1-11-11 —January 11, 2011— felt like a tsunami of positive higher energies suddenly flooded in everywhere, pushing and lifting everything to yet another higher vibrating level. As powerful and positive as the 1-11-11 energies felt on that day, I knew that the approaching energies of February 11, 2011—2-11-11 would bring in far greater and very NEW energies. (I’m deliberately writing the word NEW in caps to convey just how profoundly different and more potent these NEW galactic center, solar, and magnetic energies are from anything we’ve previously experienced via the Ascension Process.)

I’ve perceived different information about the approaching NEW energies emanating from the Galactic Center (GC) or Central Sun, specifically through the two recently discovered cosmic bubbles bulging out from it. [See story here: https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/milky-way-energy-bubbles-or-galactic-flares/ ]  I’ve perceived that the GC’s two new energy bubbles and the NEW energies they’re emanating are rare time-coded, ascension-related evolutionary energies to help push/drive/pressure/propel us through this final intense and most compressed completion phase. These NEW energies are like nothing we have ever experienced on Earth before in any timeline. Because we’ve done the past Ascension prep work, here they are now to help us reach and shoot well beyond the Mayan calendar’s Finish Line.


In the early morning hours of February 1, 2011— 2-1-11 — I received/perceived two Cosmic Email Letters while asleep and dreaming. It wasn’t a “dream” from my subconscious, it was higher information that’s available to any and all who can perceive that level and retain the information once awake and back in one’s physical body. Perceiving at these levels isn’t as hard as it may sound, but retaining all of it once back in your physical body and awake is another story! This is us becoming consciously aware of our being multidimensional beings.

In this dream I received/perceived two different Cosmic Email Letters. The first letter was a page and a half of written information and was much like reading a regular email from someone. This letter contained information about how the Dark Ones are in their final days, their “end times” now and are fighting and lashing out but with less and less strength and potency and at fewer and fewer Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos. Their fuel and food source—us and “normal” humanity plus much of our multidimensional energies—are no longer available to them to steal and utilize for their own negative, interdimensional agenda’s. This is the best news I’ve heard in eons.

The rest of this first Cosmic Email Letter was about how the Dark Ones are dealing with what’s happening to them now via our Ascension Process, plus the NEW GC energies being transmitted through the two NEW bubbles. Those higher/lower frequencies will not be able to co-exist,  so the Dark Ones are currently facing some major changes to their lifestyles, fuel supplies and food choices. It’s been a long time coming and I’m proud to be alive on Earth to participate in the planetary take-back. What’s happening now in Egypt is this same micro/macro interdimensional Process out of polarity and into unity.

The second Cosmic Email Letter was two full pages of information about how freaking wonderful everything is about to become because of the info in letter #1. (I’ve almost hated reading certain channelings and/or articles by certain people/Beings claiming this very thing. I did not want to hear about how fabulous everything was going to be while I was still in such severe Ascension-related pain and misery, plusdealing with frantic, going down for the last time attacks from the Dark Ones! We’ve all read these happy-crap promises for many years now, and in all honesty, I didn’t feel much energetic improvement until late 2008. But this has taken another giant leap forward since the flare-up of negative attacks by the Dark Ones in October and November 2010, and again in January 2011. Despite the attacks I and many of you reading this have experienced since last October, these Dark Ones are on their way out permanently because the energies have increased so dramatically just since 1-1-11.

So now I’m going to say the same thing many others have promised over the past few years. It’s true, but the big difference for me is that I know it’s true because I can clearly feel the massive energetic changes and improvements already. This second Cosmic Email Letter confirmed what I’ve felt myself energetically—albeit in between the latest frantic, angry and ugly etheric and physical attacks by the Dark Ones. (Besides being attacked and threatened in a lucid dream attack I had on Nov. 6, 2010 by some ancient, giant Dark Ones, they also angrily revealed plenty of information to me which confirmed that their time is indeed ending now.)

This second Cosmic Email Letter went on and on about nothing other than how we, humanity, Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, all the other galaxies, all the non-physical, multidimensional Beings/Lightbeings/Starbeings/Masters/Angelics and everyone and everything else throughout the UNIVERSE is about to Ascend to a NEW level and location blah, blah, blah. I jest…this information was monumentally wonderful and I know every word is truth and so close now we’re actually feeling and perceiving the outer edges of it today. He he he he he. Giggle, giggle, giggle. OMG, OMG, OMG. We did it kids, and here comes the all-encompassing, glorious, radiant Graduation Reality Upgrade because of it.

