Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds

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Recently I mentioned how I’ve been hearing what sounds like high-pitched, electronic, very fast Morse Code-like clicking. I’ve been hearing this since 1994 so this isn’t anything new to me. It did however take me a few years to figure out what it was and how to perceive or interpret it as higher dimensional transmissions and not just clairaudient clicking. Because I’ve recently received a few emails from people about this inner ear clairaudient Mores Code-like clicking, I thought I should write about it again now.

I’ve been a clairaudient since early childhood which just means I could sometimes hear non-physical sounds and voices. Typically they were residual sounds and conversations created by living people but remain, ghost-like. Sensitive children and adults whose perceptual range is larger, deeper, and more Multi-D in nature can hear, feel, see, smell, sense and communicate with these not in current time leftovers and other energies and beings. So for me, hearing sounds and voices that were not physically there in current time is something I’m used to. However, being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) in 3D prior to the start of our biological Ascension Process around 1998–1999, is totally different from being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) on the other side of 1999! It’s an entirely different and much more complex level with very different non-physical leftovers and transmissions to learn how to perceive, read, and feel correctly.

As I said, I’ve been clairaudiently hearing this inner left ear only (for me) Morse Code-like clicking since 1994. The first  (and so far only) person I discovered that mentioned experiencing this too was Barbara Hand Clow in The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology For The Age Of Light (1995). I’ll quote what she said about this in the second paragraph of her Preface:

“When the Pleiadians first began to impulse me as an adult in 1984, I heard their transmissions for months in Morse Code! Gradually their voices clairfied, but the next thing I experienced was a great deal of confusion about the way they discuss Earth sciences, human behavior, and spiritual evolution. To put it simply, what they were saying about us was like trying to decode light going through a kaleidoscope; their view of us is multifacted and geometrically interrelated and it can be difficult to translate. In the late 1980s, their complex point of view seemed jumbled and confused to me, but I kept on transmitting their perspective because what they had to say was more fascinating than anything I was hearing on Earth. I have to admit, this was not an easy time for me. It was often very psychologically complex because the more I got to know the Pleiadians, the more I realized that their voice was actually my own inner child voice; these wisdom teachings coming in stronger and more clearly were forcing me to remember my true and nonimprinted natal self. As I saw that, I began to remember myself all the way back to when I was four months old, when a whirlwind swished the curtain next to me crib and the beautiful small blue beings came to visit me. As hard as it was, I knew I was finally totally integrating this presence, and then Satya began speaking to me in 1992. As a result of her appearance, I wrote The Pleiadian Agenda in anticipation of a reality splitting that the Pleiadians say is coming in 1998. Satya has a very clear voice, as you will see, and so, it’s time for Satya to just speak with you…”

This 5D Pleiadian Satya female being is an aspect of Barbara, or more accurately this could be said the other way around and that Barbara is an aspect of her incarnate on 3D Earth. I’ve said this before, that we Starseeds in human bodies living on Earth now have other-dimensional stellar Starbeing/ET aspects of our Greater Selves that seeded us so we would be living and working on Earth from within this 3D system to manifest and anchor higher frequency Light “Ascension” Energies here for humanity. We are many of the multidimensional players and cosmic creators, and Starseeds in human bodies typically have seemingly strange ETs/Starbeings/UFO sightings, dream meetings and/or larger Inner Planes gatherings, multidimensional communications and guidance with our Multi-D stellar family and friends from our different Multi-D stellar Homes. Also, many of us were triggered during the early stages of our Ascension Process so we could clairaudiently hear these 5D Pleiadian transmissions or Morse Code-like clicking sounds from them to help us down here on Earth.

