would typically have to fast, meditate, remain celibate, and in most cases do so for years just to get their inner kundalini energies to budge or wiggle! But, with the start of the biological physical Ascension Process around 1998–1999, the need to do all those old school things went out the window. Now you don’t have to “do” anything to activate your kundalini energies and have them repeatedly burn and flash up and down your spine and work within each of your chakras to transmute the stuck energies in them. Now all you have to do is try to keep up with the Process!

You don’t need to fast, meditate, remain celibate or do any of the old past esoteric things in hopes of activating your kundalini energy. At this point within the global Ascension Process you’ll automatically be triggered or activated at exactly the time you’re supposed to and all by the perfect and flawless design and timing of your own Higher Self. So, don’t worry about any of this because it’s all been meticulously crafted by your Higher Self to unfold at the most beneficial and appropriate time for you to transmute and evolve via the available energies of the Ascension Process.

Because kundalini risings are being triggered now by your Higher Self and the cosmic, galactic, solar and astrological energies and cycles and not by a desire from your left-brained consciousness and ego self, the physical, mental, emotional and etheric symptoms they cause are not the same as old school Eastern esoteric knowledge has taught. Most all old school esoteric teachings don’t work for us now or reflect what we’re living through in our current lives and times because of the Ascension Process.


Kundalini risings activated by the Ascension Process typically do so suddenly and unexpectedly, making you instantly feel like you’re on fire from the inside out. Hot flashes are common even in male bodies, as are night sweats, which are just “hot flashes” that happen at night while you’re asleep or were sleeping! Once activated kundalini energies don’t conveniently turn off each night so we can get a good night’s sleep. Oh if only that were the case! Nope, you’re kundalini risings and inner fire, heat, sweating, emotions and purgings will be with you day and night for however long it takes for you to work/burn/transmute/release the emotional energetic junk you’ve stored in your trunk—and you’re guts, your belly, your heart, your brain/mind and so on. Oh happy day huh?  🙂 It really is a miraculous Alchemical Process of you going through the transmuting of your inner 3D Lead into higher frequency, non-polarized and integrated 5D Gold via kundalini fires activated by the ongoing Ascension Process.

  • Inner heat or kundalini fire that radiates outward and extends a good foot or more beyond the surface of your skin and physical body.
  • This same inner heat/fire in your spine/back repeatedly moving partially or completely up and down your spine/back.
  • This same inner heat in your spine/back stopping at different chakras to work on the emotional energetic junk you’ve got stored in each of them, some more than others.
  • Kundalini fire stirs up the emotional/mental/etheric issues you’ve stored and/or suppressed in each of your chakras which you will now FEEL emotionally and need to resolve and eventually fully release. This is a Process and is typically done repeatedly, layer-by-layer so we get the majority of our inner energetic junk transmuted and gone. It doesn’t happen in a couple weeks or months. Give it time to do all it must within you.
  • Strange, vivid dreams because we do the majority of our Inner Work while asleep and dreaming on the Inner Planes. We can discover, FEEL emotionally, resolve and integrate so much more in a vastly shorter time while we’re asleep and out-of-body doing this Inner Work. Expect strange but informative or symbolic and archetypal dreams and pay attention to what they reveal to you about yourself and what you’re transmuting.
  • Physical sweating…lots and lots of sweating day and night. I’d suggest you stop using chemical deodorants so you can sweat out the toxins. Try using a natural deodorant like a crystal stick or stone instead.
  • Emotional imbalances and difficult almost “crazy” periods due to past emotional issues/wounds/pains/fears/guilt etc. and their energies being brought to the surface of your consciousness and transmuted in and through your physical and emotional bodies primarily.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your solar plexus chakra, your physical belly/gut area will oftentimes bloat due to the intense energies and transformational Inner Work taking place inside. Fear not and know it will eventually decrease. Know too it will return a few times before you’re done with this Alchemical process.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your heart chakra you’ll often feel a heat, pressure, and possibly movements in this area of your body along with intense and uneven heart beats or thumps and poundings. You’ll also emotionally FEEL plenty and cry and rage and be moved by very simple and beautiful things, and very evil things too. Fear not as this is your heart being cleared and expanding to feel and house so much more of the higher energies, Light, and consciousness.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your throat chakra you’ll often feel a heat and pressure radiating out of the back of your neck. Aches and pains in your throat and jaw is common. You’ll also find yourself speaking (or yelling and demanding) things you’ve suppressed or have not been allowed to verbalize before. Finally give voice to what you’ve not so far and take your power back.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your two lower chakras, old sexual issues, feelings of guilt, and suppressed energies will demand your attention. Also fears and/or a sense of being a victim and so on will come to the surface to be consciously recognized, felt emotionally, finally dealt with and integrated and eventually released.
  • You know where each chakra exists within you and it’s pretty easy to know which physical organs exist in those areas. Those are the organs that will have more stress in them while your kundalini fire is burning and surfacing old emotional energies you’ve stored in them. Take care of yourself during these intense transformational periods. Drink plenty of water to help with the heat and fire, the constant sweating and potential mineral loss, and the constant detoxing and purging that this entire Process creates.
  • When kundalini reaches your head, just let it do what it does and don’t intellectualize the process much because you can’t and don’t need to! You’ll feel the fire and pressures inside your skull pushing and changing things in there and it all pouring up and out of the top of your head  (Crown chakra) too. Let the kundalini fire transmute your brain glands and clear and expand your Brow and Crown chakras for what will happen next.

