Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

I’m really exhausted at the moment but feel this is important to write and share as quickly as possible finally.

In April 2010 I felt—for the first time in a couple of years—some of the “negative” lower beings/energies/consciousness creeping back in and taking aim at the people carrying Light once again. Needless to say I was surprised which was stupid on my part because I know better, and then I became mildly frustrated and a bit depressed over sensing and knowing that the old negative, dark team was digging in and taking aim at people like you and me yet again.

I’ve always known that the “Bad Guys”, the “Dark side of the Force”, the “dark tee-shirts”, the “negative”, the “evil”, Team Dark would put up a much more intense fight at different and more important stages throughout Phase One and now Phase Two of the ascension process. It is foolish to think otherwise and expect the negative global controllers—both the physical humans and non-physical other dimensional beings—would just lay-down and let the Light come in and take back the planet, humanity, and all resources on it! If you believed that 3D earth was your ancient property, would you tolerate the “light tee-shirt team” (aka the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers/Forerunners) coming in and overriding what you’ve claimed, controlled and run for a very long time? Would you sit quietly and just allow those nasty little Light-carrying do-good bastards back in so they could transmute and free-up the whole 3D planet? Would you let them do it, or would you fight them at every turn? Would you try to stop them, harm them, derail them, kill them?

Keep in mind that I’m talking about non-physical, other dimensional, negatively focused very ancient beings, along with living physical humans. I’m talking about multidimensional unseen “Bad Guys” AND the greedy, power-hungry, egoic human idiots of  the world. These human idiots typically come with the dark, negative, other dimensional invisible controllers attached to them and working them like mindless little puppets. This transformational ascension process  and its many energy battles is multidimensional and has far more players and layers involved from both teams than most people usually even think about. The current battles, fights, protests, politicking and craziness over humans crossing American borders illegally is also about multidimensional border crossings by reincarnated Lightworkers infiltrating the dark’s old 3D earth stomping grounds! Physical events in the local and world news we watch on TV are often multidimensional events that are also playing out at the same time at higher unseen dimensions with the negative beings and entities.

I’ve deliberately NOT talked much about this dark side of the Ascension Process only because I will not empower the negative beings with any extra emotional energy and mental focus. I won’t help them by adding fuel to their already long-burning fire by hyping them, pointing them out repeatedly, or causing people to fear or worry about them and what they do in other dimensions. We know they exist, we know they’re big bad stubborn non-human dudes, we know they want to stop us, to kill us, so what’s new about this? Nothin’ so just keep going like we always have.

In Phase One of the ongoing Ascension Process I encountered the negative/dark in a slightly different way than what I’m encountering now in Phase Two as the Phase Two being I’ve become, thanks to Phase One. What we need to keep in mind—yet not dwell on or fear or focus on constantly—is that these negative beings AND the living humans they control and direct to do negative things on earth and to other humans…are still there. Not only are they still there, but each time we (the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Warriors of Light, and the people living the ascension process) reach another big and important level within the ascension process and transition over to yet another higher level, the negative/dark beings AND the humans they control/possess start back up again to stop or derail us and stop or derail the whole ascension process. They do this multidimensionally and they always have. It’s just that it’s so much easier to see and sense now than ever before. So when you see a cluster of extra insanity, murders, bombings, fighting, slandering, lies, greed, attacks and other negative craziness on the nightly news, know that the Light carrying people have reached another level where we’re about to create something great and new and these negative beings do NOT want it to manifest.

Another aspect of this that I’ve been going through (off and on) since April 2010, is a slow constant increase of negative/dark lower frequency humans and consciousness seeping back into my day-to-day life. See if you recognize any of these negative signs or can relate to any of this.

When I move up another energy stair-step, the neighborhood and even the town I live in becomes silent, peaceful and calm almost like a ghost town. All the lower negative energies, people, consciousness and physical actions disappear. But eventually the rest of the lower vibrating crowd catches up and adjusts a bit and the noise and negativity, the totally self-absorbed people and their loud, unthinking, stupid actions all come flooding back in again like the tide returning. This is just how it’s worked; we inch our way up the Ascension stair-steps dragging the planetary ball n’ chain behind us, and have to stop, rest and adapt every few steps.

Strangers you encounter that treat you like utter shit for no reason at all. People you do know that try to manipulate you into doing something that takes you away from your normal state and level of frequency.  Anyone that is back in your life, your space, your home that’s not a match to you or it and is derailing you once again. The real question is why and how long are you going to let yourself remain out there in the lower storm now? How fast can you get your butt back to Center again where the storm doesn’t exist? See what crossing the energy borders feels like now?

