Brain Rewiring & Attacks from the Dark Ones

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[NOTE: This is another article that not everyone reading it will relate to or relate to now. Please keep that in mind as you read it and don’t automatically assume that you’ll experience identical types of psychic attacks and/or energy siphoning. We’ve reached the year however (the numerous 11 portals throughout 2011) where we all need to learn to permanently stop the Dark Beings from draining us energetically; to protect ourselves when the Dark Ones use other humans to emotionally trigger etheric openings in us to make us sick and/or weaken us, sidetrack or slow us down or stop us altogether; to protect our beloved pets from negative psychic attacks, wounding, and/or murder strictly to trigger and open us for the same reasons. Anything the Dark Ones can do now to stop, slow down, interfere, sidetrack, make sick, wound and weaken us physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically, they are very intently doing. No fear, just time for more of us to take greater responsibility and awareness of our multidimensional natures, power, consciousness, energy bodies and energies.]

1-1-11 came in with an exciting rush of new pushing energies. For me and mine this was immediately followed by another round of  psychic attacks by negative Beings—the Dark Ones/Team Dark. The short few days between 1-1-11 and 1-10-11, my cat and Mom and I have been battling more psychic attacks by the same negative beings and their etheric tools that both attack, damage, and drain energies from both humans and our pets. The tsunami-like energy portal that 1-11-11 (Jan. 11-11) was greatly reduce these attacks, but it returned the next day to try to divide and conquer and continue feeding off me and mine. Obviously I personally have more things I need to learn and do immediately (which I am) to finally end these negative attacks and siphoning of my energies. I sense I and many of you are and will be doing—among other things—exactly this throughout 2011.


I began smelling strong burning incense smoke and/or smokey smells like from chimneys in late 2008. It was (and still is today) so strong that I believed it was actual physical odors I was smelling, but after walking through the neighborhood a couple of times in early 2009, searching for the bastard with the dirty chimney that was choking me every night, I discovered it was not a physical odor I was smelling at all. This meant I had to discover why I was even smelling it.

Eventually I began paying attention to when I would smell this nearly choking smokey smell and sensed it was directly connected to the Rewiring of my brain hemispheres. Once we were in 2010, I was certain that smelling this strong smokey odor was indeed a type of temporary side-effect from the ongoing brain Rewiring process. By the summer of 2010, the brain Rewiring process had reached the point where we were integrating the inner male/female energies within ourselves, and coupled with this was the Pineal and Pituitary glands being merged or Rewired in a new higher way too. The summer and fall months of 2010 were intense with potent energy activities completing inside our brains and brain glands. The why of this was so we could evolve/ascend out of our old lower separated Duality frequency brains, consciousness and energies into integrated whole-brained beings that can house, perceive and use higher frequency unified Triality consciousness and energies.


So what happened almost immediately after this phase? With the start of October 2010, I and many of you suddenly got hammered by negative etheric attacks, powerful and deliberate interference, plus some had lucid dream attacks and grand threats by a handful of the Dark Ones themselves. Again, the why is what’s really important with all this because it helps us connect more multidimensional ascension dots to better understand what we’re currently living and working through.

•Separated Duality brain halves perceive and exist vibrationally within Duality consciousness and reality—old 3D.

• Rewired brain halves become whole integrated brains that perceive and exist vibrationally within Triality consciousness and reality—5D.

Yippee right? Well yeah until I realized that, as usual, there were going to be drastic backlash events and increased counter measures taken by the Dark Ones because many of us had begun the process of evolving/ascending out of the Dark One’s Duality frequency range now that our brains have been Rewired and can run and exist within higher Triality energies, consciousness and reality.


