The Ending of “D 1 47”

It’s been pretty quiet at TRANSITIONS for the past four days, which I totally understand because the past four days have been packed with new experiences and insights and a bunch of further connecting of the invisible ascension dots! I know if I’m going through this now many of you are too and that’s why it grows quiet for periods here; we’re all getting hammered by the same energies around the same time. I felt a great relief from the potent Summer Solstice and following Lunar eclipse (June 26, 2010) energies on June 27th, but by the next day things were rolling once again and the aches and pains were back…again.

Instead of repeating myself here I’m going to leave a link to an old post about my Higher Self ascension message entitled D 1 47 .

This article is also connected to The Chiron Dilemma & Ascension

Five years before my physical Ascension Process started on Feb. 1, 1999, my Higher Self informed me that something very big and important was coming. (January 5, 1999 was Day 1 of the Mayan Days/Nights cycles which I did not know for many years after the fact.) Despite my knowing this five years in advance of its physical arrival, I still was totally bowled-over by it the first day it started. It was literally like I and my body had been one way my whole life, then suddenly on Feb. 1, 1999, everything changed and my physical body (and mental, emotional, spiritual bodies) have been in a continuous state of transformation ever since.

Because of this nonstop ascension process I’ve been living through all these years, I’ve often wondered what, when, and how this alchemical process would end so I (and you and all of us) could finally move on to the next level of this Process. Seriously, I’ve pondered, questioned, asked for insight about this because, after 10½ years, I’m more than ready to transition out of endless physical pain…not to mention looking worse for the wear and tear of it all!  For the most part I’ve not been allowed to perceive the full understanding of this, but I’m used to running into spiritual brick walls like this. I’m not supposed to fully know all the when’s and why’s and how’s to the ascension process for the primary reason that it would interfere somewhat with my personally living it. The second I’m vibrationally there because I have lived it…then I’m able to perceive much more and connect more of the ascension dots. This is happening again for me now due to the 2010 Summer Solstice, the Cardinal squares/T-squares, and the Lunar eclipse (June 26) and the upcoming Solar eclipse at 19° Cancer 24′ on July 11, 2010.

After having some weird body pains—which I sensed were last-minute shoves from my Higher Self about letting go of a couple more things I personally needed to release to be free of them and able to move on—I then went to the grocery store the other day and didn’t think I’d make it back home!  Something had changed in a big way. Once I made it home and got the groceries up the stairs and into my house, I literally fell asleep for many hours, which has been an impossibility for me until we reached 2010. While coming in and out of sleep I  felt that old familiar inner body vibration of the rewire process buzzing throughout my inner body, and the top of my skull felt/feels like its mutating…and it probably is! I also had a high-pitched tone screaming in my right ear  (further brain halves being rewired, aka new neural connections made between them), while my left ear had the also old and familiar Pleiadian Morse Code-like clicking information transmissions.  Oh, and in all honesty, I’ve been having a lot of vomiting again since the SS (summer solstice) and the Lunar eclipse. I figured this had some to do with the Cardinal squares and SS (0° Cancer = stomach) happening almost to the degree of many of my natal planets (Sun, Chiron, Uranus, Jupiter, Nodes and soon Saturn), which is probably the case along with all the other energies and further DNA changes etc. Then the micro/macrocosm symbolism started with my repeated physical vomiting and the Gulf of Mexico oil vomiting. Sorry but this is how it works for me; simple cartoon-like visuals and understandings, or, grand and complex microcosm/macrocosm similarities that blow my mind/heart open even further.

I’ve vomited and slept and napped more and hurt in new and exciting ways since the SS but…we’re going someplace grand because of all this as is always the case. After days/nights of this and then the grocery shopping incident of almost not being able to get back to my house due to SEVERE exhaustion and pain, I went back last night and re-read Lauren Gorgo’s two latest posts because I knew it all was in there and that I needed to re-read them now. (“Galactic Times: The Solstice Reconnection Completion and her Lunar to Solar Eclipse-the big push ) And it is all in them and I strongly suggest that you re-read them both now too, and maybe again before the July 11, 2010 Solar eclipse (in Cancer).

