Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds


Recently I mentioned how I’ve been hearing what sounds like high-pitched, electronic, very fast Morse Code-like clicking. I’ve been hearing this since 1994 so this isn’t anything new to me. It did however take me a few years to figure out what it was and how to perceive or interpret it as higher dimensional transmissions and not just clairaudient clicking. Because I’ve recently received a few emails from people about this inner ear clairaudient Mores Code-like clicking, I thought I should write about it again now.

I’ve been a clairaudient since early childhood which just means I could sometimes hear non-physical sounds and voices. Typically they were residual sounds and conversations created by living people but remain, ghost-like. Sensitive children and adults whose perceptual range is larger, deeper and more Multi-D in nature can hear, feel, see, smell, sense and communicate with these not in current time leftovers and other energies and beings. So for me, hearing sounds and voices that were not physically there in current time is something I’m used to. However, being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) in 3D prior to the start of our biological Ascension Process around 1998–1999, is totally different from being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) on the other side of 1999! It’s an entirely different and much more complex level with very different non-physical leftovers and transmissions to learn how to perceive, read, and feel correctly.

As I said, I’ve been clairaudiently hearing this inner left ear only (for me) Morse Code-like clicking since 1994. The first  (and so far only) person I discovered that mentioned experiencing this too was Barbara Hand Clow in The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology For The Age Of Light (1995). I’ll quote what she said about this in the second paragraph of her Preface:

“When the Pleiadians first began to impulse me as an adult in 1984, I heard their transmissions for months in Morse Code! Gradually their voices clairfied, but the next thing I experienced was a great deal of confusion about the way they discuss Earth sciences, human behavior, and spiritual evolution. To put it simply, what they were saying about us was like trying to decode light going through a kaleidoscope; their view of us is multifacted and geometrically interrelated and it can be difficult to translate. In the late 1980s, their complex point of view seemed jumbled and confused to me, but I kept on transmitting their perspective because what they had to say was more fascinating than anything I was hearing on Earth. I have to admit, this was not an easy time for me. It was often very psychologically complex because the more I got to know the Pleiadians, the more I realized that their voice was actually my own inner child voice; these wisdom teachings coming in stronger and more clearly were forcing me to remember my true and nonimprinted natal self. As I saw that, I began to remember myself all the way back to when I was four months old, when a whirlwind swished the curtain next to me crib and the beautiful small blue beings came to visit me. As hard as it was, I knew I was finally totally integrating this presence, and then Satya began speaking to me in 1992. As a result of her appearance, I wrote The Pleiadian Agenda in anticipation of a reality splitting that the Pleiadians say is coming in 1998. Satya has a very clear voice, as you will see, and so, it’s time for Satya to just speak with you…”

This 5D Pleiadian Satya female being is an aspect of Barbara, or more accurately this could be said the other way around and that Barbara is an aspect of her incarnate on 3D Earth. I’ve said this before, that we Starseeds in human bodies living on Earth now have other-dimensional stellar Starbeing/ET aspects of our Greater Selves that seeded us so we would be living and working on Earth from within this 3D system to manifest and anchor higher frequency Light “Ascension” Energies here for humanity. We are many of the multidimensional players and cosmic creators, and Starseeds in human bodies typically have seemingly strange ETs/Starbeings/UFO sightings, dream meetings and/or larger Inner Planes gatherings, multidimensional communications and guidance with our Multi-D stellar family and friends from our different Multi-D stellar Homes. Also, many of us were triggered during the early stages of our Ascension Process so we could clairaudiently hear these 5D Pleiadian transmissions or Morse Code-like clicking sounds from them to help us down here on Earth.

But pre-ascension, 3D clairaudient abilities are nothing like 5D (and higher) Ascension related transmissions from, in this case, the 5D Pleiadians. Old lower 3D  linear clairaudient abilities were easy in comparison to hearing super fast Morse Code-like clicking transmissions! And by the way, these Pleiadian clicking sound very much like that fast clicking sounds hummingbirds and dolphins make. Even though I was used to clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds and voices—plus having other-dimensional Starbeing/ET telepathed linear conversations—these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are a vastly more complex form of information or Light transmissions.

After listening to them for about a year and trying to hear, think, analyze, rationalize and do all those left-brained things to figure out what these clicking sounds were and may be saying, I realized left-brain tools weren’t going to work. They rarely do with these types of higher energies and beings. Eventually I tried going limp as it were or become very open and receptive psychically and NOT THINK, but just receive, feel, and watch whatever flashed clairvoyantly. That worked of course, so from that point on I began learning how to perceive these information transmissions from this more integrated and receptive way.

