A New Pacific Portal & Island


Just as we are being “rewired” in our physical bodies, brains and nervous systems etc., so too is Earth and her old 3D planetary energy grid system. We’re both being rewired to be able to house, carry, and exist within a vastly higher frequency energy and consciousness. Along with this human and Earth rewiring ascension process, the old lower frequency 3D portals around Earth are also currently dying along with everything and everyone who cannot or refuses to evolve now, and are being replaced with matching higher frequency portals.  The old lower 3D global portals that have been used for ages by negatively focused ET beings etc., are currently dying and falling away because we have overridden those lower energies and ascended, evolved beyond them, and are creating new 5D (ascended) portals for our ascending new Earth. Know that nothing and no one—human or non-human—can use or come in or leave through our new higher ascended 5D portals unless they are an energetic match to them. Just as the old lower 3D planetary Grid system is not complex enough or vibrating fast and high enough to accommodate and match the new higher ascension energies and consciousness, so too are the old lower 3D portals around the old lower frequency Earth. The massive old negative portal in the Middle East is rapidly going extinct now, and it and all the others like it on Earth will no longer work or be useful to those who’ve long used them.


Since January 2010 I’ve been feeling and clairvoyantly seeing a very large new and vastly higher frequency etheric portal being birthed in the sky or space above  and slightly north of the Hawaiian Islands. I’ve sensed this area within the old 3D Ring of Fire was birthing something slowly and steadily as if the entire Ring of Fire is a higher vibrational “New Earth” birth canal! Actually, this is another aspect of what I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing; the entire Ring of Fire as a high frequency birth canal that is literally birthing a new etheric 5D portal, AND also a large new physical island in that same area.  To me the Ring of Fire—and slightly beyond it—is a rough outline of where original Lemuria existed so long ago.  I know I’ve told someone this information already, either here in a Comment or in a private email. Was it you Stu that I told this information to a while ago? At any rate, I shared this information well before Steve Rother/the group mentioned it in their latest channeling. It’s always exciting for me however to hear certain people and their higher dimensional beings that I trust (like the group/Steve Rother and Tom Kenyon/the Hathors) confirm things that I’ve perceived before they publicly mention it. It helps me locate myself at this new level, which is a current spiritual Lightworker learning and further awakening for me personally.

Here is a rough drawing I did of what I have been seeing clairvoyantly since January 2010.


I’ve also been clairvoyantly seeing and feeling a very large (larger than Hawaii) new mountain top pushing up from the bottom of the sea floor. I don’t know if this particular protuberance has always been down there on the Pacific sea floor, or, if it is something brand new that is now able to manifest physically and etherically because we’re in Phase Two of the ascension process and Earth Changes and are vibrating so much higher. I suspect the latter. I also see and sense this small mountain top soon erupting lava deep below the Pacific Ocean, and that volcanic activity continuing and growing until it breaks the water’s surface where we all will be able to witness this new island birthing itself physically in the area I’ve indicated. In other words, what I’m clairvoyantly seeing and sensing is twofold; it is an ascension-related energy event which will produce an etheric 5D (and even higher dimensional) new portal in that same physical location, and, it is also the birthing of a new ascended Earth physical island in the area of original Lemuria. The new portal and the coming island are interconnected.


As soon as enough of us First and Second Waver Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds and fellow ascenders are physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally capable of maintaining the new higher ascended energies and consciousness—which many of us are already doing today—as soon as we can maintain this New High  😉  then, and only then, will we be able to cope with fully conscious and direct interactions with non-physical, fifth dimensional, sixth dimensional and higher Starbeings/ETs. WE have to reach this point energetically as ascended beings in physical bodies on Earth, and then very naturally and automatically we will be within the same higher dimensional frequency range as many of these other multidimensional Starbeings/ETs.  They’re just there waiting for us to reach this point, which is right around the corner now and that is why there will soon be tons of crafted BS “spin” marketed by the lower frequency media about ETs and UFOs and such—just ignore their lies and manipulations about this topic. The interdimensional stellar ET kinsfolk are waiting for us and happily radiating, “Hot damn they’ve done it and are finally returning Home and they’ve brough Earth with them!”