After I re-read Lauren’s two posts last night, I had a night of further insights. I realized that what is currently happening for me and many of you who’ve gone quiet since the Lunar eclipse, is that we’ve reached that trigger point where we finally exit what I’ve called my D 1 47 . Many of us are currently ending this incredibly long, difficult, and profoundly painful alchemical phase of transformation, clearing, and repeatedly letting go of so we’d become transparent and contain primarily higher frequency Light energies. Now the real fun begins, which I’ve known for many years, but knowing something and actually standing at the threshold of living and being it are very different things! I’ve finally solved my Chiron Dilemma but didn’t need to die and exit my physical body to do so and neither did you. I’ve also let go of some more things I needed to so I am fully removed from the trauma and drama of Phase One of the ascension process. I sense with the Fall Equinox we will enter a new phase of adapting to our new DNA, our expanding consciousness, continue learning how to consciously create, and exist and function from outside of linear time…or within an increasingly quantum state of awareness. From D 1 47 (February 1, 1999) to now has been one hell of a difficult road to carve and also travel, but we’ve done it. Now we get to start living and being the results of having gone through everything we have. Well done everyone.


July 1, 2010

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44 thoughts on “The Ending of “D 1 47”

  1. these past few days have been horrid, thought maybe i had PMS, ha. the solstice was quiet for me, and quiet up until mon-tues ish. iv been attacking myself mentally. i worry about what i say, what people think, have no hope that anything will get better, im sitting on a pile of projects that never took off, so many, pretty much all of the dreams laying there, empty, like a tease. iv put hours and sweat into so much but just when things should start to move, like a big tease some part of the puzzle falls apart, this has been happening for years and years though, iv lost count of all the projects i got hired for then for one reason or another the day before or few days before it gets cancelled, it seems like some sort joke to me now.. nothing happening, people not getting back to me… and peoples behavior, totally weird and unpredictable. iv totally given up on the relationship front. i cant wait to be in that space thats capable of feeling free and loving cause i aint feelin it at the moment.

    i have a weird rash too! itchy and bumpy on my face. i usually have completely clear skin.

    shrug…. i think ill go read jane austen and dream myself into england where i want to move to, take a nap and bath and wait for this bump to pass.

    sometiems i wonder if im just a crazy nutter LOL 🙂

  2. Wow Denise
    Thanks a million for shining a light of wonderful clarity on the state of things presently, b/c I was not able to put it all together entirely on my own as to why on Weds I looked about 20 lbs lighter than I did on Thursday, and my body is yet again aching up a storm!! I kid you not, I blew up literally overnight and clothes that were fitting me — well let’s just say between that and the increasing pains in tendons and other areas, I’ve been left scratching my head a bit here these past few days wondering what was going on!

    OK, is it just me????……… I am beginning to believe more and more that the reason we are continually feeling and endlessly experiencing this same old stale, boring, repetitiveness of clearing/stablizing/clearing…may have more to do with us clearing for the collective than any of us has previously realized or grasped. I am talking about in a deeper, more vast, almost too difficult to try and conceive way than any of us may have previously considered—where we lightworkers, et al, are not only having to clear our own “stuff”, but in turn are also transmuting more than our share for the rest of humanity, the earth, etc., especially as we unearth and dispose of our own stuff. I am toying with this concept a bit, and thinking out loud, self admittedly in my sharing this. But it just seems that for too many years, all of us have had the sense that we’ve finally made it through to the other end and therefore will not continue to be as ill or in pain as we were in Phase 1, and then we get walloped time and again with yet another wave of so called fresh load of crap!! Now, I know that really sounds like some sort of a “we are the messiahs” type of mentality, in pondering that we are the “special” ones who were sent here to clean up after all the rest of the children (collective) who are so out of touch and unable to clean up after themselves, which is NOT the sense I get at all – or at least entirely. 🙂 More to the point – it’s as if those of us that are on this end of things are solely doing what we are wired/programmed/gifted in doing – that doesn’t mean that we are better or more advanced. I think it has nothing to do with that. It’s like we are a galactic clean up crew that came in with the agreement or understanding that to make it happen in the biggest sense of the word, we would be required to basically soak up all the negative, lowly, backwards refuse in need of transmuting like a sponge in order to assist the process in a hands on, angelic garbage man kind of way. LOL. And hence the reason for the ironic, twisted sense that we’re stuck on some revolving platform that doesn’t seem to entirely let up, at least not for very long, regardless of how much puking, clearing, dealing, transforming, self evaluating, forgiving, releasing any and all of us seem to endlessly do!

