The Dark Is Lashing Out…Again


I’ve been under psychic attack by the Dark Side of the Force —aka Team Dark as I call them all—for the past month now. My 81-year-old Mom and my much beloved cat have been too, and it’s been horrible as it always is. Those of you who’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution will be able to understand this post a bit better than those who haven’t. But, this current multidimensional Battle is something I knew would happen and I mentioned this in my post about The Hathors/Tom Kenyon’s “World Meditation”. I said there would be an energetic backlash from the Dark negative Beings over this planetary meditation to remove and free-up the souls who’ve been controlled and used via certain limiting religious beliefs, and beliefs that Earth is just a source for humanity to heartlessly, disrespectfully and greedily use. My problem is that I can consciously know certain things, even write about them and still not instantly catch when I’m under psychic suppression/attack by the Dark… yet again! Embarrassing but true, and something I feel certain some people will benefit from once I share my recent experiences.

Back in October 2010 I suddenly began having difficulties when trying to mentally and emotionally focus and/or intend and Consciously Create certain things for myself and my family and friends. Normally this is an effortless process for me and I should have recognized my symptoms as those of negative interference but I didn’t. There are reasons for this however which we’ll get to. Everything, even these types of negative Dark attacks are lessons, Initiations, stages and phases within the ongoing Ascension Process for many of us (not all however) and they are perfect in their wisdom even though they’re negative and horrible. This is how I learn even more about a subject I’m already well versed in, so I’m grateful to be able to pass this knowledge on to any others who may benefit from it because they too have been or currently are under psychic multidimensional attack by the Dark because they are First Wave Lightworkers.

As the days passed I was having more difficulty mentally and emotionally focusing on certain higher things I’d been working on for myself and family. I began sliding down into a mild depression, frustration, sense of victim-hood, decreased vitality, decreased strength, decreased everything! About this time my Mom and I suddenly started getting frustrated with each other and both of us wanted out, wanted to live alone and not be bothered with each other. My cat also began throwing up his food every few days which is very unusual for him. He also displayed huge decreases in his vital life-force and he looked and acted sad and sick, which was so hard to witness. At one point I even wondered if he was dying. (If you’ve read my book, remember the horrific demonic attacks  and  then the orange tiger kitten.) Again, I should have easily recognized all of this as common symptoms of negative psychic attacks and also of highly focused interference with all three of us, but I didn’t put all the pieces together. This too is another common symptom and tactic used by the Dark against us; they cause us to think that all is well, that nothing is wrong and that it will pass eventually. Remember this powerful tactic as it may save your life and/or sanity.

The tensions, frustrations, and sense of being trapped increased, the desire to physically separate from my Mom and her from me, the cat repeatedly getting sick and obviously suppressed energetically, absolutely NOT being able to mentally and emotionally focus on higher frequency things I wanted and needed to focus on, and constantly being pulled back down into emotions such as anger, frustrations, victim-hood, and all-around lower frequency thoughts and emotions. I could not maintain any higher frequency thoughts and emotions as is normal for me, but kept finding myself  quickly back down in these lower states with little ability to pull my focus in, redirect it and most importantly, maintain it at a higher level.

The next big clue with all this was a lucid “dream” I had on November 6, 2010. I know when I’m having “dreams” that my subconscious have produced for me, and I also know when I have actual other-dimensional encounters with both positive and negative Beings in them. This was not a  subconscious “dream” but an actual encounter with some very real, very ancient, and very Big Bad Old Dudes out there. I’ve been through these types of lucid astral encounters and attacks many times throughout my lifetime, however this one was a first in that these negative Dark Beings interacted with me very differently than they ever have prior. Huge clue this one.

Briefly this “dream” state encounter was with a small group of GIANT non-human male Beings. (They looked like a slightly different version of the negative Reptilian beings.) What really affected me in this encounter/attack was that these Dark negative male beings were so huge. They were giant giants, about twenty-five to thirty foot tall with massive, heavily muscled bodies. They were the multidimensional Bad Asses behind the mediocre physical plane human Bad Asses, and that information came from them. They let me know in this meeting that they are the non-physical Puppet Masters, the other-dimensional Dark beings that run and control the negative humans who in turn run the negative systems and beliefs on Earth. You see, the Dark physical patriarchal human bastards have much bigger non-physical Dark bastards that control them and they’re very, very ancient Dark Beings that are giant giants.