There’s many more kundalini symptoms but this would become so long it’d be boring. Let’s move on to the Body Rewiring Process which can now happen more easily and quickly because Kundalini Fire has burned through and transmuted the majority of emotional energetic junk that had been stored, stuck throughout your physical and emotional bodies.


The Body Rewiring doesn’t hurt as most all the other Ascension symptoms do. It does however feel rather strange because you can actually feel energies vibrating, buzzing, and shaking deep inside your physical body. Thankfully no pain, just a sensation of inner vibrations that typically begin in the lower section of your body or in your core. I first felt them many years ago in my lower gut or core area. Over the years this inner body electrical-like vibrating would move slowly from one area to another and another and so on. Over the years it slowly inched its way upward in my body and lastly made it to my head and brain. At that point the Brain Rewiring took place which did and still does today cause me headaches, pressures, pains and aches both inside my head and also on the surface of my skull and scalp and Crown chakra area.


  • Typically feeling inner body vibrations that feel rather like a mild electric current running inside you. It vibrates, buzz’s, and even mildly shakes you from deep inside your physical body. It is painless and isn’t that a nice change!
  • Over the months and years this inner body vibration will move around inside your body. You’ll feel it low in your base area, then higher in your belly area where it moves around and doesn’t remain in just one area in each section of your body. It will slowly move around your core, typically from bottom to top.
  • It’s easiest to feel this inner body vibrating when you’ve been asleep and suddenly awaken. While laying there quietly in the middle of the night it’s easy to feel a strong vibrating or buzzing energy inside your body. It runs in on/off cycles of a few seconds on and less seconds off. This perfectly timed pattern will repeat until you can safely cope with the vibration running for longer and longer periods.
  • Eventually this inner body vibrating energy increases to the point where it runs or is “ON” constantly inside your body and there’s no more periods where it’s “OFF” at all. This will take time however. At this point know that you are running and housing within your physical body and self a much higher frequency Light Energy than you ever could have done and survived before.
  • Once your whole physical body has been Rewired, it enters your head/brain and then that process begins. Stair steps remember or we wouldn’t survive The Process.


When this Rewiring Ascension Process reaches your head and two brain halves you can feel and sense that you’re running a much higher, faster, undiluted Light-filled Energy throughout your whole physical body. You’ve been rewired, upgraded, and have a NEW 5D Body Grid system (central nervous system and much more) just like Earth now does. This means you—like Earth—can now run and constantly house 5D energies through your body and not fry or go mad or die because of it! You’ve succeeded in transmuting your Alchemical 3D Lead into 5D Gold and now have the latest and most energy-efficient, self-sustained model on the market. 😉 Congratulations! But, not to burst your hard-earned bubble of joy, there’s more…much more but it will be worth it so let’s continue and Rewire the head and brain—hence consciousness—so it matches your newly rewired body.

Once these transformational Rewiring Energies enter your head and brain you are going to have to deal with some pains and pressures inside your head and skull. I’m not going to pad this and say it doesn’t hurt occasionally because it does. But if you honestly think about what is happening inside your  physical head/brain, it’s SO worth the occasional headaches and pressures.

The two separate brain hemispheres will now begin being Rewired into one unified whole brain that functions without the old lower 3D polarities of left and right brain consciousness and terrible disconnects. We can’t as yet fully perceive of how we’ll be able to perceive reality with a Rewired or Unified brain. Soon however.

