The Dark Side of Ascension for Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers

800x600 demon

A few months ago during the summer of 2010, I sensed that by the fall quarter many of us would begin experiencing the start of some new higher consciousness, multidimensionality, abilities and reality etc. I also sense that this year’s Winter Solstice is going to be rather amazing in how profoundly it will push us into more of the New. All of the 2010 Multi-D energies, events, unfolding cycles, and numbered portal days (10-10-10, 11-11, 12-12 etc.) have continued helping us  get up-to-speed so we can more easily transition into the final twenty-fold increase that starts March 9, 2011. 2010 has felt like us running faster and faster  each month so we’ll be able to more easily enter this final and 20 times faster completion phase.

What I didn’t fully see in all this was what many of us have been and still are currently going through; being under etheric attack and interference by the negative Dark Ones.

I’ve always known that my being on the team I am (gonna borrow a Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian term here), the “Light Tee Shirts”, or Team Light as I call them, that I would simply have to deal with the “Dark Tee Shirts” (Team Dark as I’ve called them) team endlessly trying to take my ass out of The Game. After all, we’re taking their asses out of The Game by our actions so it makes a lot of sense that we’re not their favorite folks! This is just how this works in a polarized world. But despite my always knowing this in this life, plus having clairvoyantly and physically seen and experienced decades of encounters and attacks by the negative Dark side or the “Dark Tee Shirts”, what’s been happening since Oct. 2010 has been difficult and an eye-opener for me. In other words, you can know something very well but when it shifts into a more intense (and final) phase, it changes things even further and that’s the part I didn’t prepare myself enough for; this retaliation or backlash phase. Of course this is far more vast and complex than JUST what we’ve been through during the 2010 summer and fall months, but it certainly plays a huge part in why we’re currently being attacked and interfered with to this degree by the Dark.

I thought it might be helpful to list some Dark attack and interference symptoms and compare them to some typical Ascension symptoms. (You realize they all are Ascension related.)


  1. Exhaustion, depletion, lethargic, groggy, body aches and pains, muscle spasms and sense of being “ill”
  2. Unable to mentally and emotionally focus and remain focused
  3. Retreating, resting, nesting, shutting down, Warrior of Light Mode has been put on pause
  4. Clairvoyantly seeing directly and/or peripherally Dark shapes, figures, balls, creatures, beings, colored balls of light, strange shaped lights etc.
  5. Astral plane and/or Dream level attacks
  6. Loved ones and/or neighbors or strangers being used to trigger you even further into lower frequency states
  7. A loved one and/or pet being attacked to further trigger and trap you within fear/chaos/anxiety/dis-empowered state
  8. Physical sounds and noises sounding abnormal, otherworldly, and not being able to interpret them.
  9. Anomalies seen while out in public. Certain people looking/acting differently and/or being used by negative non-physical Dark beings
  10. Certain things do not dawn on you because you’re being blocked and interfered with by the negative Dark

There are more but you get the gist. Now let’s compare this to higher energy Ascension symptoms to compare the subtle and not so subtle differences.


  1. Exhaustion, depletion, lethargic, body aches and pains, sense of being “ill” but not actually
  2. Occasionally not able to mentally focus due to brain rewiring process and expanding consciousness etc.
  3. Retreating, resting, nesting due to the overload of higher frequency energies effecting you and your multiple bodies and awareness
  4. Loved ones and/or pets also displaying Ascension-related symptoms
  5. Clairvoyantly seeing anomalies, energies, inter-dimensionally, physical reality going thin and/or disappearing in small patches and areas
  6. Clairaudiently hearing sounds, voices, noises that you can’t identify
  7. Anomalies seen while out in public. Seeing white fog, mist, or reality becoming blurry in certain buildings
  8. Body, mental and emotional aches and pains caused by solar and/or higher dimensional energies triggering you, your consciousness and bodies

There are plenty more but again, you get the gist. See what a razor’s edge there is between the two? Amazing and highly confusing isn’t it? The primary difference between the two is that the negative Dark always makes me feel dis-empowered, isolated, depleted, sad, depressed, limited, trapped, confused and  out of sync with what I really am. In other words, it makes me feel a huge lack of Light and Love. Typical Ascension symptoms never do this but often make you feel like there’s way too much Light and Love and that’s why you’re having difficulty housing It all! Subtle and not so subtle differences between the two, and if you’ve experienced both multiple times then you know them both intimately at this point.

Barbara Hand Clow said this (The Pleiadian Agenda) and I know how deeply true it is:

“You will see how knowing darkness is the key to maintaining awareness in the light of the Photon Band.”

