Cosmic Solar Surf’s Up Again

Yesterday afternoon—May 13, 2010—I was doing dishes when suddenly that ascension symptom of feeling the insides of your head spinning like a tornado happened. It was so sudden and intense that I didn’t know if I was physically falling over or still standing at the kitchen sink. I checked out if anything in my body hurt, which it didn’t, so I figured it was another incoming Energy Wave that obviously affected my inner head/brain.

About a half hour later I suddenly got my typical body reactions to when we’re having solar flare energies hitting Earth/us; I instantly get the ascension flu aches and pains in my bones and joints. I get the chills and ache and just want to go sit down under a blanket and rest. The other lovely solar flare energy symptom I get that is a real PAIN are what I call the stabbing ice pick pains. I go from feeling no physical pain to abrupt, intense, stabbing pains in certain bones and/or joints. It feels like someone suddenly stabs me with an ice pick all the way through the flesh and into an area of bone. It is excruciating, and no, it is not arthritis. I have arthritis and this is very different pain and is solar flare energy related. I spent the rest of the day with these sudden three or four second-long severe ice pick stabbing pains. Thank gawd they only last for about three seconds or so because any longer and you’d pass out. That’s how intense these particular ascension/solar/cosmic Energy Waves are.

Earlier that day I’d noticed my poor cat—my best buddy—was having his version of these stabbing ice pick-like solar energy pains again. It took me awhile to figure out what exactly was causing him to suddenly and frantically start licking on one spot on his back hip then jump around and start licking frantically at his front leg, then run through the house trying to get away from the pains biting him all over. Poor baby. I first thought he had gotten fleas and that was why he’d act like this all the sudden, even though I’d never seen any cat react so severely to flea bits. After a couple flea baths and plenty of combing and inspecting, I discovered that he didn’t have fleas at all and that something else was causing these pains. I thought maybe it was dry skin stinging pains and got him medicine for that. I kept his coat clean and inspected and I never found anything physical. Poor kitter.

Then one day a year later I realized that my cat was having the same ascension-related solar flare stabbing ice pick-like pains as I’d been having since about 2000. I felt so bad that I didn’t pick this up sooner for him, not that I could make it stop either. But now when he starts licking wildly and running through the house to get away from those sudden intense pains I retrieve him and brush him, love him and talk to him, and that seems to help.

So my cat was getting blasted yesterday by the latest incoming solar energy waves, then I got hit by them while doing dishes and had a pain-free mega tornado-like head spin that was shortly followed by those typical ascension flu aches and ice pick stabbing pains. Later that evening my eighty-year-old Mom got hammered by a mega, tornado-like head spin too, which unfortunately lasts longer for her. Because they linger for hours or days for her, they’ll start to make her nauseous and terribly ungrounded. I’ll take excruciating ice pick stabbing pains and ascension flu any day over  head spinning to the point of vomiting! Oh happy ascension-related Rewiring brain hemispheres!

I’m sharing this so you’re aware of how these incoming Solar Energy Waves or pulses affect many of us…pets included. Your mileage may vary but these solar energy waves hit hard and go through physical flesh and bone plus all of our energy bodies, further transforming us and activating/altering our DNA, our energy and physical bodies which is what they’re supposed to be doing to and for us, our pets, earth, and all life on it. Solar energy surf’s up again so just ride this latest set on in and love your pets going through this too.


May 14, 2010

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22 thoughts on “Cosmic Solar Surf’s Up Again

  1. Hi Denise and all,

    I know that not all of us have the same “ascension flu” symptoms but… I keep getting sneezes upon sneezes upon sneezes. This time around I find it’s because of the burning ashes and smoke from outside… probably burning dead trees.

    But there were certain things I noticed that seems to trigger it… and my Higher Self has indicated to me it’s on a much deeper level.

    In the wee hours of the morning … I was peacefully awakened by something… until I was aware of my stuffy nose. I took Eucalyptus oil essence for it but… later on there was a raucous from my next door neighbour… loud as ever… coming from her work giving a dramatic victim mentality argument with her boyfriend.

    After that died down… I couldn’t help myself sneezing endlessly… until the sun was up and couldn’t care less but get some sort of sleep… tired from all night sneezing.

    I tried to figure out what the cause was to no avail. I have not taken anything toxic to my body… and if so took it in small doses… as usual. Maybe it’s still the work of seasonal spring allergies… but my current awareness senses it’s much more than that.

    Has anybody have that kind of experience before?

    Hugs and love to all,
    Lou Ann

  2. 😆 OMG I laughed so hard at your brilliant play on words…this one takes the cake Tieshla and I feel you should copyright stamp it immediately and draw up some wonderful graphic image or something.

    “my big heart-on” 😆 Love it!!!

  3. -:¦:- Hi All -:¦:-

    Yes, hmmmmmmmmmm………The solar flares! Actually, I’m having a very different experience with them right now than I usually do. No pain and still, the gain! A new level of my High Heart Vibe has been activated in the last few days, and I have a renewed clarity about my free-will sovereignty as an Emissary of Love, which to me, is the only Universal Truth there is really is, and is the Rainbow Bridge across the chasm of our increasingly apparent differences.

