Solar Light Changes & The 12-12 Solar Transmissions

It’s always amazed me how, over the past 15 years or so, I’ve not heard many people talking about how much the Sun and sunlight has and continues changing, and visibly so. I know I’m not the only person that’s noticed how very different the solar light and color is now. Maybe other people have been talking about this subject and I’ve just not encountered any of it as yet, but it seems rather strange to me that it’s not bigger news to more people.

I’ve always been extra aware of certain things and energies in this life, and as a young child I was very confused about the seasons—spring, summer, fall and winter. Seasons were alien to me, so I paid close attention to try to understand what was going on. Another thing I was very consciously aware of was the Sun and its warm golden rays. When I was 6–7 years old I’d laid out in the hot summer Sun and telepathically talk with the much revered Beings that lived in the Sun. As a young child I remembered the Sun and sunlight both within and outside of the Photon Band of Light, in a very ancient energetic way. I remembered what it looked like, its color and the color of its light rays, its energies and where it moved in the sky throughout the year were all very important to me.

For the majority of my life (prior to the start of the Ascension Process) the Sunlight was warm, nurturing and golden-yellow colored 3D solar energies. Then one day in 1995, I noticed that the Sunlight had changed dramatically and was now very silver-white in color instead of its old familiar warm golden tones. The sunlight and energies felt and looked much more stellar and higher dimensional.

solar rays

I physically saw massive energies radiating off from the Sun in 1995. They looked and still do today like slowly undulating silver-white mist or fog that radiate far out from the Sun in all directions. Now here’s where this business gets interesting in my opinion. Because I’ve remembered what the Sun and sunlight looked like when it was in the higher dimensional Photon Band of Light during my past life in 12,6000 B.C. Egypt at the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo, I instantly recognized this silver-white stellar light radiating from the Sun when I first noticed it around 1995.

clow photon bands 284x clow photon bands 284x clow photon bands 284x

clow photon alcyone spiral

(Photon Bands images and “Galactic Night” diagram are both by Barbara Hand Clow)

Another wonderful aspect of these higher Photonic Light Bands/Belts is how they help transform the toxic, man-made air pollutants, smog etc. Over the past decade I’ve many times been blown away by how beautifully pristine, pure, clean and crystal-clear the deep blue sky has become. No smog, no dust, no filth, no nothing but pure higher frequency energies, Sun/sunlight, air, and sky. These solar/stellar/cosmic/galactic energies and Photonic energies are literally transforming our physical bodies, but they’re also doing the same things to the Earth, the air, the water, the soil, the rock, everything on and in us both. When we enter these higher Photonic Bands/Belts of light energies, nothing that vibrates at a lower, heavier, more dense and polarized level can remain that way in it. It’s like being energetically scrubbed through and through, cell by cell, layer by layer, body by body until everything both in us and Earth is full of higher dimensional Light Energies…and nothing else.


A weird coinky dink that on the 12–12 portal day (December 12, 2010) the Sun would let rip three (3) big juicy CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections)? Not hardly. They are part of the great cosmic delivery system that the 12–12 portal energies transmitted to humanity and Earth.

TRIPLE ERUPTION: “Solar activity surged on Sunday, Dec. 12th, when the sun erupted three times in quick succession, hurling a trio of bright coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the action:

Click here to play a 9 MB gif movie

A preliminary analysis suggests that none of the CMEs will be geoeffective. The expanding clouds should miss our planet.

Are these CMEs related? According to images from NASA’s twin STEREO spacecraft and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the clouds emerged from three distinct blast sites separated by great distances. In each case, a magnetic filament erupted–one near the sun’s southeastern limb (CME#1), one near the north pole (CME#2), and one on the far side of the sun (CME#3). Because all three eruptions occurred within a matter of hours, the coronagraph images suggest a single 3-lobed cloud; in fact, they are distinct CMEs.

Stay tuned for more images and movies, in preparation.”

I’ve been so profoundly exhausted lately that I didn’t even feel much of an energy change on 12–12! What I was very aware of on 12–12 was that all day I kept thinking it was—and I feel this is very telling and important—the first day of Spring! What that told me was that this years Dec. 12th. 12–12 download was very much like the high, pure, outward pushing and manifesting masculine start-up energies that we see and feel with the Spring Equinox. With the 12–12 portal energies, via these three solar flares or CME’s, some major positive and very high vibrating male/masculine energies were transmitted to all of us and Earth. I know that the 2010 12–12 energies are going to be followed with other connected and further manifesting energies of the Winter Solstice (2010) and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the same day at 29° Gemini, and two weeks later on Jan. 4, 2011 a  Full Moon/Solar Eclipse at 13° Capricorn (that vertical axis and energies). All of these energy events are very much interconnected to the recent 12–12 portal energies and the three solar CME’s.

