Happy 2010 Fall Equinox & Solar Activity

Because I woke up this morning with my head feeling like it’s gonna explode, and I can’t shake the massive energy-related headache, I thought I should check out SpaceWeather.com to see if anything was going on today. Sure enough there’s  plenty of solar activity happening today, Sept. 22, 2010, the Fall Equinox.

Take a look/read over there about what all the Sun is transmitting to us today. Doing so just may make whatever physical body/head/brain pains and pressures you’re feeling today a bit more tolerable. When the Cosmic Energy Surf is up now…it’s WAY WAY up! Happy 2010 Fall Equinox, Solar Spewing Energies,  Cardinal Squares, and 0° Aries Full Moon everyone.



Denise Le Fay

September 22, 2010

7 thoughts on “Happy 2010 Fall Equinox & Solar Activity

  1. blog7andar,

    I don’t know who drew the Libra image I used in this post. I found it, as I do most images, from doing a Google Image search. If I find the artists name, then I’ll add it under the image, if not then I don’t add anything underneath the image/drawing/photo etc.

    I couldn’t tell you who drew it. I have seen a series of astrological drawings that all look very much like this one, so I assumed they’re all drawn by the same artist…whoever it is. It is beautiful though isn’t it?


  2. theocacao,

    Yep all those (still) retrograde planets are also pushing us all to redo, repair, remodel, re-think, etc. all that needs in our lives and selves now. It’s good you’re doing all this now theocacao, because it’s going to become even harder to find the “time” come early 2011.


  3. Damn, I hadn’t made the connection but that is what was happening–for the past 3 days I have had a headache that would go away overnight only to return during the day–well, duh! Thanks, Denise. Also, have to laugh the way the universe gigs us into action. Had been working on a redo (painting, flooring, roofing) on the house and figured I would rip up carpet and lay new floor and paint my bedroom over the coming xmas holiday. Well, the waterbed sprung a little leak that became a bigger leak (can’t blame it–it’s old as dirt and I had been babying it along thinking I would replace it when I did the major room rehaul in about 3+ months) and now we are redoing the room–lol

    Need a freshen up, clean up, inside and out–downside is sleeping on couch and disaster area until everything gets back in place but it’s the old as above so below changes and house cleaning going on. I was just dragging my feet and they kind of gave me a little assist (translation: kick in the ass)–lol

  4. I am pretty sure I saw that fire ball up here last night. Or some really bright random meteor. I then proceeded to get random kitty cudddles from a random neighborhood cat. A great night for a walk. =D

    Blessings to you all,

  5. Hi solumahorusra and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    Hang in there…it should be easing up soon. It’s dusk here now as I write this and, as usual, my energy/solar related headaches instantly disappear as soon as the Sun sets.


  6. No wonder i have been feeling Body Heat for 3 days, this may explain it. Your Soul Brother in Pain.

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