Going Back Downstairs Part 2

Some of my readers have said how fed-up they are with hearing/reading about anything else that even has the word “Ascension” in it. I totally understand and feel the same way after nearly eleven years living The Process. (Feb, 1, 2011 will be my eleven year Ascension anniversary.) However, we’re still in and living through this Ascension Process and all it’s causing and creating now thanks to the huge changes the summer of 2010 (and beyond) triggered and grounded. Because of these recent  summer and into fall 2010 changes, we’ll need to continue writing and sharing about what we’re experiencing now for the simple reason that it is a new level with new symptoms and increasingly strange side-effects!

Based on what I’m now experiencing—plus what many of you have shared in Comments that you’re experiencing too—we need to exchange these personal experiences and what we’re discovering because of them. Everyone benefits from us doing this type of open and honest sharing about the higher energy and consciousness anomalies, perceptions and multi-leveled symptoms.

[Note: Please read all the Comments people wrote in response to “Going Back Downstairs“. There are many correct new perceptual experiences and phenomena that some people are currently encountering that are far more severe and strange.]

ckck1 and Robin both mentioned not hearing normal physical sounds as one of these new perceptual changes or side-effects due to the summer energy/consciousness changes. I too experienced not hearing any sounds in my weird DMV experience [see Going Back Downstairs], but forgot to mention it. The only sounds I did hear while inside the DMV office were the DMV employee and myself talking, and the young man standing next to me talking to the DMV employee that was assisting him. The rest of the normal noise and sounds that are present in any public building were simply not there. The sounds—like everything else including the building itself, the other people, the other DMV employees, the computers and cameras etc.—were all not visible or audible to me. They simply did not exist to me perpetually or  psychically as energy that I could sense, read, feel or perceive clairvoyantly or clairaudiently, which is completely abnormal for me. So, what’s changed and why are the important questions.

Robin told of her much more severe Oct. 2, 2010 experience while having to venture out to do grocery shopping. What I haven’t told her yet, is that my Mom and I went out too on that same day, a Saturday, which I know to NOT leave the house on the weekends but did anyway. Man did we pay for that mistake! Never again.

Remember as I tell this story that I’ve lived this ascension business since Feb. 1999. I’ve had ascension symptoms and experienced numerous anomalies and phenomena related to MY consciousness, brain, nervous system, body, old familiar psychic and Multi-D changes because of the ongoing Ascension Process. This isn’t anything new to me after nearly eleven constant years. But…things have changed and changed big this summer which naturally means everything else has and will continue changing even more and faster than it has over these past eleven ascension years.

I’m driving Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010 and Mom and I are stuck in an intersection with no left turn light, waiting for the heavy and fast traffic to dissipate enough so I can make the damned left turn safely. But while we’re stuck there in the middle of this intersection with oncoming traffic speeding headlong at my car, I perceived this common driving situation at a level I never had before. I perceived the oncoming traffic as energies and objects literally assailing me, my body, my car, my very existence. I was forced to keep looking at these oncoming vehicles so I’d know when I could make the left turn, but the longer I watched the traffic bombarding my vulnerable little space in the intersection, I was coming unglued rapidly.

From my perspective, the oncoming vehicles felt like energy bullets being shot at me  much faster and more intensely than they actually were, but nonetheless missing me by inches. There’s reality and then there’s reality and both are correct; it just depends upon which one you’re functioning within at the moment. This experience was, for me at that moment, perceptual and psychic energy overload! It lasted probably just under a minute physically, but from my perspective of NO TIME or increasing quantum non-linear time, it lasted for fucking years and it was way, way, way too much for me energetically. I was fried by the event in other words.

I finally got through the left turn (there was no safe left turn signal arrow at this intersection) and a mile or so down the road and into the shopping center where we were headed. Once there and parked, I started crying and could not believe how severely affected I was by that one little experience. Hell, I’ve been driving for a hundred years now, but this was a vastly more severe energy/perceptual reaction to that particular driving situation I’ve been through a million times. It reminded me of the bad old years of Phase One of my ascension where everything was way, way, way too much for my body, my senses, my nervous system etc., except this was worse in its unique and current way.

A few days earlier I’d had my Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Social Security Office experiences, and a couple of days later this. I realize that both things have gotten turned way up on some invisible energy dial. I now literally cannot see and hear certain lower frequency places, buildings and people. But, the flip-side of this same phenomena is that now the lower frequency, noise-making things, people, moving vehicles, buildings, systems and locations have also become far, far, far more severe in how I perceive them and how they effect me. What?! How can things now be BOTH not visible and/or not heard, and only days later be seen, heard, and felt to such a severe extent that it feels like you might not survive the onslaught of them?

