2011 TO DO List

  2011 TO DO LIST  

  • HANG ON because time, reality, consciousness, ascension/evolution is going to speed up another 20-fold faster on March 9, 2011. Sensitive people have been feeling it building during the Fall months of 2010, but it will fully arrive on March 9, 2011.
  • Read that first one again because it’s the most powerful and important 2011 change for us all.
  • Because of this final 20-fold increase Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and Indigos are going to begin having more new and unusual Multi-D perceptions, experiences, and consciousness.
  • Many more “regular” people will suddenly be activated by this final March 2011 20-fold increase and will become confused and probably frightened by all it will produce individually and collectively.
  • Positive ascension changes AND the simultaneous dismantling, “falling” negative things (people, systems, beliefs, etc.) will both increase with the start of 2011. “It is the best of times and the worst of times.”
  • Jan. 1st. 2011 is a 1-1-11 day! Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshower who’ve been living the Ascension Process since 1999 will fully enter a new level and phase of our Planetary Mission and our Teaching & Guidance Work will adjust to reflect this final 20-fold increase period.
  • Adapt to simply feeling and knowing more, being energetically larger, having more High Heart Consciousness, and being more consciously interactive with your Higher Self.
  • Master remaining within our High Heart Consciousness Center no matter what’s happening around you physically, emotionally, psychically or energetically. Maintain it throughout 2011’s even faster transitions.
  • Practice and master discernment. Allow other parts of yourself to inform you that are not your familiar but lower frequency left-brain intellect and ego.
  • The Dark (negative) non-physical beings and physical humans are and will become more frantic and bold because their time and food source is ending here so be aware and wise but do not fall back down into the lower frequency of fear or dis-empowerment etc. This phase won’t last long.
  • Be prepared on multiple levels for greater increases in severely polarized consciousness, mental, emotional, physical instability and/or violence in lower frequency and consciousness people and negative world-wide systems. They’re having their growing difficulties due to the increasing and unrelenting higher energy pressures and many cannot make this final huge transition into a world and reality of Light. This too is normal at this point and they will go elsewhere to continue so don’t be concerned.
  • Be prepared on multiple levels for very pleasant new multidimensional experiences, visions, feelings, smells, sounds, discoveries, and profoundly deeper level knowing. Deeper level knowing is much more vast and multidimensional—not to mention free—than old 3D egoic, intellectual, left-brained thinking and costly memorization of specific distorted information.
  • Expect greater magnetic changes on Earth, increased solar activities and continued light changes, increased unusual deep-space, cosmic and Galactic activities, energies, lights, movements, changes in orbits and locations, planetary axial tilt correction etc. Simultaneously expect greater changes in your awareness of linear time, of moving out of it and into non-linear quantum and Multi-D states of awareness. Don’t become lost or frightened during the increasing moments when you’re consciously aware of vibrating/spinning/existing well outside old familiar linear 3D Earth time and polarized consciousness boarders. We’ll all adapt to this quickly and wonder how we ever lived without it!
  • Sudden major expansions in human consciousness/awareness will begin with 2011. This will be both wonderful and frightening for many people. Even many people who’ve been aware of the Ascension Process will be surprised by the many changes and speed of them that 2011 will bring.
  • Learn to hold your Ascended Self Individuality (highest Leo) while allowing all others to learn and do the same. Ascended Individuals learning to function within complex and growing 5D (highest Aquarian) Groups. Aquarius/Uranus and Leo/Sun energies but within an ascended 5D level, not a old lower 3D one.
  • Be prepared to make further changes—residence, employment, unemployment, career, schooling, beliefs, expectations, plans, income, money, friends, family etc. Help 2011 and the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers by being far more open to vastly higher, better, more evolved ways to live and be. Expect much higher which means letting go of even more old lower world beliefs and ways of living and being. Be brave and release even more so that much better can take its place.
  • Expect things to change (evolve) throughout 2011 much quicker than what some people and channeled beings have predicted.
  • Increasing numbers of people will begin consciously (and through their dreams) multidimensionally seeing and communicating with certain non-physical, other-dimensional Starbeings, ETs, Others. In 2011 “Universal Society” will slowly begin in increasing numbers of Individuals who are energetically and psychologically capable of  consciously perceiving (and interacting with) much larger and more complex levels of Multi-D reality. As more people are energetically and psychologically capable of perceiving more and more Multi-D reality, they too will begin to sense, feel, see and eventually communicate telepathically with some of the numerous other-dimensional Others all around us. This must be energetically earned first however to prevent psychological and/or energetic damage or shock to the ascending human.

