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I’ve decided to create a new Topic/Category called Questions & Answers so there would always be a place at TRANSITIONS where anyone can ask me a question about anything spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, paranormal, reincarnation, past lives, the ascension process, ascension symptoms and stages, Starbeings/ETs, multi-dimensionality, non-linear or quantum or “triality” consciousness, becoming aware of multiple dimensions simultaneously, increasing Higher Self awareness or consciousness, other-dimensional negative or Dark beings, negative psychic attacks, being influenced by negative Dark beings, negative energies and how they feel and effect our consciousness and so on.

Any question/questions anyone may want to ask me about spiritual/metaphysical/occult/paranormal topics— Questions & Answers is the place. This is an area for me only to offer insights to questions people have asked me specifically. All other Topics/Categories at TRANSITIONS are open for other readers to write Comments and share their wisdom, insights, personal knowledge and experiences, offer guidance and assistance to other readers here. However, only I will provide insights or “Answers” on this particular area of TRANSITIONS.


August 23, 2010

Update icon I deleted this CATEGORY from the sidebar. 2013, Denise

389 thoughts on “Got A Question?

  1. volvonvestarion,

    Great questions. I’ve never been big on eating meat, especially beef, but for a few years during the most intense phases of my ascension process I craved high levels of protein foods and meats. Our bodies are doing so much work transmuting, evolving, ascending energetically and during certain phase of this ongoing process we need extra protein foods just to keep up with the tremendous transformations going on with us and our physical bodies. Eventually we reach a point where the majority of that level of intense ascension-related transformation is done and instantly we don’t crave as much protein because our bodies don’t need it.

    I know that what we eat and how much of it is and will continue to change rather radically as we continue through this ascension process. Eventually we’ll re-learn how to utilize the energies from the Sun and the different Light energies as food sources in combination with very small amounts of physical foods. Many people will be able to exist very comfortable on Light/Love and by that I mean Light – higher knowledge, information, awareness and Love – creativity.

    The ascension process and dimensional shift out of polarized 3D into non-polarized, unified 5D, offers humanity the ability to not need to breed and kill animals to live off of. We are evolving beyond that whole business and the more people like you and I intend and share that Light (information), the more people will evolve beyond their fear of not killing animals to eat! Don’t worry about the death of these old lower planetary systems and beliefs passing away. There won’t be any “catastrophic results” because this is ascension into a higher state of being, consciousness, and world reality and belief systems. It’s only catastrophic to people who do not understand that the human species is evolving now, but this shift and many others will come about much faster than most people think. Consciousness changes = reality changes.

    The ongoing planetary and solar ascension process is so feaking potent and absolute that we could eat Twinkies and candy only and we’d still ascend if we had a desire to do so now! I’m not recommending that diet, but just saying this is happening to humanity regardless of what we eat. On the other hand, eating lower frequency foods gets more and more difficult to do and not get sick from while living through the ascension process. I know cause I’ve tried to continue eating my beloved crappy 3D foods and just feel like utter shit when I do. Lower and higher energies don’t work well together!

    About animals in general. Everything on Earth is living this ascension/compressed evolutionary process now…everything including the animals. My cat experiences his version of ascension symptoms and reactions to solar flares and CME’s and earthquakes etc. The animals will go through this for as long as they wish to in the bodies they have now. Some of them choose to die or step out of their current body and return rather quickly in a new higher frequency body that can cope with the constantly increasing higher, faster frequency energies bombarding Earth/humanity/everything. So there are these options for animals and humans; remain in current body and ascend it or, exit said body and reincarnate in a newer model that’s built to match the new higher energies.

    Like humans, animals, especially now with the ascension process, are not all functioning or developed to the same identical level. Some humans are much less evolved than other humans and the same is true with certain animals – pets especially and not cattle and oxen and other lower consciousness work animals of 3D. As humanity evolves, many of the old 3D work animals won’t be needed on this planet any longer and so they will just seemingly go extinct or disappear from our memories and reality. Many, many things besides certain beasts of burden will.

    Many of the animals will be given the choice to go elsewhere or to go back to Source energy. The creativity and options are far more vast than I’m capable of accessing now, but many of the animal species that won’t be needed on an ascended 5D Earth world will rest for a while and then be given choices as to what and where they want to continue learning and evolving as well.