Are we having fun yet?

We’ll adapt, we’ll learn, and we’ll keep going because there’s nothing else to do at this late date. But, things have changed again, and this latest summer 2010 change is bigger and more life and reality-changing than we’ve had to deal with so far within the whole Ascension Process! I know there’s even more coming and fast, but we will adapt and figure out how to function and not function in both lower/higher frequency places…until we don’t need to go back downstairs anymore. Until then, we’ve got to adapt to these profound perceptual, consciousness and energy frequency shifts and changes of both not being able to see/hear/feel/perceive certain lower frequency places and people…to…the extreme opposite of only being able to see/hear/feel/perceive certain lower frequency places, people and actions to the point of it nearly crushing us!

And let’s not forget another handy-dandy other thing we’re currently learning how to function within; time or reality jumping and beginning to experience quantum (non-linear, NO TIME) consciousness vs. being back down vibrationally in linear time and reality.


So I sat in the parking lot and cried a bit and needed a moment to wrap my brain and nervous system around how I’d perceived and been so intensely effected by the oncoming traffic. (I suspect much of this may be how Autistic people perceive and feel reality. Good gawd!)  Mom asked if I was okay and I told her I wasn’t. I always am eventually. I wiped my tears and off we went into the store to get what we needed. Within less than thirty seconds inside the building, Mom is in physical agony and sweating and feeling like she’s going into mild shock and going to pass-out. Fuck. I can tell  however what’s happened to her only because I’ve been living with it myself for the past decade. I know that this is an ascension-related higher/lower energy symptom or reaction that she needs to experience for herself and discover that when she exits the building the increased physical body pains will leave and she’ll feel like she’s going to survive. That’s exactly what she experienced. Now she knows for herself why I bitch and complain like I do about how going into the bank to get money (yeah), causes me to feel like a diver being crushed by increasing external pressures. For her that day it was this particular shopping store. For me the bank has been the most severe place that causes me to nearly go into shock and pass-out while waiting there in line. (This has lessened greatly this year I’m happy to report.)

Are you seeing how we’re literally exiting these old lower world places, systems, and people because we cannot hang out for long down there without being crushed by the lower dense energies, or driven nearly mad by the lower frequency consciousness and systems? These things will eventually disappear entirely from our lives, perceptions  and reality because they’re too dense, too negative, too polarized, and just too crazy for us to even quickly run into and run out of. Pay attention to all of this and how it affects you, your body and mind, your psyche, and the different frequency levels of perception both in and outside of “time”. Our consciousness is consciously going multidimensional now and we’re jumping into and back out of linear time/space and probable realities, and it feels and is perceived as really, really strange! (This is why I recently suggested Jane Robert’s Oversoul Seven books.)

There’s more to all this but my brain is fatigued it so I’ll wrap this one up. I do know that we’ve reached the point now in mid to late 2010, where we’ve got to learn how to NOT get our asses deep-fried in either direction. Either by going back down vibrationally, and/or by possibly getting fried or scorched by increasingly higher and faster incoming solar, galactic, astrological and other cosmic Energy Waves. We’ve reached the point now where we’ve seriously got to learn how maintain a higher perception and state of being and not get pummeled by swinging to far in either higher/lower direction. We’ll get it…we always do.


  • Seeing things, places, people, inside certain buildings, but it looks to you like a white fog or heavy mist is partially covering everything you’re viewing. You can still see but it’s like a misty, slightly blurry filter is covering what you see sometimes. Often getting back outdoors solves this visual phenomena.
  • Not being able to see anything at all. It is literally gone due to you now existing at such a different level energetically. Aspects of lower “reality” are literally blacked-out from your current higher frequency perception. You know they still exist, but its getting increasingly difficult for you to actually reenter them and perceive them.
  • Being able to see only a very small section of the old lower frequency world, the people in it, buildings in it etc. Everything around the outer edges of your tiny focused tunnel-like view is totally blacked-out and seemingly non-existent to you now.
  • Not being able to hear the normal noise and human sounds in certain public buildings and places. This is the same as not being able to see them. Your perception exists so much higher and faster that you’re literally out of sync and range vibrationally with that reality, so you do not hear and/or see it.
  • Hearing strange sounds and/or voices that are not there physically. You are hearing, clairaudiently, non-physical sounds and voices. This is of course the total opposite of not being able to hear physical sounds sometimes.
  • Being profoundly affected by lower frequency things, places, people, noise, lights, smells, movements, buildings, locations, systems etc. Lower frequencies literally overloading, over stimulating your nervous systems and awareness to the point of you needing to not be anywhere near them. Don’t get fried!