Every few weeks and months now we move up enough of these smaller energy stair steps that we reach a higher floor landing so to speak, and then the situation changes once again. Why? Because this transition is an even more important change than the many smaller stair step changes we just lived through. Once we energetically reach one of these many landings at higher floors, the negative/dark  multidimensional beings notice the changes and start-up once again trying to stop us from evolving/ascending their old lower planetary territory and feeding grounds. They become more aggressive towards us and what we’re doing and being energetically and lash out at us in a variety of ways to stop us, derail us, side-track us for as long as we let them, to harm us, scare the hell out of us or kill us. Again, nothin’ new here so do not panic please.

What I’m saying is that there are phases, stages and layers within the ongoing ascension process that are obviously much larger and far-reaching than other stages or layers of this process. These even more important energy changes in the ascension process are points where the negative/dark get serious again at trying to derail those Light-filled humans. They take aim at us again and fire repeatedly using a number of different weapons to try to derail us which is really drawing us off The Path momentarily…hopefully only momentarily! Some of the weapons these non-human, non-physical negative beings use are other lower consciousness and frequency humans. They send them into our lives in any number of ways for the purpose of derailing us; to draw, pull, manipulate us out of the higher frequency eye of the storm where we now exist, and back out into the lower frequency storm where we are more vulnerable, plus not doing the higher things we’re capable of doing and creating now. They use certain humans to slow us down and keep us side-tracked with lowly polarized craziness so we’re not living and creating within that higher third point beyond polarity.

It’s easy to recognize when we have weird unpleasant dreams, psychic attacks, sense lower frequency energies moving around. But it’s not as easy to immediately recognize when we’ve been manipulated off of our higher Path and level by some jerk human with a rude attitude, or is just very polarized and has us right where we do not want to be any more—back down in the polarized stupidity again! This has been what I’ve been learning (for the hundredth freakin’ time) for the past couple of months. The month of May will go down in cosmic history as the “Ha ha, got ya sucker” month!  A couple of days ago I had another of my glorious personal insights about all this and how this particular game works with the negative beings now and why. As usual, as soon as I’ve gotten the things I’ve been living consciously figured out on my own I then immediately have at least one other person confirm everything I’ve been living through and understanding myself. I’m including a link to this confirmation article that discuss these latest ascension energy changes—both the wonderful and the not so wonderful—because they happen simultaneously which I know sounds really strange and hard to grasp but there ya go!

♦ Lisa Renee’s “Energetic Synthesis – Choice & Commitment”

We’ve got to remain aware that these negative beings and lower human Portal People jerks are not going to die without a big strong fight which was to be expected really. So, we’ve got to stay smart and focused on what we are good at and know when to not allow ourselves to be suckered out of our higher Center of calm 5D frequency in eye of the storm. This spiritual lesson has been one that I’ve had hammered into me all of this life and I still get played by these negatives occasionally. The trick is to learn how it all feels, what worked and what didn’t and retain the wisdom you learned from the whole thing so you can share it with others to hopefully help them with it too. Okay, I need a nap cause it’s been a very busy and intense eight days and there’s plenty more to come.

Denise Le Fay

June 8, 2010

32 thoughts on “Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

  1. Mama didnt name me warrior maiden (thats what my middle name means) for nothing, take that WAM BAM blast of love energy bitches!! laugh, laugh and laugh, can you feel how powerful that joy is againts it? got sucked into watching the news and its incredable how much illusion and lies are surfacing.

    this post made me remember my backbone, my warrior, cause i was teary eyed in a few minutes ago and have felt totally defeated since yesterday. what i do for passion ‘work’ in the US is dominated by men and much has come to light about how women are getting the shaft in electronic music in the US. a mere 7 performed at the detroit festival out of 200+ performers. Just makes me want to scream at all these men, hey, hello, where did you come from? A women!?

    anyway.. on to smiles, lollipops, and rainbows…

  2. Hey Denise,

    Me to, talk about feeling totally fucked! (sorry had to be blunt!)

    It’s times like this I wish I had Gandalf’s light staff on full power, like when he charges down the hill at the end of The Two Towers in Lord of the Rings, and half blinds the orcs at the bottom! 😉

    Oh yeah Tieshla, I do indeed have a full size replica Light Saber, complete with light and sound effects, the force is strong with me!! 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


  3. thank you so much, denise and everyone else. i’ve been thrashing it out with these nonphysical christic religious powermongers who think we Lighworkers all need to either convert or die, and they’ve been doing their best to get me to kill myself for years now. nighttime torture sessions that are not to be believed…lighten up at times, only to be resumed…sometimes when i hear “phase two” talk i think maybe i am really nuts after all…but i know these fuckers are not letting go as easily as we had all hoped they would. they don’t go in for this “join us” stuff. but i think we’re reaching some of them…i hear voices from so many dimensions…god i am so very hurt, i don’t know if i’ll ever recover! but i also know i am supported.
    watched a dvr’ed “20/20” on tv tonight and there was a christian group who carries signs saying “god hates you” all over the place, really think they know that god fearing is where it’s at and their creator hates everyone but them.
    getting a stabbing pain in the left side of my head.
    so much work left to do.

