Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference


Before my physical, biological Ascension Process stated in February 1999, my ability to mentally and emotionally focus was rather impressive. I could easily and quickly enter an altered state of consciousness by mentally focusing on something and then fueling my intent with a specific emotion. That was all it took for me to quickly launch myself into an altered state specifically to access higher dimensional information.

Keep in mind that what I’m talking about was my reality before the start of my physical body Ascension Process. My consciousness and the energy situation was different then from what it was 15 years ago, 10 years or even 3 years ago. My point is that I was very familiar with easily and quickly shifting my consciousness and focus to intentionally perceive higher level information and retain the majority of it once I’d returned to what then was my “normal” consciousness. [See A Lightworker’s Mission]


With the start of my physical Ascension Process this well developed mental ability I’d had all my life suddenly ended and I was mortified. Literally overnight I went from my familiar Multidimensional Traveler mode to not able to string enough words together to make intelligent sentences, or even remember the names of common everyday objects. I went through a lengthy period of years where I couldn’t read books—something I loved and could do in a day or two and retain almost all of what I’d read—because I could not mentally focus and remain mentally focused. It was incredibly frustrating and my ego self and sense of identity took debilitating but necessary transformational blows being forced to so unexpectedly release those abilities and sense of self at that old lower level.

I eventually realized that this chaotic mental jumble and disconnect was another typical Ascension symptom; a very important one that forced my then ego self, my consciousness, and my mental habits out of their familiar level and state, and into a (didn’t know this at the time but) temporary space of utter disconnect. I went through years of not being able to mentally focus on much of anything for the simple reason that I was not supposed to be so intensely focused in that old familiar 3D way! The Ascension Process scrambled my brains and ability to think straight, focus and stay focused on what the then “me” wanted to focus on.  My Higher Self had grander plans so I was placed on temporary Ascension disconnect and intense mental and ego self scramble for a few years… as were or are most of you.


After going through these difficult Phase One Ascension-related changes, now when I mentally focus on specific positive and higher things, suddenly I can’t hold or maintain the desired focus I intended. This however does not feel like that old Ascension symptom mentioned above. I can now quickly get where I intend to mentally, create the visual mind’s eye image I want to use and actually be visualizing and Consciously Creating when, in the next split-second I’ll be thinking about trash on the side of the roads, monkey shit, off-road vehicles, biker dudes, colorful jelly beans, kids playing happily under the summer sun, cleaning the house, getting the car waxed, zebras grazing in Africa — every ridiculous lower frequency thing you could imagine would suddenly and repeatedly derail my intended higher frequency mental focus. And of course I thought for about a year that this problem was all me. I thought I was simply not doing all I could to mentally focus on what I wanted to focus on. I figured it was all my fault and that I must be doing something “wrong”. I’m stressing this because we all do this; we automatically assume that we’re the reason something isn’t working correctly. We typically don’t consider that there may be some unseen negative source causing the mental interference problems we’re experiencing.

Then around 2008, I  realized I should pay close attention to what I was mentally focusing on and intending when this sudden and severe mental interference and repeated derailing business happened. I also compared this to when I’d mentally focus on typical everyday type things and projects. This simple comparison test was how I made this discovery.

I discovered that this new mental side tracking and all over the place crazy monkey-mind derailing happened ONLY when I intentionally focused mentally on doing and/or Consciously Creating something higher in frequency than say, the need to mop my kitchen floor next Tuesday. Of course I did this comparison testing 547 times to be sure of the results I was getting! I never publicly write about something unless I’m sure of what I’m about to present to the minds and hearts of readers.

