Going Back Downstairs Part 1

I’ve had some unexpected old lower 3D world job related paperwork I had to get done this past week that required I journey back down into the dark lower levels of hell. Seriously…I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office! It took me two trips to my local DMV office the past couple of days just to discover that things aren’t at all as they used to be. Duh…

My first trip to the DMV office was around 10:00 AM and the parking lot was full and there was a line of people outside the building waiting, waiting, and waiting to get inside so they could wait in line some more. I and many other drivers drove into the full parking lot, circled around, and drove right back out again because it simply wasn’t going to happen.

I tried again a couple of days later, this time I got up at 5 AM, got showered and ready for my journey back down many energy stair steps to where DMV exists. I arrived at my local DMV office at 7:15 AM (it opens at 8:00 AM), and at least there were places to park, but there were thirty people standing in line outside the building waiting already. I parked quickly and located the end of the waiting line and waited. By 8:00 AM there was about sixty people outside waiting to get in. Unbelievable.

Now here’s where this gets interesting.

The guard at the door only let about twenty-five people in at a time and the rest waited their turn. The first twenty-five entered the DMV, then the next group of twenty-five which I was in, got ushered in about fifteen minutes later. So I’m finally in the DMV building an hour and a half after I arrived.

The guard lets us in and like stupid cattle we’re walking through a zigzag directional line of herding ropes that lead up to The Main Window. We’re all so fucking happy at this point just to be in the damned building, that we’re scurrying along like pathetic hungry animals trying to reach the feed trough! I was the third person in line in this second group of twenty-five people. As my group was allowed to enter the DMV building, I quickly tried to catch a glimpse of the inside despite the fact that I’ve been in it many times over the past three decades. It had been remodeled since the last time I was there a few years ago and looked totally different…what I could see of it that is.

As the first three of us entered the building (I never saw, heard, felt, sensed anyone else in my group of twenty-five behind me so I couldn’t say), I wondered why it was so amazingly dark in there. Literally, the inside of the DMV building was pitch-black and I could not see (or psychically feel or sense) anything or anyone else in there. The only thing I could see was the very dimly lit, roped-off herd area that led everyone up to The Main Window.

Very quickly I reached The Main Window which looked really weird—dreamlike and much like certain areas of the old lower astral plane look like. I wondered why in the world the entire DMV was literally in the dark? Why had they turned all the lights off in there? Actually, it was much darker than if all the lights had been turned off; it was pitch-black inside and I literally couldn’t see ANYTHING. No faint outlines, no dim silhouettes of walls or doors or people, just pitch-black nothingness. In the ultra-strangeness of it all my mind quickly thought about how it’s illegal to keep a State/Government/Public/Business building in the dark like this, so I was really confused. It always amazes me how our minds instantly go into gymnastics to try to make sense out of something that doesn’t at that split-second.

The only—let me repeat this so you fully understand what I saw and experienced—the only light I saw in the entire DMV office was one very tiny and dimly lit electrical light above this Main Window and the tiny roped off area leading up to it. This Main Window accommodated only two people on both sides, and there were two DMV employees standing on their side of the great divide to redirect people. Myself and the young man who’d been ahead of me in line were standing next to each other at this Main Window.

In the few moments that I was inside the building, I was looking carefully where I needed to step and move to because it was total blackness all around me other than these two very small and dimly lit areas. My brain was screaming at me the whole while, “What the shit is going on!? Where did the first group of twenty-five people disappear too? Where did the woman who was the first person in my group of twenty-five go to? WHERE THE HELL HAVE THE PEOPLE AND THE DMV EMPLOYEES, THEIR WINDOWS, WALLS, CAMERAS AND EVERYTHING GONE?! WHY CAN’T I SEE ANYTHING IN HERE AND WHY IS IT ALL BLACKED OUT?!”