  4. Chrys,

    Oh that was perfect! Puke cotton candy all over the negative dark monsters! I love it! 😀

    ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

  5. Tieshla,

    “My Ka is blah…” oh now that one is a Phase Two ascension bumper sticker for sure! God I laughed so hard because I’ve been feeling the same way off and on since April…and I even got rather depressed in May (due to this resurgence of the negative) which is rare for me at this point, but that’s how brutal its been. The mega positive changes we’ve made recently (are still are, and will continue to) go hand-in-hand with these fucking frustrating cheesy tricks and stunts manufactured by the negative/dark beings in multi-D. I understand it and why it’s happening and yet it pisses me off big time at this late date in The Process! I too did not see this coming…which I should have, but I understand this is the increase in thrashing and lashing out by Them in all Their forms as everything increases in Light, spin, frequency, and High Heart throughout 2010, 2011 and 2012ish.

    Don’t even burden yourself with trying to “be blissed out…” when the dark shit tide is in. Just drag out your well-worn Warrior armor and kick ass yet again. I know you already know all this and exactly what to do, but it does help us all when we share our exhaustion, our confusions, our self doubts, our insights and lessons etc. Rest as much as needed and like Lisa Renne said, we need to keep our invisible protections strong and up right now.

    ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

    You should write books, blogs, or something with that big fabulous gift you have in expressing what is so hard to express.

  6. Hi All,

    I ‘felt’ you publish this post today, Denise, and once again crawled on all fours to your cerebral doorstep here at Transitions for the validation I so need. My third eye chakra has been a traffic jam of thought-smog these last few days and my Dreamtime has been a muddled confusion of disjointed weirdness which jumbles my head full of random thoughtforms, compromising my clarity, corroding my confidence in myself as a ‘Lightworker’.

    “Staying in the light” currently feels like being chin deep in rank pig shit while holding up a solar-powered light saber to a blanket of dark clouds. Just hoping to keep the Force charged enough to glow in the dark. I’ve had to take frequent cat naps with one eye open this past week, and I feel like I have a PMS hate-on for the PJ population even though I’m currently ovulating.

    Really, I’m super pissed about all this gnarly multi-d crap going on with the shadow-fuglies. Makes me wonder what BS they’re up to with questionable technologies such as HAARP and the Hadron Collider and other projects. Obviously we didn’t quite expect this regurge of lower-level pollution when we blissfully embarked on our Phase II turf. I know I didn’t.

    Thank you for your frank and candid Plutonian BS-free transmission, Denise. It’s much needed. I’m energetically spent. My ‘Ka’ is blah. I’m tired of my 3rd eye cramp. It sucks “trying” to be blissed out when things just feel YUCKY.

    These are truly some of the weirdest times…..

    In Solidarity, and with much Love,

  7. My experience this month has been completely different–so much so that, once again, I wonder if I am “on board” with the ascension process. Perhaps it is due to the relative freedom of the summer months (I’m a college student), but I feel at ease and in control of my life experiences–or, at least, of my reactions to these experiences. I’ve found my center. I possess calm certainty I’ve chosen the “correct” path, although friends and strangers continue to urge me to sharpen my ambitions, to pursue the path to worldly success. I know darkness and evil exists in the outer world, but it does not penetrate me. I do not regard myself as inviolable, but for whatever reason, I have not confronted these energies at this time.

    Denise has stated throughout several blog entries and comments that the experiences of the younger Indigos may differ from the experiences of the Indigo Elders or Wayshowers; younger Indigos are preparing to enter new roles in this new society, while many Indigo Elders seek much-deserved retirement. I look forward to reading about others’ experiences.

    Beth (Balsamic Moon)

  8. Thank you so much. I have always knows this, it feels so good to have my knowing affirmed.
    Bless you and hugs. May we all keep our light bright, no matter what!

  9. Bless you Denise for taking the time and energy to write this. And those links are awesome too. Because of you, and others like you, willing and able to share your knowledge, we will stay strong and united. A big High Five to all of us on this path, and a big “F” You to the negative jerks. This ain’t no ride for sissies, but we chose it, right? It reminds me of when I was a kid at the fair and I got on this ride, which I thought was cool UNTIL the thing started flying through the air and I was sure I was going to come crashing to my death. Every time my seat would come around to the guy conducting the ride, I would scream “Please, stop this ride. I want off” and the evil little bastard would grin and I swear he would speed it up. I got him back though – I puked cotton candy all over the place 🙂 Pretty good metaphore for what’s going on right now. The pace is picking up, sometimes we want off but we know we have to hang tough, and yes, we will puke all over these evil dudes! See how strong your post made me feel, Denise?!?!? Thank you my friend. Now your job is done for the night so go get some much needed rest. xo
    Love Chrys

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