Oversoul Seven Trilogy

Many years ago I read most all of Jane Roberts channeled Seth books, plus her  non-channeled books. My favorite of her’s were the Oversoul 7 trilogy. ♥

1)  The Education of Oversoul 7 (1973)

2)  The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979)

3)  Oversoul Seven And The Museum Of Time (1984)

I haven’t re-read them since the late 1980’s so I’ll have to work from memory. The main character in all three books is a nonphysical Being named Oversoul Seven, and his interactions and learning’s with his other aspects that were incarnate as different humans within 3D physicality across time. Oversoul Seven also had an aspect of himself that was further evolved than he, and her name was Cyprus. She was much like a “Guide” or “Angelic” Being to the nonphysical Oversoul Seven, and of course the multidimensional interactions were wonderful, hilarious at times, deeply moving and extremely wise. For many of us Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc., we have or soon will be evolving/ascending into our new positions and lessons much like Oversoul Seven ourselves. 😉

I bring these books up now because they are a great, easy, and entertaining way to get a better understanding about what you and I and many of the early Lightworker Ascenders are going to begin experiencing. Multidimensional, multiple-selves awareness outside of lower frequency linear 3D—or a term Kryon uses—“quantum” consciousness.

With us evolving beyond the blinkered narrow band of isolated, polarized, linear 3D and 3D consciousness, we are now beginning to experience bits and pieces of  quantum or higher spherical consciousness as I like to call it, which is normal when NOT in 3D physicality with only polarized 3D consciousness! We’re going to be increasingly finding ourselves within NO time, within NO well-defined, well-lit, well outlined reality with clearly marked dimensional boarders everywhere like we became used to in our old/past life prior to our ascension.  We’re going to find ourselves occasionally popping into and back out of quantum, multidimensional, spherical awareness/consciousness and other dimensions beyond 5D, and coming into contact with some other aspects of ourselves, plus other nonphysical Beings, Starbeings, ETs, Lightbeings, Angelics, Other Dimensionals and so on. We’re going to also be finding ourselves remembering many of our so-called “past” or simultaneous lives and selves too as another way to become familiar and comfortable with our greatly expanding sense of self/SELF. In other words, some of us are becoming much like Jane Roberts wonderful character, Oversoul Seven.

If you have the desire and time (I know, I know!), I hope you’ll consider reading the Oversoul Seven Trilogy. They really are great and insightful.

Denise Le Fay

September 18, 2010

5 thoughts on “Oversoul Seven Trilogy

  1. Denise, thank you for speaking to what is on the monitor of life. Jane Robers was far ahead of her time. Thanks for the reminder. I will look for another copy of the books.
    You are a beautiful being.
    Hugs, Gwen

  2. I haven’t read Jane Roberts since the late 80’s. Thank you for bring it up again. I too remember devouring the Oversoul 7 series. I’m sure I’ve passed them on, but I thank you for the push…off to Amazon :)!

  3. janielaurel,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more; Jane Roberts was waaaay ahead of her time and she/Seth/Seth Two gave us all such profound Light/knowledge/information for the time she was incarnate. Talk about a Wayshower!


  4. Denise, I had to post on this blog. I just re-read the Oversoul Seven trilogy last year. I think that makes about four times. Extraordinary piece of “fiction” and I highly recommend it to everyone on your list. It is such a clear explanation of how we actually can and should be working at a higher level. I’ve moved several times over the past three years and I always make sure the Seth books go along on the trip. Jane was such a blessed being; she is missed by this consciousness unit (go read your Seth, folks….).


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