And we haven’t even reached the 10-10-10 portal yet!


October 3, 2010

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2010-2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

23 thoughts on “Going Back Downstairs Part 2

  1. Hi Denise,

    Upon reading other commentators from Part I and II… I’d like to add that I too have been sensing to live up north… in Canada somewhere… where there is a niche and a matching vibe for me. I don’t exactly know which province in Canada it is exactly. My Inner Guidance is point north… and all I want is my hobbit house with a garden I can chat with… that grows on its own just like the Pleidians have mentioned… experiencing the 5D life with new friends and neighbours… flying… literally flying…

    I know it’s best to get a job to have an excuse to live up there… and yes I’m still young enough to get my heels kicking to travel and explore more but frankly at this point I don’t WANT one. I’ve had so many mishaps that I prefer to listen on the inside… to know when and what best to do. Getting a job is NOT one of them.

    I’m just NOT employable at this point anymore. I’m still with my old job but they’re calling me less and less. My intuition is telling me it’s because it’s my last job… helping me get enough money to pay and close off all money that I owe to others… as well as I still take care of myself. I’m too independent minded… no longer want to be someone’s hand and mouth anymore… enjoying the simple free Life way too much… not knowing how I’m going to pay my student loan… and have given up all logical no-how ‘cuz quite frankly… nothing in the usual 3D way is giving way. Let’s correct that: no longer can pay my student loan. I’ve blacked out money out of my existence THAT badly. It’s out of my league.

    Meanwhile I’ve been working up a storm of possible 5D creations. I’m glad all these visions we’ve been eyeing on are turning our reality upside down… although it wouldn’t kill to tone down the stress-level it’s giving some of us. Denise… yours sound more like a Twilight Zone gone wrong in the Matrix!

    I can’t say anything myself other than the same old: I can’t move out of the house to meet and greet people… even at a simple picnic today. It was a glorious grey-rainy day (not being sarcastic. Love rainy days) … that I wanted to be the plants instead. In the rain. Rather lay low.

    Another thing I’d like to express here is that… I’ve been short-sighted nearly all my Life since 13. I do have an Eye Improvement Kit for my eyes. I know darn well better that I can improve on my eye muscles to improve my vision… but I’m tuning in… and there’s still a part of me that really and truly does NOT want to see the old 3D world as it is. No not quite yet. Not here in the Caribbean down here. I’m sure it would be quite a different story altogether if I were in a higher vibrating energy environment.

    I’d LOVE to bear witness with my very own eyes… the big difference between the blurry 3D world… and the more 5D kind… where you’d enter into a store and it’s blurry… and when you get back out… it’s normal… if only I had better eye-vision. I want to SEE clearly again. Really I do. But chin up: we’re all going to be whole again… and there IS another dimensional “me” that already has that.

    Can’t wait to finally get that grand opportunity to travel and live up north in Canada… but like Blue Pixel… still find it’s just not the right time. No not yet. I do sense it’s in the year 2011. Let’s see what happens. Not 100% certain all of what I said above links to this topic but I wanted to express this out.

    Love you all. We made it.
    Lou Ann
    P.S. Another person has died this passing Sunday. Young or old they all reported that they died quite suddenly. Like Lamplighter I’m just not in tune with the outside world anymore. I guess that’s my Higher Self being at a different vibration … but in a safe place to not even be aware of such wondrous phenomenon… until I have to.

  2. Have you looked into the blue house? If you’re meant to be there, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It could be an option while you try to sell your current place. It’s very reasonable, but communal.

    Here is my weird story of the day. Thursday morning I am driving to work and notice that hmm, my instrument panel lights seem to be out. I checked the fuse it was supposed to be and that one still worked. I proceed to forget about until last night when I am driving home unable to see my speedometer. “Oh yeah, I meant to check ALL the fuses.” Today I do just that, find two blown fuses, but it only fixes the lights around the heating/cooling knobs and not the speedometer. I go for a walk to the river today and decide I am going to recheck it again when it is dark, dark just to make sure. Tada, this problem I thought was a major electrical problem beyond fuses, requiring me to drive down from the mountains tomorrow to go to the big city and pay lots of money to get my instrument panel replaced is suddenly fixed.

    I hope you make it up here soon and I hope I survive leaving again if that’s what needs to happen for me.