This dream attack didn’t last too long but cut right to the chase and eventually the main being in this Group of Dark beings picked me up and tossed me around like I was a rag doll, which I was in his huge hands. He then proceeded to try to intimidate me by holding me inches in front of his huge non-human face while he threatened me, raged at me, and revealed things to me I couldn’t believe he was stupidly doing. However, this is what the Dark does when it’s at the end of its rope; it finally reveals some aspects of itself to some of us which helps us put many more interdimensional pieces together, but also to see that they’re no longer capable of kickin’ my (your) ass as they have been. The why of this is one of the biggest points in this whole story and process.

Normally I would easily exit the dream attack at this scary and dangerous point, but I didn’t in this case because I was lucid and knew something very important was behind this unusual in-my-face high drama Dark threat and theatrics. By having these negative beings showing me what they look like, which these types of negative beings do not typically do unless they’re in a corner, they revealed that the power has recently shifted big time. So, I remained and let this giant Dark alien being shake me around, threaten and intimidate me. He was frightening, but I knew more was going on than all his yelling, intimidations and threats. Once he was done trying to paralyze me with fear, I then intentionally exited the dream and woke myself up. I sat there in my dark bedroom thinking about what I’d just experienced and had to smile because all is NOT as it first appears.

I should also mention that for a week prior to this November 6, 2010 dream I’d been having nightly dreams of integrating, connecting with unknown-to-me human males which I also recognized as indicating something else. By night-three of these nightly dreams I realized that another level of my/our Male/Female, Female/Male selves and energies were being energetically reunited in ways that haven’t been possible for a very long time. To me this was simply another level of my own Sacred Marriage with my rewired male/masculine counterparts (brain halves, selves and energies), but also of my being a First Wave Lightworker and energy Lightning Rod for the rest of humanity and the Earth’s NEW higher 5D Grid Systems. We First Wave Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers still ground, hold, anchor and enable higher energies to manifest into Earth and the new Grid through our own bodies, consciousness, hearts and beings.

On November 8th Mom and I had to do some shopping and both of us were surprised to see so many giant male people in the grocery store. There were human patriarchal males all over the place and terribly obvious in that symbolic and polarized way. This was just one more symbolic clue in a growing list of clues that things are changing and improving in massive ways now, both in us and through us on multiple dimensions and Earth.

There’s more of course but I’ll only cover the main events. I suspect we’ll get into more aspects of this in Comments. Here’s a short recap of symptoms and clues that you—as a Lightworker and/or Starseed—are under psychic attack and intentional interference by Dark non-physical beings:

  1. You have a dream or dreams of being attacked by Dark negative beings, aliens, creatures etc.
  2. You can’t mentally/emotionally remain focused on higher level things you want to focus on to Consciously Create
  3. You slowly become more depressed, unfocused, sad, angry, frustrated, immobilized, sick, depleted, victimized, weak with low vitality
  4. You want to run away and be alone. You don’t think to call in help of any kind. You just sit, unable to make your mind work like it normally does
  5. A family member and/or friend and/or pet or other loved one also comes under negative psychic attacks around the same time as you do

My friend who lives up north also came under negative psychic attack a couple of weeks ago while in the “dream” state, but it too was an actual encounter and a direct psychic multidimensional attack upon her and not something from her subconscious.

This morning I discovered Lisa Renee’s November 2010 article “The Restoration” in my email box. I printed it out and read it aloud to my Mom and lifetimes of Lightwork (physical and multidimensional) fell into place for us both. I cannot say how grateful I am to Lisa Renee for this particular article at this time. It’s perfect and a total confirmation for me, my Mom, and no doubt for many of you as well, not to mention how relieved my cat is! Sometimes some of us must tread into the Dark yet again so our Work in and of the Light holds more conscious meaning and empowerment for us. If you too have recently been Battling with the Dark Ones again, this is why. We’re almost done because we’re almost there and the Dark Ones are finally on their way out.

Denise Le Fay

November 9, 2010

copyright black squareCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2010. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice are included.

50 thoughts on “The Dark Is Lashing Out…Again

  1. Steve,

    That might be a good idea, especially now as the negative Astral fourth dimension community is finally being rattled down to its core.

    In the past I’ve deliberately sidestepped certain topics here because I did not want to draw too much attention to the lower levels of the 4D Collective septic tank! There are so many younger people who seem to think it’s important to astrally project, astrally travel, go for a walk-about in 4D which has always amazed me. Why would anyone want to go cruising through the lower 4D archetypal hood when there’s all that other fun stuff above 4D? But this is how we learn there’s more. 😉

    Yes, my experiences within 4D/the Astral plane have been much like what you’ve described. 4D is the Collective for physical humanity in 3D. 4D is also where the planetary Archetypes exist, while the upper levels of it house the Akashic. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all exists in different layers of the 4D/Astral plane, and for Lightworkers and other spiritual travelers, it’s where we must venture to eventually reach the other side – 5D and higher.