So yeah, the second letter rocked to be sure, and the best part is that we’ve already passed through the first (1-11-11) portal and the second portal (2-11-11) is going to activate entirely NEW energies…and some new symptoms too because of it. It’s okay, we’ll get through them and adapt because that’s what we do. (More about some of these NEW energy ascension symptoms coming soon in another post.)


The first moment I saw the original (not enhanced) image of the massive upper and lower energy bubbles protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) or Central Sun, I knew that when those cosmic energies disperse throughout the Milky Way galaxy and reach our local Sun and then us on Earth—life, consciousness, our bodies, reality and absolutely everything else is going to be affected and altered in ways they NEVER have before.

I believe these completely NEW energies emanating from the GC’s two bulging bubbles is what Tom Kenyon’s Hathors Jan. 2011 channeling, Partaking From the Solar Winds, is talking about and how to take advantage of them. All these articles by different people and myself are indicating the same things; more dramatic changes to us (Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos), humanity in general, all of our levels of consciousness, DNA, our energy bodies, the planet, and reality in general. Be it through the potent astrological sign changes coming in February (North Node enters Sagittarius and Chiron enters Pisces), March (Uranus enters Aries), and April (Neptune enters Pisces). Or be it through the repeating 11’s climbing the numerical frequency ladder throughout 2011 to the triple 11’s of 11-11-11 in November, they all are helping lift, shove, push, drive, propel, launch, evolve and ascend us permanently out of the old lower polarized and dark patriarchal world and consciousness. But wait, there’s another NEW, never before experienced change about to begin on—you guessed it—2-11-11.


Because I’m not very left-brained knowledgeable about the Mayan calendar and its numerous cycles and sub-cycles, I’ve learned to connect the right-brained knowings, information, and visions I perceive along with what Carl Calleman says about the calendar. Since Nov. 2010 I’ve been sensing that 2-11-11 is incredibly important because these NEW GC bubble’s energies will fully activate in the physical Earth plane beginning that day.

A couple weeks ago I was sorting through an old stack of papers and discovered a copy of Carl Calleman’s September 6, 2009 article “9-9-9 and the Mayan Calendar”. I glanced through it quickly to decide if it was going into the trash with the many other papers I was tossing when I spotted an important paragraph that really got my attention. [See Carl Calleman’s website for the full article.]

“The first of these 260-day Sacred Calendar rounds, the one which actually begins on 9-9-9 and goes on until May 26, 2010, may be seen as a period of build-up to the Ninth level that is suitable for prayer, meditation and mental focusing. We encourage community building, networking and spiritual synchronization in this time period, also of a practical nature. The second 260 calendar round, starting May 27, 2010 will create a preliminary arrival of the Ninth level and the beginning of this will be marked by the Conscious Convergence July 17–18, 2010, a significant focus point for spiritual projects of a practical nature that will prepare for the birth of a new world. The third Sacred Calendar round of 260 days will begin February 11, 2011 and includes the actual activation of the Ninth level, the Universal Underworld on March 8, 2011. This may be the most dramatic of the three steps as it leads up to the establishment of the highest energy state of the universe on October 28, 2011.”

The third Sacred Calendar round of 260 days starts ON February 11, 2011— 2-11-11 —and is the actual activation of the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld! I don’t think there’s any “may be” about it; I wholeheartedly sense this third final “Sacred Calendar round” beginning on 2-11-11 will indeed be the most intense and clearly felt activation point of them all so far.


  • We have the two NEW energy bubbles bulging out from above/below the Galactic Center Milky Way plane
  • We have the NEW repeating 11’s and portals to climb vibrationally each month throughout 2011
  • We have the NEW higher GC energies being transmitted to and through our Sun and then to us and Earth starting in a NEW way on 2-11-11
  • We have the NEW and final 20-fold frequency and time increase that the Ninth Wave will create
  • We have the never before experienced shift from the traditional tzolkin 20-day count, to a NEW compressed 9-day count
  • We have the NEW Ninth Wave that manifests a NEW 9-day count coupled with stair step numerical energies and 11 portals
  • We have the ending of the Dark Ones as rulers of Earth/humanity, and us remembering how to Consciously Co-Create the NEW through 5D Unity High Heart Consciousness
  • I need to get the car washed and go to the grocery store…oops, scratch that, just focus on the other items!   😉

As you can see we’re currently at another transition point of entering a whole NEW set of Ascension-related energies, symptoms, solar activity, magnetic anomalies, world events, inner events, further consciousness changes, and increasing interdimensional anomalies both pleasant and wild and strange as well. Fear not as this is the changing of the guards that we’ve worked so long and so hard to finally achieve. I also sense that March, 3-11-11 will be an unusually strong and sudden global manifestation of increasing Unity Consciousness or High Heart Consciousness due to the 3 or triality energies—not to mention everything else that March 2011 will manifest—in us and more of the masses.


