Solar Activities = Body & Emotional Aches & Pains

(Oct. 16, 2010 solar magnetic “Great Filament” and sun spots)

On Thursday Oct. 14, 2010 between 4–4:30 pm I suddenly got blasted with those old familiar  intense “ascension flu” symptoms. I learned years ago that the “ascension flu” symptoms were actually how my physical body reacts to any and all solar activity. Solar flares, CME’s, solar storms, magnetic solar filaments, sun spots etc., all instantly cause my physical body to feel as if I’ve got the “ascension flu”. Body aches and pains, chills like you have a low-grade fever, occasional stabbing ice pick-like pains in certain bones and joints that only last a couple of seconds thank gwad, and that general all around crappy, profoundly exhausted feeling physically.

Another  way that any and all solar activity affects me is emotionally, and I’ll suddenly find myself crying over some lame-ass commercial or movie…or nothing! I just suddenly feel abnormally emotional and cry often because of it. (I have some vague memory of Steve Rother/the group channeling recently about magnetic fluctuations from solar activity causing us to be more emotional.)

Cherie and I had been talking in emails about this recently and she was relieved to hear that her sudden attack of flu-like symptoms and severe body aches, pains, and exhaustion were/are due to current solar activity. I’m going to add a link to below so you can see for yourself what the Sun has been doing these past few days and back-engineer your possible ascension flu symptoms and crying jags to make this connection. (The ultra sensitive and sensitive people always feel and are affected by these energies before other people are.)

These energies are only going to increase in intensity from 2010 over the next two years or more, so we need to remember that we are very much affected (physically, emotionally, and in many other positive ways as well) by Cosmic and Galactic Energy Waves that reach our Sun and then the Sun transmits on to us and Earth.

Denise Le Fay

October 17, 2010

9 thoughts on “Solar Activities = Body & Emotional Aches & Pains

  1. Like Shawn, I also find that when I make the time to meditate, or any other daily spiritual practice, for that matter, everything else goes down SO-o-o much more easily. Besides, in this age of “compressed” time, meditation seems to actually give you MORE time; stretches it somehow.

    All that stuff (i.e. meditation, prayer, affirmations, etc.) exists for a reason and it really does work, but it’s so easy to lose track of this fact. If we have tools at our disposal, it makes sense to use them. I dig in my heels against it harder than anyone, in spite of past positive experiences, but I know how vital it is. (Lots of Sagg/ Jupiter in my chart I guess.)

    I am also finding with all the many sudden headaches and such, that consciously thinking of “expansion” and creating a sense of space between cells or molecules or whatever in my head helps to relieve the intense pressure. Maybe someone else can corroborate this, or find it useful.

    Shawn, it sounds like you’ve intuitively engaged in a “vision quest” of sorts. May it bring you to your rightful place, inside and out. Aho.

    Blessings to all,


  2. Astrologically, we are also in a period where there are no fire signs in the sky (except when the Moon passes through one) it is a bit strange but it also adds to the emotionality! Hang on, though because we are also in for more sun spot activity and possibly a filament turning loose in the next 10 days or so. This is such a possibility I am investigating Faraday Cages (even a grounded metal garbage can will do) for my small electronics — ‘course if everything gets fried we won’t be able to communicate for a while anyway, but I’d like to have my “stuff” working when everything comes back. Be well and hang on! We can ride this solar and astro wave too!

    As always enormous gratitude to Denise! You and all the commentators are wonderful!

  3. Denise –

    I just got back from a 1,900 mile hiking trip from the Twin Cities to the Black Hills in South Dakota and Montana. After the job loss I felt the urge last Tuesday to take this trip. I bought a 6 person tent, sleeping bag and some other items and left last Wednesday. I will tie this up with your post about energies and solar flares, CME’s etc.

    Deep inside I felt like I needed to get away from everything especially people and society. Many posts from you and others have talked about solar and cosmic energies as well as getting out into nature as much as possible. I’ve been so buried with astral guck and the like that I almost forget I’m even a lightworker. At a soul level I knew I needed some MEGA Aura/Chakra/Energy Body, etc. deep cleansing, clearing and balancing.

