Brain Rewiring & Attacks from the Dark Ones

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[NOTE: This is another article that not everyone reading it will relate to or relate to now. Please keep that in mind as you read it and don’t automatically assume that you’ll experience identical types of psychic attacks and/or energy siphoning. We’ve reached the year however (the numerous 11 portals throughout 2011) where we all need to learn to permanently stop the Dark Beings from draining us energetically; to protect ourselves when the Dark Ones use other humans to emotionally trigger etheric openings in us to make us sick and/or weaken us, sidetrack or slow us down or stop us altogether; to protect our beloved pets from negative psychic attacks/wounding/murder  strictly to trigger and open us for the same reasons. Anything the Dark Ones can do now to stop, slow down, sidetrack, make sick, wound and weaken us physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically, they are very intently doing. No fear, just time for more of us to take greater responsibility and awareness of our multidimensional natures, power, consciousness, energy bodies and energies.]

1-1-11 came in with an exciting rush of new pushing energies. For me and mine this was immediately followed by another round of  psychic attacks by negative Beings—the Dark Ones/Team Dark. The short few days between 1-1-11 and 1-10-11, my cat and Mom and I have been battling more psychic attacks by the same negative beings and their etheric tools that both attack, damage, and drain energies from both humans and our pets. The tsunami-like energy portal that 1-11-11 (Jan. 11-11) was greatly reduce these attacks, but it returned the next day to try to divide and conquer and continue feeding off me and mine. Obviously I personally have more things I need to learn and do immediately (which I am) to finally end these negative attacks and siphoning of my energies. I sense I and many of you are and will be doing—among other things—exactly this throughout 2011.


I began smelling strong burning incense smoke and/or smokey smells like from chimneys in late 2008. It was (and still is today) so strong that I believed it was actual physical odors I was smelling, but after walking through the neighborhood a couple of times in early 2009, searching for the bastard with the dirty chimney that was choking me every night, I discovered it was not a physical odor I was smelling at all. This meant I had to try to discover why I was even smelling it.

Eventually I began paying attention to when I would smell this nearly choking smokey smell and sensed it was directly connected to the Rewiring of my brain hemispheres. Once we were in 2010, I was certain that smelling this strong smokey odor was indeed a type of temporary side-effect from the ongoing brain Rewiring process. By the summer of 2010, the brain Rewiring process had reached the point where we were integrating the inner male/female energies within ourselves, and coupled with this was the Pineal and Pituitary glands being merged or Rewired in a new higher way too. The summer and fall months of 2010 were intense with potent energy activities completing inside our brains and brain glands. The why of this was so we could evolve/ascend out of our old lower polarized brains, consciousness and energies into whole-brained beings that can house, perceive, and use higher frequency unified consciousness and energies.


So what happened almost immediately after this phase? With the start of Oct. 2010, I and many of you suddenly got hammered by negative etheric attacks, powerful and deliberate interference, plus some had lucid dream attacks and grand threats by a handful of the Dark Ones themselves. Again, the why is what’s really important with all this because it helps us connect more multidimensional ascension dots to better understand what we’re currently living and working through.

• Polarized brain halves perceive and exist vibrationally within polarized consciousness and polarized reality—old 3D.

• Rewired brain halves become whole or unified brains that perceive and exist vibrationally within unity consciousness and unity reality—5D.

Yippee right? Well yeah until I realized that, as usual, there were going to be drastic backlash events and increased counter measures taken by the Dark Ones because many of us had begun the process of evolving/ascending out of the Dark One’s polarized frequency range now that our brains have been Rewired and can house, run and exist within higher Unity energies, consciousness and reality.


What I’ve realized between Jan. 1–10, 2011 is, like an automatic response to our Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers recent vibrational shift during the fall months of 2010, the Dark Ones instantly felt us change energetically into a frequency of increasing Unity Consciousness and being. The more we evolve/ascend and become increasingly aware multidimensionally and the more we take greater responsibility for all of our multidimensional energy bodies, the more the Dark Ones are freaking out and lashing out at us for the obvious reasons. The second we began to make this transition in October and November 2010, these negative nonphysical beings shifted into increased High Alert to try to stop the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers in any way they can. They absolutely want to prevent us from doing what we’re here now to do doing for humanity/Earth. Is it any wonder why the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are always the first to be attacked by them?


The same things we’ve always done! We embody, live, anchor and manifest higher cosmic Light energies into this new reality for humanity/Earth and everything else right in and through our bodies, hearts and beings. Nothing’s changed, it’s business as usual for us. What has changed is what we’re working on now; us using our bodies/brains/hearts/beings to live, be, exist within, manifest and anchor Unity or High Heart Consciousness into the New 5D Earth’s new and much more complex 5D Grid system.