So, here are the incredible results of nearly four years of my fumbling around trying to honestly discern why this was happening to me. I know that 95% of the time now (this will improve greatly and sooner than later I sense) when I intentionally mentally focus on something higher to help me, my body/bodies with the current Ascension Process and energies (Consciously Create), I evidently trigger some frequency device—probably within my Mental Body in another dimension—that automatically and instantly activates mental blocks and mental interference to what I’m intentionally doing and focusing on. Next obvious question is who would do this to me? To you? This one is obvious after you make the connections; it’s the Dark Ones or Team Dark as I call all of them. The why to this is equally obvious; they do NOT want me, you, us, humanity raising our vibratory rates, our frequencies, our mental and emotional energies and focus on anything higher and positive because it will directly affect them in ways they do not want. Talk about ramming your Ascending head against an invisible glass ceiling!

They have in my opinion placed or implanted some type of frequency monitor—Higher Consciousness Alarm System—to prevent me/you/us from intentionally using our evolving/ascending High Heart (Unity) Consciousness and Creative abilities and escape their monstrous actions and distortions to our different Energy Bodies and multidimensional abilities. If this wasn’t created by them I’d experience this same mental interference and derailing business when I focus on anything. But I don’t, I experience it only when I intentionally focus on creating something positive, higher and beneficial for myself, my physical body, the masses, the planet etc. The mental blockages and mental interference was there every time and that’s not a coincidence—it’s deliberate and it’s done by the Dark Ones to keep us functioning within a very limited and lowly frequency range.


Just because I put two and two together and discover some of these multidimensional dark, negative, horrific things on my own does not mean I’m always ready to share them all at TRANSITIONS. Sometimes I sit on information because I’m not ready or willing  to play the solo maverick and stick my Elder Starseed Lightworker neck out yet again and get myself attacked for the effort. So, sometimes I sit on certain information until I sense or know it is energetically time to go public with it and that I’ll be safe in doing so.

This was recently confirmed for me by another great article by Lisa Renee that made my heart smile and know it’s time for more of this information to be brought out into full consciousness. Her article I’m talking about is “The Diamond Heart” February 2011.

This article talks about how we’ve evolved/ascended to the point now where it’s time for these negative, other-dimensional Mental Body (and Emotional Body) blocks and frequency interference devices to be removed or energetically overridden completely. This makes perfect sense to me because of the higher level interferences and blockages I’d discovered a few years ago. I sensed there had to be more Light assistance for us in removing and/or overriding any and all of these negative distortions, blockages, energy siphons, and multi-bodied control devices created by the Dark Ones so long ago. I’ve sensed that eventually within our ongoing Ascension Process we’d have to deal with all of these negative DNA alterations, disconnections, and everything else done by them to us, humanity and Earth. Evidently we reached that point in the fall months of 2010, but all of 2011 will quickly deal with one after another of these negative multidimensional body and consciousness interference devices. It’s about time is all I can say! Can you imagine how much easier everything will be for the Forerunners/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Gridworkers/Indigos when we have all our natural abilities, Source energies and connections back up and running constantly and all these dark limitation and parasitic feed devices gone? I cannot wait to exist and work at full and natural capacity with NO dark energy drains, restrictions and constant interference devices in any of my bodies!

I realize we will walk up these 2011 energy stair steps and accelerated phases and these ancient negative distortions, blockages, interference devices, energy drains and all the rest of it created by the Dark Ones to imprison us, are (and will continue to be) removed or dissolved because that is a huge aspect of this phase of the Ascension Process. And the inter-dimensional help and protections we have now is different from what I’ve perceived from the start of 1999 through the ending of 2010. The Work we’re currently doing will be much faster and easier compared to what we’ve been through during Phase One. Know that one after another of these negative etheric devices and distortions created by the Dark Ones will quickly be leaving us now and replaced with unrestricted flow of Source Energy and Life Force. Oooo… just had another little earthquake here like an exclamation point to all this!


February 13, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link

28 thoughts on “Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference

  1. Thank you Denise!
    I feel like you just removed a blindfold from my eyes with this information!
    You made it possible for me to see the source of this manipulation. Now, I understand how the Dark Ones kept pushing me down, trying to keep me on a low level/in the dark.
    I believe, as you shared this information, those control devices already losing power over us, simply because, NOW WE KNOW their ‘game’! They are busted!!
    And I’m sure, as soon as those devices will be removed, we will experience a new kind of freedom in manifestation! That’s why this information is so significant for me.
    Until then, I truly hope, your information will reach millions of people, to help them understand the Truth!
    Please, keep sharing with us, we have so many blindfolds to get rid off!
    Thanks again, Denise!

