Multidimensional, Nonlinear Lightworking

On October 13–14, 2010 a few of us had been having a Q & A session in Comments because of certain things Dolores Cannon said and some discrepancies some readers caught. [See my post “Aug. 2010 Dolores Cannon Interview”.] Balsamic Moon asked me about “past lives”, linear time, karma, Lightworkers, and about some discrepancies she caught in what Dolores said in her interview. Robin responded, as did I, and instead of my repeating myself here I’ll ask that you please read those Comments in that post.

This however is about what happened an hour after I responded to Balsamic Moon’s questions. That entire Q & A session, what was asked and what I answered—especially about my past life in Egypt of 12,600 b.c.—then what came in a mass emailing from Tom Kenyon is another aspect of this seemingly disconnected discussion…believe it or not! Not much is disconnected for us at this point and in the past I’ve tried to write about some of the fun anomalies and coinky dinks that typically goes with 5D territory and expanding, spherical or quantum consciousness.

Where I’m going with all this is very much what fifth dimensional consciousness and life is like; it’s connected to  multiple other things, events, people, non-physical Beings/ETs etc., past lives that are really simultaneous lives, this current time within the great astrological wheel and its exact opposite point on it too, and much more actually. Baby steps at first as we all get familiar with being the new Oversoul Seven’s ourselves!

In those Comments on the Dolores Cannon video post, I mentioned about how my past life in 12,600 b.c. Egypt—which was Starseeded as were many of yours back then—is directly connected to this life and time for reasons having to do with the species and planet Ascension and Dimensional Shift Process. (Try to stay in spherical awareness and not old familiar linear past/present/future awareness okay? In other words, don’t think too much…stretch out and feel more instead.) In typical 5D fashion, after we’ve been having conversations back and forth at TRANSITIONS about certain things, questions, events, energies and consciousness etc., another aspect from a higher dimension beyond 5D comes in and smacks many of us upside the head and heart in an attempt to help us further remember who we are and the next stage within this massive ascension process. Tom Kenyon’s Hathors have done exactly this repeatedly to many of us here at TRANSITIONS. Did you catch when it happened months before here? If not, I’m going to do my best to help you catch it this time. When you do catch it and your awareness does that jump to light-speed maneuver, remember how it feels because it’s quantum and within seconds or minutes you won’t think it even happened! You’ll be like…“Huh?”  Seriously.

So, from here on I’m going to let you put the higher, non-linear, simultaneous “past lives” Soul Mission Work into a more unified state within you, your body and consciousness. All you and I have to do is go with the potent flow that seems to radiate off from Tom Kenyon’s Hathors. (I’ve experienced this same type of higher dimensional business with the 5D Pleiadians numerous times in past decades, but only with these “Hathors” since I discovered them via Tom Kenyon’s website around Jan. 2010. Again, your mileage may vary.)

As you read (and listen to Tom’s sound recording for this event/shift/fork in the planetary roads) remember any of your “past life/lives” in or near 12,600 b.c. Egypt, and this Oct. 31, 2010 “World Meditation” the Hathors and Tom Kenyon have set up. Many of us were there and participated when these ancient things were created in Egypt, and so, many of us will also be present and conscious of what and why we’re doing all we are here now. Let’s do the 5D High Heart shuffle and complete this big ‘ol Multi-D thing finally. Heart Hugs Hathors and Tom Kenyon for assisting us in connecting some of our ancient widely strewn pieces with today’s Soul Mission.

Denise Le Fay

October 15, 2010

NOTE: Important Addition. I’m sorry I didn’t make this important connection when I published this post yesterday. The Hathors and Tom Kenyon have planned this “World Meditation” for Oct. 31, 2010. This other connection I made today (Oct. 16, 2010) is that the very last of the Mayan calendar DAYS/NIGHTS cycles starts on Nov. 3, 2010! This last DAY SEVEN cycle runs from Nov. 3, 2010 – Oct. 28, 2011. Carl Calleman calls this particular phase, “We evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience.”