At the Main Window the female DMV employee asked me what I needed. I told her and she informed me it wasn’t gonna happen. Typical. She didn’t outright tell me to fuck off and I didn’t say it to her either, but we both said it in that socially acceptable way.  (I got up at 5 AM and stood in line for an hour for this shit?! ) After about thirty seconds with her, I turned on my heel and quickly and frustratedly headed back towards the dimly lit exit door where the guard stood. As I passed through this entrance/exit door, I stepped back outside into the light of day. I got into my car and left the vastly lower vibrating, highly negatively charged old patriarchal DMV area in a mild state of shock and confusion.

Once I was free of the miserable place I went over what I’d seen and not seen inside the DMV building. I have never experienced—to this degree—old lower reality literally not be visible to me! I’m going to backtrack a bit here so this current DMV anomaly makes a bit more sense.

The first time I experienced something similar to this was about two and a half, three years ago. It was nighttime and I’d noticed that our side and front yard was flooded. I went outside with flashlights to check pipes and garden hoses etc. I finally located the reason why my yard was flooded; a neighbor across the street from me had turned on my 92-year-old next-door neighbors garden hose to water one of her plants. Problem was he forgot about it and flooded my yard and water was pouring out into the street.

About this time I hear this idiot asshole neighbor (he really was an unpleasant lower frequency, lower consciousness person) yelling at me from down the street about how he’s, “…got it all under control.” Yeah that’s clearly obvious mister cause I have a fucking moat around my house thanks to you! Evidently he and his friend had been taking a walk around the block or something. At any rate, as I looked up at him from my flooded yard, everything was pitch-black and looked like I was viewing reality through a long narrow tunnel with blackness all around it. I could faintly see this man and his friend walking towards me from way down the street, but could more easily hear him. I could only see them and the rest of reality faintly through this long narrow tube or tunnel-like vision with absolute blackness all around it. I could see nothing else than this tiny blurry area of reality.

After thinking about this new perceptual anomaly, I realized I was literally existing at a slightly higher, faster frequency and dimension than this neighbor and his friend were. That was why it appeared to me as if they were very far away and I was seeing them through a long tube-like or narrow tunnel. I had this same perceptual phenomena happen a year later with a woman talking to me from about thirty feet away during the daytime. I could only see her through this same long and very narrow tube or tunnel with pitch-black nothingness all around it. After this second experience I knew I was indeed existing in a higher and faster vibrating space than those people.

Because I’ve been psychic/clairvoyant all my life, I’m used to seeing non-physical things and beings that exist at higher frequencies and dimensions. I’m used to this and can easily make the necessary shifts emotionally and psychologically when I perceive realities that other people do not see. This recent DMV experience was this same business but in reverse…which I am not familiar with. It’s looking like I will be however, at least a bit.

After having this experience at DMV the other day, I realize that most all lower frequency, lower consciousness systems are now becoming incredibly difficult for me and many of us to even reenter now at these much higher levels we’re now existing within. Three or four years ago it was rather strange doing so, but tolerable, and not as much of a weird trip into the Twilight Zone! But now in late 2010 with things REALLY different, going back down the energy stair steps into certain old lower patriarchal systems is far more difficult than ever before. I discovered that at this point within my evolution/ascension process, it has become very difficult for me to even see some of these drastically lower vibrating, dense and increasingly negative miserable old systems. What I perceive of them today is total pitch-blackness with only small areas of them very dimly lit overhead; just enough faint light so I could get in a few feet, turn right around and find the exit door. This is literal and symbolic.

The next thing I had to do was go straight to the Social Security Office to  try to accomplish what DMV would not do. I went from this DMV experience straight over to the SS office because I was so deep in the lower world weirdness at this point that I wasn’t going home until IT was done…one way or the other.

As I drove into the SS parking lot I could instantly feel and see that the energies were much higher. (I’m not saying anything political, only stating energy facts.) The outside of the place looked and felt nice, clean and decent in comparison to the DMV office and parking lot. As I parked my car I knew I would get done all I needed to here with very little pain, hassle, cost or confusion. I was right and it took me a total of fifteen minutes to get what I needed; it cost nothing, the young man who helped me was honest, kind, had a great sense of humor and heart and was literally the polar opposite of the woman at the DMV office. The two places were radically different energetically from each other and I could see everything and everyone in the SS office. Again, no hidden political statement here, just sharing the acute contrasts in consciousness, heart and energies between the two. Both places and systems are of the old lower falling 3D patriarchal world; one was vastly worse than the other however at this point of the falling away process.