But pre-ascension, 3D clairaudient abilities are nothing like 5D (and higher) Ascension related transmissions from, in this case, the 5D Pleiadians. Old lower 3D  linear clairaudient abilities were easy in comparison to hearing super fast Morse Code-like clicking transmissions! And by the way, these Pleiadian clicking sound very much like that fast clicking sounds hummingbirds and dolphins make. Even though I was used to clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds and voices—plus having other-dimensional Starbeing/ET telepathed linear conversations—these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are a vastly more complex form of information or Light transmissions.

After listening to them for about a year and trying to hear, think, analyze, rationalize and do all those left-brained things to figure out what these clicking sounds were and may be saying, I realized left-brain tools weren’t going to work. They rarely do with these types of higher energies and beings. Eventually I tried going limp as it were or become very open and receptive psychically and NOT THINK, but just receive, feel, and watch whatever flashed clairvoyantly. That worked of course, so from that point on I began learning how to perceive these information transmissions from this more integrated and receptive way.

As best as I can perceive to date, these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are large chunks of complex information with clairvoyant visuals and corresponding empathic emotional information that naturally goes along with the visual information. The transmitted information is often in beautiful and simple symbol form, which, in this more unified state of consciousness makes perfect and instantaneous sense. It is not linear but quantum, or what I call spherical consciousness and is typically how many Starbeings/ETs and Other Dimensional Beings naturally communicate.

Prior to the start of my biological, physical Ascension Process in February 1999, my Multi-D Starbeings/ETs family and friends would communicate telepathically and in a linear way with me. However, once the Ascension Process began, these old lower 3D ways of receiving guidance, help, visual, emotional, and empathic information from multidimensional beings and locations evolved and expanded to this current level. (This will continue to evolve as we do so don’t think this is the end-all form of Multi-D communications and information or Light transmissions!) It’s sort of like the difference between two cans strung together and talking in slow, cumbersome linear sentences, in comparison to living, feeling, seeing, hearing, and knowing different things in a split-second because you’ve not just perceived them, but lived and felt them in a most intimate higher way. There is no comparison between the two levels of communications/transmissions and we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are having to get up-to-speed with these new ascended Multi-D, whole-brained consciousness tools and ways of perceiving, communicating, and interacting with certain Other Dimensionals. Fun stuff even though it’s been confusing and slow going since 1994, but we’re adapting fast now due to all our brain and body Rewiring and male / female integration work.

My suggestion to any of you hearing these particular 5D Pleiadian transmissions as clairaudient Morse Code-like clicking is to not use your old familiar left-brain intellectual tools, but use your whole-brain (High Heart) to simultaneously perceive, feel, see and know. Relax into this and don’t think but feel and just pay attention to whatever you perceive. Get familiar with how this feels, how it works, how incredibly fast it happens. These  clicking Pleiadian transmissions are usually rather large and complex concepts in symbol form in visual images, emotions, and instantaneous deep-level knowing that’s perceived in only one or two seconds of “time”. Knowing is knowing and it happens in quantum, spherical, No Time so get familiar with this new higher and larger perceptual tool and way of receiving transmitted Multi-D Light information.

Denise Le Fay

December 8, 2010

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41 thoughts on “Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds

  1. Omg!!!!! Was just reading your website… I need your help!!! I am in the process of figuring out my purpose & everything you’ve talked about is in alignment…. Please talk to me when you have time, I know you’re a very busy woman but here is my # ********* it would be a pleasure to speak with you

  2. Tiffany,

    I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS now as it sounds like it’s time for you to know more consciously. Read on dear, read on and get familiar with the Ascension Process and all that goes along with it.

    I can reach and assist far, far more people around the world by writing free articles on my blogs — TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife — and also through my books than I ever could by counseling and teaching on a one-on-one basis. I don’t have the energy for that plus no one has the time to waste in this lifetime with these Ascension Process Light energies present! It’s do it now and don’t get sidetracked. This is why I suggest that you read through my old articles here to get familiar with the Ascension related terminologies, symptoms, common steps both pleasant and unpleasant to it all and so on. ❤

    Denise Le Fay

    P.S. I deliberately removed your phone number because I don’t think it safe to publish it.