  • The Brain Rewiring is occasionally painful and causes headaches, pressures and pains inside the head, pains and pressures in the external skull and scalp. These pains and pressures also move around inside the head and outside on the skull.
  • It often causes a sense or feel of twirling or rotating, spinning and/or tipping over or dropping through the floor. Not “dizziness”, but a rapid rotating movement.
  • It often triggers seeing lights, colors, sparks, points or explosions of light, shadows moving, movements of energies, non-physical beings and discarnate humans etc. Just observe the weird clairvoyant show but be aware too. Everything is not always as it seems. In other words, “all that glitters” with light doesn’t mean it is of the Light. No fear just pay attention and discern.
  • You’ll feel pressures and pains in your Brow chakra area and even more so in your Crown chakra area and the top of your physical skull/head.
  • You may smell scents like burning smoke or incense very close to your body for days, weeks or months on-end. You may also have a grossly exaggerated sense of smell with certain scents that nearly choke you and/or make you nauseous. This is caused by the Rewiring happening within your brain glands, the Pineal and Pituitary glands primarily and their being connected or unified also.
  • You will find yourself perceiving, or more accurately knowing things instead of linearly thinking and intellectualizing as you’re used to. This is due to the Kundalini clearing Inner Work, the later Body Rewiring, coupled with the current Brain Rewiring. We’re evolving/ascending now into what I call Spherical or 5D High Heart Consciousness—what others call “Unity Consciousness” or “triality” consciousness. To get there tho, all these previous Ascension-related stair steps and Alchemical processes have to be gone through first. Soon we’ll know things from our Conscious High Hearts instead of having to linearly think, speculate or guess and hope for the best! We will simply know.
  • All this stuff going on in our heads and brains also causes hearing changes, inner ear pressures and the occasional inner ear stabbing pain. You will also hear strange non-physical sounds, voices, possibly words or your name being said etc. Again, no fear just realize that your two separate brain halves are being Rewired and billions of NEW neural Light pathways are being wired, connected between the two hemispheres that are becoming one unified whole brain. Of course we’re going to see, hear, smell, sense, perceive and feel all sorts of brand NEW energies, lights, Beings and dimensions etc.

Again there’s far more symptoms with the Brain Rewiring process because there’s far more happening than what I’ve written above. I’m not intentionally withholding information about these Ascension-related processes, it’s just that I haven’t completely figured out yet how to articulate what I perceive in geometric symbolic Light forms. As soon as I can better interpret into linear written words these geometric Light symbols I see over human energy and physical bodies, I’ll write about it too. I do know they represent Multidimensional, multiple layered Bodies we all have and how ALL of our different Energy Bodies from the densest to the mid-range to the highest frequency bodies closest to Source are ALL evolving/ascending simultaneously now.


February 21, 2011

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209 thoughts on “Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process

  1. I am quite curious if anyone here has gone through the itchy skin… I have hives that are driving me crazy. The doctor says it must be a allergy to some product I used. We only use natural products and so I took back the only new product I had bought recently and rewashed everything… this was a few weeks ago. It had kind of began to go away but is back again. I find I am most itchy on my sides and abdominal area. It is getting really bad as I itch in my sleep and it is getting my skin raw!!! I don’t know what else it could be and I have been going through body/head symptoms for about 5 years but since the winter solstice it has been painful. I know the heat of the sun (when winter passes) will change alot but we are not there yet! So Hives Anyone???

  2. “I am quite curious if anyone here has gone through the itchy skin… I have hives that are driving me crazy. The doctor says it must be a allergy to some product I used. We only use natural products and so I took back the only new product I had bought recently and rewashed everything… this was a few weeks ago. It had kind of began to go away but is back again. I find I am most itchy on my sides and abdominal area. It is getting really bad as I itch in my sleep and it is getting my skin raw!!! I don’t know what else it could be and I have been going through body/head symptoms for about 5 years but since the winter solstice it has been painful. I know the heat of the sun (when winter passes) will change alot but we are not there yet! So Hives Anyone???”


    I’ve thankfully not had my Ascension related chemical sensitivity manifest as severe itching and/or hives etc. A lot of other ways, but not that one! I do however know that plenty of people have also suffered with itching like what you’ve described.

    There’s SO much going on within our bodies throughout the entire Ascension Process no matter which phase (Stair Step) one is at. The itching may be caused by Ascension related chemical sensitivity; it could also be caused by the Rewiring Process; the massive changes in our central Nervous system; the massive changes in the electromagnetic field; and/or from the soup of EMF energies we all live in now. It could be caused by any or all of these and other things too so it’s hard to say.

