Polarized (Duality) Consciousness


I can let a lot of ridiculous (to me) beliefs and claims float on past, smile to myself and shake my head, keep my mouth shut and continue on. However, there is one subject that bothers me like none other and that’s when someone claims dark beings/dark forces/negative beings and/or energies (etc.) do not exist. That is one statement that offends me more than any other and I won’t remain silent about it.

In the split second it takes a person to read that claim, a huge majority of life on Earth across time—not to mention numerous other-dimensional worlds—is rejected, disrespected, not valued, blatantly ignored, overlooked and not even considered. How dare you do that to billions of souls who’ve suffered and died at the physical and non-physical hands of dark beings/dark forces/negative beings and/or energies.

I have a question for those who believe that dark beings/dark forces/negative beings and/or energies (etc.) do not exist. What has 3D Earth physicality been for for a very long time now? Has it been a place where only positive, loving, generous, compassionate, wise, sane, peace-loving humans, consciousness and energies have existed as equals? Let’s add Polarized Consciousness to 3D Earth physicality. Now you’ve got humans with highly polarized awareness/consciousness which means external reality and the planetary Collective and most of 4D is also polarized. I’m not saying polarity or polarized consciousness is “bad” or “negative” or “evil” or that the old lower frequency 3D Earth was either.  I am saying however, let’s be honest about what life on Earth has been like for thousands of years! Don’t disrespect everyone that has gone before and done so under the darkest and worst of conditions and times on 3D Earth and into 4D and beyond within certain other systems.

A polarized world and reality is a place where souls can directly learn about Polarized Consciousness and life within it. If it’s polarized that means there’s TWO primary energies, forces, sides, and consciousness existing within it correct? Two…not just one. Yeah, yeah, the TWO both originally came from THE ONE, from Source, but eventually they became polarized for important reasons I won’t disregard; mainly, further Free Will learning and creating. Keep in mind that at higher frequency levels and dimensions the Dark, negative, polarity, polarized consciousness, brutality etc. does not exist. Again, none of this is “bad” or “evil” or “wrong” but just learning about polarity and polarized consciousness and energies, discernment, being responsible, not being responsible etc. in certain locations where it can and does exist.


How do you expect to fully appreciate and utilize existence within an evolved/ascended 5D Unity world with Unified Consciousness if you can’t admit, cope with, or recognize that Polarized Consciousness and negatively focused Beings and their dirty deeds have and still exist? Out of the TWO lower polarized extremes eventually evolves/ascends a higher THIRD fully resolved, integrated and much more unified consciousness, state of being, and matching external world. Unity Consciousness within a unified reality is vastly more dear, more powerful, meaningful, delicious, special and alive with appreciative High Heart if you are intimately familiar with both polarities at a lower level and state of being. “Unity Consciousness” and “5D” are still empty terms and words that many people don’t as yet fully understand. I’m well aware that not everyone will personally be assailed by the Dark side; be glad, be profoundly glad, just don’t claim they do not exist when so many other Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. have endured endless attacks and negativity by them.

Let me ask those who don’t believe in the Dark, negatively focused polarized non-physical Beings and physical humans—what is the entire Ascension Process for if they do not exist? Cosmic boredom? If they don’t exist then why has reality, life and consciousness on Earth been so profoundly horrific and dark for so long? Why have billions of people suffered horribly, been brutally tortured, murdered etc. over the Ages? There’s nothing like a few difficult encounters with the negative Dark Beings and their energies and tactics messing with you and your ascending self/body/consciousness, and/or loved ones and/or pets, to help Lightworkers remember exactly why they’re here on Earth now and what they’re really doing through the multidimensional Ascension Process and Dimensional Shift.  😉

You can’t live and learn within a polarized world, dimension, energy system, body and brain and then denounce half of those energies claiming they don’t exist! They do exist and have for so long it’s heart-breaking. To claim they don’t exist and believe they haven’t and still aren’t doing everything in their power—due to the ongoing Ascension Process—to maintain all they’ve controlled and fed off from for thousands of years is foolish in my opinion. Honestly ponder a moment about these ancient, huge and powerful Dark Beings and the negative things they’ve done to so many across time. Who do you think is having a  really terrible time right now? Who do you think is in greater fear now because of the ongoing Ascension Process? The Light or the Dark? Who would be lashing out and attacking certain souls/people like Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc., like there’s no tomorrow? Why? Because for them there is no tomorrow because of the Ascension and Dimensional Shift Process! These ancient Dark Beings either have to live through their own version of this Ascension Process, or, go elsewhere to remain unchanged and continue believing they must use and control other beings to remain alive themselves. How sad really. And we think we’ve had it hard transmuting and integrating the majority of our individual lower frequency stuff!


