2010 Mid-Summer Recap

This is an email I received recently from Susan.

“…The last two or three days I have been feeling majorly depressed – like nothings worth doing, no interest in anything etc etc – I have feeling like this but I cant seem to shift it even though I’ve tried clearing stuff – cutting energy ties etc etc – is there anything you know about that is happening that could explain why I am feeling SO low?

On top of this unusual physical stuff going on but lots of stuff happening around my head and neck – odd jaw pains, throat and sinus – odd feelings at back of head – I can put up with all of this – have done for over ten years – but the depression or whatever it is – I really don’t like.

Had that weird thing the other night when it felt like something was pushing down on me so I couldn’t move – any ideas would be enlightening…”

And this Comment recently from Chrys.

“Hi Denise – I feel like sending out an SOS because h o l y shit. Is this upcoming eclipse causing such an uproar in my body? Back to the old poop, poop, poop and wicked abdominal pains, fatigue, and a “I just don’t care any more” attitude! This is a really really whiney post. I’m not alone but I feel very lonely and thought maybe if I connect on here I’d feel better. I’m wondering how you and everyone here are feeling. Ya know, because maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just trying to find a reason why I feel like a dog’s breakfast. And, I might add, I look like one too. Supposed to go to a neighborhood gathering this evening and there’s no way in freakin’ hell I can go!
Ok, ’nuff whining and complaining. Back under the covers with my dog. He seems to understand” ;)
Love Chrys

I know there are so many of you reading this that are feeling exactly the same way. Are we there yet? Is it soup yet? Is this phase done yet? All I know today is that there’s much more beyond it because we’re in Phase Two now and there’s no down-time anymore between these back-to-back energy waves, astrological energies, solar transmissions that continue to transform us, our bodies, and our consciousness and much more. 2010/Phase Two of the ascension process is where the symbolic water that’s been circling the drain in large, slow, steady circles is now circling in tight, rapid circles around the drain hole. I do not mean we’re all going down the drain, but that this process is incredibly faster now with no breaks between these phases, astrological portals, cosmic and galactic gates, or going through and up these energy stair steps.


Of course your mileage may vary but the majority of these symptoms are ones that we all feel around the same weeks and months. Since May 2010 I’ve had these aches and pains but in new levels of intensity. See if you can you relate to any or all of them.

  • severe hips, legs and foot bone pains, leg swelling and general sense of extra heaviness in bottom half of your body
  • bouts of inability to digest foods, vomiting, acid reflux, heartburn etc.
  • purging diarrhea
  • heart pounding even at rest
  • severe bloating
  • sore throat, tonsillitis, jaw and teeth pains
  • ascension/energy/chakra/brain headaches like none others. Pains in the head, scalp, face, eyes, bruised scalp/head. Headache pains that move from different areas of the head and suddenly disappear only to reappear in a couple of days.
  • top of skull and head pains and pressures
  • really done feeling and looking like utter crap all the time. Sadness, mild depression, frustrations
  • horrible, DARK, terrible dreams that aren’t coming from your subconscious. You now seem to just be a witness to some of  these actual negative (dream) events but not required as a Lightworker to transmute them for others any longer.
  • falling asleep in the afternoons or taking cat-naps due to exhaustion and/or a drugged, weak feeling
  • seeing and hearing nonphysical lights, sounds, voices talking etc. You are moving into new energetic territory once again and that seems to produce extra activity with these types of things/energies.
  • endless exhaustion and not wanting to do anything but rest and recuperate
  • hot flashes, night sweats
  • smelling burning incense (Brain rewiring and brain glands/chakras being expanded or evolved)
  • a sense of detachment and I just don’t care
  • periods of quantum awareness and understanding but difficulty bringing it all back to write about what you’ve perceived

I get the sense that the rest of the summer  (2010) we’ll continue to go through this level of energy activations and transformations, with the fall being a new level of this process and, I sense, increased multi-D perceptions and possible interactions with some Other Dimensionals. They are quietly waiting for us to fully arrive energetically before They throw us a big celebration party, so don’t concern yourself about this aspect of our ascension process. When we can fully cope with, fully discern and individually know who’s who and what’s what as far as the different dimensional ETs and Other Dimensionals goes, then we’ll be better prepared for tip-toeing our ways back into higher Universal Society. But this aspect is growing closer now because we are evolving/ascending back into that frequency and consciousness range.