February 5, 2011

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29 thoughts on “2-11-11

  1. meletethmuse – Nicole – NEW,

    Hi and glad you’re here and that you’ve decided to say hello. 🙂

    I’ve happy you enjoyed A Lightworker’s Mission and my sister’s artistic abilities. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. Hi Denise,
    This morning about 5 A.M./I live in Greece/ I saw a BIG number of dark ones leaving from Earth. I have never seen such a thing!!!
    It seemed to me that they had been pulled out, like soldiers from a war. They were all ‘going’ to the same direction, like they were called back to base. No fight, no looking back they were just pulling out. Following order, I have no doubt about that.
    At the same time my body started to freak out. Pain and tension on the right side of my body..and it’s still going on. I can handle it, but I wanted to share this, in case others are having the same symptom. I would say it’s all the left over dense energy messing with my body as it is transmuting. I keep drinking water, that seems to help.
    Right after the pulling out of the dark ones, I had another vision. I saw that dark energies are still connecting to people, but only /as I saw it/ on the head area. It gave me the feeling that the dark will be almost like memory to people. It’s a bit hard to explain, but a think you get the picture.
    It will be much easier to handle and no harsh effects on people’s lives as it was up until now.
    I’d say it’s all good news!! The dark is disappearing and we can finally breathe.
    We all need that!!

  3. Eva,

    Thanks for sharing your vision with everyone. It is happening now in large numbers and very fast. However, having said that, we still need to realize that this Process of the Dark Ones exiting won’t happen overnight.

    Many of them – and many of the humans they control in positions of power and “leadership” around the world – won’t give up so easily. They’ll fight hard to hang on to all that they’ve used and fed off of for so very long! The Egyptian president is Reptilian controlled and he’s being used by them to quickly come up with alternate ways to remain in power, but more hidden. It won’t work, but this is one way this situation is currently trying to play out. I envision massive amounts of Light/Love energies covering all of Egypt and its people now as a way to help them do what they’re doing.

    We’ll see much the same type of thing happen here in the US with the Light becoming increasingly obvious, and also the Dark Ones (Reptilians primarily) trying frantically to get their human puppets to come up with things that sound and appear to be positive compromises while they really have NO intention of changing much of anything. Some of the Dark Ones will retreat easily while others will fight hard to the very end. We all need to remember this and fill up everything with Light/Love frequency…which will choke them to death!!! 😆

    Thanks again for sharing your great vision with everyone.

  4. First – Denise – I am so glad I found you and your blog. Thanks to to those of you that so vulnerably shared – Gwen, Shawn and others… I am having an incredibly difficult time right now – I can barely function in “real” 3-D life – but I am making it, I think 😉 I have a new job – like Cheri – almost same scenario – and sick like Shawn. I have been involved in metaphysics and spirituality for almost 30 years, so thought I might be able to get thru this time basically OK…but it has been a challenge and thoughts that have been shared on this link have helped me tremendously. Thanks, Debra

  5. I know we are all having our own experiences with this – some seem to be having more releases than others… as has been said many times in many ways on this site “your mileage may vary”… This 9-day period has been one of extreme tension and difficulty for me. Problems thought long resolved are coming up again for a second or third or fifth resolution… stress levels so high that I am, at times, actually amazed I am still alive. I have had such severe heart chakra pain I have thought I ought to go to the emergency room — panic attacks that are so strong as to make you think you’re having a heart attack are panic-inducing in and of themselves! I am thankful that I have a paramedic brother-in-law and RN sister-in-law who have given me “extra” signs to look for – like sweating and nausea – that I haven’t had. Still, I am having an extreme sense of impending doom… I can be so positive at times, but then it feels like whistling past the graveyard… honestly, if the intensity is going to get worse throughout this year I don’t know how I will survive it… add to that my Saturn Return and honestly I am approaching scared. I know that fear is the mind killer (thanks to Frank Herbert for that one!) but it is becoming harder to face the fear and allow it to pass over me and through me and watch it go away. The things that are making me fearful are stronger than I thought they were.