I love and respect my higher dimensional, non-physical Beings of Light/Love in ways it’s hard to verbalize. On that other polarized hand I also respect these “Dark” beings for endlessly keeping me on-track and guaranteeing that I do my comic job and fulfill my soul mission as a Lightworker/Starseed within the current great Ascension Process. I know it’s far more dangerous to take on the cosmic role of “Bad Guy” than to be the cosmic “Good Guy”. Many of these Dark Ones have totally forgotten who they are too and that they can also use these ascension energies to become free. I hate the nasty fuckers, but I also realize how so many of them have become trapped and are in massive fear, panic, and anger now because of the Ascension Process and what the incarnate Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. have been doing that directly threatens their existence and food source.

When this new level of Dark negative attacks began for me and mine at the start of Oct. 2010, I was naively surprised. That’s how much I personally want to never ever have to deal with these beings and energies again! I tried to make them not exist any longer too out of a desire to finally be done! What a wake-up call I got in October! If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission then you’re familiar with how much I’ve had to deal with them and their energies, especially during Phase One of the Ascension Process (1999-2009). Since 2008, I’ve felt these Dark beings and their energies fade away from me and my world for the first time in this life. To me there is nothing better than being free of those horrific energies/beings/consciousness. Nothing. Take them out of the picture and it feels like being Home again!

I’ve realized since Oct. and Nov. 2010 that some of us—not all but some of us—are currently having to deal with the Dark Beings trying to stop us and what we’re here now to do. No mystery, it’s just that many of us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers are the first in line manifesting higher energies and increasing Unity Consciousness aka High Heart Consciousness through ourselves, our bodies and consciousness just as we’ve always done within the Ascension Process. Now in Phase Two, some but not all of us have reached a new vast and complex multidimensional level where we have to do some more cleaning, clearing, removal of etheric negative energy blocks, tags, etheric energy implants, multidimensional location detectors etc. Lisa Renee is so much better at naming these things than I am so I’ll suggest you read her free monthly articles about this subject.

I sense we’re not done with this yet so we’ll mostly likely have on again/off again repeated negative psychic attacks and interference attempts from these Dark beings and energies. They’re fighting for their very lives and food source now and we Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers (plus all who remained within the non-physical dimensions) are first on their Multi-D Shit List if you get my drift. It won’t last forever so don’t freak out or run away. I’ve been taught it doesn’t work, so just go through the learning and do what you’re already great at doing. I sense that a tiny handful of people—like Lisa Renee, Tom Kenyon/The Hathors, Barbara Marciniak/Pleiadians—will continue receiving information about this particular stage and how we can protect ourselves and remove the more complex and higher level negative energy interference and/or tracking devices etc. that some of us still have.

When I read Lisa Renee’s “Command” from her Guardians I saw and sensed the different types of Dark negative etheric energy devices. Some but not all of us have religious backgrounds in this life and/or past lives where others of us do not. Others of us, but not all, have bloodlines that go way back and have specific negative interference energies and/or non-physical devices etc. Others of us don’t have those particular Dark things to deal with or the negative interference devices that the Dark created to distort original pure energies and lines of energies. Others of us, but not all, have specific negative Dark interference devices/energies etc. that are directed at Starseeds, of which I’m one.

In Lisa’s mass email notification about her Energetic Synthesis Ascension News for Nov. 2010, there was one paragraph that I knew was something I need to know more about now. She listed:

  • “the House of David Holy Grail bloodline…
  • the Unity code for male and female…
  • the “command”…
  • for Starseed Gridworker’s: Black Magic (life force reversal code) and those beings previously using it will surface to your awareness. How to stay fearless when facing the dark and its phantasm objects when you view the “field”. Dark Arts Training has begun.”

It was that last one about the “Starseed Gridworker’s” that I instantly related to because that’s one big aspect of my earlier mission as a Starseed Lightworker. My point is that some of us need to realize we may have some of these etheric devices messing with us for the obvious reasons. We do not all have all of these things Lisa mentions, nor do we all have the same identical ones. I know I have very little of the religious sounding energy lines in me, but I do have some others; the male/female one is very big business for me still, plus the Starseed Gridworker is a primary one for me. As always, your mileage may vary depending upon who you are, where you came from, bloodlines, stellar lineage, soul work, multidimensional knowledge and so on.