We’ve been talking about this and much more in Comments on my Nov. 9, 2010 post The Dark Is Lashing Out, but I wanted to add this here too. Since the very first time I read Lisa Renee’s Guardians “command” paragraph in her Nov. 2010 article “The Restoration”, I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing two anomalies that I’ve seen for the past seven years. All the times I’d seen them prior to reading Lisa’s latest, I never could sense or read these two anomalies much at all. They didn’t radiate negativity nor did they give off much of anything which I always found rather confusing. However, since the first time I read this “command”, these two anomalies (one is a round ball of periwinkle colored light, and the second object is a bright silver-white colored light that looks much like the lens or light emanating end of a LED flashlight) manifest within minutes. I now realize  they most likely are negative Dark etheric body attachments and/or peep holes I’ve had for a while. Damn, I hate this crap but there it is.

Needless to say I’ve been paying very close attention to any and all phenomena that happens during or after I read this command. Every single time I’ve done so these two anomalies appear. Last night after I’d read the command I saw them both and then the white light colored one flew into my abdomen at the solar plexus area. Damn, I really hate this crap! So I re-read the command again—with attitude and determination—and saw this same round white light LED looking thing exit my gut area and retreat up near the ceiling and hang there a couple  of seconds before they both vanished from my clairvoyant vision. I realize this may take some repeated work to completely solve and that’s fine. I’ve survived much worse.

On the other hand I should share what happened when I first read this command. When I got to that one line in it about, “…to return all unity codes, fire letters, and the jewels, wings, energies and parts of bodies…” I instantly and very unexpectedly burst into tears! That was the FIRST time I’ve ever even heard these terms in this life, and yet, some deeper aspect of me knows them intimately. In that first moment as I read those words, I clarivoyantly saw great Angelic-like  Light Beings who have living “jewels” on/in their chests like magnificent, interdimensional hearts. I also saw “fire letters” hanging huge in space and recognized some of them as my Original Codes. And the “wings” revealed how many have had them ripped from us, distorted and then utilized negatively by some of these super-ancient Dark Ones. All-in-all it was a profoundly potent moment for me seeing, feeling, knowing and remembering these ultra-ancient aspects of some of us Lightworkers/Starseeds at higher dimensional levels. So I have my personal reasons—both positive and negative—for believing Lisa Renee’s Guardians command and that entire November 2010 article. It, plus all the side-effects from reading the command, tell me that many of us (not all) have reached this point where we’re taking back certain super-ancient multidimensional aspects of Ourselves (“The Restoration” period) that have been stolen and/or hustled from us during the many eons of this particular Journey.

It makes perfect sense that at this point we’d have to collect and integrate any of these Multi-D bits and pieces of our Greater Selves that have been stolen and used against not only us but all other Beings of Light throughout this entire Journey. During Phase One of the Ascension Process we had to transmute and integrate the majority of our personal projections, karma, dark shadow parts, our unloved, projected and ignored aspects. Now in (let’s call it) Phase Two of the Ascension Process, it makes sense that this would continue but at even larger, higher and more vast levels with those larger, higher, and more vast aspects of our SELVES within all dimensions. All of these things informs us that we’re closer than we’ve ever been before, otherwise the Dark side wouldn’t be doing what it’s doing to and at us now.

Yesterday I discovered a section at Lisa Renee’s website that deals with “Psychic Self Defense”. So far I’ve only read a couple of her articles about this but could tell they are excellent. One thing to keep in mind however if you read any of these particular articles is when she originally wrote them (2007) vs. how much transformational Ascension Work we’ve done since then. They’re very helpful but many of us have finished much personal Inner Work in this area already so don’t automatically assume that you’re less than what you currently are.


November 14, 2010

copyright black white Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this Copyright Notice and link

800x600 demon

“As the 12 D Avatar and the Light of God that I am, I cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide, in this timeline or in any reality, that were not in my highest alignment and expression of my Light Source in the Law of One. I terminate all false matrices, or illusions that may have obscured my highest God purpose and soul mission, from the past, present and future. I terminate redemptive vehicle and crucifixion contracts and their related phantom systems from impacting my consciousness and all of my 12 bodies. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities. Further I ask my Avatar to return all unity codes, fire letters, and the jewels, wings, energies and parts of bodies that have been misdirected or usurped and ask to return them NOW to the Rightful Owner in the name of Self Sovereignty herein stated and commanded into presence. I invalidate the beings by commanding a full dissolution and dissolve them into the One Source—God Source Light through the Eternal Love of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness. Completely Heal and Seal my personal Auric Field from any further intrusion. Return all energies and essences that are in divine right order NOW. I call back NOW — All that is my self sovereign God power and right. I choose my perfection to stand in the Eternal Light and represent my full sovereignty and freedom for all human beings on this planet. I receive this Gift now as I will Share this Gift with ALL. All is One with the Light. I AM UNITY. Beloved God — Thank you!”