We’re going to move through this last intense, more compressed, and 20-times faster phase and not become lost within this Completion Process. This is where our own High Heart Consciousness will repeatedly remind us where the new ascended Center is and to use it as our primary navigational tool.

March 9, 2011 humanity enters the Mayan calendar’s Ninth Wave or last 20-fold completion and evolutionary acceleration period. Only days later on March 11, 2011—3-11-11—Uranus (the planet that rules Aquarius) enters Aries. It takes Uranus seven years to transit through one zodiacal sign.

January 23, 2011 Jupiter enters Aries. Typically it takes Jupiter one year to transit through one zodiacal sign.

Chiron has been in Aquarius  since Feb. 22, 2005 and on Feb. 10, 2011 it enters Pisces. Chiron will be in Pisces for the next eight years or so.

On April 5, 2011 Neptune (the planet that rules Pisces and the ending Age of Pisces) enters Pisces. It takes Neptune 14.5 years to transit through one zodiacal sign. As you can see, 2011 begins with plenty of important astrological sign/energy changes that will help us transition through the multiple Mayan calendar completions cycles in a very short and intense period.

With Uranus and Jupiter back in Aries, Saturn in Libra (the opposite sign to Aries), Pluto in Capricorn, and Chiron and Neptune moved into Pisces, 2011 is going to be very much about sudden expansions of consciousness (fifth-dimensional High Heart Consciousness) in vastly more people world-wide. Also the continued but more compressed collapsing of all negative global systems, structures and beliefs…the ending of the past 2,100-yearlong Piscean Age. And with Chiron and Neptune entering Pisces at this time, humanity will finally Individually become integrated Spiritual Beings on their own and realize they know this as inner living personal truth as opposed to continuing to believe deliberate religious lies that have convinced them they need a intermediary between themselves and anything spiritual.

Hang on yet be flexible because 2011 is going to be one very fast and intense year of transition.

Denise Le Fay

December 27, 2010

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22 thoughts on “2011 TO DO List

  1. Thanks Jean for that geo-alert! After a horrible, painful, restless night I am walking around my house jittery and shaky, feeling like I am hopped up on steroids under a full moon with PMS. My head is ready to ‘splode. I checked on the earthquake link and with the exception of a 6.3 south of Fiji, not much to explain it. Did not remember to check the Sun’s business. Makes perfect sense now.

    I am uncomfortably nervous something big is about to happen. But perhaps that is my mind’s conditioned response to being this jumpy. Cart before the horse sorta thingy. :0)

    Peace be upon the world…love to all.

  2. Good Morning everyone…
    I just read this over at Space Weather.com:

    GEO-STORM WATCH: A geomagnetic storm is brewing. The sun’s magnetic field near Earth tipped south during the early hours of Dec. 28th, opening a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind pouring in could spark bright Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m blaming a crack in the magnetosphere for my current angelwing pain. Sheesh — when will it ever end????

    I’d hug you all, but it would hurt so I’ll just send you a heart hug.