To wrap this up I must stress that I am NOT focusing on this topic of Dark negative Beings and forces etc. for sensational or dramatic reasons. I actually worry about some readers becoming too focused and immobilized because of it. Don’t! These beings exist and have since before dirt was but so have we, and we’ve already won and pulled this massive Ascension Process off even though it doesn’t look like it fully as yet. We’ve just entered a new level within this ongoing Ascension Process thanks to all we’ve gone through so far, and these are the intensified last-ditch efforts by the Dark Ones to stop us or at least sidetrack many of us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers from what we’re doing, living, and being. We’re removing old dark interference devices and reclaiming all aspects of ourselves across Multi-D because it’s time for us to do so. Fear not, stay aware however, don’t be stupid, but also do not further empower these Dark beings and energies by focusing on them too much. Razor’s edge with this one. Acknowledge them and what they’re capable of but keep moving forward and doing The Work. And lastly, be aware that the cosmic playground has recently expanded…BECAUSE WE HAVE. This will happen more times throughout 2011 so get familiar with how it feels and works.

Denise Le Fay

November 19, 2010

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS 2010. All Rights Reserved. Permission is NOT given to use this article in any custom videos. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL https://deniselefay.wordpress.com and Copyright Notice is included.

24 thoughts on “Polarized (Duality) Consciousness

  1. arishantia – karina,


    I have tried twice now to write this Comment to you about this and TWICE I’ve accidently hit some key on my keyboard that’s made the whole long Comment disappear. Once I could see, but twice…not on your life. This tells me I’m being mildly fucked with and blocked in saying what I want to say about this. I will write this out in MS Word and then copy and paste it here cause this is amazing. Until then, KNOW that you are on the correct track about this and learn to trust your own discernment and body’s ability to read energies and let you know the truth.

    I’ll get this finished and added here asap. Even this form of interference is a powerful clue for all of us and something to be mindful about. Back soon with the goods. 😉


  2. shamballa9944,

    Well done you! 🙂

    Not only should we be able to psychically “read energies” in the manner that you’ve done with this woman, but we MUST learn to very quickly stay neutral ourselves while we “read energies” in people, places, objects, books, movies, belief systems, channeled materials etc. This is one of our new ascended tools of perception that, as so many have been personally learning during these latest attacks by lower or Dark negative Beings/people/energies, is incredibly important. It always has been but it’s much more so now because of these massive changes in reality via the Ascension Process and how it’s effecting humans and negatively focused non-physical beings.

    In cases like yours shamballa, I’ll use the imagery of huge invisible etheric mirrors which just reflects whatever is being directed at me, back to the sender or senders. Return To Sender. 😉 You’re not fighting or emotionally engaged yourself, your just intentionally NOT taking their negativity and simply returning to sender. Try visualizing your entire auric field with a mirror finish on it (or whatever works for you) so that any and all negatively charged energies comint at you are not able to penetrate your energy boundary or field and are instantly reflected back to the sender/senders. This works really well.

    One more thought about your work situation. Of course this is ONLY a possibility and I’m saying it only because it’s something I had to do years ago. It may be about you needing to leave that job and not her. 😐 I know but keep it tucked back in your mind somewhere just in case more negative clues get hurled at you at work. Something to consider maybe…

    Hugs and well done,

  3. Perfect timing 🙂 . I have been dealing with a woman at work for about 9 months now, who is seen by all as an albatross, but getting rid of her is very difficult as she “would rather fight than switch.” In other words she would sue. Friday afternoon, I was finishing a project of video taping numerous people for a presentation to be shown at an upcoming event. The last person was this woman in question. Sitting 3 feet away from her I was utterly appaulled at what I saw/heard/felt! Despite the pretext of what was supposed to come off as complimentary, what exuded from every cell of her was anger and hatred. She was lost within her own sphere of self-delusion and I was shaken to my core. It was never clearer to me than it was in that moment, and I’ve had my share of direct attacks, how blatantly she was broadcasting all of it! Whew, still reeling at bit when I think of it.

    Reading this has been a great confirmation, as I am always reluctant to label anyone in such a negative manor. But there was no question and no denying what I recognized with every cell of my being–inspite of my resistance to seeing anyone as dark! Thanks for giving me permission to acknowledge that I can trust my senses, despite my preference not to see others so utterly steeped in the dark.