  3. Denise! Thank you so much for your time I am so grateful and for your words of wisdom I really appreciate it! Many blessings to you!!!

  4. Hey, i would love to talk. Am going theough something similar. Do you have an email?

  5. Mary, I experience a sound extremely similar to that which you’ve described, and you are the first person I’ve ever encountered, online, who describes something so similar to my experience.

    Like you, mine does not sound erratic like Morse code or dolphin chatter or sonar clicking, etc.

    The sound I hear is always the same, with a 100% consistent rhythm. It sounds *EXACTLY* like the ticking of one of those old wind-up clockwork bedside alarm clocks, or a metronome – literally as though an invisible clock was by my bedside, gently ticking away. So exactly, that when I first began hearing it, I was literally searching my room for a clockwork movement, even though I rationally knew I had neither a clockwork watch, nor clockwork mains timer, nor a clockwork alarm clock.
    It is a very light, gentle, ticking sound, 95% identical to (but slightly softer than) the metronome sound at the beginning and end of ABBA’s ‘Like an Angel Passing Through My Room’ (

    It is not like that just in terms of rhythm, but also in respect of the soft metallic, mechanical clockwork sound.

    Interestingly, in my experience, this clairaudient sound does generally tend to manifest only when I’m lying on my bed, and nowhere else, so it has crossed my mind that I might be clairaudiently hearing the actual sound of a clockwork alarm clock, perhaps existing in a nearby dimension, or perhaps existing in my dimension, at some time in the ‘past’ (without getting into whether ‘time’ is a real phenomenon or not). I dunno…

    But it’s definitely not a binary or morse code, as there is no differentiation in the pace, rhythm, tone, or whatever.

    It is never accompanied by any negative sensations of any sort – it’s just a simple clockwork ticking sound, with no other associated experience, and that’s all I can really say! 🙂

    Nice to know I’m not the only one on planet earth who hears something like this, even though it has never worried me.

  6. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the article!

    Since I had (what I believe to be) a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in June, I have been hearing strange noises. These noises are not unlike the sound of crickets, or of being in the rainforest. If I empty my mind, and meditate on these sounds, I realize that there are various different sounds/tunes, not just one.

    There is the steady, high-pitched ‘hum’ (like the crickets) and there are other unusual sounds. If I focus on these, they start to form melodies…kind of like celestial music/voices. It is hard to locate where the sounds are coming from – but they are not inside my ear (as per tinnitus). They seem to be located just above my head, often at the left side.

    I have never noticed any ‘clicking’, however. Do you think these strange noises are related to the noises you discuss in your article? I feel humbled and amazed to be hearing these noises…they are not distressing at all. I am just so curious as to what they mean!

    (BTW when I say ‘Kundalini Awakening’, I say that tentatively…and I reckon I still have one eye closed – I am FAR from being ‘fully awakened’ lol)

    Best wishes,

  7. I have been getting these noise’s for about 2 weeks they sound regular and metallic and come in short bursts . I can only day almost like a electronic keyboard.

  8. Well…frankly it all sounds a little flakey, but what do I know. Some must be attuned to higher spirituality but caution is wise as false ones connected to Freemasonry, Madame Blavatski ,etc lurk to lure the gullable. I get ear clicks in right regularly and occasionally tinks in left. It might mean healing of some condition or when practicioning “prayer” is offered for someone else. I am a landscape painter and ALWAYS get clicks when I go out to paint. I got clicks just now. I get clicks anytime: meditating or doing dishes. I don’t know what they mean. I have personally discarded all creeds, religions, gurus, sages, and holy men in the belief that each individual should be his own mystic, and for the purpose of preserving my own purity. The world needs positive help from all, perhaps now more than ever. Tim

  9. I have been hearing these clicking sounds but I’ve also begun doing art with interesting symbols coming through that I can’t decode because I know both about any of this. I’m trying to figure it out.

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