Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

I’m really exhausted at the moment but feel this is important to write and share as quickly as possible finally.

In April 2010 I felt—for the first time in a couple of years—some of the “negative” lower beings/energies/consciousness creeping back in and taking aim at the people carrying Light once again. Needless to say I was surprised which was stupid on my part because I know better, and then I became mildly frustrated and a bit depressed over sensing and knowing that the old negative, dark team was digging in and taking aim at people like you and me yet again.

I’ve always known that the “Bad Guys”, the “Dark side of the Force”, the “dark tee-shirts”, the “negative”, the “evil”, Team Dark would put up a much more intense fight at different and more important stages throughout Phase One and now Phase Two of the ascension process. It is foolish to think otherwise and expect the negative global controllers—both the physical humans and non-physical other dimensional beings—would just lay-down and let the Light come in and take back the planet, humanity, and all resources on it! If you believed that 3D earth was your ancient property, would you tolerate the “light tee-shirt team” (aka the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers/Forerunners) coming in and overriding what you’ve claimed, controlled and run for a very long time? Would you sit quietly and just allow those nasty little Light-carrying do-good bastards back in so they could transmute and free-up the whole 3D planet? Would you let them do it, or would you fight them at every turn? Would you try to stop them, harm them, derail them, kill them?

Keep in mind that I’m talking about non-physical, other dimensional, negatively focused very ancient beings, along with living physical humans. I’m talking about multidimensional unseen “Bad Guys” AND the greedy, power-hungry, egoic human idiots of  the world. These human idiots typically come with the dark, negative, other dimensional invisible controllers attached to them and working them like mindless little puppets. This transformational ascension process  and its many energy battles is multidimensional and has far more players and layers involved from both teams than most people usually even think about. The current battles, fights, protests, politicking and craziness over humans crossing American borders illegally is also about multidimensional border crossings by reincarnated Lightworkers infiltrating the dark’s old 3D earth stomping grounds! Physical events in the local and world news we watch on TV are often multidimensional events that are also playing out at the same time at higher unseen dimensions with the negative beings and entities.

I’ve deliberately NOT talked much about this dark side of the Ascension Process only because I will not empower the negative beings with any extra emotional energy and mental focus. I won’t help them by adding fuel to their already long-burning fire by hyping them, pointing them out repeatedly, or causing people to fear or worry about them and what they do in other dimensions. We know they exist, we know they’re big bad stubborn non-human dudes, we know they want to stop us, to kill us, so what’s new about this? Nothin’ so just keep going like we always have.

In Phase One of the ongoing Ascension Process I encountered the negative/dark in a slightly different way than what I’m encountering now in Phase Two as the Phase Two being I’ve become, thanks to Phase One. What we need to keep in mind—yet not dwell on or fear or focus on constantly—is that these negative beings AND the living humans they control and direct to do negative things on earth and to other humans…are still there. Not only are they still there, but each time we (the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Warriors of Light, and the people living the ascension process) reach another big and important level within the ascension process and transition over to yet another higher level, the negative/dark beings AND the humans they control/possess start back up again to stop or derail us and stop or derail the whole ascension process. They do this multidimensionally and they always have. It’s just that it’s so much easier to see and sense now than ever before. So when you see a cluster of extra insanity, murders, bombings, fighting, slandering, lies, greed, attacks and other negative craziness on the nightly news, know that the Light carrying people have reached another level where we’re about to create something great and new and these negative beings do NOT want it to manifest.

Another aspect of this that I’ve been going through (off and on) since April 2010, is a slow constant increase of negative/dark lower frequency humans and consciousness seeping back into my day-to-day life. See if you recognize any of these negative signs or can relate to any of this.

