Solar Light Changes & The 12-12 Solar Transmissions

It’s always amazed me how, over the past 15 years or so, I’ve not heard many people talking about how much the Sun and sunlight has and continues changing, and visibly so. I know I’m not the only person that’s noticed how very different the solar light and color is now. Maybe other people have been talking about this subject and I’ve just not encountered any of it as yet, but it seems rather strange to me that it’s not bigger news to more people.

I’ve always been extra aware of certain things and energies in this life, and as a young child I was very confused about the seasons—spring, summer, fall and winter. Seasons were alien to me, so I paid close attention to try to understand what was going on. Another thing I was very consciously aware of was the Sun and its warm golden rays. When I was 6–7 years old I’d laid out in the hot summer Sun and telepathically talk with the much revered Beings that lived in the Sun. As a young child I remembered the Sun and sunlight both within and outside of the Photon Band of Light, in a very ancient energetic way. I remembered what it looked like, its color and the color of its light rays, its energies and where it moved in the sky throughout the year were all very important to me.

For the majority of my life (prior to the start of the Ascension Process) the Sunlight was warm, nurturing and golden-yellow colored 3D solar energies. Then one day in 1995, I noticed that the Sunlight had changed dramatically and was now very silver-white in color instead of its old familiar warm golden tones. The sunlight and energies felt and looked much more stellar and higher dimensional.

solar rays

I physically saw massive energies radiating off from the Sun in 1995. They looked and still do today like slowly undulating silver-white mist or fog that radiate far out from the Sun in all directions. Now here’s where this business gets interesting in my opinion. Because I’ve remembered what the Sun and sunlight looked like when it was in the higher dimensional Photon Band of Light during my past life in 12,6000 B.C. Egypt at the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo, I instantly recognized this silver-white stellar light radiating from the Sun when I first noticed it around 1995.

clow photon bands 284x clow photon bands 284x clow photon bands 284x

clow photon alcyone spiral

(Photon Bands images and “Galactic Night” diagram are both by Barbara Hand Clow)

Another wonderful aspect of these higher Photonic Light Bands/Belts is how they help transform the toxic, man-made air pollutants, smog etc. Over the past decade I’ve many times been blown away by how beautifully pristine, pure, clean and crystal-clear the deep blue sky has become. No smog, no dust, no filth, no nothing but pure higher frequency energies, Sun/sunlight, air, and sky. These solar/stellar/cosmic/galactic energies and Photonic energies are literally transforming our physical bodies, but they’re also doing the same things to the Earth, the air, the water, the soil, the rock, everything on and in us both. When we enter these higher Photonic Bands/Belts of light energies, nothing that vibrates at a lower, heavier, more dense and polarized level can remain that way in it. It’s like being energetically scrubbed through and through, cell by cell, layer by layer, body by body until everything both in us and Earth is full of higher dimensional Light Energies…and nothing else.


A weird coinky dink that on the 12–12 portal day (December 12, 2010) the Sun would let rip three (3) big juicy CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections)? Not hardly. They are part of the great cosmic delivery system that the 12–12 portal energies transmitted to humanity and Earth.

TRIPLE ERUPTION: “Solar activity surged on Sunday, Dec. 12th, when the sun erupted three times in quick succession, hurling a trio of bright coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the action:

Click here to play a 9 MB gif movie

A preliminary analysis suggests that none of the CMEs will be geoeffective. The expanding clouds should miss our planet.

Are these CMEs related? According to images from NASA’s twin STEREO spacecraft and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the clouds emerged from three distinct blast sites separated by great distances. In each case, a magnetic filament erupted–one near the sun’s southeastern limb (CME#1), one near the north pole (CME#2), and one on the far side of the sun (CME#3). Because all three eruptions occurred within a matter of hours, the coronagraph images suggest a single 3-lobed cloud; in fact, they are distinct CMEs.

Stay tuned for more images and movies, in preparation.”

I’ve been soooo profoundly exhausted lately that I didn’t even feel much of an energy change on 12–12! What I was very aware of on 12–12 was that all day I kept thinking it was—and I feel this is very telling and important—the first day of Spring! What that told me was that this years Dec. 12th. 12–12 download was very much like the high, pure, outward pushing and manifesting masculine start-up energies that we see and feel with the Spring Equinox. With the 12–12 portal energies, via these three solar flares or CME’s, some major positive and very high vibrating male/masculine energies were transmitted to all of us and Earth. I know that the 2010 12–12 energies are going to be followed with other connected and further manifesting energies of the Winter Solstice (2010) and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the same day at 29° Gemini, and two weeks later on Jan. 4, 2011 a  Full Moon/Solar Eclipse at 13° Capricorn (that vertical axis and energies). All of these energy events are very much interconnected to the recent 12–12 portal energies and the three solar CME’s.