My personal learning with these two back to back, higher/lower frequency places, people, and events was to clearly remind me where I exist vibrationally today, plus get me familiar with how it looks and feels (to me at this point) to go back down into lower frequency places. Some systems are nearly invisible or literally blacked out to my current higher perceptual vision, while others have created enough heart and honesty to still be seen and be workable enough to get done what you still need through them. This experience quickly taught me that I need to be prepared when I do have to go back down into any old falling patriarchal world system. I need to be prepared to not be able to even see all of it! I’m intending however that I won’t need to go back down into any of them from this point forward. I’ve got plenty of higher New Earth designing and creating to do instead…as do many of you reading this.


October 1, 2010

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31 thoughts on “Going Back Downstairs Part 1

  1. And I’m thinking, What better way to get us to create our own reality than by having the old one completely blocked out! Cat

  2. Wow, I’m glad you posted that, Denise, I’ve been having the exact same experience, and it is really, really spooky!
    Over the past week or so, I noticed something strange. Leaving my home to go to work, passing my neighbours, it’s as if I can barely see them. I can see the person – just about – as if they’re in a circle of dim illumination, which fades to complete blackness around the edges. (Your description of it looking like an old lower zone of the astral is exactly right! Even the bit I can see in the circle has that eerie, dim quality to it).
    It’s so weird that I was rubbing my eyes, opening them wider, trying to understand why everything round the edges of the small circle had gone black. It’s NOT a vision problem, because when I’m with friends or in my own home, I can see perfectly well.
    Today I got a bus into my local town. I was typing an email to a (spiritual) friend, while waiting for the bus, so I found a vacant seat, sat down, and carried on with the email. There were quite a few people on the bus; none of them were very high-vibrating, but after a glance round, I didn’t really notice them.
    The next thing I knew, we’d arrived in town! This may not sound like a big deal, but I was astonished. I wasn’t *that* preoccupied. I have really good peripheral vision, and alert awareness. Even if I’m reading a book on a train, for instance, I know just where we are. But this whole bus trip seemed to have vanished! I literally wasn’t aware of my surroundings.
    This was so peculiar that later on, I spent half an hour going over it, trying to work out why. I tried to recall the bus-driver’s face, any part of the route. Nothing. Reading your experience at the DMV office, light suddenly dawned in the black tunnel! 🙂
    Now, if only *I* could become invisible to the IRS…. 🙂


  3. Pleiadian Gypsy,

    Thank you for your post.
    I can relate to what you are saying in regards to how much time it takes to get things done or not doing things at all because it just doesn’t quite feel right or like something is still missing. I have a feeling this might have to do with us no longer being within the boundaries of time and space. Our awareness is often beyond time, beyond space so that we’re seemingly out of sync with 3D time and space. Just a thought…

    I, too am still in the process of exploring this…

    Much love


  4. Denise,

    Until yesterday, I’ve felt compelled to keep a low profile and stay at home primarily due to yet another round of feeling the composite of galactic, solar, astrologic, as well as earth energy shifts that are now upon us. Having said that, I’ve been holed up in my little sanctuary aka HOME, for a week, and it has been semi-glorious, when my head stops hurting long enough for me to actually get some things done. However-

    Yesterday, I had no choice but to head on out in order to stock up at the local food chain here in proximity to where I live, and was abruptly assaulted by a very blatant, pull your hair out nightmare of energetic nasty wall of lower 3D —- all around me! And boy, did I feel truly “outnumbered”. As a rule, I avoid this said grocery store on the weekends due to the jarring conflux of the more often than not zombified shoppers blocking each and every aisle and dragging their feet around in their haze, and in their oh-so-by-rote and mechanized flat-lined zombie ways of being! Mix in a hefty amount of the erratic, speeding, texting, cell phone talking while driving other half, and well– I really was ready for an extra-stiff drink, right then and there, and it was only around noontime, and wish I had just skipped my errands all together at that point! LOL