What I’ve realized between January 1–10, 2011 is, like an automatic response to our Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers recent vibrational shift during the fall months of 2010, the Dark Ones instantly felt us change energetically into a frequency of increasing Triality or “Unity” Consciousness and being. The more we evolve/ascend and become increasingly aware multidimensionally, and the more we take greater responsibility for all of our multidimensional energy bodies, the more the Dark Ones are panicking and lashing out at us for the obvious reasons. The second we began to make this transition in October and November 2010, these negative nonphysical beings shifted into increased High Alert to try to stop the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers in any ways they could, can. They absolutely want to prevent us from doing what we’re here now to do doing for humanity and Earth. Is it any wonder why the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are always the first to be attacked by them?


The same things we’ve always done. We embody, live, anchor and manifest more NEW higher cosmic Light energies into this reality for humanity and Earth and everything else right in and through our bodies, hearts and beings. Nothing’s changed, it’s business as usual for us. What has changed is what we’re working on now; us using our physical bodies, brains, hearts and beings to live, be, exist within, manifest and anchor HighHeart Triality Consciousness into the 5D Earth’s new and much more complex 5D Grid system.

Every one of this year’s 11 portals will be assisting us doing this Unity, Triality infusion Grid Work throughout 2011. I suspect that by November 11, 2011—the triple 11-11-11 portal—we’ll have completed energetically programming, infusing and fueling the NEW 5D Earth Grid system through our integrated, unified, High Heart Consciousness and bodies with 5D Unity energy and consciousness. 2011 is us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and some Indigos Consciously Creating and Co-Creating through our bodies, hearts and beings what’s going to fuel our new planetary Grid system. Guess whose going to do their best to stop us, interfere, slow us down, sidetrack us, beat us down, drain and exhausted or make us sick so we can’t do it? You guessed it, the Dark Ones, aka Team Dark.

I remember reading something from Lauren Gorgo’s higher dimensional team saying that Forerunners living the Ascension Process (first) often use around 70-75% of our vital life force, which I personally know is absolutely true. There were repeated phases for over a decade when my body didn’t have enough vital life force to even digest food because it was being utilized to transmute dense lower frequency negative Duality energies. Obviously that often leaves us with very little to live and work with, plus we typically have Team Dark trying to siphon that little bit too. No wonder we’re profoundly exhausted much of the time. So, what do we do to protect ourselves from them draining us into a pile of exhausted, weeping, half-dead mush so we miss some of the numerous 11 portals throughout 2011?

This restoration period of our multidimensional bodies bits and pieces and removal of energy siphons that the Dark Ones have used to feed and fuel themselves and their agendas is unfolding now and during all of 2011. This is another reason they’re so focused on us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos now. We’ve got to be consciously aware that we’ve still got some Multi-D energy siphons here and there and we’ve got to consciously work on ending this long-standing inter-dimensional energy-bleed-feed Team Dark have always done to Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and mass humanity. I know how exhausted we are at this point within the Ascension Process but we’ve got to do this current Lightwork for ourselves and everyone else and finally end the Dark Ones endlessly stealing free cable TV, electricity, and water from us and humanity to fuel them and their negative anti-human agendas.

I’m so physically sick now and I do NOT get “sick” or catch the flu, colds, viruses etc. What happens to me is I get worn down by multiple attacks from the Dark Ones and their energy siphons that I’ve still got in probably two of my Energy Bodies and am working on removing now, them attacking and traumatizing my cat and making him wounded and twitchy, them attacking and using other humans in my life to trigger specific lower emotional reactions within me so I become more weakened and open psychically and so on. I know all this yet still don’t always catch myself in time to prevent getting manipulated emotionally/energetically so I become more weakened (in this case physically sick) and waylaid. It’s time to get seriously serious and take my/our stolen vital life force energies back and end these lowly negative attacks and parasitic maneuvers by Team Dark.

I’ve got to go rest and heal and get my energies up again. You be careful out there too and watch out for these types of negative manipulations by Team Dark and protect yourself, home, property, and your pets daily/nightly until we don’t need to do any of this anymore.