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: Opening the Halls of Amenti

Final Instructions for the World Meditation on October 31st 2010

“The energetic for this world meditation will begin at 12:01 pm, Pacific Daylight Savings Time on October 31st 2010, and will continue unabated until 12:01 noon the following day, Monday, November 1st 2010.

At 3 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, the group gathered at the event in Seattle, Washington will enter into an hour-long meditation, as described in our previous planetary message “The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.”

We request that you review this message so that you understand the sequence of this meditation. During the one-hour gathering—in which you are invited to participate energetically, if you so choose—we will go through the meditation three times, which will take about 45 minutes. This will be a powerful energetic.

If you choose to participate during this hour-long period, we strongly suggest that you spend fifteen minutes resting in silence after you have gone through the meditation three times. Depending upon your level of evolution and conscious awareness, you may find yourself transported to multiple realms of consciousness simultaneously, and it may take some time for you to re-orient yourself back to three-dimensional time and space. Thus this fifteen-minute period of silence and rest is not an indulgence, but an absolute necessity in order for you to integrate the vast realms of consciousness that will be opened.

During this 24 hour period, from 12:01 pm, October 31st 2010, to 12:01 pm November 1st 2010, Pacific Daylight Savings Time, you would benefit greatly by going through the meditation as we have described in our previous message The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.

In other words, this is a planetary wave of energy that you can participate in. There is no need to coordinate your meditation with the group in Seattle unless you wish—however we expect the greatest intensity of the energies released to be during this one-hour period when the group is gathered in Seattle and for several hours afterward.

The purpose of this world meditation is two-fold. The first is to activate and open your personal access to your own higher mind, symbolized by the metaphorical term “The Halls of Amenti.” The purpose of this personal activation is to bring to you the gifts of your own higher mind—new creative thought, joined with wisdom, for the elevation of your own life and the elevation of your relationships, as well as your community through the mysterious arising of personal courage and inspiration. These shall be the gifts that come to you when you open your own Halls of Amenti, meaning your own Higher Mind.

The second meaning of the term “Halls of Amenti” refers to the energetic work we shall be undertaking on the behalf of all humanity and future generations. It is an energetic that will operate independently of you, and does not involve you, nor does it involve the group that will be gathered in Seattle.

The action of Opening the Halls of Amenti will involve multi-dimensional energies that we will engage during the twenty-four hour period we mentioned above, and especially during the one-hour period while the group in Seattle is in meditation. We shall orchestrate these extraordinary multi-dimensional resources to open the actual Halls of Amenti that reside in the etheric realms, and whose physical anchor is beneath the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This shall be done for the courage and inspiration of all mankind, and to bring forward new understandings, and new technologies joined with wisdom for the elevation of all life.

For those of you who choose to enter into this meditation, time and space shall be transcended, and you shall fly on the wings of your own higher natures.”

The Hathors
October 11, 2010

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

“In their statement above, the Hathors waxed poetic when they said…

“The purpose of this personal activation is to bring to you the gifts of your own higher mind—new creative thought, joined with wisdom, for the elevation of your own life and the elevation of your relationships, as well as your community through the mysterious arising of personal courage and inspiration.”

I confess that I am a lover of poetry, but also of clarity. So after the transmission of this message, Judi and I asked them to state that phrase in a different way. They responded with this…

“When a human reaches up to his/her Higher Mind and accesses the vibrational gifts from that realm (of his or her own higher consciousness), she or he will be filled with inspiration and courage. And this type of inspiration and courage could change the world through actions that are then taken by that individual.”

I really appreciate this perspective, and it is a viewpoint long held by the Hathors since my first encounter with them years ago. They have always said that transformation of the collective will occur through transformation of individuals.

I also like how they describe this change (this influx of courage and inspiration) and how they see it affecting our relationships (how we interact with each other) and ultimately our communities.