People have a tendency to believe that these different energy events, astrological transits, solar and/or galactic transmissions are isolated events that don’t connect with each other. They don’t always remember to step back and take a larger, more overall view of these ongoing and numerous energy events and keep in mind/heart that each one is indeed connected to the others. They are all very much working together to pressure us into transforming and evolving into a very new and higher species.

There’s more to come of course, and even more after that, so hang tough because we’re getting our speed up enough to match what’s coming with the start of 2011, and certainly in March of 2011! Okay, gotta go take another nap and rest and hope it helps with the exhaustion, which it doesn’t seem to but I’m going to try nonetheless.

Denise Le Fay

December 14, 2010

31 thoughts on “Solar Light Changes & The 12-12 Solar Transmissions

  1. theocacao,

    Oh THANK YOU for saying this…for paying attention and being very aware of this. I was hoping someone has been doing exactly this with the monthly positions of the Sun throughout the year and how it is changing. I haven’t been paying as much attention to this as I used to, but I know Earth (and our whole solar system) is and has slowly been inching its way into a different location in space than what is considered “normal”. [See Clow’s “Galactic Night” diagram in this post.] We’ve been slowly orbiting our way back into an area in space where one of the massive higher dimensional Photon Bands of Light exist. This is why the Sun and sunlight is changing and why it now looks and feels more 5D stellar-like than the old familiar 3D yellow-gold solar light energy. Earth has and still is moving deeper into one of these huge belt or bands of higher Photon Light energy and that, on top of existing in a different area in space, and everything else related to the Ascension Process is why we’re evolving/ascending so quickly. The typical energies radiating from the Sun have changed dramatically and it and Earth is well within one of these huge Photon Bands.

    My cat’s eyes have been fine but he’s having a hard time too with these latest energy changes. My eyes however are a wreck and seem to be getting worse. As usual, I first think it must be due to my age and that my eyes are so dry now. And/or maybe I just need to finally get glasses instead of just the reading glasses I wear. I dunno, but my eyes have been dry, sore, red, and so feakin’ blurry things outside of my house are hard to see clearly sometimes. This gets worse, then better, then goes away entirely, then returns and seems to cycle through again and again. That makes me wonder if it’s ascension related??? Our eyes are changing just like everything else so it makes sense to me that we’d experience (and some of the animals too) periods of eye and vision weirdness and changes.

    Thanks again for being a Keep of the Sun 😉 and reporting your valuable findings and confirmations with us here. 🙂

  2. susie,

    I too don’t wear tight closes and haven’t for ages. When you’re running higher and larger levels of energy through your body, you heat up and don’t need to be or feel restricted at all. I hardly wear shoes anymore. It could be snowing and I’d be barefoot because there’s so much energy running through my feet.

    One suggestion about your annual Dec. & Jan. strangeness feelings. Just a guess however, but I’ve felt things like this too over the decades. I started paying attention to which zodiacal sign the Sun was in when I felt this, and over the years, I discovered a clear pattern. For me it was that time of year when the Sun transited through Aquarius (Jan. 20th through Feb. 17th), which for me means the Sun is making its annual transit through my 12th House in my Natal Chart. My sister experiences the same thing when the Sun transits her 12th House during another time of the year. It sounds like this may be what you’re feeling each year around the same time; the Sun transiting through either the 12 House in your Natal Chart, or some other location that’s activating other aspects and planets in your birth chart.

    That tiny picture I used in this post with the sunlight streaming down in bright white lines or almost tube-like shapes is something I’ve seen since 1995, and is why I used that little picture. It’s very close to what seeing Photonic Light looks like; brilliant white-silver light with no heat to it but a LOT of ENERGY!!! I’m not surprised that you’re seeing this higher dimensional Photon Light as “tunnels” because it’s so intense and may possible travel through space in patterns like that. For many years I’ve also seen it looking like a constant white colored rain falling, but it’s Photonic light energies literally raining down on and through Earth and us and everything.