    +throwing you a life vest+


  3. Well, jaunt up the road a couple hours north and hug them yourself! Even the guest room is filled with foster babies of varying species. The fur is ‘packed in like sardines’ at my house. Nothing like animals to pull your heart strings and purge your fears, I say. Friendly people always welcome. If you have dander issues and nice clothes, bring a comfortable face mask; I’ll provide the lint roll. :0)

    Back to the topic at hand: It has occurred to me on more than one occasion, (approx. 10,000 times), that many Ascension symptoms, which include severe and chronic fatigue, vision anomalies, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, disconnect from family, friends, passion and pleasure, hopelessness intertwined with undulating vapors of euphoria and bliss, are also quite typical of clinical depression, middle age crises, dark nights of the soul, severe trauma and stress, and male/female menopause. I am fully qualified for all of the above. Male menopause the only exception.

    Not imbued with the psychic gifts of seeing the unseen or knowing the unknown, (which can also be qualified and quantified by the above or other conditions. Can you tell I was a Psyche major?) then it is the highest order of faith, trust, hope, and perhaps, most cynically, denial, that is necessary to sustain a belief that defines my experience of the last ten years as Ascension. I dare say, I have done rather well with that order overall. Considering.

    The human race has plenty of reasons to be severely depressed. Also much motivation to Ascend. But lately, when I am not ‘whatevering’, I wallow and waver in the long shadows of doubt. Humanity has suffered since The Beginning. It is also suffering acutely in its supposed ‘end’ as we attempt to embody Divinity and permanently change our course on this planet. I see a distinct pattern here; soooo not liking it.

    Processes, promises and potentials be damned, for me, at this point. I’ll git me another kitten, a muffin and cold one, then hunker down for the long winter’s night. Albeit it’s pretty dang balmy here on the coast. But you get my drift.

    Thanks for the space to whine and whinge. Love your energy and light…! LL.

  4. Hi, Denise.

    Here’s a thought about the sensation you experienced while waiting at that traffic light. You said it felt like the cars and people heading toward you felt like missiles or arrows attacking or bombarding you. One of my spiritual teachers some years ago mentioned to me that when we leave one place to travel to another we (most of us, anyway) send an energetic beam out ahead of us that actually arrives at the destination long before we do, and our bodies really just follow that beam. This is useful knowledge in many ways, e. g. by focusing on or giving attention/ intention to the beam and its arrival at the destination, you can increase your likelihood of arriving quickly and safely. It literally pushes aside other possibilities and increases the desired probability. (That last probability part is my interpretation of the “how”.)

    Now suppose that all those approaching people are sending out their little energetic beams, mostly unconsciously. And supposed they’re mostly in a hurry or in some way frenzied about getting where they’re going, as so many are these days. Your own sensitivities have increased, or gone up another energy stair step. It seems to me that you would likely, and quite suddenly, perceive all those many beams heading almost but not quite at you on a more conscious level than you ever did before. They were always there, but your heightened perceptions make them suddenly seem more “solid” or something and, because it’s all speeded up as well, threatening.

    It’s just a thought, but it makes sense to me.


  5. Howdy, Denise!

    Reporting from NYC, which is a dense place of energy, I’m going to share with you my symptoms.

    – I have an increasing level of telepathy with non-physical beings and lots of astral projects to make sure Ascension is coming on schedule. The momentum of energy that is building up is increasing and it keeps rolling up up up and at this point, nothing can stop it now! I have an improvement in channeling thoughts and feelings from my Higher Selves and my guides. I also keep hearing non-physical sounds, music, and actually communicated with Beings from other dimensions. They told me that the dimensions that exist on a Higher Frequency is beginning to colliding with the older world frequency, hence, there is a level of great discomfort for my physical body.

    – I had vivid dreams that felt REAL and then, get this, I was talking to someone in my dream, and then when I woke up, I was actually still talking! This means the dimension I was dreaming has crossed over to the physical realm and the veil is thinning a lot! I also keep waking up to 11:11, 1:11, or any double digits numbers on the clock. I still suffered a level of insomnia and rude wake up in the middle of the night. Still suffered extreme exhaustion.

    – I keep seeing people I know having weird dreams that seemed real, people’s bodies getting sick, getting flus, colds, and massive headaches.

    – Time had speed up incredibly. I can sped my time on the computer for 4 hours to 10 hours in total when I really felt like it was half of that!

    – Increased mood-swings of depression. The Higher Frequencies of this energy is forcing the auric body to flushed all negativity and energy of karma, past lives, because the body is unable to hang on to any attachments to the material realm. If there is any people that has karma left from past lives, this is now the time where there is Instant Karma rising to the surface. Old wounds and a person’s dark, ugly side of the Ego and the Self were bringing out to the surface whether they like it or not.

