Let’s Talk Sex


A reader recently asked me “…is sex about lower vibrations…?” For the most part I’ve not gotten into the topic of sex on TRANSITIONS before because so much else has been going on. That plus I don’t want to get into all the left brain techniques of Eastern Tantra practices because I find it boring, polarized and old lower world 3D-ish in its methods at this point. But I feel that way about many different old lower world 3D Eastern/Western esoteric/occult teachings for the simple reason that we are rapidly evolving beyond them.

Now that I’ve possibly insulted some readers, let me quickly add that I was a natural Tantrist way back in the day when I was sexually active. Now this is no different than being born a natural psychic or natural clairvoyant or remembering some of your “past lives” in my opinion. In most cases, people who have these types of abilities do so because they’ve trained and/or are an Initiate from usually more than just one past life. They simply carry their trainings and abilities from their past life/lives (which are really simultaneous lives and selves) into this current life and time, so they appear to have certain natural abilities. The truth is that they worked very hard to learn  and/or master certain ancient esoteric wisdom teachings and abilities from their  “past” lives; they’re simply integrated into this current self and are used in this life and timeline.

We have our very own personal library of vast knowledge and  array of abilities from all of our other or “past” life selves at our current disposal.

The current life sexual (Tantric) stories I could tell. Absolutely hilarious! Maybe some day…but probably not!

As with most all physical things, sex isn’t “good” or “bad”, but depends upon the level of consciousness and energy frequency the person is functioning on when they use the physical act of sex or intercourse. Most people existing within the old lower 3D, ego-based, polarized level of physicality and consciousness have sex or “make love” from their crotches only. Another more tactful way of saying that would be to say they function only from their first (survival) and second (sex) chakras when they have sex or “make love”, with the highest chakra they reach being the solar plexus (power) chakra. Is that “bad” or “wrong”? No, as long as both parties have consented and no one is harmed on any level. That has been, and still is for many people, what 3D polarized sex or intercourse has been; a physical act between two people who typically function ONLY from the three lowest chakras while having sex. Rather sad actually and profoundly boring after the initial hot sweaty fun wears off.

Many more people are now capable of either intentionally or unintentionally redirecting and raising their sexually generated energies from their crotches—those lower three chakras—up into the chakra that exists above the solar plexus,  the heart chakra. Again, I’m talking about people functioning within the old lower 3D polarized consciousness and energy. They can, through their 3D ego-based love for each other, move lower sexually generated energy within each of them up into their heart chakras where the sexual act and energies take on a profoundly different feel and quality. 3D polarized, ego-based “love” is felt—maybe for the first time in their lives—which helps a person profoundly…but there is so much more beyond this seemingly exalted state.

Two people functioning within the same lower polarized 3D ego-based consciousness, can also redirect the lower sexually generated energies and focus from their heart chakras and draw it further up into their Brow or Third Eye chakra. Doing this allows both people to perceive with higher vision where they can clairvoyantly perceive different things, people, events, timelines, beings, energies and so on. They can also see scenes from one or more of their past lives. And, they can also access higher states of awareness and briefly travel into other dimensions. All this because these two people decided to have sex, but redirect it from their lower three chakras up into one or more of the upper chakras!

Sex isn’t “good” or “bad”; what people choose to do with the energy sex produces is the real issue. Humans can use physical sex to procreate, or they can use physical sex to create. What they choose to create is another story altogether, and I won’t get into the Dark side of intentionally using sex to create in this post.

Two people can use sexually generated energy (+ and – charges) to propel their consciousness into higher chakras, higher states and dimensions and move outside of linear 3D space time. Or, people can have lower chakra only hot n’ heavy, sweaty monkey sex which can be great fun too. 😉  The truth is that we have choice about how we use sex and sexually generated energies and the higher consciousness and  perceptions it produces in us. No higher or lower, no right or wrong, just individual choice as to which level (chakra/chakras) they want to have their sexual energies travel to each time they have sex or make love or get high or get really out there from it. I’ve done it all and more because there is always more because there’s so much more to each of us as evolving spiritual beings.