  4. every time i think i understand why i’m being put through this, i read something that confuses me again. not your article, denise ~ the explanation by metatron / tyberron. denise, you make perfect sense to me and so does lisa renee . . . but metatron here seems to be saying we created whatever’s being thrown at us from the interdimensions, sometimes nearly killing us, which makse it sound once again like it’s not lightwork and we created it ourselves (individually, not as thoughtforms created historically over eons by the collective) . . . i think i’m not understanding, perhaps.

    thank you for thinking of me, denise. i’m still battling the same dark christic forces but also have been feeling more support from the Divine. but i, like so many others, am so so tired. this article makes it sounds like in this shattered state i have to not only survive but get my act together in some bizarrely confounding ways.

    much love,

  5. VolVon, I especially liked your description in the first full pararagh of you post. I agree with the soul stagnation, I am sure that is why we have created this “Grand Experiment”, but must add, I don’t really think we understood just how “grand” it was going to be. lol Sure does have it’s challenge’s, does it not. But since we all shared in it’s creation, I am sure we are all up for the task. At this time I think the sharing and supporting of one another is so important as there are so many varying viewpoints and individual dynamics going on! Peace and Love!

  6. Awesome post Denise!

    Thank you so much.

    Yes, people must not deny the game they are playing (Polarity Integration) and have been playing for forever and a day now.

    Fear is just a 3D lesson / goal that must be experienced, confronted and overcome. Before being able to fully integrate a 5D life experience, one has to understand the workings of lower 4D consciousness and experience them in their everyday 3D lives. Without an oppressor, there is nothing to overcome, thus no empowerment and life becomes stagnant. It is then impossible to move up, for entities become complacent and idealistic. Each being is playing it’s part in the game of polarity for the evolution of the soul as a part of Prime Creator. Ultimately there is nothing to fear, it’s all just part of Earth’s story.

    The only real evil is when another species / entity manipulates something without permission from another’s planet & species. This has happened to us but we also do “evil” to each other too all the time. We have to be responsible and respectful of each other, forgive ourselves and others for the crap we’ve done so we can fix the screw up.

    It’s great to know though that there are many wonderful beings from all over the local Universe assisting us all in many ways now. We have Arcturians, Sirians, Vegans, Pleiadians & Andromedans all helping in so many cool ways.

    Enjoy the potent full moon in Taurus! This one’s a perfect example of highlighting our own shadow side within and bringing those “unwanted” or “denying” parts of ourselves to the surface. Will you accept and release your crap or get caught up in the turbulence and become a scattered, emotional mess?

    It’s a very plutonic new moon with the Sun in Scorpio opposite the Moon at the same degree of the Pleiades. It’s not actually a favorable position but it all depends on how you take it on emotionally. Try not to get too depressed, just flow with it. It is a great opportunity for cleansation / rebirth of old, worn out bullcrap that you’ve been carrying and it will be brought right up to the surface. Just do something fun and playful. Try to stay out of mischief.



  7. “I sense that a tiny handful of people—like Lisa Renee, Tom Kenyon/The Hathors, Barbara Marciniak/Pleiadians—will continue receiving information about this particular stage and how we can protect ourselves and remove the more complex and higher level negative energy interference and/or tracking devices etc. that some of us still have.”

    My sense is that Tyberron’s Metronic messages are also worth considering. This one came out today.

    “Question: A reader has sent in the following question, and is in termoil over the issue. Does the phenomenon of demonic possession or possession from outside entities truly exist? Does psychic attack exist?

    Metatron: Ah, this is a most complex area. But we will attempt to answer in simplicity. So as to the first question: Throughout the past 3500 years, especially peaking in medieval times, possession was thought to be a very real phenomena, and in fact , portions of your churches had specialists who were dedicated to the removal and casting out of demons and devils. Not only were Christians taught to be fearful of such ‘evil entities’ but certain indigenous groups and pagan groups also accepted this belief.

    That you term ‘evil’ does indeed exist in duality, it is a function of free choice. Your history records many horrific wars and inhumane dictators and leaders who have enacted catastrophic atrocities. In your terms these men were evil.

    The earth is a duality planet with the complete requisite electro-magnetic spectrum in 3d that contains by definition a positive and negative field.

    But understand this, no real demons or devils exist other than the ones you create in your thoughts and beliefs in duality. But negative thought-forms are indeed created through your own fears and angers that can amass into varying degrees of independently aware negative energies. Such is the power of thought. Because your planet contains both spectrums there are indeed energy forms that amass in the ‘negative’ field and when encountered they feel quite imbalanced and quite opposed to ones optimal sense of well-being, but at its core this is electrical and not demonic…..”

  8. Excellent article Denise! Very well balanced! As you stated, since we are in a reality of polarity, of course, there has to be both sides respresented here, that is what makes it such a great challenge for us. I call it “The Grand Experiment”! When I feel all whiney with myself, I tell myself things must have been way too blissful and humdrum higher dimensionally and that is why we created quite a challenging endeavor.

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