Intentional Global Pot-Stirring

For me, Saturday July 17, 2010 of the “Conscious Convergence” was rather horrible and painful physically which I should have seen coming but didn’t…again.  In the late morning hours of July 17, 2010 I and my Mom and even our cat were all strongly physically (and later emotionally) effected by the intentional moving of energies via the Conscious Convergence. Like I said, I should have been prepared for this but I wasn’t. After getting hammered a few times I/we figure out how this energy business works and we learn to be prepared and make adjustments.

So, there we were on Saturday, day-one of the Conscious Convergence when all the sudden the three of us got hit for two hours straight with intense physically painful ice pick stabbing pains that jumped quickly from one area to another. I’ve never experienced these years-old ice pick stabbing pains in this rapid-fire succession from one body area to another, then another, then another, and another… We all were jumping, cursing, complaining and howling as these physical body stabbing pains popped around our bodies like we were being stabbed by invisible ice picks! My cat feels them too and the poor guy will suddenly leap up and go tearing through the house, then suddenly stop and frantically lick his hips, front legs and back as if he’d been bitten or stung. (No, he is flea-free.)

I noticed that what was different about this two-hour long round of ice pick stabbing body pains was that they happened faster, closer together, and often only a few inches apart physically from the last cluster of stabbing pains. Usually I don’t have them in this rapid-fire succession and only inches apart; typically they happen in say my forearm, then 30 minutes later one toe joint, then another half-hour later my wrist, then 30 minutes later my hand and so on. What we experienced July 17, 2010 was this same process, but only seconds  or a minute apart and only inches away from wherever the last ice pick-like stabbing pains were. This went on for two hours straight for all three of us and then it abruptly stopped…and we were terribly glad. It was exhausting and of course very painful.

After resting a bit after that ordeal I could easily tell it was very different from what I’ve experienced over the past many years. I knew that what we’d felt in our physical bodies as these intense pains was caused by a group of people (probably some of the Mayan Elders and also some other non-Mayan people around the world) who’d participated in the Conscious Convergence at a specific time. In other words, what I discovered was that by these certain people intentionally inserting specific higher intentions/energies (of the masses being Shifted from old lower 3D ego-based polarized consciousness to increasingly unified, 5D, non-polarized consciousness), they did indeed help to alter energies on the planet. I knew they would, but did not consider the radical energetic consequences and my being ultra-sensitive to it all! Stupid me, lesson learned for the 174th time, and I will be better prepared next time.

I’ve experienced this numerous times over the past ten years or so now. It is exactly like stirring a large pot with many layers in it;  the dense ingredients lay heavily and unmoving on the bottom of the unstirred pot, while the less dense ingredients in the mid-level  range of the pot move  or float more easily, while the upper layer of ingredients are right there and easily seen and moved by the slightest touch or breeze. When you place a long-handled spoon into the pot to stir the dense ingredients on the bottom, they naturally get churned up and mixed in with all the other less heavy layers of ingredients. That is exactly what  it felt like happened Saturday July 17, 2010 for a few hours; some people intentionally stirred the global collective pot and churned up the dense energies/consciousness and brought them up to higher levels within the symbolic planetary pot. As is always the case when more dense energies/consciousness come closer to higher, faster frequency energies/consciousness, there are rough waters for a time as would be expected…if you’d remembered this simple fact! Sigh…

What our rapid-fire body pains for two hours told me was that these Mayan Elders and the other non-Mayan people who intended or inserted the intentional energies that more of the masses now begin the rapid process of Shifting into increasing “Unified” or High Heart consciousness of 5D, did indeed stir the global pot and those more dense frequency energies/consciousness were not pleased. The lower dense stuff got stirred up in the masses, even though they were unaware of this, but nonetheless they came into contact with higher frequency energies and there were energetic repercussions that the ultra-sensitive  and sensitive easily felt in their multiple bodies. Once a seed is planted…