Another aspect of all this that we’ve gone through very intensely since spring 2010, is the upcoming Conscious Convergence starting on July 17–18, 2010. Never forget that if the point man moves forward up more energy stair steps…so too do all the others behind him. Now that many of us have reached this point in our ascension process, the next phase will rapidly unfold where massive numbers of people who’ve not been living the ascension process as we have, will suddenly begin having their consciousness shifted from total ego-based, left-brained, money is all-powerful god, the USA is master of the universe type consciousness, to increasingly 5D High Heart or “Unified” consciousness. They will simply be switched out of the old lower 3D polarized ways of perception and into what you and I have always felt, believed, lived with and longed for all of humanity to be like! Actually this has been happening thanks to the Gulf oil disaster, but it will increase in the masses as we approach 2011.

Speaking of 2011…on March 9, 2011 there will be the final 20 times increase—we enter the last and highest Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar cycles. The last one of these 20 X’s speed-up was back in January 1999—the Eighth Wave. Do I need to tell you how much this one will catapult human consciousness and reality into something it has never ever been before in the history of life on earth? (Your spiritual homework now is to intend, envision, consciously create and co-create this for the masses on the planet. That is what the Conscious Convergence is for you and me; creating/intending/making consciousness on ascended earth be 5D unified or High Heart consciousness and its matching reality on earth, instead of polarized 3D, ego-based, left-brained intellect controlled by money and power over others etc. For the masses it will be an awakening or shifting of their perceptions and desires. For you and I it is us intending and creating this happening to the whole planet. And, know absolutely that it will.)

Think of the 2010 quarterly seasons as huge, three-month-long energy stair steps that help us change/evolve throughout each season, only to enter the next season and move up a few more energy and consciousness stair steps. The physical pains we point men or Path Pavers, Wayshowers, First Wave Lightworkers have lived through since this business started in our bodies in January 1999, will most certainly ease up and eventually end. But we’ve got a bit more to integrate, adapt to, make adjustments within ourselves, our bodies and brains first. The worst is over but we’re not totally there yet, so be strong and KNOW that this alchemical process is nearly completed; at least the worst of the worst of it is! As profoundly exhausted as I am from this process, at this point, there is nothing else for me to do than finish it and then have that celebratory party with the ETs and Other Dimensionals anxiously waiting for us.


July 12, 2010

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20 thoughts on “2010 Mid-Summer Recap

  1. hi denise – thank you so much for answering my e mail – even though i’m still feeling generally down at least i know i’m not the only one feeling this way . since i e mailed you have had two major clearings – one in my neck which suddenly started and the pain was so intense i couldn’t move because of it – went into my face my arm my head – couldn’t swallow properly – woke up next day thinking thank god that’s mostly gone – went out for the day came home and for no reason my right foot started hurting which turned into absolutely excrutiating pain – couldnt put my foot on the floor or touch it it hurt so much – it was a bit scary to start with but then i noticed i was getting energy spasms up my leg every now and then and in between the pain i thought it might be a clearing of some sort – it felt just like someone was hammering a nail into my foot and when i checked it was actually the nail being removed!! not quite sure where that fitted in with everything else thats going on – this morning its almost back to normal – i apologise for seeming to be so miserable and whingey at the moment – on the up side of all this i am seeing some quite nice colours and lights occasionally –
    another thing – is anyone finding people coming into their lives now with whom they have some sort of past-life issues that need sorting – thanks again denise for all your words which are so helpful – hope to surprise you one day by sending an amazing positive uplifting e mail to you!!!!!!!!! – from susan

  2. Hi Denise and all,

    This maybe just me but here it goes: I’m becoming aware of loud noises that sound “normal”, “ordinary” and mundane… but realistically speaking are too loud unnaturally. Last night and the previous nights before, I would hear loud shuffles of moving chairs, opened creaking doors, foot steps, people whispering, etc… that sounded as if they’re coming from my living room. When I checked to see who was there… there was no one. Nothing. Then I realized that these very same noises are from my next door neighbour. It was the usual quiet… not over-the-top sound-noises but… it seemed at that time… that my ears are becoming that sensitive. I could’ve sworn someone or something was IN my living room. Probably because… since I hardly put on any music on… my ears are projecting more and more sound/noise sensitivity?!?