    I pitched my tent about the time you mention the ascension flu symptoms last Thursday. I felt the need to meditate and I did so from about 7pm until about 3am. Yeah – these solar energies coupled with nature gave me a power boost to channel the energies to “wash my soul”.

    The next day I hiked about 10 miles and didn’t see another human being the entire time. I got within 20 feet of bison/buffalo as well as rattlesnakes and deer. I could still feel the energies and sat throughout the hike to just meditate and try to integrate the energies within. I found that without meditation I get all of the flu like symptoms and more. With meditation I seem to be able to channel the energy in a more natural/organized way which clears out the dark stuff.

    A lot of these energies have been clearing my 1st/2nd chakras. The solar energies seem to be able to better penetrate them than angelic or nature energies. I can feel the dark guck getting broken up into smaller pieces which are further transmuted. Many other implants and other weird astral stuff seem to be dislodged, extracted and removed as well.

    For those of us that work with angelic energy I found that the solar activity seems to “clear the way” for the angels to “reach me”. I wonder if others find this to be true? It’s like the angels can’t penetrate the astral dark stuff when I invoke them.

    In summary, I find the solar energies affect me like they do many others including Denise, Steve Rother, etc. Meditation seems to be a wonderful way to mitigate the “ascension flu-like symptoms”. Work with the energies rather than against them. More to come and ENJOY the times!


  4. Linda,

    They sort of caught me off guard too, only because I hadn’t felt them that intensely for a while. That’s why I thought I should post about it. I knew if I was feeling them that strongly, plenty of other people were too.

    It took me a while, many years ago, to connect the sudden crying and feeling so profoundly emotional over really simple (and sometimes ridiculous) things with solar activities. It was terribly obvious to me they were causing my “ascension flu” aches, pains and chills etc., but I didn’t make the connection to the emotional amplification they also cause. Now I just go with it all and cry my eyes out when these solar activities are blasting me. I don’t berate myself or try to not cry…I know what’s causing it all and I know it will end soon. We all will need to remember how these solar and cosmic energies affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically because there’s much more coming!

    Thank you for your kind words and gratitude.
    Heart Hugs,

  5. Hi Denise,

    I’ve been reading your blog for so long, it’s nice to make a connection. I truly admire the way you spell things out for those of us experiencing the many waves of ascension. These last solar flares from the sun have made me feel as though I did some time back, with the crying and ascension flu all over again. I actually thought I was over feeling this way, and then WHAM…So, to say the least, your recent article on the emotional symptoms as well as physical has really helped me to get through this. Thank you for being there, you are truly an angel. Linda

  6. Oh gee, what a cheery thought, next 2 years or more hmmm. Well the pain may be great,however i do feel much more love in my life. What an interesting juxtaposition, your twinflame in pain.

  7. Oh Wow. I have two friends who are “laid out” by seeming flu bugs – on thursday. Since I know that there is no such thing as “coincidence”, I’ll forward this post on to both of them. I perceive they are both a lot more “spiritual” than they think they are. Maybe this will help convince them that they, along with so many of the people I know, are all on the same path 🙂

    It certainly explains my malaise of the past few days. And my bet is, if I track the last series of CME’s, I’ll find the cause of my last draggy feeling days as well.

  8. Thanks again for the reminder, Denise. Because, OMG, sometimes this just really really sucks and I don’t know about other people, but I tend to forget what’s taking place around me. So I walk around in this emotional and physical pain thinking WTF is wrong with me??? It confuses the heck outta me because, you know like most things, we want to have a reason so I start mentally backtracking to see what I did differently the past few days – did I eat too much sugar? did I have a bad night’s sleep? did i overdo it? Well geez, did someone I love die? No to all the above, so why do I feel so awful for no apparent reason? Then I read your post and Ta Dah! The lightbulb comes on and it’s such a relief to get a gentle reminder that there is so much more happening “out there”, and that I’m not alone with these crazy feelings. Thank you sweet Denise!
    Love Chrys xo

  9. Denise, thank you again……………. Glad to know where this pain is coming from. I know, than I forget. How do you stay in a place of not complaining about being here. I so often moan about wanting to go home.
    Gratitude and hugs,and encouragement. Gwen

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