    Lisa Renee’s The Restoration article had SO many excellent lines in it. One that I was so glad to see was, “When mind control becomes a belief system the person embodies the archetype and becomes a perpetrator for the controller’s agenda.” And, “The war over the evolving human consciousness is still transpiring in the higher dimensions.” I could list certain forums where that first quote is in full force and being endlessly spewed at all other forum members…and the possessed, the used, haven’t a clue what’s happened to them.


  2. “I felt you the other day and am glad to see you back again.”

    Hi Denise, I hope what you ‘felt” wasn’t too intrusive. I think about you often when I read some the channels out there that I know will speak to you.

    I’m wondering if it might be helpful to have a thread on the astral in general which I tend to think of as 4D in how it seems to act like flypaper trapping us into a lot of these polarity battles.

    I had an experience several years ago where I felt stuck there for about 3 days. I was functional in the world but was definately “stuck” in the realm of mythologically based (real though in their energy as emotionally fed thought-forms) entities. I had to ride it out. It was right after this that I wrote my book which I felt was driven by 5D triality based intentions.

    Anyway, just wondering if you have experienced these dimensional constructs in a similar way or if you have your own take on it.


    Kite (Steve)

  3. Cat,

    Done the same thing many times myself, but this is how we learn about, surf, and master the different layers and levels of frequency/energy and how they feel, look, act, react etc. This IS us becoming consciously aware of our being multidimensional beings. Tis a great thing, even though there’s these messy, scary, test phases. 😉


  4. TIESHLA!!! So great hearing from you again. Many of us have missed you and your wonderful input. Thanks for letting everyone know that you’re around. Surf those Uranian Waves and pop in here whenever you are in the mood. 🙂

    Heart Hugs,

  5. theocacao,

    My gawd what a cluster fuck! I am so sorry you and your beloved pets have been under attack like this. These Dark bastards know how much we LOVE our animals, so, they typically target them to cause us as much fear, heartache, pain, chaos, expense, worry etc…and it works every freaking time.

    You know what to do to protect yourself, your pets, your house and land so bath it all in Light and read or say aloud – every day – that part in Lisa Renee’s article to cut these bastards off on all the dimensions they’re coming at you from. It works, but you may have to do it repeatedly to keep them out. I think we’re all going to have to be doing this for the rest of 2010 and probably much of 2011.

    The Dark negative affects us just like what you’ve described. They deliberately cause us to go out of focus, get confused, tend to give up to it all etc. It took me going through this one numerous times before I realized it was one of their very clever tactics and how they interfere or block us energetically from other dimensions. That is their primary intention with us; to stop us from doing what we’ve been doing! If they can’t kill us, then stopping us from spreading that fucking Light all over the place is the next best thing. 😉 So they’ll play us energetically like this just to stop us, distract us, slow us down, get us focused on anything other than being Lightworkers!

    Your pets will be fine but I think we’ve all got to incorporate this type of Energy Protection during this “Restoration” phase Lisa’s Guardians are talking about. Man oh man this Winter Solstice and then all of 2011 are going to be utterly amazing and no doubt rather intense like this also. We need to get prepared for the multidimensional “falling” that’s happening now.


  6. …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Hi All }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

    It’s been awhile since I contributed directly to Transitions, for reasons which are multitudinous. It was around the same time that Denise had a significant shift about Transitions, that I realized something had changed for me here as well. No “bad” or any negative judgments about it, just a significant energy shift in my personal journey toward empowering, igniting and embodying my Own Mastery.

    The multidimensional shifts have been nothing short of profound for me as an Indigo Blue-Ray Wayshower currently moving through Uranus Opposition. I am significantly changed on many, many levels. From Teleseminar meditations with Lisa Renee to Opening the Halls of Amenti at the appointed hour on October 31, these last few weeks have been intense, amazing, profound and catapulting.

    I feel authentically inspired to contribute to this thread because I want everyone to know that I am in heARTful solidarity with each and every ONE of y*o*u. At times like these, when the Dark lashes out to those of us on the brave, courageous, boldly heartpresent Spiritual Frontlines of the Ascension Process, we soOoooo need to know who has our energetic backs.
    We need our Tribe, our Pod, our Come-Unity.

    And I am here, albeit in the background of Transitions, pouring forth L~O~V~E for all that we are accomplishing TOGETHER at this time. We are AWEsome.

    I have your back in this Journey, and I feel I know who has mine. ♥


    ╰☆╮.:)) Tieshla ((:.╰☆╮

  7. The dark really is lashing out… I can only read 3 of the (currently) 9 comments on this entry. Doesn’t matter what browser I use. Wish I knew what all ya’ll said!