With the ascension process and the dimensional shift into 5D (fifth dimensional) state of consciousness and being, obviously humans,  their chakra system, consciousness, sex and everything else is and will continue evolving and expanding greatly. This is why I stressed the distinction between old lower 3D, ego-based, polarized humans having sex (lower chakra or higher chakra) or making love, because this whole sex or Tantric energy business goes a lot further than just two polarized people having physical 3D sex together!

Eventually, individuals reach a point where they alone (without the need or desire for a physical, external partner) can either intentionally move up into higher chakra awareness at will, and/or they simply reside up there in their upper chakras in a state of higher consciousness and energy permanently. Hence the term ascension. They’ve climbed the alchemical energy ladder that is their spine and chakras and now exist vibrationally within higher levels of being. They do not need an external physical partner or other half because they’ve integrated their opposite sex past life selves and other polarized energies within them and now exist as an integrated and unified whole being (+, −, and  finally that third unified point ▲ ) They house within them their own Soul Mate selves and are unified beings individually.

When a non-polarized, integrated, unified, higher frequency ascended human encounters another non-polarized, integrated, unified, higher frequency  ascended being… what do you think happens or could happen? They certainly don’t need to have physical sex at this point even to “make love”. Just knowing that the other person exists at this ascended 5D state is a huge High Heart, sex, making love fest! Instead of having two polarized people emotionally and physically needing to join to activate sexually generated energies to create, they can do that and much more individually without touching anyone. Put two or more of these types of ascended, unified, High Heart conscious people together and very easily and quickly they can Consciously Create plus Co-Create just about anything. (Yeah I’m talking about creating the New 5D-based Earth reality and much more.)

I’ve had High Heart love-making exchanged from a hug at the heart level with a person (and also with non-physical, higher dimensional Beings) whose frequency matched and/or was  faster, higher than mine at the time. I’ve also had sexual energies literally spark, flow and arc between myself and a male just from intentionally standing within his auric field and never physically touching each other. He spooked and ran before I could explain what was happening unfortunately, but that certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve spooked an unaware physical human male with higher frequency sexual energies!

It should be obvious that sexual energy is what we do with it, what we use it for and why, and to which energetic level we intentionally direct it within ourselves. Sex and/or love-making will take on these higher qualities for far more people due to the Ascension Process and compressed consciousness evolution. Increasing numbers of people can and will do lovely, beautiful, High Heart creations as they continue evolving, perceiving, and feeling and loving so much more than before. Enjoy and use all the many wondrous energetic steps and levels if you are having physical sex and/or love-making with another person. Intentionally pull the energy up into your heart chakra, then even higher into your High Heart which is above it, then further up into your Brow chakra to see and remember what all you really are and so much more. ♥


August 11, 2010

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sex

  1. Now that’s a cool perspective on polarity integration and twinflames. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. “Also you raised me another question when you talked about Soul Mate selves. What can you tell us about Soul Mates, Twin Flames etc. ? Hope you don’t have to write another post about it.”


    What I was referring to was about how each person – regardless of sex – will integrate their own opposite sex selves from “past”/simultaneous lives…especially those opposite sex selves that have reached Mastery and/or ascended in that “past” life and body.

    At higher levels of being that exist beyond the level of ego-self, the other aspects of ourselves (typically in opposite sex bodies at the time of their mastery or ascension) are our “soul mates” or “twin flames” in my opinion. Once we have integrated the majority of our fragmented selves via the current ascension process, we automatically become vastly more unified within ourselves in all ways. One of those ways is the obvious integration of what had been separated in us prior; male and female or polarized selves within 3D physicality. As we transition and transform through the current ascension process, we all face integrating with all of these other aspects of us in the form of our past life selves, and as I said already, especially opposite sex past life selves that ascended and/or reached a level of Mastery in that life or lives. When this happens in this body/life/timeline it feels like instantly becoming MORE of the real YOU. It feels wonderful to be more integrated and not so polarized in-body no matter which sex you currently are. You’ve integrated the opposite sex energies, heart, consciousness and emotions etc. into this current aspect of your-self, which makes you feel and perceive from a vastly more unified state of being.