  3. Denise:
    I have noticed that it is not only the color of the sun that has changed but also its position. When I mentioned it to a friend they looked at me like I was nuts. However, when I first moved into my house over 12 years ago, I was able to lay in a recliner out on my porch early in the spring and enjoy a full body toast ;0) because the sun would begin a band just wide enough before it desolved into the shade of the recessed porch area. As the spring progressed and days got hotter, the sun would move to the front of the house and the porch would remain cool for the heat of summer. But, over the past several years, this band has gotten smaller each spring to where this past spring it is barely 6 inches wide. My friend said I obviously was mistaken as to how much or the time of year when it happened–but I knew I was not. Being fair skinned, I relished that first sunlight for several reasons, one of which was it was gentler on the skin and allowed me to slowly get a little color after a long winter without my getting a massive sunburn when I was out later in the season. So, I would get a little day by day but now I have to position the lawn chair out into the yard to do the same thing. I think if I had not had these visuals to judge by, I might not have noticed it anymore than any one else but I had a point of reference for several years and that point of reference is changing.

    Also, I wanted to ask you and your readers if they have noticed anything peculiar with their pets. I have two dogs with chronic eye irritations (not minor, allergy related) but enough that their eyes are continually bloodshot. Vet has not clue. What triggered my curiousity about this is that two friends of mine–one about a hundred miles distance the other several states north and west of me also mentioned that they had the same thing happen to their dogs and the vets have no clue as to what is causing it. It is not allergy related, several medications have been tried by all and I have done some energy healing on mine which has helped but it keeps coming back. Anyone else experiencing this with their pets?

  4. hi – i have been seeing the sunlight coming in almost tunnels of light for a while – i never know whether when i see stuff its something everyone is seeing or just one of my quirks!! like one of your readers i havent been able to stay out in the sun like i used to for the last ten/twelve years. its funny that i had never thought anything of it and how it has changed – much brighter/whiter – v noticeable when driving into it!!
    i once asked someone if they could see the energy around something as the sun shone on it – i think they thought i was slightly mad!! so its good to hear when other people see the things i see without me having to enquire –
    i was hit with massive ccld symptoms on the 12th december – started that day with sore throat and then turned into usual cold type stuff – the night of the 11th i had friends for supper and as i sat talking to them i couldnt keep my eyes open – it felt like i had been drugged – at the time i thought they had brought some odd stuff into the house with them but now i guess it waas 12-12 syndrome.
    here in england we are getting unusual amounts of snow -more is forecast for the next few days and i have noticed the weather forecasters/newsreaders are all getting the fear factor across with their talk of more snow/chaos etc etc –
    evey winter they manage to do this with something to freak people out – last year it was the swine flu news –
    am trying not to let this affect me but battling with cold thing/ tiredness/etc etc – plus my usual odd feelings i get every year during mid dec -mid jan which i have neve got to bottom of – sort of a doomy-living in a rather unpleasant dream- type feeling – sometimes mixed with me actually getting a flu type of thing which makes it all worse – i have wondered if it was anything to do with atlantis – any ideas on how to get rid/cope with this would be v appreciated!!!

    on another note – does anyone feel the same as me regarding wearing tight clothes – for the last 10/12 years i havent been able to wear anything tight around my waist, chest, neck, legs etc – cant bear it –
    also – bleeding gums – been doing this for no apparent reason for about the same amount of time – sometimes will start out of the blue – doesnt seem to be a dental reason or any other reason for it – plus swollen gums – same thing – sorry i know this doesnt fit in with the sun thing but its easier to plonk everything in one writing!!
    anything coming up or the 21st??
    what would be nice – a week off from all of this – just to feel good and happy and at peace with stuff for a few days – and then back at it for the new year – i an dream cant i …………………………………………….

  5. The gif-video of that triple CME event at the NASA site is beyond remarkable. They never ceases to amaze me, these satellite feeds from The Great Beyond. Thanks for the heads up Denise. Waaaaaay cool!

    Out in space, beyond our atmosphere, the sun looks white. Our atmosphere is thinning, I presume, to take the yellow color out of the sun’s light within our field of vision. Curiouser and curiouser…

    NASA stated there would not be a geoeffect from those CMEs, so I have no accounting for last Monday night, (really this morning) at about 1 a.m. when I woke up sweating, severely nauseous, trembling from haunting nightmares beyond anything I can recall of late. At one point, about three hours later, I sat up and swore at the Dark Ones to get the eff out of my body and my room. I was absolutely fine when I went to bed and gently nodded off to sleep. I was fine, but tired, by 7:30 in the morning. No idea who or what was behind that attack, but I do know it was not anything I ate, as I had the same thing the night before; a bowl of ramen noodles with broth and a yogurt. Oddly, I had a cat throwing up the whole day and night too. Sadly, he is still vomiting and obviously not done with whatever he is purging.

