What Is “Ascension”?

[Note: This article isn’t going to be for everyone but it will be for some due to those evolutionary Ascension Process energy stair-steps.]

stairstep people2


How do souls learn, create, play and experience within third dimensional physical and polarized reality (and a body) when they are  naturally so, so, so much more than that? They cut themselves off from Home, from higher consciousness, from higher feelings, from remembering who they are, from remembering that they are multidimensional beings, from remembering their so-called “past” lives, and much more. They intentionally forget all this and so much more so they can enter into a physical body in a physical dimension—one that’s been horribly polarized too—and play there, creating further there, learning more there and experience being polarized and seemingly completely  externalized or on the outside of God/All That Is and everything.

To help them forget everything so they can actually benefit from their experiences and creations within the third dimension,  their  physical brain is cut into two halves which fully disconnects them from consciously remembering who they really are, Home, where they came from, or that there is anything else in existence anywhere other than dense, physical, 3D Earth. And to totally safeguard them from remembering who they really are, they exist primarily within only one half of their brains—the left brain—where the ego-self and the intellect is god almighty. (Stand back because this is a dangerous and wildly imbalanced and totally blind combo-pack!)


Of course it is and that’s part of your, part of humanities current problem.

For many thousands of years the left-brained ego-self and intellect has been the sole navigator and reality perceiver for humanity. Yes there have been the occasional misfit who dared to tip-toe over to the edge of their right-brain and then come back and paint something, dance something, sing something, write something, or make movies about something they perceived while over there in “La La Land”. If these people were not living in a shamanistic culture or location where this ability was highly revered, they were either burned at the stake, shipped off to some mental institution, or told they were unstable, sick, overly emotional, delusional, untrustworthy and unsafe to be within “normal” (left-brained, ego-based intellectual) society, and in different ways they were gotten rid of—unless some left-brained person thought they could use them to make money or gain power because of their ability to access “La La Land” (the right-brain).

The left-brain intellect and ego-self are great at balancing your check book, helping you be aware that you shouldn’t step off the curb into traffic, and when to eat and take a shower. They are not the correct tools to use to perceive or experience much of anything outside of that narrow band of 3D frequency and “reality” however, but that was the plan, the desire, the reason for all this remember?


Because we’re not stupid, dumb ass or teen aged spiritual beings, we made sure that this Plan had built-in protections and a time limit to when enough was enough. We weren’t stupid enough to step away from the Light/Love/Home and dive into lower levels and dimensions of learning and not cover our asses! Come on now! We knew long before we left Home that once we entered a physical body within a physical polarized dimension and Earth world that we’d totally forget most of everything, as was the Plan and our desire. But, to protect ourselves we decided on a time-line for all of this and we also added many other safeguards and etheric body implants or etheric receivers so we could occasionally pick up reminders, messages, and transmissions from Home and the multitudes of others who remained at higher dimensional levels and did not decide to involute into lower frequency physical dimension with complete amnesia. In other words, we made sure before we left Home that we could get our dense butts—with amnesia—back out of this dimension and location in 3D physicality and begin the return trip in physical bodies back towards Home again. We wanted to learn and create within dense 3D physicality, not become permanently lost, trapped or sidetracked down here with nothing but Duality and left-brained awareness and egos running the show!


Once we’d reached that enough is enough point, these many deliberate built-in safeguards were triggered in us and Earth. Obviously there needs to be the first group, then the second group, the third group and so on that are triggered or activated before the masses are. A small group had to get this all started down here within physicality so that, after a decade or more,  the others could also begin to wake up and step out of their left-brained, ego-based, amnesic, dense physical 3D prison. These first people have been called Lightworkers, Starseeds, Forerunners, Wayshowers, Path Pavers, First Wavers, Second Wavers and so on and, this whole waking up process has been called the Ascension Process.

So what is the Ascension Process? It’s not as mystical as it sounds actually but it sure is impressive!

It is us reaching 12th grade in high school and having to make all of the adjustments and changes of graduating (the ending of the Mayan calendar which represent our journey down here) and moving on to something totally new to us while still in a physical body that is. Actually, it’s much, much more than that lousy example. It is us intentionally ending this very long phase of learning and creating within a polarized dimension and Earth world reality, and graduating/evolving/ascending to a higher frequency system and consciousness entirely. Of course to make the Alchemical jump from 3D Lead to 5D Gold would require plenty of cosmic, astrological, galactic, solar and multidimensional Energy Wave triggers and activation’s to undo those lower frequency tools that kept us from remembering and perceiving outside of our left-brain ego-selves, plus re-connect our long dis-connected DNA. In other words, the Ascension Process is us ending and evolving out of what we wanted to experience in lower frequency, dense Duality physicality within a profoundly narrow band of left-brained ego awareness only.