    Once a person has re-integrated these other aspects of him/her self across time on Earth, all other people you meet who have done the same and are unified in this same manner, you now have two WHOLE, INTEGRATED, UNIFIED people interacting with each other…which is totally different than when there were two polarized, non-integrated people trying to interact! It’s a radically different level of being and relating and is hard to comprehend unless one has integrated one’s Other Selves and polarities within 3D.

    In ego-based 3D, “soul mates” and “twin flames” meant one thing and that was a person looking for, longing for, hoping for an opposite sexed person that was perfect for them. Pretty selfish and limited desire and consciousness! Once one has evolved/ascended out of polarized 3D and its ego-based consciousness, this belief in soul mates or twin flames is ridiculous and meaningless because you are complete or unified within yourself. 😉 You do not emotionally need another person to hold you up, to make you feel complete, to balance you, to desire and love you, to carry the opposite sex energies etc., because you have accomplished all of this and much more on your own via the ascension process.


  3. Hiya Denise 😀

    BluePixel here with a new name a new pic, because I just had too many soulaspects of myself traveling through cyberspace. I think the gypsy in me will do a great job uniting all of them as one.

    Sexuality and sexual energy are very interesting topics to talk about and to ponder upon. I’ve been doing so for many years, first of all to understand myself, my own sexuality and the sexual dynamics between me and others.

    Having a sexual or romantic relationship with another human being who is -just like me- still influenced by the 3D mindset and who is still figuring out their own identity on every level, is from my point of view something for the psychologically advanced. I’ve tried it, I’ve explored it, I’ve analyzed it, and although I find it very interesting, I never felt totally comfortable within a relationship. Because relationships are so emotionally charged and confusing, and because it’s so hard to stay true to yourself if you feel one with another person. I automatically seem to merge with the energy field of the other, and if you’re both not crystal clear about yourself, your boundries and your values, relationships ain’t easy. So I stopped having (sexual) relationships a couple of years ago, the only relationship I have right now is with myself. And that’s exactly what I need 😀

    I’ve been wondering about the way sexuality is viewed by spiritually inspired people. Some people fear it or look down upon it, they consider it as an energy that needs to be transformed into something higher and better. While others see it as a starting point for self-healing and self-knowledge, and eventually as a stargate to heavenly bliss and higher dimensional understanding. I prefer the latter, the positive and self-empowering approach, because with self-awareness and spiritual awareness comes sexual awareness.

    There aren’t many spiritual traditions that don’t look down upon sexuality, even modern gurus rarely talk about sexuality in an empowering way. So I am very glad that the Pleiadians (especially in Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak) are so open, clear and wise when they speak about sexuality. Their perspective skips the lower energies like guilt, shame, fear and endless power games. Because it isn’t the sexual energy that is low vibrating, it are the fearful projections and limited stereotypes that are low vibrating. That is what keeps people sexually imprisoned. Sexual energy is life force energy, it’s divine, pure, beautiful and powerful. But what you do with this energy, how you charge it, with what energies you amplify it, that’s what changes the vibration of sexual energy. That’s what makes sex sweet and innocent, a power game, or highly charged spiritual love-making. To be honest, I never experienced spiritual love-making with another human being, although I experienced it energetically. I actually think that kundalini experiences come close to that, so you don’t even need a partner nor a sexual fantasy to be able to experience that.

    I intuitively understand a lot about these sort of things, but applying this knowledge in a physical world that is based on duality, is the challenge. But you can bet that our higher dimensional selves learn a lot from our 3D adventures.

    Btw, have you read The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow? I’ve read a few excerpts and I love it, it’s a great read for everyone who wants to understand multidimensionality.