When I move up another energy stair-step, the neighborhood and even the town I live in becomes silent, peaceful and calm almost like a ghost town. All the lower negative energies, people, consciousness and physical actions disappear. But eventually the rest of the lower vibrating crowd catches up and adjusts a bit and the noise and negativity, the totally self-absorbed people and their loud, unthinking, stupid actions all come flooding back in again like the tide returning. This is just how it’s worked; we inch our way up the Ascension stair-steps dragging the planetary ball n’ chain behind us, and have to stop, rest and adapt every few steps.

Strangers you encounter that treat you like utter shit for no reason at all. People you do know that try to manipulate you into doing something that takes you away from your normal state and level of frequency.  Anyone that is back in your life, your space, your home that’s not a match to you or it and is derailing you once again. The real question is why and how long are you going to let yourself remain out there in the lower storm now? How fast can you get your butt back to Center again where the storm doesn’t exist? See what crossing the energy borders feels like now?

Every few weeks and months now we move up enough of these smaller energy stair steps that we reach a higher floor landing so to speak, and then the situation changes once again. Why? Because this transition is an even more important change than the many smaller stair step changes we just lived through. Once we energetically reach one of these many landings at higher floors, the negative/dark  multidimensional beings notice the changes and start-up once again trying to stop us from evolving/ascending their old lower planetary territory and feeding grounds. They become more aggressive towards us and what we’re doing and being energetically and lash out at us in a variety of ways to stop us, derail us, side-track us for as long as we let them, to harm us, scare the hell out of us or kill us. Again, nothin’ new here so do not panic please.

What I’m saying is that there are phases, stages and layers within the ongoing ascension process that are obviously much larger and far-reaching than other stages or layers of this process. These even more important energy changes in the ascension process are points where the negative/dark get serious again at trying to derail those Light-filled humans. They take aim at us again and fire repeatedly using a number of different weapons to try to derail us which is really drawing us off The Path momentarily…hopefully only momentarily! Some of the weapons these non-human, non-physical negative beings use are other lower consciousness and frequency humans. They send them into our lives in any number of ways for the purpose of derailing us; to draw, pull, manipulate us out of the higher frequency eye of the storm where we now exist, and back out into the lower frequency storm where we are more vulnerable, plus not doing the higher things we’re capable of doing and creating now. They use certain humans to slow us down and keep us side-tracked with lowly polarized craziness so we’re not living and creating within that higher third point beyond polarity.

It’s easy to recognize when we have weird unpleasant dreams, psychic attacks, sense lower frequency energies moving around. But it’s not as easy to immediately recognize when we’ve been manipulated off of our higher Path and level by some jerk human with a rude attitude, or is just very polarized and has us right where we do not want to be any more—back down in the polarized stupidity again! This has been what I’ve been learning (for the hundredth freakin’ time) for the past couple of months. The month of May will go down in cosmic history as the “Ha ha, got ya sucker” month!  A couple of days ago I had another of my glorious personal insights about all this and how this particular game works with the negative beings now and why. As usual, as soon as I’ve gotten the things I’ve been living consciously figured out on my own I then immediately have at least one other person confirm everything I’ve been living through and understanding myself. I’m including a link to this confirmation article that discuss these latest ascension energy changes—both the wonderful and the not so wonderful—because they happen simultaneously which I know sounds really strange and hard to grasp but there ya go!

♦ Lisa Renee’s “Energetic Synthesis – Choice & Commitment”

We’ve got to remain aware that these negative beings and lower human Portal People jerks are not going to die without a big strong fight which was to be expected really. So, we’ve got to stay smart and focused on what we are good at and know when to not allow ourselves to be suckered out of our higher Center of calm 5D frequency in eye of the storm. This spiritual lesson has been one that I’ve had hammered into me all of this life and I still get played by these negatives occasionally. The trick is to learn how it all feels, what worked and what didn’t and retain the wisdom you learned from the whole thing so you can share it with others to hopefully help them with it too. Okay, I need a nap cause it’s been a very busy and intense eight days and there’s plenty more to come.

Denise Le Fay

June 8, 2010

32 thoughts on “Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

  1. Chrys,

    Thanks for sharing about your kids and how life has been different for them (and you) because of their higher awareness and perception. I can totally relate!