Every one of this year’s 11 portals will be assisting us doing this Unity infusion Grid Work throughout 2011. I suspect that by Nov. 11. 2011—the triple 11-11-11 portal, we’ll have completed energetically programming, infusing and fueling the new 5D Earth Grid system through our  integrated, unified, High Heart Consciousness and bodies with 5D Unity energy/consciousness. 2011 is us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and some Indigos Consciously Creating and Co-Creating through our bodies, hearts and beings what’s going to fuel our new planetary Grid system. Guess whose going to do their best to stop us, slow us down, sidetrack us, beat us down in any way they can, drain and exhausted or make us sick so we can’t do it? You guessed it…the Dark Ones.

I remember reading Lauren Gorgo’s information saying that living the Ascension Process often uses 70–80% of our vital life force, which I know is true! There were repeated phases for over a decade when my body didn’t have enough vital life force to even digest food because it was being utilized to transmute dense lower frequency duality energies. Obviously that often leaves us with as little as 20–30% to work/live with, and, we typically have Team Dark siphoning from that little bit too. No wonder we’re profoundly exhausted much of the time! So, what do we do to protect ourselves from them draining us into a pile of exhausted, weeping, half-dead mush so we miss some of the numerous 11 portals throughout 2011? Remember Lisa Renee’s November 2010, ‘The Restoration’ article and it’s Command?

This restoration period of our multidimensional bodies bits and pieces and removal of energy siphons that the Dark Ones have used to feed/fuel themselves and their agendas is unfolding now and during all of 2011. This is another reason they’re so focused on us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos now. We’ve got to be consciously aware that we’ve still got some Multi-D energy siphons here and there and we’ve got to consciously work on ending this long-standing inter-dimensional energy-bleed-feed Team Dark have always done to Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and mass humanity. I know how exhausted we all are at this point within The Process, but we’ve got to do this current Lightwork for ourselves and everyone else and finally end the Dark Ones endlessly stealing free cable TV, electricity, and water from us and humanity to fuel them and their agendas.

I’m so physically sick now and I do NOT get “sick” or catch the flu, colds, viruses etc. What happens to me is I get worn down by multiple attacks from the Dark Ones and their energy siphons that I’ve still got in probably two of my Energy Bodies and am working on removing now, them attacking and traumatizing my cat and making him wounded and twitchy, them attacking and using other humans in my life to trigger specific lower emotional reactions within me so I become more weakened and open psychically and so on. I know all this yet still don’t always catch myself in time to prevent getting manipulated emotionally/energetically so I become more weakened (in this case physically sick) and waylaid. It’s time to get seriously serious and take my/our stolen vital life force energies back and end these lowly negative attacks and parasitic maneuvers by Team Dark.

I’ve got to go rest and heal and get my energies up again. You be careful out there too and watch out for these types of negative manipulations by Team Dark and protect yourself, home, property, and your pets daily/nightly until we don’t need to do any of this anymore.


January 14, 2011

Copyright red Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. Permission is NOT given to use this material in any custom videos. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

29 thoughts on “Brain Rewiring & Attacks from the Dark Ones

  1. I’ve now had two dreams in which my “son” is physically mutilated in some way. I was somewhat shaken and angry for the day after the first one, and then I realized it was probably some dark force trying to elicit an emotional response from me.

    I actually did get a cold at the beginning of the year, and although I’ve been out playing in the snow the last 2 days, it’s still lingering.

    My neighbors have been at each others’ throats, and it’s very disturbing to listen to this young family enduring domestic disharmony.

    Astara, I am so there with you wanting to draw on the walls and be ultra-creative. I’ve also been wanting to play lots of records and blast out the darkness with music.

    Hope you all stay safe and light.


  2. Denise,

    Your post was quite timely. The night before, I had the most vivid dream of my body being taken over by some non-human “being”. I was in my bedroom and thought I had woken up. Up on my bedpost was a strange looking creature, almost like a squid of some sort, but not very big. When it moved its tentacles, my upper body jolted upright in bed. Then I began floating. I had no control over what was happening to me. Then I held my arms in front of me and watched as they started to vanish. Very freaky! And right before that experience, I had a dream that seemed to be targeting fears I have had in the past. And 2 nights ago, I was being bitten by a crocodile that wouldn’t let go. This time, though, I remained very calm in my dream. Someone came to help, the croc let go, and I was fine.

    As for illnesses around me, my youngest son (age 6), came down with a cold two days ago. (I am showering him with all the hugs and kisses I can for a speedy recovery!) As for animals, I don’t have any pets, but the same night of my dream, I awoke suddenly to the strangest sound. At first I thought it was one of my children crying, but then I realized it was a neighbor’s dog moaning. I’ve never heard a sound like that before!