It has always been about us and Earth evolving/ascending back up to a higher frequency where we could safely re-enter “Universal Society” as a species and planet. This is one huge deal everywhere, and the next phase of incoming GC (Galactic Center) Energy Waves or Pulses (what some are calling an energy “Tsunami” which is a perfect term for them) that then hits our Sun, which in turn transmits those GC Waves to Earth and all life on her in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) and god knows what else! In the news all this will simply be called another round of solar flares and CME’s. But, these GC Energy Waves or Pulses being directed and transmitted down to our Sun, is the means of our and Earth’s further ascension transformation and DNA activations (rewiring and all the rest of it) within Phase Two. AND, it is through this that the new 5D Pacific Portal will birth itself, along with the coming new physical island above the Hawaiian islands. This new ascended Earth/us 5D Pacific Portal will be one of the first “New Humans/New Earth” portals. It will be used by BOTH us ascended humans going OUT or through it when we desire, and also by many of our ET friends and family from Home coming IN to visit and interact with us. It is a new portal that’s able to even manifest because of us and what we’ve been doing via the Ascension Process. It is not something created by other Starbeings/ETs to reach us. We’ve done this, we’ve caused this to be able to manifest now, and we will use it as a portal both OUT and back IN for ourselves. Our ET/Starbeing friends will also use it of course, but do not forget that this is able to happen now because of what we (the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers etc.) have transmuted during Phase One while in physical bodies on Earth. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution].

As is often the case, there is an etheric portal and also a physical object—in this case the coming new island—and they are like higher/lower octaves of the same thing. I’ve experienced this in decades past, which is covered in A Lightworker’s Mission if interested. This new Pacific Ocean Portal and its physical island counterpart is probably the first in a few New Humans/New Earth 5D portals and new landmasses that will be manifesting. Some old land will go beneath the sea permanently, and other new areas will emerge from it. The Pacific Ocean Portal and island is the first and is manifesting where it is because of original Lemuria and those of us who created it.

As I perceive and clarivoyantly see more I will post it here. I’m currently learning how to keep up with the dramatically increased rate of Phase Two everything and trying to write about all I’m currently perceiving, sensing, feeling and knowing as quickly as possible. Phase One was dramatically different than Phase Two and I’m having to quickly figure out things on my own which I insisted upon long ago. Since 1999 it’s just me perceiving these things in a new higher way. It’s me having more access to and with my Higher Self and expanding consciousness.


May 2, 2010

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39 thoughts on “A New Pacific Portal & Island

  1. Ok, is it just me, or does anyone else have that damned Johnnie Cash song, “Ring of Fire” stuck in their mind now after reading this? 😉

    Denise, this is really excellent information and an all around terrific post!

    Thanks much!

  2. Beth,

    Here is an article by “Solara” http://www.nvisible.com that someone shared with me recently. I’m just sharing it so you’ll have some idea of these different groups of souls and the different stages and layers of energy work and so on.


    The First Wavers are people in their late 50’s and 60’s, or the Pluto in Leo group…the original Hippies. You see we incarnated as pains in the ass of the planetary rulers! 😀 A handful of us just never sold out or went away, but flew under the patriarchal radar doing what we’re here now to do…and we’ve done it and are continuing to do it. The Second Wavers are the souls on this mission who are the Pluto in Virgo group. (Of course I’m not saying it is all of the Pluto in Leo people, and all of the Pluto in Virgo people. Just the handful of souls in each group were all that was/is needed to get the job done.

    The younger people like you – the Indigos now becoming young adults – are the much largers groups of souls who will be the ones running the new higher systems and such. You guys are the new higher race for the new higher earth. As with all of the ascension process, it has to be done in steps and layers, otherwise it would destroy our bodies and minds. Check out the article and see if it resonates with you.


  3. Rakka/adamancy,

    You bring up a very good and accurate point with this and I will probably now write a post about it, thanks to you.

    You are VERY much correct in that there is still plenty of lower nasty, Dark evil, negativity etc. still partying hardy around the planet and through a lot of people. And, it will not go down easy or quietly in the night. It will fight hard to hang on to as many people as it can until the last second.