During this meditation, you be joining with thousands upon thousands of others who are part of a world sangha (spiritual community). We come from many different countries, and diversity is probably one our hallmarks. Many of us speak different languages, and differ in our philosophies, religions and spiritual paths. And most of us will never meet in person. But all of us who join this meditation will enter the Great Mystery where our hearts and minds will be unified together for a singular creative act—the elevation of all life.


The Hathors will begin the energetic for Opening the Halls at 12:01 pm (one minute after noon) Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, October 31st and will continue it for 24 hours until 12:01 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Monday, November 1st. As they stated, you can join the energy of the meditation anytime during this 24-hour period. But as they inferred, the strongest point of the energetics will be while the group in Seattle is gathered for the meditation. This will take place at 3:00 pm (15:00 hr) and run to 4:00 pm (16:00 hr). This is based on Pacific Daylight Savings Time, as the Northwest area of the US will still be using this time reference while the workshop is taking place. You can find various Internet time conversion sites, including the World Clock, to convert this to your local time. We are including a link to the World Time Clock.

I do want to emphasize the importance of that fifteen-minute period of rest and silence after going through the meditation three times, as the Hathors suggest. This meditation can be a potent mind-altering experience, especially when going through it back-to-back for three full sequences. To say that one might be a bit disoriented to three-dimensional reality right after the meditation is, in my opinion, an understatement. As they said, this period of rest and stillness is not a personal indulgence. It is a vital necessity in order to integrate the experience.


We have increased the capacity of our server to deal with more frequent downloads of the meditation sound track, The Crystal Palace Within, which is located in the Sound Gifts section of the website. But it would help matters immensely if you would personally download the sound track onto your computer or mp3 player before the actual meditation rather than play it directly from our web site. Each new Hathor world activation seems to draw more and more people, and if too many people hit the play or download button during the hour of the meditation, it could overwhelm our server despite our best efforts. So please download the meditation track before the event so you don’t have to play it from our site during the hour of the meditation.

It is vital that you read the complete description of the meditation and experience it at least once, preferably several times, before the event so that you are familiar with the transitions and states of mind this sound meditation produces. To read this important description of the meditation, click here. (If you have been forwarded this text and the link doesn’t work, just go to and click on the Hathor item in the left-hand menu bar of the Home page. Scroll down the Archives until you find the planetary message entitled, The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti, dated August 29, 2010.)

If you have the time and the inclination, I would also strongly suggest you read The Art of Jumping Time Lines, dated August 3, 2010. I am proposing you read this message since I believe that this is one of the phenomena that will take place during this Hathor activation—namely, those of us in meditation will temporarily jump timelines into a more benevolent world expression with its attendant possibilities for accelerated evolution.

The Hathors have told me that this world meditation will be staggering in its scope, both for those of us who choose to participate and also for the greater human family. It is a daring and bold step we are taking together, and as we take flight into our higher natures, may the blessings of this collective ascent extend to you and your loved ones.”

Tom Kenyon

4 thoughts on “Multidimensional, Nonlinear Lightworking

  1. I am very thankful for the beautiful Gray oak outside my window.
    I keep me focus on the importance of beauty, expecially when so much is happening my 3 D mind goes WHAT.
    I love my beautiful trees and do my best to keep moving to the higher vibrations.
    Thanks for your posts Denise. Keep your light bright, it helps to hear from you.

  2. Ahhh… this latest message from the Hathors… I DO understand what’s going on… now that I see in my mind’s eye how it’s done. I’m getting to understand the multi-dimensional …. like one “door” at “top” is opening to allow others to gather “here” in “this room”… and another “door” at bottom is doing so in the same vein.

    I see it.

    With my birthdate coming up… close to the 31st October… I sense that the old fears are coming to the surface because they know they’re dying and are awaiting their fate… and are being pushed up and out probably for good. Maybe the 10/10/10 energies and the Hall of Amenti are the energetic tools doing this work… or something beyond my ego-mind’s understanding. I guess similar to what happened to Karen in May is happening to me now… so I’m growing through this thing.

    These old fears feel all too familiar to me… remind me all too well when it began around 12 years ago.