January 14, 2011

Copyright red Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. Permission is NOT given to use this material in any custom videos. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

29 thoughts on “Brain Rewiring & Attacks from the Dark Ones

  1. In responce to Denise’s article. I didn’t get it last year even though it was happening constantly. My friends kept saying, “what is Wrong with you!!!
    Now because it’s speeded up I can see it happen daily. I’m writing more then usually to let others know how real this is.
    Last night I was stopped by a police officer, as it was snowing. I felt when he stopped me he didn’t even know why.
    He then said, “you have your sticker on the wrong plate this is a $50.00 fine.” I just looked at him didn’t say a word. It was kinda like Men in Black. Remember those who ha’s.
    He handed me my license back and rode off.
    This is what Denise meant when she said, “catch myself in time emotionally and energetically.”
    Another that made me laugh is when she said, “half dead mush” that’s me exhausted, tired, half crazed but still keep moving.
    Glad I have the hand book for what’s next..also glad to understand what is going on.
    Thank you again Denise, Cheri

  2. Thanks Denise, it’s very uplifting to have someone validate these crazy energies. It really helps to have the graditude journal. When I think I’m going under I pullout this book and see yes, it turned around quickly yesterday. Sometimes it’s so ulgy especially with this woman it almost feels like demons are dancing in her head. I will try and be out of there this week.
    The amazing thing is I know the universe has my back. Finally!!!
    It’s almost happening on a daily basis (the fighting of the powers) but I’m on to it. So when it starts again I remember to stay centered and play music that helps me to remember who I am.

    Love to All. Especially you Denise for starting this amazing site, now I don’t have to stand alone, thinking I’m crazy.

  3. As within so without, as they say. And vice versa. Not surprising there have been a couple of 7+ earthquakes in the last week, with strong aftershocks. Solar flares and solar windstorms have erupted virtually ever day since the new year. The combo leaves me dead tired, swollen and achy in every joint of my body. So if the Dark Ones want to have at me, now’s as good as time as any.

    This week my daughter is sick with the flu. My immuno-surpressed kitty developed a cold, an ulcer in his good eye and yesterday dealt with vomiting and diarrhea. Three other cats have a simple cold and two also have a mild case of the runs. One rabbit broke out in fur mites, the other had a digestive disorder of some sort. The dogs, well, they are always ridiculously happy and content. Including the eldest who limp around more than me. How DO they do it???

    It is not affecting all animals that way, obviously. My closest friend, who also has lots of animals, is sick herself, but the fur is just fine. Hmmmm.

    Has anyone felt an ice pick tamped repeatedly down their ear canal? Or the bottoms of their feet? This week it was my left side. Last week my right, but much more tolerably. High pitched ringing noise (like fax being sent to my middle ear) I can tolerate. But this is beyond rude.

    I agree Astara, that visualization is a major player in energetic mastery. But I will meet your imagery and raise you an e-motion. What you truly feel is what becomes real…

    Hope you are feeling better Denise, perhaps well enough to get outdoors for a wee bit? The sun never felt so good to me as today. :0)

  4. Hey Denise,

    I can’t thank you enough again for keeping this blog up, it’s nice to know I’m not going crazy. I’ve been using the command all week and have noticed a huge difference, I’m a lot happier and I think a lot clearer. A few nights ago, I was really tired and went to bed early. It was restless, I felt like I was half awake and at point point I remember feeling a surge of energy in my forehead that I’ve never felt before. Soon after I felt like I couldn’t move my body, sleep paralysis. This has happened a few times before and kept fighting until I had control of my body again and woke up. I thought maybe this was just a dream but I don’t think it was…….am I just imagining this?

    My question for you and anyone else is what else can I do? I meditate everyday and am working on being aware as much as I can through out the day…..what am I doing? I know I’m working through my own personal issues right now and still have a lot to do but what after?