As best as I can perceive to date, these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are large chunks of complex information with clairvoyant visuals and corresponding empathic emotional information that naturally goes along with the visual information. The transmitted information is often in beautiful and simple symbol form, which, in this more unified state of consciousness makes perfect and instantaneous sense. It is not linear but quantum, or what I call spherical consciousness and is typically how many Starbeings/ETs and Other Dimensional Beings naturally communicate.

Prior to the start of my biological, physical Ascension Process in February 1999, my Multi-D Starbeings/ETs family and friends would communicate telepathically and in a linear way with me. However, once the Ascension Process began, these old lower 3D ways of receiving guidance, help, visual, emotional, and empathic information from multidimensional beings and locations evolved and expanded to this current level. (This will continue to evolve as we do so don’t think this is the end-all form of Multi-D communications and information or Light transmissions!) It’s sort of like the difference between two cans strung together and talking in slow, cumbersome linear sentences, in comparison to living, feeling, seeing, hearing, and knowing different things in a split-second because you’ve not just perceived them, but lived and felt them in a most intimate higher way. There is no comparison between the two levels of communications/transmissions and we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are having to get up-to-speed with these new ascended Multi-D, whole-brained consciousness tools and ways of perceiving, communicating, and interacting with certain Other Dimensionals. Fun stuff even though it’s been confusing and slow going since 1994, but we’re adapting fast now due to all our brain and body Rewiring and male / female integration work.

My suggestion to any of you hearing these particular 5D Pleiadian transmissions as clairaudient Morse Code-like clicking is to not use your old familiar left-brain intellectual tools, but use your whole-brain (High Heart) to simultaneously perceive, feel, see and know. Relax into this and don’t think but feel and just pay attention to whatever you perceive. Get familiar with how this feels, how it works, how incredibly fast it happens. These clicking Pleiadian transmissions are usually rather large and complex concepts in symbol form in visual images, emotions, and instantaneous deep-level knowing that’s perceived in only one or two seconds of “time”. Knowing is knowing and it happens in quantum, spherical No Time so get familiar with this new higher and larger perceptual tool and way of receiving transmitted Multi-D Light information.

Denise Le Fay

December 8, 2010

copyright silver Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2010. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

41 thoughts on “Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds

  1. I too have been getting clicking sounds in my left ear for years. Sometimes get the ear popping, sometimes just in the right ear. sometimes hear a high pitched whine in my left ear and at night I hear what seems like the room is filled with a sound that I can’t describe. I am so relieved to know others are getting these things too, but I still don’t know what any of it means.

  2. glad to read that there are other people that can hear the morse code sounds that i hear , thought i was going mad. i also hear whispers and see red light shapes, and feel unseen people around me sometimes i can feel thier emotions, thanks for site it makes me feel a lot better to know that others hear the sounds too liz.

  3. Hi..Denise..My name is tina maria,I experience this clicking morse code sound since 2003.I don’t know what happen why?At that time.I been to my doctor to check my ears if I was going to lose my hearing.He said ears my were ok,that it was just my brain.I said “Oh ok”.I told other people they don’t know..Also I get alot this clicking morse code sound end of the month or when I am crying.I had tuff child hood I experience alot lonelyness.I never had any support from my parents,alot mental and physical abuse.I’m 42 years I had alot psychic experience when I was young.I meet a ederly man from the park with large dark eyes and he told me I was a Indigo from my aura and my eyes and my youthful age.That I was born at a dark time and a dark vortex.Thats why im homesick and been lost for years.

  4. Sat Nam,

    I have just this week started hearing the ‘fluttering’ of moth like wings in my right ear. Symbolically the right side is the future and I felt that I was getting a new type of message. Which I have been ‘told’ (telepathically) that is not coming from the group of Inter-Galactic Beings that communicate with me. So, I am very glad to have found this website and the info that is on it. I am still in the exploring mood, but can only do a little bit at a time, then go take a nap, get up at weird hours and either chant or do nothing. It is good to find others experiencing similar stuff.

    Thank you Denise,

    Sat Avtar Kaur

  5. Hi Denise,
    I have been hearing a clicking sound in my left ear, but it sounds a lot like a watch ticking, but much faster. At first, I thought it was my watch, but I held it up to my ear, and the second hand on my watch was clicking every second, but the sound I hear is at least four clicks in a second. It is also very rhythmic. It is also higher pitched and more metallic sounding than a watch. (I hope I am describing it correctly.) I have been hearing it for a few weeks now. Does this sound like what you are/were experiencing in this article? (I listened to some dolphin sounds online, and it doesn’t really sound like what I am hearing.)
    Thanks so much for you wonderful website!