    The First Wave Lightworkers did not transmute ALL lower energies and darkness on the planet or in humanity and/or within 4D/the astral plane. We transmuted lets say…oh…75%, or just enough to get ourselves clear energetically of the worst of the worst, and also we transmuted huge amounts of it that has been polluting the planet, the Collective, and the masses for a very long time. But we did not transmute it all in ourselves, our bodies, the planet, the masses, or the astral. It wasn’t necessary to do so because eventually it will run out of its old lower food source and have to transmute too or go elsewhere. In other words, it won’t have enough humans vibrating in that lower frequency range to do much of anything with! And of course in our new 5D ascended world, Earth, and High Heart consciousness and its population, negativity won’t even be able to exist at that higher frequency.

    We transmuted more than enough to create forward movement energetically, and like the snowball rolling downhill, that has allowed this Process to build up enough speed to continue moving forward faster and faster every day now. I’ll write more about this but this is why there is still plenty of negativity around. It just isn’t running the planet anymore and is in a panic because of it at this point. 😉


  4. Perhaps I’m still a bit stuck in linear thinking, but can someone please explain the difference between first wave and second wave Lightworkers? I understand that there may not be neat categories of age ranges, but I’m a bit confused as to where I may stand in all of this. Does a third wave exist?

    Balsamic Moon

  5. Some of the past Collective lower frequency, dark, negative stuff/junkare still lingering around, I’m afraid. In my personal experience, I keep seeing it psychically. It’s a very tenacious energy. But the good news is, those energies are dying! The light energies is growing everyday to keep the negative stuff down. Sooner or later, I know it’s going to going vanish completely once everything is settled into place. We just need to hold onto our light and have faith.

    A wild ride indeed, but in the end, it’s going to be one hell of a celebration. Whoo!

  6. Hi Rakka – adamancy, and welcome to TRANSITIONS. Glad you’ve joined us here. 🙂

    Absolutely! The First Wave Lightworkers went first during what we’re calling Phase One (from 1999-2009) and transmuted tons and tons of their own personal stuff/junk from this life and many others that also needed to be cleared. We also transmuted tons and tons of current and past Collective lower frequency, Dark, negative stuff/junk that’s been created by people around the planet for eons and eons, but remains…like ghosts, until someone transmutes that old negative lower energies. That was what Phase One of the ongoing ascension process was all about.

    Now in Phase Two (which I sense started January 1, 2010), the First Wave Lightworkers and many of the Second Wave Lightworkers’ work has shifted to creating the new 5D world we want. Literally, Phase Two could NOT have even happened if those of us – capable of it – had not transmuted all the old, past, lower, dark negative crap we did during the past decade. Steps and stages to all of this or else it would kill our bodies. We’ve just entered a higher and even more compressed phase of the ascension process (Jan. 2010), where it will appear that all hell is breaking loose around the planet…and yet, that is the increase of the “falling” of the old patriarchal world, its systems, its BS, its rulers/controllers etc. At the same time this destruction and “falling” of the old and lower must happen so that the new and higher frequencies and consciousness will replace it all. So it’s gonna be a wild ride for sure but it’s necessary for us and earth to totally cast off the lower and create anew in the higher level energies/consciousness.


  7. Hi Denise,

    Wow, just wow. So, what you’re saying is…is this is the result of the work we lightworkers did?

    May I have a hell yeahz?! As a second wave lightworker who is very involved working on Phase Two, I’m literally dancing and jumping in joy. I mean, I can’t believe it. It’s happening NOW and I know it in my High Heart! This energy building are not for fluffs, I can give you that. I experienced painful waves of energy and feel the ancient energy releases for the past months, so I can verify that it’s all real and it’s all happening NOW.

    5-D world, here we come!

    Much love,

  8. Thanks for understanding and for joining the higher Group here. 🙂

    Hugs n’ Love back at ya,

  9. Its perfect… now Im logged in, it makes it more about being part of this group anyways and not just on the edges reading what others are saying…. and wondering if maybe just maybe I should comment…. so good work Denise, no time for spam man!!!
    much love sista X

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