    Hugs! 😀

  4. Em,

    If memory serves me – which it may not actually! – I’m guessing I suggested this particular book to you because of your current age. Are you in your Uranus Opposition transit now? Are you between 39-43? If so, then you are probably in a huge transitional state on many levels in your life, which makes it even more difficult to lock into a new timeline or probable reality. If you’re 42 or 43 then you’re coming out of your once in a lifetime Uranus Opposition and therefore the timing is perfect to step into the next new phase and stage of your life. That’s what the Uranus Opposition transit does to/for us; blast out whatever needs to go from us and our lives, belief systems, bodies etc. so we can enter the second phase of our lives with an honest, current, and clean slate energetically and emotionally.

    As far as Clow’s comment you mentioned, remember when that book was written and remember how much has changed since then! Plenty! I’m not going to say too much one way or the other because I’m not certain of your age. But, if you’re still honestly in love and want your marriage to continue, then have some great hot and loving sex with the poor guy…but also honestly talk to him about what all you’re going through now too. 🙂 Be honest with self and him and go from there. Everything is currently changing faster than ever before and this isn’t going to slow down or stop from today on out.


  5. Dear Denise,
    I enjoyed this post, though I was admittedly more curious about your untold stories than your told ones, lol! 😉 I haven’t been sexually normal ever, but lately I just have sex to procreate (and fulfill that contract) and not a lot more. My current partner is way sexual (3d), but he is from the heart and very loving. He is deeply deprived at this point in time and while I sympathize, I just cannot get it up (or down actually!) to help him out. He tries to excite me lately by showing me how large the cucumber for the salad is: are you getting my drift here?!@|*

    Thanks for the latest Hathors too, that was right on time. Both of these have got me to thinking of a question that’s come up for me a few times this year as I ponder and try out a little all the different timelines that I eventually have to choose from soon (aggghh!).

    The gist of my question comes from reading the B.H. Clow book The Liquid Light of Sex that you recommended to me many months ago. She speaks a few times of the importance of long-term stable relationships to the collective evolution. In an appendix, she talks about the increasing need to stay together to counteract the “main program” of the controllers of destroying human connectedness. “My admonitions in earlier chapters to hold together partnerships during the most difficult time – our forties – are of greater urgency than ever.” (!)

    So, on the one hand I get the message of staying together and connected and working thru each other’s stuff together, which I know is now 15 years old, but it still feels pretty resonant to me when I read it. Then, on the other hand, I have to merge that with the “structural changes” the Grand Cross (and everything!) is bringing to light for me/us. I’m finding this challenging to say the least. I guess I’m still “locking in” on the vibration of what I truly want to experience next. Anyway, I was curious what you thought of this idea of B.H. Clow´s from the nineties and how it relates to how we´re realting now. If any of this made sense I´ll be thrilled and love to hear what you think about it D.

    big love and espavo,

  6. I am bookmarking this page for future reference to help explain why I am *weird* about sex.

    And I forgot to say thanks. As always, you are right on point. Denise, you rock!
    Double rainbows at you and everybody.

  7. I guess I understand now what the Pleiadians were trying to make us aware of when they were saying that “sex is the best activity in 3D”. This is an opportunity to experience this higher energies and to transform the lower chakra ones. After all it’s about creating and we have to choose whether it’s through love or fear.
    I want to thank you Denise for helping me and other readers see this problem from a different perspective. Also you raised me another question when you talked about Soul Mate selves. What can you tell us about Soul Mates, Twin Flames etc. ? Hope you don’t have to write another post about it. :P:(
    Big hug

  8. 🙂 Not at all Lindsay. Enjoy the energies of sex at the physical level and don’t apologize for it. It is powerful energy and you can use it, roll with it, play with it, and simply enjoy it. Just remember that it can take you/you can take it to other levels as well when you’re ready to try that too. 😉


  9. VERY interesting and I’ve never really taken any of this into consideration. I certainly will now though!

    Is it possible to enjoy the physical sex as well as ‘sex’ on a higher level? I mean…I’m going to be honest – I simply can’t imagine life without making physical love with my partner. Is that unevolved of me?

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