    Thanks much for this Denise.

    Love and Hugs to all who are still here,
    Lou Ann

    P.S. Albeit there will be other groups gathering around Washington and all parts of the world at that same date… albeit for “bringing back sanity”… whatever sanity was back when. Tonight: there’s a “god-poisoned” christian group hollering to Jesus… somewhere yonder in my area.

  3. Denise, thank you very much for sharing the information on the Hathors meditation happening on Oct. 31st. I hope to participate as my dreams have been all over the place in multi-dimensional awareness lately and I’d prefer to do some work in a more conscious state.

    A funny connection I made today is that many of us Indigo’s have a strong tie to Egypt and in particular to the goddess(es), Ishtar or Isis or Astarte. I’m not quite sure why that is yet other than these goddesses are definitely connected to starseeded energy as well as mother/fertility, cosmic consciousness, transformation, and even, war to some extent. I plan to do some of my intuitive internet researching to gain a further in-depth understanding of why so many of us are drawn to this culture and time period in particular.

    On another note, part of me struggles to understand all the talk of 5D awareness and feeling because to me that is something that has been a given for me my entire life. I was born into this world fully crystallized (per se) and higher heart awareness has been something I didn’t even have to learn or practice in order to understand. Now that it’s becoming more of a norm in overall society – I struggle to understand if I’m still on target or if I am falling behind in my awareness. Yes, I am not saying I am without human doubt and lack of confidence in my own abilities. Do I have to learn as much about this 5D awareness as all the rest or is it more I innately *know* it and that is why I am having trouble perceiving a difference?

    I am a fairly young lightworker who awoke shortly after her 25th birthday and a glorious full moon ceremony several days before that. I did not know of the Indigo “label” or even “starseed” title until this awakening, though my psychic and lightworker experiences, began when I was merely an infant. It has always left me feeling tremendously different, sometimes very weird and uncomfortable in this world. Discernment has become one of my most valuable tools in this lifetimes and I feel very lucky to be able to rely upon my own truths in order to find guidance among the vastness of this Universe.

    Thank you and many blessings to all of you as we move further along the spiral. ❤

  4. iamastara,

    The “gods/goddesses” were Starbeings/ETs. Many of us are as well, hence why we’re Starseeds.

    Remember that during these many long dark Ages on Earth, the patriarchy ruled the planet/humanity and they’ve pretty successfully done away with The Goddess in all her forms and aspects. They kept a couple of them but distorted and dis-empowered them to make them more controllable within the masses and the planetary Collective and astral plane. However…with the influx (reincarnation) of First and Second Wavers deliberately carrying within themselves the long-banned Goddess Consciousness/Energies, not only has balance returned here, but more importantly, an integration or evolution beyond this old polarity. 1 matriarchy, 2 patriarchy, eventually evolves into an integrated 3rd higher state. This means there’s a vibrationally matching 5D planet (this 3rd point) for the new Root Race or Indigos and others to exist on finally. Plenty of steps within The Process. 😉

    As you’ve said, if a soul comes from a Home Station (dimension etc) and enters another location that’s within range of their Home Station’s frequency, then yes, that soul won’t have as traumatic a drop in vibration/density as some of the First and Second Wavers experienced. Even though I’m nearing my 59th birthday, I incarnated with my higher Home Station energies and consciousness in me. But because the planet was totally Dark and controlled when I came in here, the contrast was traumatic and highly disturbing and difficult for me. This is common so we have plenty of Stellar, other dimensional, Starbeings/ET family nearby etherically to help us in different ways.

    You don’t necessarily need to learn about the fifth dimension as much as you need to just BE it, CARRY it in your body, heart, being on Earth now. The more you ARE it, the more you help ALL to manifest and anchor it as the New 5D Earth world/reality etc. This may sound easy but it isn’t! Also it sounds like you’re in the process of connecting more and more of the Multi-D dots which is great. (5D, Goddess, Starbeings/ETs, and ancient Egypt etc are all basically the same energies.)


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