You can’t use that narrow band of lower frequency, left-brained ego consciousness to understand or prepare for experiencing the Ascension Process. It simply is not a tool that’s built for the job. Sorry.

When you are energetically activated to begin the ascension process you’ll think or believe that you have suddenly become sick, terribly ill, or that possibly you’re having some sort of mental/emotional breakdown or that something wrong is happening to you, your body, your mind and your emotions. Why? Because that is how the ego-self and left-brain perceives what is happening energetically to it. This too is part of the process and it takes time to learn to let go of all that we must release within ourselves, our bodies, our belief systems etc. You cannot expect your lower frequency, polarized 3D tools of perception to accurately inform you of what exists beyond it! It is impossible.


Because when dense, lower frequency materials encounters higher, faster frequency energies it just plain hurts! This is an Alchemical process of turning clay into crystal—Lead into Gold. It was a lengthy and complex process for us to get our massive, big-ass Light/Love selves fractured enough and down into such a limited and tiny 3D physical dimension and matching physical bodies. But it’s taking vastly less time to reverse this Process and undo the deliberate restrictions, perceptual limitations, profound denseness and amnesia and stitch our brain halves back together, rewire our physical bodies to house much higher frequency energies, and have our multidimensional DNA plugged back in and much more. What took us eons to involute down into energetically, is taking us decades in this lifetime to evolve or ascend out of which is truly amazing. And yes it hurts turning dense old dualized 3D unaware egotistical human stuff into 5D beings that house unity consciousness and Light in themselves and their physical bodies. Not to worry however because Home has been waiting for us to do this since we decided to leave and go on this long, multi-layered, multidimensional road trip.

Denise Le Fay

June 22, 2010

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19 thoughts on “What Is “Ascension”?

  1. Hi Denise,
    Yep, totally agree with everything you say. Perhaps with things like this it can be a bit of a push for some people to go….”oh Shit! Life is not as it seems, I better go do some soul searching!” which can only be good for the planet as a whole in our ascending state. Or am I wrong? I guess everyone who reads your posts is already pretty wise and aware so its not really the right place for something like this, I agree in hindsight. Sorry.
    Love kayzee

  2. Kayzee,

    No problem and it all is a learning and that’s what’s important. 🙂


  3. I loved your post, especially the my-IQ-is-bigger-than-yours part. It’s exactly what my Mars in the third house would say. But not anymore, because I can’t find the right words and I have no idea what to write or talk about. My 3D mind and higher mind aren’t always in sync.

    If Lauren is right, then we’re in the midst of a time period when things should click together, but there’s a lot of unclicking, reclicking going on at the same time. I feel there’s a wide gap between my inner world and the physical world, it’s like these two haven’t clicked together yet. So I have to work very hard to get anything done in 3D. I also have to step back into 3D thinking sometimes to be able to communicate with others.

    One part of me wants to move on and get things done, but another part of me knows that it’s better to wait and meditate until I’ve found enough inner peace and clarity. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, but at the same time we’re still under construction.

    I’ve been reading about the first and second phase in the ascension process. The second phase is about conscious co-creating. I feel that the second phase just started for me, and that I still need a lot of time to figure out what I want and to get clear about that before I can move into action. Phase two has a lot to do with being conscious of what you want and having the courage to be (more) self-empowered. That’s something I’m working on.

    In other words: Espavo, we need that more than ever 🙂

  4. Blue Pixel,

    I absolutely loved your profoundly accurate and insightful line of:

    “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, but at the same time we’re still under construction.” And we all have to remember this and just float and wait when needed…and create like there’s no tomorrow when needed! 😉 And yes again in that being in Phase Two now does not mean we’re all at that point where we know what we want or need to create and co-create with others like us. Stair steps with all of this still. But slowly we just sense, just know what it is that we should be creating at this moment (and it could change very much the next day!) and that too is us “…still under construction…”. We will know/feel – because the two things are becoming only one 5D thing in us finally – what we’re each supposed to be doing/not doing, creating and co-creating or letting ride for a bit longer so that other people wake up MORE and face the ugly, greedy, insane and destructive facts and become emotionally and energetically ready for FULL and REAL positive changes in the world/reality. 😉

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  5. Hi Denise and everyone here:

    Denise, thank you so much for this lifeline, TRANSITIONS. It truly is comforting to know we are not “forgotten” or left totally alone down here…many times it has felt that way. I have been sustained by hugh waves of love that have poured through this little me during the darkest hours and I know that is big nurishment to keep me going. I love your down to earth approach in explaining everything we are living through.
    I am so grateful for your list of Ascension symptoms, particularily the ones returning. This is very comforting when there are no other humans to communicate with.