    Has anyone else experience this? Well if not it maybe just me. *shrug* o well.

    Hugs & Love,
    Lou Ann

  3. Thanks for sharing Stu. I got to witness an amazing double rainbow arched from one end of the mountain ridge outside my home to the other Thursday evening. It was totally amazing. The western sky was this incredible golden color and playing in the rain after a hot day at work felt wonderful. We don’t often get thunderstorms here and so I tried to relish every second of it. I am really genuinely grateful to witness moments of beauty like this, so it makes my blahness feel even more out of place when I am here in paradise.

  4. Reading this, and wondering why I almost feel depressed, but not exactly depressed. I’m not sad or hopeless. I just feel like lead, like doing anything is such a total ordeal because I have no energy left to move. I feel like I am walking around with the weight of the world, dragging it along, like an oxen in a yoke, climbing Mt. Everest. Maybe there’s a point, but at this point, I’ve lost sight of the goal and just want to take a nap and be cuddled.

    It’s like when my mom was in labor with me for 48 hours. Seriously? How does that $#!* even happen? It’s like what I’m going through now is such a statistical anomaly that it shouldn’t even be. It creates this very detached state in my mind. All spring and now into summer, all I can think most of the time is, “What the H is going on!?!”

    Even though time seems to have sped up overall, I feel like I am waiting on everyone else’s freewill decisions because I can’t go any further alone. Gawd awful frustrating to a girl with major trust issues to surrender everything to the collective. It’s like a kid waiting for Santa x1,000. Can I open my presents already?

  5. shamballa,

    I too have been seeing extra lights and other energies flying around. Some of these very bright white lights is actually me seeing ME or the energies I’m now carrying within myself and my body (my “lightbody”. I suspect that you’re seeing the same thing. Having said that, every time we energetically, vibrationally move from one place and state up a bit to the next location and state, we typically see more anomalies; more flashing lights, more shadows moving around, what looks like shimmering heat mirages moving, dark shadowy shapes moving about and so on. Once we’ve adapted to the latest new space we’ve entered, it seems like these anomalies become less and less…until we move again and again.

    The more conscious of our multidimensionality we become, the more we’re going to be seeing, feeling, and hearing a wide range of unusual energies and other lifeforms.


  6. Hi alchemyandenergy and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    It has been an intense spring/summer so far with many of these old ascension symptoms easing up or practically non-existent at this point, while others have increased in intensity to what’s felt like the absolute breaking point! There’s are clue I believe that things are finally changing. Hang in there and keep your Heart on the 5D goal. 😉


  7. Glad you posted this today. I was actually going to email you because I wasn’t sure what to make of what happened when my alarm when off this morning. Simultaneous to my alarm going off I “saw” a flash of light go on and then immediately go off…much like when you turn on a light and the bulb burns out. I was instantly awake and ready to go, even though I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked 😉 Not sure what to make of it, or should I just accept that it’s “seeing and hearing nonphysical lights,” and move on.

  8. Hi everyone,

    With the general feeling going on with many of the readers here (me too), thought I would post some encounters I’ve had over the past week, that will hopefully give some hope where we are all going.

    Last Monday I went to lock the back door, then got the ‘feeling’ to have a peek outside! It was dusk, I looked up to watch a nice big bright white orb glide over 🙂 This was fairly low as it illuminated a small cloud as it went through it.

    Had another lovely contact event at the weekend. I was in my garden lying back on a deck chair, taking 40 winks! I opened my eyes and watched a plane going over, checking out if it was spewing out chemtrails (it wasn’t!). Just then a bright flashing object (like a crystal sparkling in the sunlight) appeared moments after where the plane had been! It was not visible all the time, it appeared like it was switching between dimensions. I watched it for 30secs, then went to get my binoculars, it was nowhere to be seen! I’m sure this was my star family coming to say ‘hello, your not alone’

    Hang in there dear friends,

    Love and hugs,


  9. Thanks, Denise. I’ve been on the verge of throwing in the towel and I’m not even sure what I mean by that beyond being so tired of everything and very depressed and stuck. Thanks for helping keep my spirits up.

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