    I find getting in the water has always helped me with cutting or discharging the extra electrical energies and other stuff I want to remove. I’m not saying it solves the problem permanently, but it helps for a while. The other thing that I’ve discovered over the many years that I’ve been living this Ascension Process is that, the more I transmute/clear/clean/integrate etc. within myself, the less (and more quickly) of anything vibrating at a lower rate or frequency than I am makes me feel sick and/or miserable. In other words, the more I/you/we transmute within ourselves, the LESS it takes of anything or anyone — chemicals, negativity, toxicity of any kind, foods, drinks, locations, people etc. etc. — to cause some sort of reaction within my/our bodies. This is the main reason why we become more Hermit-like and isolated because we’re still impacted by lower frequencies, substances, thoughts, chemicals and so on.

    I can eat something maybe once a week and be okay. But, if I eat that same food say three or four times a week then the chemicals and crap in that food very quickly build up in my body and make me feel sick, poisoned. So, moderation has become mandatory because of this growing inner clean and transmuted system(s). I’ve referred to this lovely Ascension related side-effect as the Princess and the Pea syndrome. Eventually those lower frequencies will be gone and/or we’ll be so far beyond them as to not be affected by them any longer. Right now however we’ll still in transition. 😉 I hope this helps somewhat.


  3. Thanks so much for the reply… it does help, in many ways. I do go into the water as it seems to relieve most all my symptoms for awhile and next to that I find that being outside, connecting to the Central Sun, Gaia, Source, etc is amazing…the thing is I have a toddler and we are living in a condo, so that can be difficult to do unless the timing fits. I am in the process of attracting a place more suited to my spiritual needs for then I can do my work anytime, anywhere when my mind/body/soul is in need which right now seems to be constantly. It is a relief to speak with someone who over-stands this. Your words are both comforting and confirming for me, and I thank you for sharing yourself. I pretty much thought that it was/is one or any of the reasoning you are thinking as well. I know it is near impossible to pin-point. I find I am in such an oxymoron situation right now. I am quite clean in my lifestyle but I also find that the winter right now is almost torture on my body, so i am craving things that I normally don’t, drinking coffee and doing things that I know are not aligned with my higher potential self but I am having a lot of trouble walking away from and because I have so many symptoms on so many levels I am not being too hard on myself. I am in school studying spiritual ministry and getting my license as a spiritual practitioner right now so I spend my days writing, meditating, and raising our girls. My husband is away right now so my hands are overflowing as well! Last summer I kept telling all of my friends how the sun felt like it was healing me, only to discover that it really was transforming my body and it felt sooo good. I am more than excited for spring to arrive and of course summer for I feel that much if not all of my symptoms will dissipate. Last summer being clean was super easy as I really felt like the sun was feeding me so I know that with the sun this spring I will feel much better! Right now I feel I am not eating my best, I have no energy to exercise (and when I do get the urge my hands are full with other things) so I am staying in the moment and trusting the process knowing it will all pass and it is just part of this ascension. I would like to know more about the changing of the central nervous system… do you have any information on that. There is so much on the internet. I also have thought of meditating upon it but as I said my time is limited, if I had it my way I would be doing this ascension thing all hours of the day, but already my studies have taken second to this. I can’t help it… it drives me deep within. If you know of any really good sites that have data and info I would much appreciate it. I am mostly interested in the body changing. As well the new (or awakened) chakra system. I have asked Source to bring to me the info for I felt something new shift last week in mediation. I believe I activated something. So I have had a lot of things going on in my body with this ascension as well, much to much to list, but the other biggy is the spine. Since about June of 2012 it has been so sensitive and from the very bottom to the very top I can feel it changing. It has been painful at times and my body has sure been through some !@$# As of the last few days literally it has just started to dissipate. Also my shoulder sometime feels dislocated this is why I am curious about the changing body, as well, the chakra’s as I could see that effecting my body/bodies. Anyway… any info on those things would be so much appreciated and if I can be of service… you have my email. Peace, LOVE, LIGHT. jmm

  4. Ive had the whole body itching, it feels like my skin is stretching when it itches, iv been the docs and they said its in my head lol.
    My kundalini reached my crown the other day and was really amazing, iv had so many doubts because of others but when it worked up all my chakras and they opened up, i now beleive in myself and who i am.

  5. I’m am 21 have had most of these symptoms. I hadn’t heard of this until today. Is it possible I’m ascending or should I seek a doctor?

  6. “I’m am 21 have had most of these symptoms. I hadn’t heard of this until today. Is it possible I’m ascending or should I seek a doctor?”