    We are so not in Kansas anymore, of that much I am certain.

  6. Jean,

    Thanks for sharing as it’s always great to hear other people’s experiences and perceptions.

    That’s very interesting that these solar energy changes are being noticed to the degree that lighting designers have upgraded to match the latest higher solar/stellar energies! Very cool.

    I too used to be an avid sun worshiper…back when it was its old 3D yellow-golden energies. Now I too can’t cope being out in the higher sunlight for very long at all. And if I do any sort of physical work or exert while out in the sunlight, I’m nearly sick feeling and utterly exhausted with chills and aches for a couple of days.

    I’ve wondered if your avatar picture was of your own feet. I thought it was and it’s a great photo. 🙂

    I too have been sleeping and napping and needing to sleep and nap more and more every day since Nov. I don’t fight it anymore and am thankful when I can fall asleep and get out of body for a bit. These energies and new changes are so, so, intense.

    Hang in there.

  7. Denise,
    I noticed the Sun change in 1995, too! I kept saying to people, ‘The sun looks different – it’s too bright, it’s not a warm yellow anymore, it’s white. Don’t you think it looks different??’ They’d say uninterestedly, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I haven’t noticed anything.’ Since the start of this year, it became even brighter and whiter, like a dazzling diamond. The undulating waves of pale etheric-like energy flowing out from it are so easy to see, just looking at it with your physical eyes, that I kept urging people, ‘Go out and hold your hand up, and look at the outside of the Sun, it’s amazing!’ But no one does. I really don’t know why this isn’t a major talking point. 😦
    (Interestingly, a few days ago I was reading a picture-book to my 2-year old grandson that I’d read to my daughter in 1985. The author painted beautifully realistic illustrations, including the sun through the seasons. I clearly remember my toddler daughter enjoying the book, as the sun really did look just like those pictures. Looking at it now, I thought, ‘Gosh, I haven’t seen a sun like that for years!’ It’s completely changed).

    I noticed those three CMEs too. 🙂 Things will be very interesting after March, which, as you said, will be here in about thirty minutes! 😀


  8. Denise,
    I need to stop being amazed at the synchronicities I experience when reading your blog. Today was indeed an exhausted day. I even blogged about how my husband spent the day sleeping. Further, I usually get up about 7:30 – not today! I let the dogs out at 5:35 am, let them back in at 5:44 (it was 12 degrees outside so they were in a hurry) and went back to bed thinking I could sleep a couple more hours. When I finally awoke it was 10:22 a.m. I’m not even going to try to analyze the times on the clocks. I just agree wholeheartedly that something exhausting has been happening over the past couple of days.

    As for the color of sunlight. I have noticed it and there are others I’ve encountered who have as well. Have you noticed how you used to be able to look directly at the sun for a split second and not be in some form of visual pain and yet now it is so bright you cannot even do that?

    Additionally, the color of the light – we’re about the same age – I remember as a child, the light as being what lighting designers call Straw #103 (Lee Color Filters). Now the color is Pale Yellow #007. Sorry – I know these don’t make much sense to others and the difference in these two colors is hard to describe. One is a pale amber and the other is an almost completely washed out yellow. Words really don’t work. But I know lighting designers who have changed the filter they use to represent sunlight on stage from Straw to Pale Yellow.

    The picture I use for my avatar was taken in May 1994 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida (26.45N 81.9W ) I think the color of the sunlight is significantly yellower then than it is now and I think you can see it in the photo. I was just there last year in May and I truly believe the light it brighter white. I really couldn’t sit out in the light last year the way I could in 1994 – it was simply too bright.

    I wanted to write it off as yet another evidence of advancing age and thus sensitivity to light, but the same day the picture of my feet was taken, I took a picture of my then-70 year old mother laying out on the beach as well (same time of day, same color of light). The bottom line (skin cancer exposure notwithstanding!) is that I can’t do it any more and NOT because of the risk, or some age-related sensitivity but because the light is brighter and whiter!

    And now today, you report that it was 1995 when the color seemed to change for you. That year was a strange one for me because I moved in July from Houston (at 29.97N) to Kansas (at 38.97N) so the light changed for me anyway. But since moving here I’ve always thought that the light was whiter than when I lived in Texas. Now I believe I know why and it doesn’t have as much to do with latitude as I previously thought. Thanks for this – again – Jean

  9. Thank you as usual. I so appreciate what you share. Being at a point of exhaustion shortly after getting up, thank you for letting me know it is just part of the growth process. In gratitude, Gwen
    love the snow!

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