  2. shamballa9944,

    Yes these terms are basically all the same thing and indicate a “Lightworker”. Lets break these names down briefly just for the heck of it.

    *Lightworker – an ancient old soul who intentionally reincarnates at specific times (and astrological Age changes) to break up controlled planetary systems, belief systems etc. to allow higher dimensional Light/Love back in. What’s Light/Love? Light is higher information or knowledge that said planetary system controllers does not want it’s inhabitants to know about. Love is creativity.

    *Starseeds – are usually (funny, I wasn’t going to talk about this topic for awhile but I know to follow the clues so here we go) aspects of other Starbeings/ETs from higher dimensions. Now the important part of this is that the Starbeing and its seeded aspect are related and actually aspects of each other. Starseeds are created as another way to get into physical 3D reality and literally work from within it to do Lightwork, be a Path Paver, a Bridgebuilder etc. We are the Starbeing AND the Starseed existing within different dimensions but both working towards the same goals. We are multidimensional beings and the ascension process is forcing us to consciously remember this fact and not get hung up on only one single identity or aspect of multiple selves. Complex topic that I’ll get into more soon.

    *Path Paver – same same. An ancient old soul that reincarnates at specific times to be part of the first wave or first crew to energetically, psychically, mentally and emotionally break up the negativity on the planet that’s controlled humanity. They come back in to override lower negative greed-based world systems and belief and consciousness patterns and literally pave an energetic pathway up and out of the lower frequency negativity which also allows higher dimensional Light (aka knowledge and information) back on to the planet so the species can get back on track and evolve. The negative beings and controllers don’t take kindly to this of course and this is why we often come under psychic attacks and/or lower energy assaults.

    *Bridge Builder – another term for these same old souls who literally build energy bridges out of lower frequency 3D so higher energies/Light/Love can get back in again.

    So these different names or terms are all talking about a specific group of very old souls that do this specific type of Energy Work or Planetary Service and tremendous energy transformations. I’ve often referred to myself as a Cosmic Janitor to try and get people to understand that it is not as romantic or glamorous as their egos think! It’s hard, dangerous work that must literally be done IN and THROUGH the persons physical (and other non-physical) bodies.


  3. Julie,

    Have you seen my book illustration in A Lightworker’s Mission of one of these ancient Bird Beings I met in a past life in 12,600 b.c. Egypt? I think you might enjoy seeing it.

    I get the sense that there are some super ancient Pleiadian Beings that were/are some of these Bird Beings. Many are humanoid but, like the Sirians who are also humanoid yet also have some super ancient Lion Beings or Feline Beings within their race too.

    At any rate, don’t worry much about the need to protect yourself around these winged beings as they are very positive (they don’t exist or function within the astral, and at this point I do not think you are traveling there either but in higher levels of 5D and into 6D possibly), and may also be near you right now as new “guides” or teachers at some level. Don’t think too much, just follow your heart with them and pay attention.

    These types of higher (very positive) beings are often so huge and with tremendously large, wonderful personalities and energies that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and even goofy/slightly intoxicated and/or weepy in their presence or energy field or to just fall asleep! They know that their energies are much larger than ours are even with all this ascending, and this is often why they keep their visits with us rather short and to the point. But, we’re catching up with many of them now because we are soaring ourselves.

    I went through a few years where I clairaudently heard huge bird wings flying right above my head. I’ve always had an affinity with birds and these ancient other-dimensional stellar Bird Beings and I think when they reconnect with us like this and what you’re experiencing, it’s to remind us of our multidimensional natures. After all, ascension is about us learning how to be conscious of our functioning and existing within multiple dimensions simultaneously and become imbalanced or lost from it!


    “Our wings” are symbolic of our ascending/evolving and also our shifting from 3D to 5D

  4. adamancy,

    Sometimes our dreams like this are to remind us that we are indeed capable of consciously manipulating “reality”. In most cases dreams like this are multi-leveled and are showing/teaching/redirecting the dreamer about multiple things and not just the one most obvious thing.