    Over the past years I’ve often referred to myself and other elder First Wave Lightworkers as Cosmic Janitors. Not very romantic or “special” sounding huh? That’s because we’re more like the grunts or point-men that go into the dark scary jungle first to literally clear and create an energy Pathway for the new higher species of humans that have been and will continue to incarnate on earth ONLY because us bulldozer First and Second Wavers helped make the planet a higher vibrating place where they could even exist and survive within comfortably. Stair steps, layers, different people all doing different energy work for what we’ve been building for a very long time now.

    So yes, when people like us look into the souls of these new incarnating 5D (root race) species of humans (Indigos etc), it feels just like Home to both parties and it is profoundly moving. High Heart consciousness indeed.


  2. Em,

    You go Sister Light Warrior! 😉 That was a great Comment and thanks for the book mention too.

    Yep, we’ve got a bit more time left where the Dark negative side just refuses to evolve, to retire what They’ve been doing to eons and eons, and ascend/evolve into something new and higher themselves. I don’t care at this point really because I’ve learned…repeatedly…that these negative non-human, non-physical beings, and the physical humans they possess/attach to/manipulate etc. to mess with people like us, only really does what it does to us which is RE-ignite the spiritual fire and determination under our exhausted butts to make sure we totally finish this whole Process for ourselves and also for the planet/humanity. I’ve learned to USE these negative beings and imbalanced humans and the lesson they force me to have to push-off of and launch myself even higher and do what I’m supposed to do and create now. That is what these negatives are really about for people like us; they force us to stay on-track and get the damned transformational job done. And know that this time, it ends with them permanently.

    Wrap you baby Light carriers up in protective Light too and your house and car and anything else that you feel should be. This is nothing more than when we have to put up storm-doors, storm shutters, put the car in the garage, make sure the dog and cat are in the house and safe etc. This is just like when we do very sane things to protect ourselves and our loved ones and our possessions from a coming storm. We just do it on multiple levels and dimensions against dark negative storm energies and beings too. 😉


  3. Thanks Denise and everyone for all the comments. I too love this post! I wish I could scan in the drawing my five-year-old boy just brought me home from school: the field just filled with floating dead-eyed monster heads with pointy teeth. Uh, hello, school counselor! No, no one sent us to get evaluated, so it leaves me to put all the pieces together of what’s been going on with me and my kids the last few months. Having my two tail-end Indigo babes and new Crystal (or some kind of new generation, i know that) dearie really helps me gage my own processes and what’s going on in general. I know this too shall pass, like someone else all ready said:)

    I’ve been feeling that resurgance of the dark most of the spring and have really enjoyed your posts about it, Denise. I can also really relate to the poster who shared about mofo’s trying to get her to kill herself. My awareness has expanded around thoughts and where they are coming from. Eeew. And I’m not getting tricked into thinking the shit’s real anymore!!

    About staying in warrior mode a while longer: I got this view into my mid-life earlier this spring (loved the Barbara Hand Clow book, Denise) and what I saw surprised me, but goes well with re-writing the past: I become a martial arts (street fighting, krav maga, specifically) instructor for young women and girls; teaching self-defense and physical fitness as empowerment. This threw me for a loop when it first peeked through because hey, I thought I/we were evolving past our warriorly ways and way long ago out of duality and “fighting” the so-called bad guys- what was this all about?!

    Then, having the aforementioned experiences of MF’s trying to push back over my and my loved ones boundaries (the travelling asphalters, etc), and yes, having strangers direct all manner of hatred toward us, as well as people in our lives suddenly “turn on us”, I really resonated with what you’ve been sharing about the dark rearing it’s ugly head and the ways it had been doing it.