  3. Hey Denise and everyone else,

    Since we chose not to go to Texas for the holidays due to the vagaries of weather forecasting, I get to log in and read in real time instead of catching up later … It is so funny to me when we all chime in “Me too!” because we are all going through this stuff — it really helps. Funny too how I have been telling my spouse, who was disabled last year, how he has to mourn the loss of the “old” self so he can move on through to his new life after disability. Boy, do I need to practice what I preach, and thank you very much for the reminder. I acted up like a damn fool (big boo-hooing baby!) because I knew I couldn’t drive through ice and snow and rain for 12 hours like I used to when I wanted to go home for the holidays. I just didn’t want to accept my new limitations — the neck — the “episodes” of sleepiness — the assorted aches and pains — the weird flashy stuff when driving at night with or without oncoming headlights — I know we could all go on for ever about this stuff.

    My theory on the hurting feet thing… it is the stuff you are letting go of, grounding out through your feet… bless the passing pain and be grounded before moving on to the next big thing…

    love to you all…


  4. lamplighter2,

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. I can certainly relate.

    I too have had the bones in my feet be so abnormally painful that it’s hard to walk for periods. I’ve also had the stiff neck business you mentioned, which makes driving tricky as I have to turn my whole body to look left/right because the neck feels almost frozen in place for periods. Other weeks and months these symptoms are totally gone. It is hard at this point to accurately tell exactly what’s causing which aches and pains. I just throw them all under the Ascension Process title because even what the Earth is doing is because of it!

    During the past decade – especially those first few mind-bogging what the hell is happening years – I kept mourning the loss of different bits and pieces of “Denise”. In some ways this phase was extra hard for me because I literally hadn’t aged up to that point. So when body parts/skin/hair/teeth suddenly began changing in ways I’d never experienced before, it was an extra difficult phase of the Process for me personally. But after loosing things year after year, I discovered how much of my egoic sense of “Denise self” I’d believed had been in my physical body, my hair, my size, my weight etc. Nothing like suddenly having those types of things changed to help one’s sense of self expand! Digging around in my soul’s basement was easy for me in comparison to this. (I honestly had no idea that my sense of identity was so entangled in my once great hair!) Now it’s so much easier to just let it go and not mourn so hard. So I end up looking like Yoda, that’s not so bad all things considered! 😉

    Lead to Gold…


  5. Hi Denise et al.

    So I guess the thing to do is to slow down even more to prepare for the fast and furious. At least that is what I am being forced to do. I refuse to label myself a ‘senior’ but my body feels like it is 108 years old and just fell out of bed onto tile. Any one else crippled by inordinate aches, pains, sluggishness, even for these times? My ears are ringing louder than the London clock tower and I am unable to move my neck more than 15 degrees in either direction. My feet, my poor miserable feet are so tender and sore that each step elicits an inner yelp. This is usually how I feel during/after a massive earthquake. I suppose it could be related to all the aftershocks still shifting the plates near Japan. Who knows. Not fun.

    ‘Eye of the storm’ is what comes to mind while reading this post. As time, events, change, evolution, energies swirl around us at ever-increasing rates, to remain still, centered, free, focused is the platform of balance and freedom. Best to use this time for more practice, so we can better preach and perform, so to speak.

    I am not having too many multi-dimensional experiences during daylight hours, but my dream world is exceedingly active. Last night I spent most of it saying good bye (again) to nearly everything I know as my life. Woke myself up to avoid what I felt was a crushing finale. Just like Dorothy, when the worst of my dream came to full crisis, I found I was already home, safe, secure and surrounded by my furry loved ones. I could hear my teenage daughter snoring peacefully in the room next to mine. Well, I think it was my daughter. ;0). I drifted back to sleep just to experience more of the same.

    Many meanings I can take away from this emotional series of dreams. But one feeling was pervasive: Say good bye to even more of what I thought was me and my story. That book is closed forever.

    Of course I already know that. Guess I need more practice experiencing it.

    Happy Almost New Year! May we all reside brilliantly in the eye of every storm…

  6. Bless you dear Denise. Sounds like a read adventure is coming our way. Love it. I am older than dirt! This year could bring new meaning to “I am pedaling as fast as I can?” for this senior!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
    Hugs, Gwen

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