  6. Hi, I am Adriana from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also connect with pleiadians and they told me I am one of them, but work in a disguise in a human body. This might sound crazy, but a famous brazilian psychic said indigo children are pleiadians. I am using ayahuasca to open even more the frontal chakra, I already had clairaudience, when I take it, it increases and I do hear the humming bird sounds before communication starts. Ayahuasca reconnects the neuron synapses of the pineal gland (the third eye), so the psychic properties are increased and you start to see and feel more things also. Who do you call feathered friends? Are they the pleiadians? I´ve contacted the spirit of the birds and they tell me they connect easily with star people of good seed, they also have “wings” so to speak, that is why (or what they told me). Did they tell you this? I am 35 years old now and I also have suffered some attacks from reptilians. While I took ayahuasca this last time, my pleiadian guides told me a particular battle I had to fight for a friend who got involved with these reptilians was the hardest I ever fought in this life and it drained a lot of energy.

  7. Sound si right?
    watch ‘dark crystal’
    the wave reaching the crystal, are you just receptor and astral destroyer ?

  8. Hi, Denise,

    I was kind of expecting that the musical sounds were from the seventh dimension. Over the last two years or so, I’ve had very faint flute playing as if far in the distance, but it’s all getting stronger now. To me, when I listen to Tom Kenyon’s Hathor music, it feels like the music of the seventh realm as well. Thanks for clarifying the strange triangular shaped feeling for me. I am very in tune with the sense of feeling, so you see and I feel. It makes sense to me. It sounds like the sixth dimension is going to be a fun one to play in.

    About 17-18 years ago, I had a flash of an experience- less than a second- of the eighth dimension that changed my life. It’s amazing to feel that unity. In any case, all these realms are so much more fun than the dark shadows hanging around. And, since the solstice, it seems that they can’t come as close any more. I can clairvoyantly feel my energies rising because I could see my higher self was really high up a year ago and now she’s on level with me and another spirit who I had to look up and to the right to see is now below me and to the left. It’s interesting how these experiences are so specific in space.

    I’m very glad you posted the Barbara Hand Clow interview because it made everything come together for me and gave me some reference points for what’s happening to me.

    And, yes, I’m seeing a lot more the last week or two and it’s sometimes getting very bright in my room at night!


  9. Cat – ckck1,

    “I get other sounds/feelings that seem to go out of both ears in a decreasing triangle that comes to a point.”

    I’ve had lots of these same types of geometric shaped energies happening in my head/brain since 1995, and they’re usually due to the ascension related two brain halves being rewired, and also the expansions or upgrades to the endocrine glands in our heads/brains (pineal and pituitary) and their corresponding Chakras (Brow or Third Eye and Crown). I’ve even clairvoyantly seen some of these energies that looked to me like different colored lines of brilliant light coming into my head and brain like sight-lines or cross-hairs at very specific angles and I could tell the exact point where these light lines intersected inside my brain/head. I knew that was the area being rewired and/or expanded energetically. It was often like seeing and physically feeling a 6D (sixth dimensional) geometric, transformational Light show happening inside my brain/head! This is some of the side-effects of the brain rewiring process.

    The more musical bell-like sounds you’ve been clairaudiently hearing is indeed something different than the Morse Code-like clicking transmissions. I believe that you – and this is going to be increasing dramatically throughout 2011 for many more people – are beginning to hear what Barbara Hand Clow mentioned in that interview I posted yesterday (12/20/10); you’re beginning to hear 7D (seventh dimensional) Sounds and Light. 6D is typically geometric shapes, whereas these Celestial Sounds or “Music of the Spheres” are from 7D.

    This is us rapidly becoming consciously aware of and functioning within multiple dimensions due to our recent 2010 brain halves rewired into whole brains, and another huge level of the male/female integration process within each of us. These ascension processes naturally take us to new higher and vastly larger levels of awareness/consciousness and being. 2011 will be us adapting to more of these Multi-D perceptions and dimensions and of perceiving some of the different dimensional Beings and energies that exist within them. Fun times ahead! 😉

    Seeing these different colored shapes of light etc. also goes along with our brain halves being rewired back together and removing The Veil between them. We’re going to be able to see/hear/sense/feel/know and interact with plenty of seemingly new to us energies and Beings. I’ve clairvoyantly seen some 8D Beings that use bodies that are complex geometric shapes of Light! Beautiful beyond words they were…

    All-in-all it sounds like you’re having plenty of very great Multi-D perceptions. Get ready for this process to accelerate like crazy with the start of 2011. More fun times ahead! 🙂


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