    Denise,I wanted to share something with the group if this is the right place to comment. In reading your past posts, I saw something you wrote about Pleidian (sp) contacts last year. That really wowed me!!! The reason being that in 2007, I begain getting impressed about new types of light vehicles that go both up and also down, as in down into the inner earth…I know they are vehicles as I was shown “cars” that were being compared to our 3d linear cars…I think that was just to let me know these were transportation vehicles. Then, around July 4th,2009 I had another download of information about this. I believe I am working with a group of Guardians that are “problem solving” issues like gravity, propulsion and these types of practical issues. Also, I see large hands working like carpenters to fix, repair, secure or create various structures. I am wondering if anyone can relate to this.

    So, that’s my little introduction and I hope this fits in under this topic. It makes me feel that we may have more options regarding the way we get out of here!!! I hope so.
    The highest regard to all,

  6. Hi spiritjems and welcome to TRANSITIONS. Thank you for your kind words and I’m so very glad you have benefited or been validated in any way from what’s said here. 🙂

    Transitioning out of one ending astrological Age (Pisces – petrochemicals, oil, gasoline, drugs etc.) and into a new Age (Aquarius – air, sun/solar, safe and pollution-free energies etc.) is never an easy situation because so many simply do not want to change (in this case due to money, control, and power). Nonetheless, humanity is evolving, the heavens keep spinning, and we enter fully into a new astrological Age no matter what. But in this case so much more is going on than only an astrological Age change! There is a dimensional shift as well, the ascension process, integration of polarity consciousness, activation of full DNA, and a return to what I call High Heart Consciousness.

    People like you and I are here in-body to help manifest higher Aquarian/Uranian/Sun/Leo/5D consciousness and energies for our ascending world. Typically we have unseen, nonphysical beings (ETs, Starbeings, Angelics, and our own Higher Selves) at higher dimensions transmitting information to us as reminders mainly. On the other hand, people like you and I and anyone else who can perceive or read energies at these higher, faster levels, all perceive basically the same things around the same time. We’re sometimes perceiving/reading what’s possible, what we’re getting closer to ourselves energetically which means that higher awareness will help manifest these new Aquarian/Uranian/Sun/Leo/5D type of harmless, safe tools for everyone. When more people are perceiving the same or very similar things, images, energies, that means that it is getting much closer to manifesting within this reality.

    The Gulf of Mexico (Piscean) oil disaster and other on-land gas drilling disasters are going to force more people to evolve beyond oil (the Age of Pisces) and move into new clean, safe, free, and vastly more advanced forms for the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius. What you and I and other people are perceiving like these cars, these transport/teleportation devices are only the beginning of this!

    Also about your seeing “…large hands working like carpenters to fix…” I too can relate to. Since the Gulf oil disaster I’ve clairvoyantly seen a few thousand people (living humans I mean) intentionally working from their High Heart consciousness to redirect Hurricanes coming during 2010 to the Gulf of Mexico, and also energetically trying to stop and/or contain the endlessly spewing oil into our oceans. Humans are doing this and it is working. There are also these unseen, nonphysical hands assisting us down here too, but we in-body NEED to fully realize how powerful we really are as far as consciously creating and co-creating now. It is people like us that are running the planetary show from our High Hearts, Higher Selves, and increasingly expanding consciousness, which is the only way it works.


  7. Dear Denise:

    Thank you for taking your precious time to explain everything and so brilliantly. Each point you addressed make so much sense. You stated “We in-body NEED to fully realize how powerful we really are as far as consciously creating and co-creating now”. Wow, what a powerful proclamation…. This higher heart intelligence feels, in the body, like a burning,Golden Sun, literally bursting to be set free. I pray I learn how to work with my higher heart energy right now….
    I also want to humbly thank you for the comments about the Gulf Oil containment issue. This is wonderful comfirmation and very comforting to hear.

    I feel as if this ancient burden was just lifted off of my shoulders…thank you.

  8. spiritjems – Julie,

    You’ve perfectly described what High Heart consciousness feels like. 🙂 It is an intense but calm emotional knowing…and it is perfect. If you recognize it (as you do) and can describe it…then you’re well on your way to being it.

    It does feel sooo great connecting with like-others and building our New Home individually and collectively.


  9. Denise;

    It feels so soothing to me as well, a hugh blessing. Everytime I try to make the least tiny contact with others, I am pulled away immediately.. I am stopped from making any friends at all. This has been going on for years…and all of the earth family contacts are behind a door that was slammed closed a while back. So, I just go with it. It feels like a protective kind of thing, so I honor that knowing. Again, it is the inner heart activity and the enlivened peace that affords that makes it all possible.
    Thank you again Denise and all,

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