People have a tendency to believe that these different energy events, astrological transits, solar and/or galactic transmissions are isolated events that don’t connect with each other. They don’t always remember to step back and take a larger, more overall view of these ongoing and numerous energy events and keep in mind/heart that each one is indeed connected to the others. They are all very much working together to pressure us into transforming and evolving into a very new and higher species.

There’s more to come of course, and even more after that, so hang tough because we’re getting our speed up enough to match what’s coming with the start of 2011, and certainly in March of 2011! Okay, gotta go take another nap and rest and hope it helps with the exhaustion, which it doesn’t seem to but I’m gonna try nonetheless.


December 14, 2010

31 thoughts on “Solar Light Changes & The 12-12 Solar Transmissions

  1. lamplighter2,

    Oh…fellow Light Warrior Sister Friend…I hear ya and my Heart goes out to you. And you said it perfectly…we are NOT in Kansas anymore…and we’ve got to get our asses (and our Light Energies) covered and protected like never before!

    We Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers typically work harder during the night while we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies than when we’re in them and awake! Seriously. However, there certainly days, weeks, months and years where we’re On Duty 24/7/365 awake AND asleep and that’s when the mega exhaustion gets severe…not to mention all of the ongoing ascension energy changes that never stop.

    In Oct. 2010 many of us entered a whole new phase and level of our ongoing Ascension Process and Planetary Service Work and personal learning and, so far, it’s dwarfing what’s gone down prior. I should have seen this one coming but I didn’t and have been going through a very new level of all this too. I knew there would be a negative Dark backlash and even wrote about it, but living the reality of it is another story isn’t it? Wow… I too tell the Dark to fuck off, get out, and don’t even think of messing with my pet, (doesn’t always work however and then another Battle begins) so I know what you’re going through and why. I would strongly suggest you – and anyone else going through these Dark attacks and situations and energies – read or re-read Lisa Renee’s Nov. “The Restoration”, and Dec. 2010 “The Fine Print” newsletters. I’ve had to do this myself to really get to where I more simply and easily understand this new level and Energy Work we’ve just entered in Oct. and Nov. 2010.

    I had to go grocery shopping this morning which means my cat got left home alone. When I returned I could feel that some lower frequency non-physical energies had been in my house while I was gone. (This has happened many times before and isn’t anything new.) The next thing I did was track down my cat to see if he was alright. He was laying on my bed and was acting like someone had indeed been in the house while I was gone. He was jumpy, nervous, looking around at the walls where nothing physical is, and generally showing signs of physical and psychic stress and anxiety. We’ve GOT to be more careful and responsible no matter how exhausted I am or you are. Sigh…but we’re realizing how serious this particular phase and our Multidimensional Work within it really is. We’ve GOT to constantly protect ourselves, our pets, our homes, our vehicles and so on from these Dark beings. Personally I hate having to live this way, be this way, think this way and it has cost me terribly in the past because I didn’t protect myself well enough. Now I just do what I’ve got to do energetically to remain protected, self-contained, and not sucked off of by these type of negative and frantic Dark Ones for any reason.

    This is just where we’re at with this stuff now because things are getting so, so, so much better. Be strong and keep your Higher Light Fortress strong and turned on constantly now. The more we do this the safer and more comfortable our pets will be and it will be that much more difficult for these dark being to get at them too.


  2. I noticed a change at the beginning of this year. However, it seems to make me crave being in the sun even more, provided I have sunglasses, and in the summer, a hat. I found it to be oppressive in Kentucky/Tennessee but I am guessing that is from the particulate matter in the air that made me feel like I was being suffocated. Back in the green place it is like the caress of a lover.
    There are also days that I feel like I am ‘solar powered’. Give me water and sunshine and vitamins and I won’t want to eat unless I’ve been very physically active.
    It feels to me like diamond light. It’s much more full spectrum (I’m sure on all wavelengths, not just the visual spectrum) and rainbow-y. The other color wavelengths have been amp-ed up to override the yellow/amber/golden hue that only seems now to come through clouds.
    The sun is out today, finally, and it so greatly improves my mood and outlook.