    SO, ok, nothing new there: I/we/many of us have been faced with this scenario time and again especially in the past 10 years. But I find it interesting to note, and thus my commenting on the fact, that not unlike yourself, and although not so much a visual onslaught, I was painfully made aware that something was indeed different or more pronounced while in the midst of it all for the short hour I was in it, similarly to what you wrote about regarding your DMV fiasco. Albeit mine was all physical, and not magnified visually as you shared in what you went through. I will say that physically my reaction while in the midst of it has never been so noticeably magnified as it was yesterday– I literally felt nauseous, shaky, dizzy and very depressed by the time I got back in the car to head home. And frightened in a sense, too – what does this say about our fellow humans, seriously? To literally see how more and more out of touch/disconnected/in a fog/in the dark the majority of the surrounding population is – I would find almost comical, if the implications weren’t in so many ways also depressing, for a variety of obvious reasons.

    Quite simply, something, has indeed very much changed and shifted in recent weeks or even days, as you have, as well as I, and probably many others simultaneously have just experienced or will soon experience. Where this leads is anyone’s guess at this point, but it will, at the very least, be interesting, and certainly worth writing about, too, I am sure.

    Glad you survived the DMV, and thanks for sharing, since it gives credence to my own sensing and what I also experienced.

    I just wanted to add that in the crux of all I experienced, which I described in my previous post, I was painfully, and most noticeably aware of something else:

    All the shoppers were extremely, Eeriely quite — to the point well, as if someone had turned down all of the volume entirely, store wide. Many were frantically dashing to and fro trying to get done what they needed to, not unlike myself, but oddly enough, and something I found very contradictory was the fact that in all the mess of zombie-ness as well as chaoticness — there was no sounds, nothing.

    It took me a few minutes after getting back into my car to realize though that I felt as if I had been in a small confined space with a bunch of babies screaming, nonstop. This is the best way I can try and describe it — but it was a vibrational thing — not an auditory one, if you follow me. This was new territory for me. I felt vibrationally as if I had been in a field of silent screaming, and could very perceptibly feel it for a solid 45 minutes afterwards. My field felt jangly, and jagged.


  5. teleile – Barbara & All,

    Thanks for sharing so that more people realize we’ve recently made yet another HUGE transition into a new space and state of being and perceiving.

    One of the things that my experiences with this particular ascension-related phenomena has reminded me of is the classic NDE (near death experience). I’m NOT saying we’re dying, only using the similarities between these two experiences. People who’ve had NDE typically talk about seeing and/or traveling through the “long tunnel towards the Light” right? 😉 Now think about what we – as people who’ve basically already done this via the Ascension Process – are currently experiencing when we GO BACK DOWN into lower, more dense, polarized old world places, building, systems etc. I think we’re experiencing this in reverse! We’re experiencing having our perceptual abilities NOT be able to make the huge vibrational gap between where we now exist vibrationally with where the masses still exist far below us energetically.

    Because of you wonderful people sharing your personal experiences about this recent and newly increased Energy Gap or further separation, I’m going to write a follow-up post to Going Back Downstairs and add a bit more of these “new ascension-related energy symptoms”. Once again, I thank each of you for writing a Comment about what you’ve been experiencing recently due to this mega change brought on by all we’ve been through via the summer of 2010 and beyond.

    Heart Hugs of Gratitude to you all,

  6. Robin,

    Thanks so much for sharing your jaunt into the Twilight Zone too. It helps us all to hear about other people’s similar equally strange experiences and perceptual changes.

    Because of the Comments like yours, I wrote a Part II post to the DMV one because much more of this particular change (to both us ascenders and also the lower consciousness sheeple zombies you mentioned) is coming. I’ve sensed that much of this, and worse, is what all of 2011 and 2012 will be like for the masses…and many of us until we get the hang of this. No fear, just new learning’s and discoveries both amazing and not so amazing. 😉

    Big Hugs of Gratitude,

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