  2. hi – just read latest comment – this i exactly what has hapenned to me – since i started the ascension path 12 years ago – lost ability or desire to read books, be creative and have been blocked from channelling or accessing information in the way i was used to – i thought it was just me – such a relief in a way to know its NOT just me –
    have been doing masses of clearing recently and feel that whatever has stopped me implanted stuff on/in my aerials/antennae which has caused this – i feel that this has started to clear – at least i hope – thats what this is all about
    – of course that could be what they want me to think – will wait and see i guess –
    it has felt like a chuink of me has been missing these pst 12 years – be so good to have it back!!!!
    thanks denise

  3. Finally…an explanation for this mess that has been me! Years ago I could go into an altered state at the drop of a hat, understand complicated metaphysical concepts, channel, and enjoy visions. For several years now, I’ve been wandering in a fog, and for the last 3 years I’m lucky to form a coherent thought or sentence! At last I don’t feel alone and have hope that progress is ahead…
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Hello Denise, I got teary on this post. Thank you for taking so many brave actions that are of such a great service to me and other readers. I pray you get the help you need at all times.
    I appreciate your posts and thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights.
    I find them very helpful.
    Got a laugh, my father is the only person I have ever knows who said “monkey shit” when I read that I know you were talking dark, dark, dark.
    My prayer is, May we all have the courage and wisdom to move quickly to the light.
    Much gratitude to you Denise.
    Hugs to all, Gwen in New Mexico

  5. Thanks Denise,
    Like irvthom and others that have posted prior, I, too, have been dealing with feeling like I am losing it for about 2 years now. It is very difficult to focus and I can get through a day, thinking I was focused (albiet difficult) and then be clueless about what has happened. It has been particularly difficult to feel competent at my work, tho I try. I have tried to really stay in the moment and at least in that one moment I am ok. I’m focusing on releaseing the need to try to control anything beyond the moment – sometimes doing well w/that and others not! I am congratulating myself for getting through the last hour 😉 At times it is more difficult than others, and of course, it is really, hmmm, what’s the word…. disconcerting?, when we have no memory of what we did….even earlier in the day. It helps much to know others are experiencing the same, and, Denise, your post contains wonderful insight. Thanks.

  6. Tieshla,

    I know…enough already with this negative dark shit crampin’ my glorious, blazing Light/Love style! I wanna run on all cylinders and at top light speed as I was originally designed to! It’s happening as we speak and faster now than ever before. :mrgreen:


  7. Irv,

    Hang in there and double and triple check things because I think it’s gonna get a whole bunch weirder for a while. This is one monumental transition and shift we’re going through in 2011 and I expect many of us to momentarily become lost in space just like this! 😉


  8. Thank you for this one, Denise. And I hope you’re right, as I’ve been feeling lately as though I’m losing my mind, even though it works perfectly when I want it to. Just this morning, I discovered a series of emails from someone called Adrian, that my computer tells me I had opened — one and all — since the first of the year, yet my mind remembered none of it at all when I first discovered the list, on opening his most recent and being quite surprised by its contents. Weird.

  9. Brilliant!
    Totally BANG on, Denise.
    Yes, yes…that’s it in a concise and precise nutshell, one that only a well-versed Lightworker with some bad ass Ascension muscle could crack so well.
    I’m with you on ALL of it.
    And I’m @!&$#!!* sick of it.
    I’m ready to punt those dark f!!$#!*’s across the Universe for good.
    Let’s get on with Seeding the New Earth with High Heart Blossoms and Love-Light.
    We are God.
    We are Sovereign.
    We are Free.

    ♥ -:¦:- Tieshla -:¦:- ♥

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