    As for “fighting back”, I agree with the person who said loud music works. That day after your blog, Denise, I was playing my radio in the car and kept finding dance songs that had really intense beats. Suddenly, I was overcome with this desire to turn the radio way up, sing along and “jam out” to my heart’s content! I was actually laughing out loud at the dark ones because I know they will not win!

    Another thing that I find helps is having loving thoughts. We CAN beat down those dark ones with the love in our hearts! The more unconditional love we put out there, the more we can raise the vibrations of all of humanity. And one final thought. It might be a good time to dive back into a book that maybe was instrumental in getting each of where we are today. I can’t help but mention one of my favorites here – “Conversations With God”, by Neale Donald Walsch, but there are so many!

    This is my first post here, but not to be my last, I’m sure. I am very excited to be a part of this group!

    Love to you all!
    Be well and stay FREE!

  3. hi – a friend of my daughters has been diagnosed as bipolar etc etc because he hears voices in his head, also sounds like bird song.etc –
    i only found out recently why he had been diagnosed into this category – he is now on mutilple drugs etc etc – but still hearing voices.
    i had a had talk with him and he wont tell me what the voices say but apparently its not pleasant stuff.
    i know – although he doesnt – that he is an empath, light worker and star seed and that he had an awful childhood and was abused by his mothers boyfriend – stuff like that – i feel tht part of him has done a bunk and let something else in thats pretty dark and nasty – now he’s got more problems –
    first of all – how do you explain soimething like that to a 22 year old guy who doesnt know a lot about this sort of thing – and secondly what the hell are doctors doing to him filling him up with drugs that arent even helping him and wanting to lock him up in some awful hospital-type place.
    i think i can help him clear this yukky stuff if i get the chance but it doesnt seem to be something that i can do from a distance and i really dont know how to explain any of it to hm without him thinkin g i need locking up too!!
    he is a lovely guy really but with a lot of issues – all childhood related – whats new –
    he isnt really my problem but my daughter is very fond of him and we all feel linked to him – any ideas – and dont you think its about time that the medical profession realise there is more to all of this than pumping people with appalling drugs will cure –
    its weird how bugged we -as a family – feel about this and it is definitely affecting us quite a lot- on top of all our own stuff we are having to deal with all the usual ascension issues etc etc
    He isnt the first person i know to have these sort of problems and be treated in this way by doctors – seems to be getting quite a common thing – soon there will be vast amounts of people walking round like zombies – drugged up to the eyeballs ………..
    is this how the old world will be when it all changes ???
    trouble is its the sensitive guys who suffer with this sort of thing – what happens to them when they are left like this!!
    sorry if i’ve rambled on a bit –

  4. “soon there will be vast amounts of people walking round like zombies – drugged up to the eyeballs ……”


    Soon?! Hell this has been going on for many decades and it’s only gotten worse. This whole business makes me sick too and has REALLY bothered me because it is simply another way that the Dark Ones controlling those humans with authority/power/letters behind their names etc., do their damnedest to define “reality” for all of humanity, which really means keep humanity within a very low frequency range of consciousness and also producing specific lower emotions.

    So when some person whose capable of perceiving above and beyond this enforced, mind controlled frequency fence constructed and maintained by the Dark Ones and the humans they control and direct, that person is as quickly as possible labeled “insane” or “emotionally imbalanced” or “delusional” etc. With Big Pharma ruling the world, the doctors pump these humans who can perceive more of reality, full of drugs that automatically open them energetically/psychically to the lower levels of 4D, the Astral Plane. Now you’ve got a highly sensitive human – and now massive numbers of Indigo’s, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers etc. – who all can perceive beyond the enforced lower frequency fence that was around all of Earth within 3D physicality, who these negative assholes are trying to keep trapped within the lower levels of the Astral Plane and attacked by many of the residents that exist within that dimension and level within it. It’s ALL to do one thing; keep the Light out and the Dark running the planet and humanity aware of ONLY a very narrow and lowly range of energy and consciousness. If humanity wakes up and evolves beyond the Dark Ones and their humans controls, then they loose their power, their food source, everything.

    We Lightworkers/Starseeds/Indigos/Wayshowers etc. knew before we incarnated into this dark and totally controlled world that not all of us would survive, that not all of us would survive with all our parts in-tack, and that we would be under constant attacks by both the Dark Ones AND the humans they control on Earth. We knew what we were going into and why and that we’d pay in different ways but this is what we do; it’s who we are. This is very nearly finished at this point however, but, there are still too many people who still believe that Doctor is all-knowing god and blindly do what they’re told.

    This and more is why I’ve tried to clue people in on how profoundly dangerous drug use really is – both legal and illegal. If you’re naturally carrying higher energies and consciousness, taking street drugs and/or pharmaceuticals will drop and imprison you into a much lower range of energy and keep you there in the lower Astral Plane where the real crazy dark things live! Now you can’t get back up to where you normally and naturally were before the drug use, and that is the whole purpose to giving people who can perceive beyond the accepted range of consciousness on Earth! (The huge push by Big Pharma and doctors etc. to give FREE flu shots is another way for them to get certain things into the masses to keep them functioning and perceiving at lower levels and trying to override the natural Light Energies present now due to the ongoing planetary Ascension Process.)