20 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Ascension for Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers

  1. Dear Denise,

    Uhhhh…I feel deeply exhausted today and in a constant flip flop of shifting ways of seeing. As always thank you for your post. 🙂 Communicating isn’t coming very easy for me today, but I wanted to ask you a question and relay some things. I’ll start back with your post in which you describe the large male phenomenon and your nighttime attack by the giant male nonhuman folk.

    Well, within that week somewhere, I started seeing info/interviews of people around the subject of their awakening into what I think you/we on your transitions wavelength would call 5d heart based existence. “the egoic mind having moved into the heart” i read somewhere. I was mesmerized by these interviews and being exposed to them nightly on one of these satelite channels. I had been, ever since the October 31st/Hathors experience been seeing through my egoic mind (words are very difficult!) more and more, sometimes staying there for days at a time. And then somthing peeps back in and makes me think I’m “me” and all the psychology creeps back up again. Usually I can see it so clearly that that is what is happening and shift back to “All that is” living. This is all really wierd and strange though and I’ve felt like I was on drugs and completely dettached/without judgement, but the gigantic love was and is here….

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on “advaita” or the death of the individual, I remember one of the men on the site here referred to Ramesh Balsekar once, I believe. ? On the large male front, that came up for me in the form of one of the “teachers” of advaita right now I guess, Wayne Liquorman who is a big big guy of like 6 foot 7 or something. I resonate with him, but it terrifies part of me at the same time. I don’t have anything more coherent to share really, Denise, just I love you and thank you. 🙂

    One more thing could be that I have been seeing lots from both lists of symptoms go on in and around me these past weeks. strange days indeed, like lisa renee said! oh, also, I get full all-over body shivering and hot cold flashes and also blue and metallic orb thing sightings upon using the command..

    That’s all, thank you and love, Em

  2. Jean,

    How beautiful! Sounds like this are typically from 7D so this sounds really nice.

    Yeah, just tell “monkey mind” to back off. 😉 At this point it may just be a 7D sound/light visual for you with not much of a message behind it. Oftentimes the sound/light IS the message.

    Hugs and well done,

  3. So, the cool thing about continuing to use the Command has been that some really interesting things are starting to come through. Last night, I got some remarkable wind-chime-like sounds accompanied by some visual twinkling of mulit-colored merkaba-looking thingies that moved in rhythm with the wind-chime stuff. I have absolutely NO idea what this or means, but the love coming out of the sound and visuals was so intense that I believe it was good stuff — now if the interpretation would just come through it would be helpful (3-D Monkey-mind wants answers NOW!) 🙂


  4. ashatahealing,

    Do not apologize for your current perspectives! Your current perspectives are just as correct and legitimate as mine are. And the absolute best part of all this is that we BOTH have so much more to learn, re-learn, remember, experience and discover. There is no end to this process of growth, not for any of us at any level in any dimension.

    You didn’t do or say anything “wrong”. There is no wrong…there’s just so very much more is all. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. 🙂


  5. I am very sorry Denise, just wanted to give my viewpoint, that is why I was sure to state that it is “My Truth”! I didn’t want to offend you, that wasn’t why I sent the post, I am sorry it was percieved wrong. It sounds like I was out of line and I am truly sorry for that, once again, that wasn’t my intention. I didn’t want my post “to throw over everything and everyone involved’ as you stated. I am very sorry that I came across that way. I totally agree with you, the whole process is very complex and probably shouldn’t have posted what I did as it was very individual, I thought my heart was in the right place but I think i erred! Feel free to remove the post!

  6. linnydd,

    I’m so glad you’ve been able to write Comments again. 🙂 Thank you also for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.

    The No Fear thing is obviously something that’s reached a brand new level for many people since Oct. 2010, and like lamplighter 2 has so correctly said, there’s more to come. But we’ll get through this phase because we’re old pro’s at this stuff at this point.

    Glad you’re back linnydd.
    Hugs & Gratitude,

  7. Hi Denise….the time is finally right for me to finally comunicate with you. I have tried many times but the message has gotten erased (I forgot to write my name) or for some reason creating an account since her up graded your site was ifficult….impossible!