To carry this one more step and show how fast energies, conscious co-creating, intentions and external manifestations and changes  can now happen, there were two or three good-sized earthquakes on July 18, 2010 on the upper and lower edges of the Pacific Ring of Fire. (I keep hearing that silly line from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams“If you build it they will come.” )  😉

  • July 18, 2010 a 6.9 earthquake in Papua New Guinea
  • July 18, 2010 a 6.7 earthquake in Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

This is how quickly Earth reflects the inner energy and consciousness changes you and I make and/or intend in ourselves, and the July 17–18, 2010 Conscious Convergence intentionally initiated and seeded for the masses now in the outer world reality. “If you build it…they will come” is now well underway. Did I take part in the July 17–18, 2010 “Conscious Convergence“? No, because everything I’ve been living, doing  and being for most of my 58.5 years is some form of it. My Energy Services were not required on this one but they were for many other people and that is as it should be now.

Because of the intentional seeding of increasing fifth dimensional High Heart or “Unity” consciousness within the global masses through the2010 Conscious Convergence, things are going to begin manifesting more change more quickly, and for a while, more turmoil and Dark energies stirred up and floating around quite angry and volatile over having been disturbed by The Light! They don’t want to change or evolve and so there’s a bit more thrashing about and lashing out at the increasing Light and evolution on the planet until they either adapt to it or leave. Every time the global  energy/consciousness pot gets stirred, this is the immediate result; lower energies flying around all pissed off for a while, Earth shaking and quaking as She immediately matches and manifests the intended higher energies, and the sensitive and ultra-sensitive people feel it in their bones, brains, hearts and bodies. I was slightly surprised by how fast the Earth quaked in response to the July 17, 2010 intentions and energy seeding however and I shouldn’t have been, but there ya go. Now we all understand a bit better about the transitional and intentional pot stirring summer months of 2010.

Denise Le Fay

July 19, 2010

(Note: this addition was written on Sept. 12, 2010

It is interesting to add to this post the other personal events or triggers that happened in mid-July 2010 to myself and a few other people. For more information about this please see my post The Powerful Mid-July 2010 Shift, which also has Lisa Renee’s Sept. 2010 article in it. Far more was triggered, Shifted, changed in mid-July 2010 than what I was aware of when I wrote the above post. Once we look back over the entire amazing summer of 2010, I know we will better see the many changes, new realities and timelines that were initiated then.)

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20 thoughts on “Intentional Global Pot-Stirring

  1. Thanks, Denise, helps me to remember that I am not insane…what I felt Friday through Sunday was intense pain in my stomach, weakness in my legs to the point I could hardly stand. Taking a shower was exhausting…eating was out of the question. Not fun. Better now, but not 100% by any means. My mantra for now is go with the flow, go with the flow, go with the flow….

  2. Robin,

    “…draggy and unenthused…” I’ve felt like this – with the on-again off-again mega pains and headaches and head/skull/top of head pains and pressures – since the June Lunar eclipse. We knew this summer and fall was/is/will be unlike anything we’ve already been through. All I know is that the good stuff had better be arriving soon cause I’m at the end of my everything at this point!

    You are absolutely right about many of the ice pick-like stabbing pains happening in muscles, joints, bones, tissues, nerves, vertebra etc. that we’ve injured or bashed or bruised in years or decades past. This energy transmuting (the higher Light energies) goes into every cell (and everywhere else) to clear/transmute any physical/emotional damage from our entire lives. Our very DNA is being changed or plugged back in thanks to these monster physical pains.

    Saturday was horrible for a few hours for me, and Sunday was all about that extreme head/skull/top of head pains and pressures and headache that nothing seems to help. The emotional I’m all fucking done with this shit attitude and pity party was another aspect of this for me. But there was massive amounts (far, far, far less serious and potent than years past however!) free-floating lower or mildly negative energies/emotions that are always hard for me to ignore. (I was in the grocery store this morning and there was some huge 12 foot tall shadow something following me up and down a few isles. I finally told it-whatever or whoever it was-to back off and it did. The fun just doesn’t end!)