    So, all right, I don’t mind rounding out the last little while here becoming the badass I could have become after my traumatic teen years. I’m into it. Let’s go. You mess with me or my people, you’re getting some elbows to the temples and some kicked in knees or crushed windpipe, or what have you. I don’t mind. Thy will God, not mine:) ! Thanks, Lisa Renee;)

    One last share about the dreams from the dark depths. I mean, come on, bad dudes, you make me laugh. As soon as I close my eyes, some gory stupid shit is there involving familiar emotionally charged people. Please. Don’t you know I read Denise’s A Lightworker’s Mission and learned/re-remebered ALL about what it feels like to have my dreams hijacked and manipulated to illicit some fear, and you can’t fool me with that pitiful shit anymore?! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Denise, and love to you and everyone here, Em

  4. LouAnn and Beth, I just wanted to say that I love reading your posts, for many reasons, but one is because I have two children who are close in age to you – daughter 29 and son 21. My daughter has been so “tuned in” all her life that it scares the shit out of her and just wants to block it. My son (along with alot of other cool stuff) has seen auras around people all his life and never bothered to mention it because, well, he just thought everyone did 🙂 I’ve talked to them all their lives about things mystical and as they got older they shared with me all the “woo woo” things that were happening to them. One thing that has happened to both of them is being visited by beloved pets that have passed on. The first time it happened (to my daughter) she let out this terrified MMMOOOOMMMMM! WTF? Now she has this beautiful new baby girl, and I look into her eyes and she looks back into my soul. It’s not eye-to-eye contact, it’s soul-to-soul and it is so damned amazing. So yeah, it’s pretty cool to know we are passing it on to you beautiful enlightened souls. Anyway, just wanted to say that your posts resonate with me and make me smile. You go girls!
    Love Chrys

  5. Hi Beth/Balsamic Moon,

    Another Indigo here…

    I too feel a bit different from the others here on this post… especially about the brain rewiring bit. Wish I had one really (lol).

    But I think I’m about 10 years older than you (are you 21 years old?). So I find I get these Ascension symptoms on and off. You may not feel off kilter but… I feel really REALLY shitty RIGHT now. I think those at least 10 years further apart experience these energies differently… so like what Denise had said… you may not necessarily need this experience. Others before you are doing the work… so that you may not have to. That’s my two cents… from my experience and perspective. Anybody here can shed more Light and accuracy if you can… but that’s what I’m noticing…

    As for being a college student… come to think of it I can’t recall properly if I had any Ascension symptoms during college. Maybe off and on. But not bouts of it I think. I can acutely recall my most upsetting and trying times… which was in 1998 (before college)… and after college/university. Maybe there’s some buffer surrounding the school/dorm… because you may be surrounded by many other Indigos with their spirit guides and shield of protection… even the ones who aren’t aware of being such. Remember… every generation has more and more of us Indigos… so there’s a bigger chance that you are protected by your own group at school. I find the more of us together the safer IMHO. In my art school… there were plenty of gifted ones who were labelled ADD/ADHD… when they’re just wired differently… in a language I can relate… but I could not tell who is who back then.

    Denise and all… I can’t remember who really got to me energetically. No one has been rude to me or stepped on my toes metaphorically in my waking moments. None of that at all. I don’t watch the news… nor read it online about the Gulf (too devastating to watch right now)… for the very same reasons that I’m WAY too sensitive to such negativity.

    However… I do find that… even though… EVEN THOUGH… I transmuted my shit and my stuff… being present… feeling all my feelings… digging deeper into the shit-hole of all my most nagging INTENSE dreadful feelings… I STILL have this intensity. This nagging intense energy seem to be puppeteering my most vulnerable thoughts… but it really does feel it’s not just my own vulnerabilities that’s running the show here. It does feel like it’s in the ethers… in the air even. Feels like Armageddon almost… although I know it has nothing to do with it…

    I do resonate about the dreaming bit. The comments here are helpful. I can’t believe I’m at THAT level already to actually be THAT heavily influenced by the dream world and other dimensions like this. This… intense energy… is… so… STRONG. This is sheer fuckery… that’s all I can say.