    Just some food for thought…


  3. Thanks for that post, Denise! I’ve been going out of my mind with pain the past week. Not that misery loves company but it sure is good to be reminded of what’s going on. I feel bad for you that you are doing the puking thing, because OMG I hate puking! So that’s my good news – I’m not puking! So I’ll take comfort in that and just keep dealing with this pain, which is bad enough. I feel like someone took a baseball bat and whammed be across the mid-section of my back. Also good news for me is being able to step back from the chaos and drama and not get in the middle of it. It is very strange for me, very different. Funny how people keep trying to engage me in it though. They come to me with the drama, their negativity, and I’m sure they are wondering what’s wrong with me because I am SO not going there anymore. I LOVE that part of this process. I’m not liking these physical symptoms AT ALL though. Yesterday was “Canada Day”, a lot of energy all around. Maybe, hopefully, today things will calm down. And thanks for the heads up re July 11. I’ll go reread Lauren’s posts too.
    Hugs to you,
    Love Chrys xo

  4. Thanks Denise. Your rambling still is helpful :D. I too came to the conclusion in my walking meditation yesterday that we all have our role and our “way” of synergizing the light within.

    I was unfamiliar with the word ESPAVO until just now. I have found the story and am delighted to have this ancient frequency in my conscious awareness and know that it will trigger exactly what it needs too 🙂

    Thank you for that also! ESPAVO!!

  5. Not so quiet anymore around here, huh?

    Funny, I had never thought about the sun (energies) going down as a reason I felt better at night. I assumed it was because I was holed up safe in my house, out of reach of the daylight energy vampires. Night time is when I feel the most calm, safe and in touch with All That Is Good. Expect most folks feel the same.

    It is also because I live for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. :0)

    I now ponder the upcoming solar eclipse. Will said transmissions be interrupted, or re-dispersed in some way to add or subtract intensity?

  6. shamballa9944,

    Believe me, I don’t always know what’s happening to me and why either! That’s why it’s so important I feel for all of us to share with each other what we’re going through and when because it helps of course, but it also validates for many of us and helps to not feel so alone in all of this. Of course we’re not alone but it sure feels and seems that way while you’re going through the really horrid days/nights of this process!

    Know that not everyone needs to feel this transformational process as intensely as I and other people have. Be glad about that! There is so much about this whole ascension process that is a just do it sort of thing where you do not have a clue about what is happening much of the time. That too is an aspect of it and our learning how to just go with the flow and not have our ego-selves in the driver seat all the time. I fear I’m rambling now because I’m tired so I’ll shut up! 🙄

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  7. nadeanna,

    You can usually tell when you are moving, once again, into more of a multidimensional state of perception by all of the weird and super-weird stuff you see and feel around you. Lights flashing, things moving through the air or space around you, sounds not created by anything or anyone physical. Last week I had two days where something made clear, loud knocking sounds in the air inside my house. It sounded exactly like someone knocking on your door, and I physically checked to make sure because it was that physical of a sound, there was no one there. I’ve experienced this same anomaly many years ago and it was, back then, ET friends letting me know they were energetically nearby. Point is we’re moving forward very fast this summer and the fall will be even more so I sense. Hang in there and enjoy the visual phenomena and light show! 😉


  8. Hi solumahorusra, and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    For the past week now I’ve been feeling subtle little earth rumbling quakes of very low magnitude. It feels like the earth is quivering. Much is going on in us and earth now. I heard there was a 6.2 earthquake below Mexico City yesterday I believe it was, so maybe that will ease things up for a bit for us earth sensitives.


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