    About those things in life that we absolutely have to go out into the world to do…or starve and run out of toilet paper! It’s gotten to the point where I dread having to go out and do the grocery shopping and such each month because it (and everything else like taking a shower, shaving your legs, putting a damned bra on!) it so painful and miserable doing so. There is the physical pain it causes and there’s the emotional shock n’ awe of coming near to those “normal” people out there. Enough bitching and complaining…

    Hang in there too.

  3. Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS efhebert. 🙂

    I hear you about just taking a shower-or much of anything else-being difficult, painful and profoundly exhausting. Even figuring out what to eat and fixing it and then trying to digest it is a pain in the everything! There had better be some improvements soon or we will be the Broken Brigade! 😉


  4. allesisliefde,

    I’m so proud of you. Espavo…“thank you for taking your power.” Our stuff is never as horrible sounding to another person, as it is to us. 😉


  5. Chrys,

    Most of us get hammered long and hard because we are the Ones that have been and still are the “Path Pavers” as Lauren Gorgo calls us. Others aren’t wired to be the Cosmic Janitors as we are and so, we do this Energy Work for ourselves and for All. The other people and the “normal” folks will only experience some ascension symptoms and they will be very, very mild in comparison to what we’ve gone through. They are not the Ones, the First Wavers, the Path Pavers and will only have to experience a tiny fraction of what we have, and they will do it in a much shorter time period than it’s taken us to clear the way and create a Path of Light for all of them.

    Hang in there.

  6. I got my period early and had terrible cramps both Saturday and Sunday morning. It’s been very hot and difficult to sleep at night. Bathing in the morning and fixing breakfast felt like the biggest chores ever, but once I got out of the house to spend some time in nature and in the water, I felt much better, almost blissfully connected and that I could feel this mass collective energy pushing against the proverbial glass ceiling. Not just worn and torn lightworkers who have been toiling for years, but lots of newbies. I’m feeling much, much less uninspired and frustrated since Thursday, but still feeling a lot of stickiness, like I’m in a holding pattern and being made to wait, some things feel like they are being resolved or slowing realigning themselves to be resolved sometime in the coming years, but egads! I sure could use a plateau on this mountain I’m climbing.

    And for Denise, I keep hearing that, “If you built it, they will come,” voice. I’m not so sure about my ability to build anything from scratch facing walls of resistance, but I’ve been fervently praying we will reach a critical mass of like-minded individuals here in the nexus of incoming galactic energies to tip the ship and really set sail. I sort of feel like I’m one of those old Viking ship and I’m the only oarsman. It’s going S-L-O-W but at least there seems to be forward progress.

  7. I think I had that feeling Friday, but it wasn’t clear enough to me that it was not me. I really felt like part of the collective and it was despairing Friday morning. I was affected with worrying about winter and about my lack and fear, rather than able to concentrate on the great blessings I do have. I hope I can surf the crest of the wave for awhile now.

  8. I havent been feeling too hot the past two days either.. some I attribute to certain creative frustration because we have a house guest. But I felt different, and had some awesome highs during the eclipse. Im in a low right now for sure, physically and emotionally, nightmares, can’t sleep, pains, extreme fatique, but something still says something has changed and its not going to be like it was. I’m pretty young and healthy though and know the Kundalini Yoga Iv done all these years(and everyday to whatever amount I can take) has helped keep moving energy through me (thats why I got into it, 18 years old and my entire body was seizing up and breaking down at that age).

  9. Hi All,

    Saturday was for me like many here, a horrible one. Woke up feeling heady and sick, this lasted till the evening. I only managed a few bits of toast, this is not like me!

    Denise, glad you mentioned the shadow figure. I had this appear to me last week, I was on my PC at home when a dark shadow moved slowly past me, this freaked me out a bit! Oh yeah, this was the 2nd time, the 1st one appeared on the wall infront of me, I thought there was somebody behind me (there wasn’t, well nothing physical)!

    Love and hugs,


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