    Jupiter is the planet of Mastery and I suspect that’s one thing your dream message was reminding you about yourself and your life now during this ascension of the species/planet. I think you’re shifting the solar systems planets around may also symbolize that you have the ability to shift how you are effected by the planetary energies. The Sun is in the center of our solar system, and in astrology, it represents our basic sense of self and external identity within this reality.

    But again, I really sense that the main intent of this dream was for you to be very aware of the fact that you can mentally focus enough to alter things – aka “conscious creating”. It reminds me of that scene in one of the Star Wars movies where Yoda is teaching Luke Skywalker how to mentally levitate his spacecraft up and out of the swamp. It was more about his learning that he could do this regardless of the size and weight of his ship, and not totally about getting it out of the swamp muck. 😉


  5. I have some questions but not sure exactly what category it might come under. It’s about food, in particularly, meat. Do we need meat? How much longer will humans kill animals for food? Why did we begin to kill animals to eat? I have been a vegetarian now for over a year and have not noticed any decline in health, in fact I feel healthier without it. Still, the meat industry is obviously all about money. So it is interesting to wonder what will happen to this industry when the money system falls. As it’s connected to so much and many countries involved, it will surely cause both catastrophic results but also relief for the ones that don’t support it.

    I have read somewhere that the consumption of decaying flesh sends something to the brain called the “death hormone”. It’s that fight or flight, survival based instinct. So when we consume meat, are we continuing to stay in a lower state of consciousness and thus preventing or limiting the ascension process? If we stop eating meat, will it be good for raising ones consciousness? Does it even matter? If food is just part of the “mentallised illusion” so to speak, can I eat whatever I want and it doesn’t do anything to my body. It’s an interesting topic because some people seem to be able to eat anything and everything and it doesn’t affect them. Is this because “lightworkers” and the like take on the “fat” so others can gorge themselves in 3D?

    Also, in the new 5D Earth, will there be animals and would we communicate with them as equals and not kill them? I’m just fascinated by how we treat the animal kingdom in 3D and wonder if there are certain animals that are conscious of themselves and others that are just a moving creature that won’t exist soon. So my next question is where will the animals go? What is ascension to them? Do they just collectively turn into a forest or a lake in the new world? Obviously as light beings in a 5D world, we would not need to eat, or at least wouldn’t rely on food like we do now, maybe it would be for recreation? It annoys me that many of us still forget Reality and thus ask these sort of questions that we “once” knew but can’t seem to connect back to out higher selves in the now.

  6. Well, I got a question and this maybe interesting for you to interpret.

    One night, I had a dream. I dreamed I was shown a computer screen or holographic game. I was shown the solar system. The object of the “game” is to move the planets around with my own mind.

    So, I shifted the planets positions and I placed the Sun being in the center. Jupiter is an important planet and much emphasis was put in this planet.

    I was shown that all planets has a force field or electromagnetic barrier and it was very visible to me.

    Interesting dream, isn’t? What’s your take on this? It feels like whoever gave this dream to me left me a puzzle.

  7. Dear Denise,

    You definately read my mind on this one. So, I’ll gratefully start this new topic off. The topic is OUR WINGS. I want to mention that I had read your past wonderful articles on Bird Beings.
    A few weeks ago, I started seeing gigantic bird beings in my inner light field. I was stunned at first, as this gigantic being was right there, one night as I closed my eyes . I felt very grounded as the being was soo PRESENT. I also feel silent flapping around me a lot now and see and feel myself gliding in higher planes. It feels really good, yet I am concerned about “just taking off”. I am a novice at protecting my fields while navigating other dimensions and had been attacked in the astral before.
    Also, I have found 5 bird feathers in my yard and on walks lately. Today, I found a feather on a plant in the yard!!!
    I wonder if you can comment about discovering “our wings”.
    Thank you in advance for this wonderful and generous sharing.
    In gratitude for all that you do,


  8. Denise,

    Great idea. Actually I’ve had a question since I found your site several months ago. You frequently refer to Lightworker/Starseed/Bridgebuilder/Path… all these different labels. It is unclear to me if you use them interchangeably or do you see them/know them to be different roles. I’ve heard others use these terms and often its seems they use them pretty much interchangeably. If they do in fact represent different roles, how do you define them? Are there ways you might be able to describe them so we may be able to recognize ourselves? Thanks for clarification.

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