    I am heartened (word choice is deliberate) that so many are becoming able to pass through this period and the idea that the Dark Ones are leaving is filling me with hope… thank you all for being here when I need a dose of heart light.

    Deb (formerly Jean)

  6. Debora,

    Most excellent with the name change. 🙂

    There is soooo much to talk about right now and I’m frantically working on another post…or three…and hope to have one done asap.

    As you know I’m going through my second Saturn Return now too, plus being a Capricorn, I’m well familiar with the lower side of Saturn=fear! USE your second Saturn Return to transmute these fears that have come up now and are demanding you deal with them. Fear (and all other lower frequency emotions/emotional energies etc.) cannot co-exist with higher vibrating, higher frequency energies and consciousness. Period. So USE this transit to finally transmute any lower emotions/thoughts/patterns/belief systems/body and health belief systems/poverty belief systems and so on. Sweetie…there’s a very important reason why our Higher Selves designed our lives so that our second Saturn Return coincides with the current galactic, solar, magnetic, planetary changes and the completion of the Mayan calendar! 😉 We have so much back-up support with this entire Ascension Process it’s mind boggling. Sure some of these things are hard and painful and frightening but like I said, our Higher Selves have this timed so that we have the absolute best chance of succeeding at everything we’re here now to do for ourselves and the species spiritually.

    Another huge aspect of this business (and this is some of what I’m writing about now) is that the “FEARS” and much of the physical body pains and other things are not OUR fears, pains, confusions, mental blockages etc., but are the Dark Ones messing with us in a last ditch effort to stop us from evolving/ascending. The Dark Ones excel at producing, maintaining and directing fear IN humanity for many negative reasons. Don’t help them by producing their most valuable energy – fear fuel!

    Do not focus on the fear because that never helps. Instead focus on positive things that you love and enjoy. When I was a kid and dealing with fears, I’d lay in bed at night struggling to think of and visualize happy, positive things instead of being terrified by the Dark things. I’d chant to myself silently, “Ponies, candy, flowers, swimming pools. Ponies, candy, flowers, swimming pools.” Seriously! 😆 I hope that made you smile and reminded you of Light and Love fuel.

    You are a powerful, spiritual Being and an aspect of the All That Is. And like Lisa Renee says, which is the coolest saying ever in my opinion, “Be still and know you are god.”

  7. Thanks so much for this update. Lots of writers seem to have just recently put out a new message, which is encouraging. Earlier in the day I was feeling upbeat too, and now I’m feeling terrible again. What seems to repeatedly ‘get’ to me at the moment is that I really feel that I have almost no friends left, and the ones left, I honestly don’t know that I’m really connecting to them either. I have no money, no stable job, and all the rest, but it is this issue that seems to unsettle me the most – and of course there isn’t a ‘significant other’ either. There never has been, and I’m getting on in age now.
    I know it is all part of it all, but boy-oh-boy…

  8. Another timely info intervention Denise. Right smack in the middle of my runway towards renaissance, my house bunny, whose alpha personality ruled this roost, got sick and died in less than 24 hours. Last night, when my tears were no longer doing any good, and the heaviness kept me down like a moth in a bucket of water, I saw your comment about thinking good thoughts and repeating your mantra. So I walked around my house for an hour or more touching and thanking every thing that is in my life for coming to and being in my life.

    The shock has worn off this morning, and I of course, am still grieving her loss, but I can look upon all the other amazing creatures, people and stuff I share space with easy appreciation. Including you and the other faceless , friendly folk on the intertubes.

    “Be still and know ye are God.” One of my favorite quotes in the universe. Not to take away from Lisa Renee, but that mystical guidance is from the New Testament. Psalms, if I recall correctly. Another favorite quote I have taped to my monitor is equally mystical and magical. Abraham-Hicks could have said it no better: “You will decide on a matter and it will be established for you — and Light will shine on your way.”

    May we all have our paths brightly lit and our feet unrelentingly moving in the direction of divine transformation…

  9. lampligher2,

    I’m so, so sorry for you loss and heart pains. There is nothing that hurts like the loss of a beloved fur friend. Hugs to you.

    I figured Lisa Renee didn’t create that great line herself, but I obviously didn’t know where she’d borrowed it from. This shows how little I know about the bible! Thanks for the clarification about that wonderful line.

    Get well soon and give all of your other fur partners a hug for me.

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