    Accompanied with this is a heightened capacity to extend my awareness as MY truth and to be aware of other’s Truths as THEIRS. No rigid, armoured boundaries, just a grounded sensibility about my increasingly accurate filters, and about being turned on by ‘my big heart-on’. In this ever fluctuating now-moment, anyway!

    The internal purr sensation has become a perpetual cosmic motor happily whirring in me, and the rising kundalini heat has intensified as well, which is a pleasant internal fire I like to stoke with dance and free-form movement, like dolphins swimming in the air.

    I’ve been sustaining fairly high energy levels both physically and mentally, and while sleeping remarkably well at night, I’ve been able to feel heightened lucidity on notably less hours of zzzz’s.

    My body is transmuting very differently now. It seems to easily ‘burn off’ space junk when I’m in a pronounced and heightened state of love. I began having those swirls of the head in the late 90’s, on and off for years, lasting only a few intense minutes, and accompanied by a feeling that my ear had been cupped by a conch shell, just rollin’ in the cosmic waves. Fortunately, I haven’t had that in awhile.

    I think we know how varied the responses can be to these activations in Phase II. It always feels good when we can be ‘well met’ by others who are feeling similar symptoms simultaneous to our sensations. Yet we are all having our distinct journey’s too. Usually I’m right there with y’all with the aches and pains, but this time, it’s been very different. I’m receiving this new incoming wave as LOVE, OPEN AFFECTION and core AUTHENTICITY. My capacity for creative play is also strong in this field, like I’m just surfing the waves with sheer delight for the wild ride, the higher view, the rush of the tide.

    On another note, I wanted to provide a link to an interesting thoughtform about an architecture for the new earth, called the Venus Project. While it looks very Star-Trekish to me, and not as earthy and sensuous as I imagine myself, the concepts are still intriguing. The inventor dude, Jacque is a bit of a hoot too! It’s not exactly my aesthetic, too space-agey, but it’s a notable gem of vision to share, nonetheless.

    On another note, I respect Karen’s choice to breakup instead of breakthrough even though I don’t agree with the untouchable stance it conveys to her cyber community. I guess she’s just too good for all of us lowly, eh? 🙂

    Anyway, I wish everyone mighty blessings. Remember to eat well, rest often and to dish out love generously and openly-our new earth depends on it! It’s our new fuel!

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

  4. Susie & All,

    I hope you and yours get feeling better soon. It always goes away eventually…until the next round! 😉 Hang in there and just let the energies do their transformational and DNA work.

    After ten and a half years of living through these ascension energy waves/pulses and solar flares, I’ve paid attention to how my body/mind/emotions we’re affected by them. My body is SO sensitive to any and all solar activity, solar flares, solar CME’s (coronal mass ejections) etc., that I know instantly when earth/humanity is being showered once again with higher cosmic/solar energy transmissions. I instantly get “ascension flu” symptoms and usually those rough “ascension headaches” and stabbing “ice pick-like” pains in bones and joints. That’s how these particular energy transmissions affect my body. BUT, all of those symptoms are vastly less intense and painful today than they were during Phase One (1999-2009). What that means is that the more these cosmic/solar/galactic energies transmute your body and consciousness and the less lower vibrating stuff/energies you have within you, the less these high power incoming energy transmissions hurt.

    I’m not going to say anything else at this point about Karen Bishop other than she did what she was supposed to do for those of us living through Phase One. She described the whole process, its many cycles and stages, the many symptoms, and she validated for all of us living it. When Phase One ended (Dec. 31, 2009) her time doing that was done in my opinion.


  5. hi – got the most excrutiating stabbing pains in my head yesterday – came and went all day and last night – my mother had the spinning head, sickness and odd lights flashing – couldnt sleep last night at all – i vibrated instead –
    guessed it was something external and not me – thanks for explaining it –
    have just karen bishops latest post – mmmmmmmmm

  6. Thankyou. I needed to read this today. I don’t feel like such a hypochrondriac as it doesn’t make sense for me physically to be having those symptoms.

  7. Hi Denise,

    “Feeling the insides of your head spinning like a tornado” and a mega tornado at that… Perfect description. I don’t have arthritis either but was baffled by the odd stabbing pains that appeared over the last two days and I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary to justify the pains. Now it all makes sense.

    Thanks and Hugs,

  8. theocacao,

    I agree that the more there are of us sharing what we’re living through, then it becomes a bit easier knowing there are reasons – important reasons – behind all of these really weird (ascension-related) body aches and pains.

    I’ve got one of those ascension headaches today too, which means nothing will make it go away and its going to be booming away for as long as it needs to.


  9. Denise, you are right on the money again. Hit me in the middle of the night with quivery innerds, nausea, aches like you described and this morning I had zero energy. Had to drag myself to work and am right now trying to fend off a major headache (thank goodness it has not escalated to a migraine). But I also know what you mean about pets as it hits my poor dog, too, and like you it took me awhile to make the coralation between the two. I know there are others out there wondering what in the heck is going on, so just putting in my two cents so they know it is not their imagination either.

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