    My “word of the day”: fuckery (lol). I donate my “Word of the Day” to this post.

    Oie… this SO reminds me of 2008 January… when the ethers or whatever you may call it… the metaphysical/spiritual/psyche zone are filled with INTENSE, crushing energies. So IN-TENSE!!!! >_< Am I THAT psychic?#%@!!!! Fuckity fuckfuck… this is IN-TENSE AS HELL!!! Oie!!!

    Okay this too shall pass…. PLEASE pass already…!!!! lol

    Thanks SO very much for allowing me to rant and rave like this. I feel this miserable company is VERY constructive. lol Five stars!!! 😀

    Love and hugs to all here,
    Lou Ann

  6. lamplighter2,

    Well done indeed! We’re learning to remember that we’re ascending/evolving back into our being conscious of the fact that we are multidimensional beings. Because of that fact we must remember that other beings/Starbeings/ET/negative beings/dead humans etc. are in our lives, our reality just as much as physical things. In other words, our playing field is rapidly growing…because we are. We’ve evolved out of isolated 3D and are having to learn how to function in multiple dimensions/realities instead of just physicality. And of course this means we’re having to remember the fact that we’re also affected by these other dimensions and many of the beings that exist in them.

    Love your “Word of the Day” too. That and “fuckity” make me grin. 😉


  7. Denise, thank you again. After reading Lisa Renee’s post I understand my apprehension about making plans to go to the Bay this weekend and my feeling of not wanting to leave the house.

  8. Rock On jlcrowley! The patriarchy is dying as we speak because we’ve evolving into triality or that higher third point/state above polarity male/female etc. Soon now…very soon.

    I went through the same thing you have, we all have, and that’s getting out of that higher Center eye of the storm place and “falling” back into the lower frequencies and then getting wounded, exhausted even more than usual, frustrated…even more than usual, and mildly depressed over the shit n’ shit. BUT, this is how we learn what this feels like, what it looks like, how the dark/negative/lower functions, and how we are affected by it. Without us “falling” more than a few times during this ongoing process, we’d never be able to KNOW exactly what this process feels like and hold it in our awareness well enough to share it with others. In other words, it is also part of the alchemical ascension process for us…not the negatives…which is sometimes very hard for us to remember. 😉

    We’re doing it and we’re doing it well…even the parts where it may look and feel to us like we’ve messed up somehow. We haven’t, we’re just still learning about this Process from a multidimensional perspective..

    ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

  9. That was a fiendishly wonderful rant. I felt a release just reading it!

    My Ka is not only blah, but actually feels crushed. Literally hard to breathe, I am so flattened under the pressure. How utterly sad I feel better knowing others feel like crap? Misery loving company is apparently alive and well in the higher dimensions.

    I had two dreams in four days that left me feeling even more yucky. Denise, along with the help of others here, helped me translate them for a better perspective.

    I dreamed of rats. In the first dream they were crawling all over the ground, scurrying to and fro, walking where I walked, unafraid and encroaching. The second dream was more disturbing. I was in a big barn, and they were literally falling down from the rafters on top of me.


    I don’t believe I have ever before dreamed of rats. I assumed it was because I was feeling useless, agitated and miserable. I looked at dream interpretation websites to find that rats imply negative thoughts about oneself. Well, yeah, what’s new. The second meaning was that others were trying to hurt me, betray me, bite me behind from behind. I could not find any specific circumstances to indicate that, so I dismissed it out of hand.

    Now I get it. It’s those Dirty Rat Dark Forces in fetid underwear riding their sweaty minions over, under and across the psychic battlefield.

    Fuckem. (Word of the Day).

    One cool thing about the second rat dream is that near the end of my rain/reign of terror a large, white rat dropped from the ceiling and hit the floor hard. I went over and picked it up, thinking it was not only safe to hold (it was stunned), but unexpectedly cute. :0)

    Thanks all, I feel much better after reading these posts. And WORD, Tieshla, get thee to a blog!

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