    Thanks again for everything,


  5. Cheri,

    Well done you! You caught it all with that woman being used to get at YOU. This is typically how these Dark beings work…especially with people vibrating higher. I had the same thing happen repeatedly over the past week or so and that’s why I finally got sick; I did get hooked by some words/actions some other people where directing at me.

    Yes the polarized energies come flying in back-to-back now. That’s what I experienced with 1-11-11 being SO positive and SO powerful in a very good, high energy way and then the very next day the Dark was back in again doing all it does. When we reach the final Mayan 20-fold increase around the last week of Feb, first week of March 2011…just imagine how this wild swinging back and forth between these two energies is going to increase! I’m hoping that this will be finalized by the time we reach the triple 11-11-11 of Nov. 11, 2011.


  6. This subject hit home tonight very strong.
    First I must say that this week I was told by my higher self to keep a graditude book and no matter how bad things get to keep writing down the divine intervention that comes in.
    I was shocked after a grueling week to notice as things became really bad, then something came in just as powerful to off set it. Sometimes in a matter of hours.
    Back to tonight, I have been taking care of a Alezheimer’s woman for about 4 mos. Lately she has started to say things over and over again, “like my mother is dead.”
    Tonight as I was driving her place to place and she was screaming louder and louder whatever she could think of or not think .
    It occured to me after I as totally exhausted that this was a negetive energy using her and I found it so strange she would talk through a vast amount of subjects until she could find one that would hook me in. Meaning it would cause me to engage with her. I decided not too after months of saying the same things over and over.
    I just kept listening to the radio and singing. This caused her to go into a tyriad. It’s not my normal way of doing things being a Pisces, but I said this energy is trying to make me crazy. So when I ignored it I was in a different realm.
    I need to think about this some more, ths job is totally exhausting.
    When I got home a job called in to work ths hospice. See what I mean.
    There is so much to share about the opposites that are battling for power, but the Light is winning. I do mean battling.
    My consciousness has changed drastically this week. Will talk aboutt that another time.
    I’m not saying it’s easy but by noticing after a really bad happening, the opposite rushes in…we are covered.
    Hang Tuff, we are winning
    Love, Cheri

  7. i’m still around dealing with the christic/satanics and hoping it will stop soon. i think they know they’re screwed but it doesn’t stop them being utter total assholes in the middle of the night. i’ve heard so many voices from so many dimensions for so many years now that i’m surprised i’m not in a straitjacket in some state instutition. but i’m not! still here! still me! traumatized, yes, but still me.

    smoke, yes, mine smelled like cigarette smoke and i’d look outside and all around and realize the source was nowhere to be found.

    please oh please oh please let this torture and torment end soon. and this body! what am i going to give birth to?

    bless us all mightily, for we deserve it.

    infinite love,

  8. Hi Denise-Everyone
    I saw your post come in my box today and said i would read it when i got from outdoors. Much rambling in this reply just want to put it on paper as is said by many.. I started reading your post and immediately the song that popped in my head about 2 days ago popped in, only lyrics come through were “End of Times” so i decide right then to do search for the singer of the song, thinking it was Robin Thicke so i put the words in search and Justin Timberlake comes up as the artist and i see title of song is “Until The End of Time”(remember Superbowl Feb 1,2004 super silliness with Justin and Janet Jackson-many of those self-righteous-liars-low vibrations have left and others such as Tom Delay are heading to prison–maybe John Edwards too-much rocking-shaking them out now). I heard the word “Payback” in spirit which brought me to a song made popular by James Brown who was called the “Godfather of Soul”–God-Father/Source is bringing it all in now! The game is over for the dark-side but they don’t want to get up from the table but i heard no more delay, they will be forced up from the table, time for the Light-side to take their places at the table.. A song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers words – “know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run” Lower energies have already been folded and it is definitey time to run for lower energies!