    If you’re concerned about some symptom you have, then do go to your doctor so he/she can rule-out different possible causes. I don’t sense that your symptoms are due to some physical only cause, but are probably ascension related. However, it’s up to YOU to do what you feel you must now to know for sure. (You’re living the Ascension Process. 😉 )


  7. Shaun, you have many of the symptoms I have had… only for me they started in 2007 or at least that is when I started to notice them… and the symptoms never hit me too hard till the last few years.. .but since the winter solstice .. omg.. I have had so so many it’s crazy… I am the sweetest loving gal and I have had a dark side coming out… rage like you would not believe or maybe you would… I have a feeling this is more to do with releasing past life energies… etc…Denise has some amazing posts helping to explain a lot to that really resonated with me. If you go through her site… some of the ones such as;
    The “Nine Months” Period
    Post SHIFT: Winter 2013
    Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms
    They are very detailed and like i said it certainly resonated with me… as with everything in life.. take what feels right to you and leave the rest… so you know I am a natural health counseller, a spiritual practitioner and studying to be a minister… and even I went to my doctor as my itch/hives had gotten so bad it took over my sides and anywhere the skin is very soft and supple… I could not barely put my clothes on. I did end up getting an antihistamine which I only used that night and I got the cream to help it heal and as well I only used it a few days as I want my body to stay as natural as possible. My belief is that as much of this as we can ride through without medication is best but sometimes a little help goes a long way. I have been itching again the past few days but won’t take anything unless it gets back again. I am not wanting to block the release of anything. I have shared all of my symptoms I can remember up to date on my blog here:http://ascensionandyou.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/symptoms-to-date/?preview=true&preview_id=9&preview_nonce=6a03eb22b3 .. Trusting this will help to. Peace j

  8. Hi Denise,

    I guess I am asking for your guidance about my next steps. It is good to discover your blog and get some answers to questions I’ve had for many years.

    I am 69 and had a very powerful series of kundalini experiences in 1977. They were absolutely real and unmistakable. They occurred while I was on a meditation course to receive sidhis, or advanced techniques.

    I am eternally grateful for the innocent state I was in at that time. No one had mentioned that I might have such results and I had never heard of them (for brevity’s sake I am leaving out my previous spiritual history and experiences.)

    During the course, but before the kundalini awakening, I did have the wonderful satisfaction of being cosmically conscious for three days during which my thoughts were like quicksilver and my mind seemed utterly clean and refreshed in waking, sleeping, and dreaming states, with constant awareness of liquid love , warm like honey, glowing in my heart and being. Denise, what does it mean that it’s been so long since I experienced such a concentrated dose of bliss? I do have variations of it in my life always, but I miss that transcendental state.

    To continue, shortly after receiving the last technique, the flying sutra, I didn’t exactly wake up in the night, but more became Aware that the flying sutra was filling my brain and my being, and that my spine was burning hot and pulsing up and down with energy; I jumped out of bed and went out into the common area to see if anyone else was awake. I told myself that my shakiness was due to the Indian food I’d had for dinner; I slept the rest of the night with the light on in my room!

    The next morning I had a bit of diarrhea (a symptom you mentioned!) and was late in joining the others for a group meditation. The very second I sat down and silently said the flying sutra my breath began to speed up and my heart raced alarmingly and seemed to be trying to escape my chest, and all the while every cell in my body started to vibrate. It was a bit frightening. The others in the room stopped meditating and just stared at me (I suppose they saw that I was shaking.) Energy was pulsing up and down my spine and the vibration in my cells became even stronger, buzzing with a furious energy that kept getting stronger and stronger to an almost unbearable degree; and then the vibration got even stronger until it felt like I was being electrocuted. This all stopped as soon as I stopped screaming the mantra in my mind, probably more of a whisper in reality, after five minutes, which was the allotted time for this session.

    Afterwards my teeth were chattering uncontrollably as I alternately laughed and cried for several minutes. When I tried to read out loud to the others I found that I couldn’t understand what I was seeing on the page. I was exhausted and full of wonder. The next sessions were just as powerful but without any fear.

    I had many symptoms after I left the meditation course but never again had such a powerful experience. I do feel subtle vibration frequently but nothing very strong. I did feel more buzzing in December when I went with my wife to see a spirit healer who was visiting Los Angeles, the vibration was like an old friend.

    What does it mean that my experience occurred so long ago? Did I lose my way? I do look forward to March 21, which is also the 43rd anniversary of the day my wife and I became a couple.

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