    Hearing birdsong (and/or Celestial sounds) is an indicator of perceiving and functioning within 7D, which is VERY high level indeed. This poor young, unaware guy…

    You might try giving this young guy a book or some online material about “Indigos” (children and young adults) so he can become familiar with this whole business and get a better sense about who he is and why this is happening to him now. Tell him he’s not alone in this battle but if he wants to survive the doctors and their drugs and where those drugs put him and keep him, then he’s got to understand the bigger picture better than he currently does. Tell him the rest of us need him and his help in Being and Carrying Light Energies in himself and his body. 🙂 They him we Love him and hope he remembers why he’s here now and to tell the adults trying to suppress him to fuck off. Tell him I said that! 😉

    We’ve gotten to the point (2011) where this negative shit has got to stop and fast, otherwise we’re going to loose way too many Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers etc. to the Dark Ones and their totally controlled human puppets. I saw something on TV just the other day about very young children who are diagnosed as “mentally ill” and put on tons of drugs. I could tell by what these very young children were saying that they were Indigo souls – the New Root Race of the New Earth. They are higher frequency souls trying to get anchored into Earth before Earth and enough humanity is vibrating high enough to make it easier, safe and sane for them to even be here now! I feel the same way myself but it is what it is and we all have to Consciously Create and Be the New now and not just talk about it. So many of these higher frequency souls are here already yet the masses are still so very controlled by the negative and limited that it’s very difficult and dangerous for them to be here so early.

    Good luck and tell him many of us -myself included- hear the voices, see the Dark monsters, easily recognize the controlled human puppets, and are attacked by them but we’re still doing what we came here to do…and it’s worked.

  5. Sulaireland,

    I heard just recently on the news that there are some doctors in their mc-mansions being busted/arrested by police… all because they have misdiagnosed their now-dead patients, who had mild symptoms, but were given strong pills instead! Sounds to me (by my Intuition) that there have been SO many reports from loved ones for justice… and the pressure they give was overwhelming…. that the “authorities” HAD to do something to say that they are doing something… even though I’m also noticing from the many forums how doubtful and untrusting their citizens are about them. This is good news I see. 🙂

    Tell your friend I support him too… and I COULD’ve been in his shoes but have decided to no longer use them. It’s not too late for him I hope!

    Lou Ann

  6. denise- thanks for reply – yes i feel angry about how the doctors/medical profession behave – the latest thing with this guy is that if they decide he has to go into care and he doesnt want to go they will section him so he has no choice and then he will be locked up and not free to leave his room etc et so he thinks he will have to go if they say – then he – he thinks – leave if he wants !!!! scarey !!
    the ironic thing about this is that although he trained in art he couldnt get work in that field and so forthe last couple of years he has been working with young people with similar problems – actually much worse problems than him!! i guess the last place he SHOULD have been working!! probably picked up all sorts of stuff from them too!!
    its very difficult to help him – he – like lots his age – know nothing much about being “light/indigo …” and even if they do – like my daughter – who is a natural channel and knows heaps – is very reluctant to talk to any of her friends about how she is – in fact she goes out of her way to keep it quiet even though in our home we ae very open about all of it – they all need to con form – and you can see why – if you are classed as odd you get pounced on and sectioned or something equally bad!!
    It was a bit different for me – when i heard voices they didnt say anything bad to me – now if i get something like that i mainly tell it to f off – years ago i got scared by opening up a bit too quickly once and seeing all sorts of weird/horrid stuff whizzing through strange space and seeing odd portholes – freaked me out a lot at the time – luckily for me i mentioned it to someone who knew what was happenning and once i knew it got ok – then it stopped – but i would never have asked a dotor about in a million years! but i guess that was because i already knew bits of stuff and was a b it used to it – if you know nothing much and also if its starts at an early age you have no one else but the medical profession to ask – also we are all brainwashed into thinking everything a doctor tells you is the absolute truth – that they know eveything!!
    i think the main thing you said that would help is knowing he isnt alone and that he is very loved because regardless of all the girlfriends he has – and there have been many – he needs to feel some sort of nurturing love which knowing his background he hasnt ever really felt. it is very sad –
    i’m still at a loss how to actually help but maybe if i’m meant to something will present itself and i will know what to do –
    funny that he told me he didnt mind the bird song – he must know on some sort of level that that was good!!
    you dont need to reply to this – just thought maybe it would help anyone else who might be having similar problems – probably wouldnt be reading your comments page if they were though thinking about it!!!!
    thanks lou ann fo your comment too –

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