    – Being a second wave lightworker, where my duty is to make sure the dark energy STAY LOW, I actually experienced an increase level of dark beings who were attracted to my light and messed me up badly with their lies, decieit, and psychic attacks, draining my energy, but I caught on to their heinous mischief and transmuted them into light. Those dark entities are a nuisance, they’re on the run I’ll tell you, and getting desperate!

    And that’s all!

  6. Gwen,

    I too wake up feeling like I dug ditches all night! I can rest all day and still usually feel like I haven’t. It’s just the way it is now during these massive transitions. 😉

    I haven’t coped well at all being an ultra-sensitive Lightworker living (since 2004) right in the middle of a city. It’s finally time for me to move out into a very rural area and have Nature as my neighbors. But with the housing market as bad as it is now, selling my home so I can move has turned into a difficulty. I want out of here more badly than I can say…it will happen, somehow.

    Yes our bodies inform us constantly about other people and places. For two days prior to my going to the DMV office, my body was screaming and rebelling at me over having to go there! I logically considered different solutions to my problem, but in the end, I had to go to DMV anyway. I learned a lot from the experience, but my body did not want to go there and be subjected to those lower frequency energies and people etc. Our body knows before our minds do and this unspoken discernment is something we all need to listen to and recognize.

    Be well.

  7. Denise, you put to words so well what happens. I usually feel confused and old. But when you share your experiences, I feel so much better. I do appreciate you. A couple of years ago, I am older than dirt, I quit driving, gas was $3.00 a gallon too, but cars would be coming at me in the other lane and split. I thought I was looking my grip.
    I live in a small mountain community, 3 miles out of town, not much traffic noise. I have a lovely oak tree outside my trailer door. How do you handle life in a city? One things that happens to me is, my third eye hurts when anyone is saying an untruth, on TV and in person.
    Any suggestions for feeling rested, I usually get up feeling just as tried as I did when I went to bed.
    My guidance tells me I am holding transition energy and must stay in this body and I keep learning and sharing. Mostly life is good, but sometimes I get overloaded.
    Again thanks for sharing and blessings.
    Gwen in New Mexico

  8. Hi lamplighter2, great hearing from you again.

    I know, I really do know, but there we all are in the amazing weirdness that’s become our “normal” lives now! I’m envious however of your not large and empty enough space. I’m packed in like a sardine where I currently live and it’s really got to change and soon. Enough already with this one.

    I too always feel better after the sun sets. It’s like a repreive from the solar and cosmic blasts each day. My physical pains ease as does that sense of frying from the higher energies and my nervous systems screaming for plenty of down-time to feel nothing, sense nothing, hear nothing, think nothing…

    I don’t know what the hell I’m saying, which is my cue to go take a nap! 😆 “WHATEVER” right? 😉

    Hug your four legged ones for me,

  9. Hi Denise.

    Lamplighter here reporting from my subterranean headquarters at Mission Not-So -Controlled. :0)

    I have to say, I am deeply grateful not to be experiencing those surreal, Beetlegeusy-like phenomena you describe. Not yet anyway. Except for the destabilizing energy blasts I get every time I leave home; that has been SOP for some time. As I re-enter civilization (usually daily) I feel quite vulnerable. Not frightened or overwhelmed, more like anxious, tenuous, disconnected. At home, under the canopy of my trees, I can tolerate my existence. Oddly, going outside to foray through my private Idaho does not give me much (or enough) relief or relaxation. I love the sunshine and the soil, but after a short while I am exhausted and need to come inside. Very, very out of character for me, I use to HATE being indoors. I don’t watch much TV or listen to music, so it is mostly reading, cleaning and tending to my four-legged dependents that keeps me somewhat convinced I have a purpose or a plan. Late night, however, I feel much freer, calmer and safer under the stars and out in the open. That is not new, and most fortunately hasn’t changed for me. I assume some of it is the direct result of the solar activity, but I also ‘feel’ my neighbors, the subdivision next to me (that I cannot really see) and it makes me nervous. I feel crowded in a place where most would feel isolated.

    WHATEVER. That is my now constant mantra. More symptoms, more letting go, more change, (and not enough change), void living, past/future dying. So this is what divinity feels like. YaFreakingHoo.

    Don’t even get angry much anymore. Not enough expectation left to create disappointment. Although I am subtly hopeful one day something special comes from all this, at least enough for me to see, feel and know that it was real and true and necessary, for the highest good of all. Meanwhile, love, light, laughter and whatevers to you and your peeps.

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