    As i looked more in google search i noticed that Tupac Shakur a self proclaimed gangster i heard(deceased) also has a song also entitled-“Until the End of Time” so i decide to find the lyrics. I see the first line of song are:
    Perhaps i was Addicted to the Dark Side
    Somewhere inside my childhood i missed my heart die
    And even though we came from the same places
    The money and the fame made us all change places
    I looked at the words of the two songs with same title and note Tupac ends with never changing, dying in the dark, where as Timberlake speaks of dark yet he says LOVE would be enough. So my knowing on this is the dark-lower vibrations are playing the game they came to play and will play it until their END– their complete fall is imminent-. Thank You! Thank You!

    The theme “End of Time” keeps playing out for me like i am being drawn to it, by others words or in dream state. I read latest post by Karen Bishop who mentioned “End of Times” in her post, also had a dream yesterday on “End of Times”- in this dream i was spoken to and told that end times are not months but days away–now whether that be for me/world change i took it to be world change. Seems so many rivoted to dates but i say no one knows the exact time at this point of complete handover-change but hold your hats as this too will change.
    I end with dream i also had yesterday about two bears, one was huge-brown color, the other was smaller more medium size and a different color.The two were outside my shop raging, as they were hungry, ravenous having not been fed. They were so used to my daughter buying big bags of food feeding them but she hadn’t bought any and i was not going to buy any as i had determined i was not going to feed them anymore. The big bear was raging, snarling, trying to tear the door down to get inside, determined to be fed but i kept the doors locked so it couldn’t get in. The big bear was determined not to go away and stayed close by the front door for any little chance the door might open so it could get in–
    SO the dark-lower vibrations are being starved of energy-A hungry bear on the prowl is/can be really dangerous. Keep A Tight Grip on your Hearts!

    Love, Love, Love

  9. Denise,

    Thank you so much for making this post as I can relate to almost all of it. Especially right now!! I haven’t gotten physically sick (ie. cold or flu) in awhile but the latter part of this week, I have begun to feel so weak and exhausted and yesterday, I spent most of my day in the bathroom. I KNOW it is because of the “stress” I have felt in my body recently due to the dark ones trying to manipulate my attitude. I have it very precarious at times to not completely jump off the deep end psychologically which is mortifying which then leads to shame. Oh dear, it can become such a cycle.

    I remember being in ballet when I was a little girl and they always told us to keep our eyes focused ahead on an object when we were spinning. This is what I’ve had to do to maintain my attitude and continue holding onto that positive edge that 2011 has gifted us with.

    We have been suffering from psychic attacks in our household too. One of the cats has taken to terrorizing around the house, climbing up very high in places she’s never ventured before, and then knocking everything down and breaking some well loved pottery pieces in the process. Then she sleeps for 5 hours at a time which is also highly unusual for her as she’s usually an indoor/outdoor cat who has kitty ADD we like to joke about. In addition, my brother has temper tantrums at the ripe age of twenty-three where he slams around pots and pans in the kitchen and won’t let us say a word to him without ripping us a new one. Yes, indeed, the attacks have been draining and consistent. We are holding on though and won’t back down to the dark, negative energy suckers.

    The smoke smell has been with me since mid-2009. I smell it when getting out of the car sometimes and I think it must be something burning in my engine or something. Nope, sure enough, it’s a psychic olfactory response completely. Much like when I’ve picked up the smell of spirits wearing floral perfumes or musky colognes. I am relieved and glad to hear that it’s just another part of this acension process. Was getting worried I had a visitor who wouldn’t leave me alone.

    One last thing is that I have been combating the dark energy suckers lately with LOTS of CREATIVITY. I have literally want to draw on the walls with markers or crayons, I’ve wanted to scrapbook again (haven’t in prob. 5 years), I’ve wanted to cut up magazines and paste together collages every day, it seems like. To me it’s such a good sign that this year holds a lot of visionary/manifestation energy and that if we tap into, we really can imagine ourselves a new world. To me visualization, instead of words, is the natural language of the heart. High heart energy wins this year!!

    Thanks and much love always,

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