    I am so happy to be here right now.
    I haven t written a comment since Feb. It feels like ages for me. I have grown much since and a huge thank you to you for a lot of that. The have no fear comment you gave me back then is completely in subject with the times. The dark energies and so much more. I have worked on having no fear and it has freed me a lot. I had nno idea I lived with so much fear so much of the time. A lot of fear about the unseen. I seem to feel them less to almost none for a few months and now know to not start feering them again if they return.

    I love you so much for all you do. For everything you share with us and for being so open and generous. There are very few places I can go to for validation for what I go trough and this is my first choice. The next are a couple of friends and still sometimes I must edit. There are a lot of changes and a dear friend of mine is starting to go trought the ascension symptoms of phase 1 which means I get to talk about it with her. I have told her about not fearing what she has started to feel (the dizziness) and see……She sees white shadows (mine have always been dark)…..any ways much too long message.
    My main purpose for writting today is to let you know How much I truly appreciate having you do all that you do for us (humanity). I am ready to have more info on the subject we last exchanged on back in Feb. because I won t let fear control me. Thank you again Denise.

  8. ashatahealing,

    It always amazes me when people believe they absolutely know what I’m going through and why and they offer me their interpretation of why I’m living through what I am at the moment. This is why I often say in my posts that not all people will be experiencing what I’m currently talking about. Some yes, but the majority will not. Why? Because everyone is not the same and everyone is not working on the same identical energies and projects and not even always at the same time. In other words, everyone is not a “plumber” and there are no “electricians”, no “foundation workers”, no “heating and air workers” etc. etc. etc. First Wavers, Second Wavers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Angelics, Indigos, Crystals etc. should reveal that we’re not all exactly the same within this Process and that we each have our missions and particular talents (and obviously the negative attacks or difficulties/tests etc. to try to stop us) for it.

    I understand that you (and certain other people who’ve done this here) want to help with your viewpoints and insights. I honestly understand that and appreciate your heartfelt desire to help. However, this entire situation that we’ve all been discussing about this Dark topic is so much more complex than the aspect you’ve perceived so far. You’ve become aware of one larger general aspect of this and you’re using it to throw over everything and everyone involved with the ongoing Ascension Process. I’m sorry but it’s far, far, far more complex than that.

    Stay safe and keep learning…as we all are. 🙂


  9. Hi Denise. I had communication with yourself thru an email at the end of last year from South Florida. At the time I was not ready to share the information that I am about to speak of but with your thread concerning Lisa’s latest post, I thought I would share the information I began recieving in the summer of 09 along with another. It would be what your are calling phase 2 of Ascension.

    I have processed the information for a period of a full year till I was fully able to accept it as accurate. Through some obscure reading found on the internet it really started the ball rolling with the 2 of us and processing this information. The gist of all the processed information allowed me to fully integrate my Higher Self or Future Self fragments in order that there only be communication withhin myself with no more from any type of intermediaries. This was quite a process of release which could only happen within segments for myself. I now hold within the the majority of the “metaphysical movement” has been lead thru a false insert program that was inserted into the hologram by the beings that are holding all of humanity in enslavement. These are extremely high level beings from the future and as far as I am concerned this insert program was ingenuous. I have a knowing of these beings from my Future Self and from that time period, but very minimally. The ony way I have been able to release this false program has been working thru the various level’s until I felt a full connection with my Higher Self. There are no longer any intermediaries allowed by myself between my Higher Self knowing and Source.

    This fase program consists of all the many flase arcehtype’s that we all open our energy to at one time or another and then since we do this of free will, the so called black tee shirts take this freely offered energy and use it to further enslave humanity. I know this can seem like a hard pill to swallow but it is My Truth and this truth has not come easily. As far as the “attacks” by the dark tee shirts, the clearer and more personal truth based connection you can have with your Higher Self, the better, while also continually holding a Higher Love, which is neutrality based, towards Humanity.

    In essence, what you do is release yourself as fully as possible from the false insert program which is the major program the majority of all Lightworkwers are doing their work from. I know this is hard to hear and takes time to process, but once again this is My Truth. If you can stay out of the false program there will be marginal attack, if none at all at times, but it is a process to stay very aware and to work to stay out of as many fallen and negative vibrations on this planet. Believe in yourself as a free agent of the Universe with freewill to do whatever you choose and don’t allow the dark tee’s to feed off of your energy anymore. During this process remember to always be very gentle with yourself and hold the Highest Love for Yourself as this is what is rightfully ours. I hope this sharing will help with what so many are stating as attacks by the dark tees. I Love You All!

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