    I too have been having these similar issues as has my spouse and one of my dogs… I’ve written about his seizures in other comments.

    Up until recently I shamanically traveled and visited with a number of guides and have been blocked from doing so for a while now. In the past month or so, I have been talking with two other dimensional beings a male and a female who claim to have been the goddess Ishtar impulse who became Isis, who became Hecate. The jury was still out on whether they are “genuine” or “dark-posing-as-light” — they have expressed enormous frustration with me being stubborn and I suppose that I have been because I haven’t found a way to trust them. I kept asking to see Hecate because that is one of the guides I am used to dealing with and they kept refusing.

    Monday, I was sitting in my car waiting in line. I was next to a place where they park the garbage trucks in our town and there were several crows flying around the trucks. Suddenly five crows took off chasing a red-tail hawk. Two of the crows chased the hawk completely out of there territory. I thought to myself — that is a lesson — I need to be completely sure of my territory and even if a predator enters it, I need to defend it. Later that day, I was meditating and there was my old familiar Hecate with her crusty personality and no-nonsense way. (These two entities had never seemed at all like Hecate and when asked why they really never came up with a good reason.) Later, when I tried to call back to the two mystery guests, they were gone.

    Seems that the two old crows chased away the red-tailed hawk. Maybe things will get better now.


  8. karina,

    I thought of you when I read this article (and a couple others) by Lisa Renee. The section in it that is a sort of banishing ritual or way to reclaim “…our rightful sovereignty in Gods Natural Laws” is VERY, VERY potent and does what it claims it can. When I read it for the first time yesterday (out loud), I could feel the Dark exit and my normal higher, Light-filled state and energies flooded back in immediately. Even my cat felt it and began running and playing through the house like he was celebrating the retreat of the Dark! Now I’m not saying that, for me, the Dark won’t come back and have another go at me and mine a few more times. I’d be surprised if they didn’t at this point, so I’ve printed out a copy of Lisa’s article with this profoundly helpful higher statement of intent from her “Guardians” and I will be reading that one part in it aloud once a day until I feel it’s no longer necessary for me to do so. I strongly suggest that you and any others that have/are experiencing ANY level of negative interference do it at least once a day too. We’re not out of the woods yet; close yes but these Bad Asses have reached the point where they know their worlds are changing and they are plenty pissed off, fighting mad, and lashing out at those of us responsible for breaking down their control over us, this planet, and humanity. We’ll all need to be aware and take care of business to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and most obviously our beloved pets!

    I also want to thank you for buying/reading both of my books. It means a lot to me. Heart Hugs of Gratitude.

    My heart hurts for you and all that you’ve gone through because of these negative multidimensional beings. You’ve got to not be a “victim” to them any longer. I also know how easy that is to say and how hard it is to manifest! However, if I were in your shoes, I’d go into Rambo Warrior Mode and take no prisoners! From what you’ve said about this, it sounds like you’ve got more than one source attacking you, not that that matters all that much at this point.

    YOU ARE AN ASPECT OF THE ALL THAT IS and you have the right, the responsibility at this point, to realize what you are and that you do have the power and authority to stop this profound negativity and endless insanity. Read Lisa’s article and strap on your Light Saber and cut them all out of your energy field, out of your heart, out of your mind, out of your wounds, out of your soul. It’s do-able believe it or not, and the fact that Lisa’s Guardians gave her this formula, this “language” as she calls it to pass on to us, means it’s time for people like us who’ve lived under varying degrees of negative warfare for years or decades to put an end to these multidimensional attacks and take back our stolen body parts and other body tools (mental body, emotional body, etheric or astral body etc.).

    Just suggestions however.

    Be well, be strong, be wise, be what you are. You wouldn’t be such a big deal, such a big target for them if you were just ordinary Joe Blow down the street! 😉 Never forget that aspect of this whole business and use it.

  9. Hi, Denise,

    This message really spoke to me, because last week I had another incident where I could see my room with my eyes closed, plus a crystal clear vision of a white city with many domes shining in the sunlight. I pulled back and then was in a window looking out over the city from a castle and I sensed a king with brown hair and a beard and a gold crown. I started to look on the internet for cities in the middle east and it looked a lot like Jerusalem. I feel that it was King David in this vision, which is interesting with this message now about the Davidian lineage.

    On a more troubling note, my family has gone completely around the bend the last two or three weeks, with people brawling on the front lawn and throwing someone in jail. Just crazy stuff! I’m on the other side of the world right now (and so thankful for that), but got dragged into it. I started being relatively positive, but when it got so crazy and then people were proud of their actions, I got bogged down in the negativity. Well, I’m climbing out now and spending some time looking at the whole situation and how not to get dragged in next time. Sheesh!


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