  3. Nadeanna! Wow. You found a part of the site I didn’t! I have a swatch book and that was what I was looking at — if you put in the color number it brings up the wavelength/transmission info that is on the swatchbook page! I was going to try to describe it but gave up and said what I said. Thanks! Screen colors, of course vary but the colors rendered are pretty close to the swatches.

  4. Denise, Lamplighter, Theocacao & Nadeanna and everyone else on this site that may not be typing but are relating and living this stuff: I love you. It is so wonderful to find a group of people so attentive to the Universe! And a group so loving and giving to accept that everyone’s mileage varies!

    First of all I am in Kansas and uh, wow. Things are pretty weird here too! I too have noticed that the sun isn’t in the right place. When I first moved here my orientation was sort of SW entry NE back windows. I didn’t have a place to put plants in the winter time where they got sunlight. NOW, I have full sun in my furthest east windows. No change to trees (other than 10 years of growth).

    Even more strange, Orion. Usually he is right out my front door, standing upright. A couple of weeks ago, he seemed to be leaning over — the best I can describe it is that he was falling forward, toward Taurus a few degrees, probably less than 10, but not standing upright as before. Freaked me out when I saw it. A few nights later, he seemed to be upright again. I can’t see him tonight since we’re about to have an ice storm. I’ll check again when it is clear.

    The other thing about Orion was that it seemed to me that he started rising earlier in the year as well by about a month. Orion is usually my January Man. I know he shows up in November but he seems closer in January. I started seeing him in late September and thought maybe I was just mistaken about when he usually shows up but I don’t remember ever seeing him in September! Please, someone call me crazy!

    And even if you do, I still love you all and am most grateful for this community!

  5. Denise:
    As I am reading this, I am squinting–lol and my eyes are watering–but I know it will pass. Same thing happened yesterday after I listened to Tom Kenyons ‘ Dimensional and High Heart recordings. But, I have also noticed that my eyes are changing and getting stronger–have worn glasses since I was 8. I also agree with you on the footwear–it is 32 outside and I am running around (or had been running around outside) in flipflops and Japanese style toe socks and feet are comfortably hot-lol
    Noticed a series of seismic activity in California yesterday, was that close to you? Gaia is wearing me out as all of her midwifes probably agree ;0) in keeping up with her birthing–but then again, what better midwife than a bellydancer to help her through the stages–keep dancing, Denise–no time to wear out now

  6. Jean,

    Orion rising in late September? Wow… Thanks for sharing this. We’re having a week of wonderful rain here in SoCal, but as soon as we’ve got clear night skies I want to see Orion (and Sirius and the Pleiades) to see if I recognize any changes.

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed changes in the Moon’s rising time, location and setting angle etc., and it too has been tracking in a much wider angle than anything I’ve remember in past decades. Add all of our observances together and it certainly is sounding like Earth is very much in the process of relocating.

    Thank you all for sharing what you each have because as usual it helps us all to know just how much really is changing, evolving, ascending and how quickly.
    Gratitude Hugs all around,

  7. theocacao,

    Earthquakes in California yesterday? I didn’t feel anything yesterday, but about two weeks ago I sensed that CA. was building up once again for some rockin’ n’ rollin’. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet and feel when the Sun enters Capricorn (earth sign) and it conjuncts Pluto there, plus the two eclipses (Lunar on the Winter Solstice, and Solar two weeks later), there could easily be some more earthquakes here and other places. Not set in stone of course, but another possibility due these really potent weeks of Dec. 2010 into Jan. 2011.

    I’ll often feel earthquakes that are so small it’s hard to tell if they were actually physical or if I perceived it more energetically (psychically). I call these personal earthquakes 😉 where only that one person felt the ground shake and slip! Weird but what isn’t anymore?


  8. What’s interesting about all those quakes in So Cal yesterday was how close to the surface they were. No clue what that means. But I will mention that some assert that the shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles, and/or tilting of its axis has a direct effect on earthquake and volcanic activity, and vice versa There are many who are also tracking the changes in the sun and the moon, in terms of rotation and where they rise and set on our horizons. Nothing of merit from our NASA folks of course, but even they admit that the earth’s axis shifted about 3 inches after the Chilean earthquake. Others think earthquakes are a direct result of solar activity and sunspots or CMEs. What the exact correlation is, we may never know. Fascinating stuff though.

    Quick trajectory to pet care: I purchased a half dozen of Feliway diffusers to help settle down and relieve stress from my cats, who were getting sick or neurotic far too frequently. It does seem to have helped a few a great deal, and some a little. My dogs are just getting more treats… :0)

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