I’m currently going through another intense phase of Ascension related head, skull, brain, brain glands (pineal and pituitary) cosmic, galactic, and solar onslaughts. I must confess that over the past three or four months I occasionally entertained the thought that I might actually have something “wrong” inside my skull! The pains, the different headaches and new pressures outside and inside of my skull have been so intense that I wondered if something could indeed be wrong physically inside my skull. It takes a lot to spook me after all I’ve already been through via the Ascension Process, but this is how severe this head pain and pressure has been off and on since January 2010.

After months of this severe head, brain and skull weirdness and pains I figured I should take a look myself and do a clairvoyant MRI scan of the insides of my head to be sure. Almost as soon as I had this thought I could see hundreds of thousands of extremely tiny energy lines of light arcing back and forth repeatedly between my right and left brain hemispheres like an energy bridge across the top of my brain and skull! I watched a bit while not thinking or analyzing but just observing and discerning it all, which always produces the most accurate results. I discovered that one of the things I have been going through since January 2010—and I know many of you have been too—is that now my brain is literally going through the Rewiring Process. The Body Rewiring Process seems completed, for the most part, but the head, skull, and two brain hemispheres are now the primary focus for many of us farther along within the Rewiring Process. And of course, added to all this is the Crown chakra Rewiring or upgrades we’ve been going through also. No wonder our heads hurt in new and strange ways—ascension headaches indeed!

Years ago I first felt the Rewiring in my lower physical body, deep inside like a mild electric current painlessly buzzing and vibrating internally. Over the years this rewiring process has slowly moved throughout my body, starting from the tailbone or base chakra area, then up into the torso, then up into my heart,  throat,  base of skull and spine, and now in 2010, inside my head. I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out sooner and thought that I may have something wrong physically inside my skull. Fear is one tenacious bugger to totally eradicate!  More Phase Two lessons.  But thanks to my nifty ability to do my own version of a brain MRI, I got to actually see the tremendous energies working in and around our skulls and brains literally rewiring the two polarized brain halves into a Unified brain. Those hundreds of thousand of tiny lines of light I saw bridging and arcing back and forth repeatedly between my two brain hemispheres were new connections and pathways being created, as if one was using Light to sew and stitch the two brain halves back together! The brain halves are in the process of being reintegrated, reconnected, rewired so that the old 3D Veil between our own brains will soon be evolved/ascended back into a unified brain that can easily carry, perceive, and create from spherical (unified) or quantum consciousness.

Now I’m not saying that this is currently happening and within the next fifteen minutes (or days) I’ll be one of the whole-brained, fully integrated, new 5D humans. Just as the entire body Rewiring took many years, this too will take some more time to complete, but not terribly long I sense.

It makes such perfect sense that with the current Crown chakra changes or upgrades, that our brains would also be going through the rewiring process, which will completely remove the Veil between our old lower polarized brain hemispheres and polarized consciousness. Knowing this and having seen some of the rewiring process transpiring inside my head and brain for myself, I now can excitedly continue with whatever further headaches, skull pressures and pains, sensation of an axe in the side of my head type pains and pressures I’ve been having for months now. Seeing those many thousands of tiny lines of light arcing back and forth between my left and right brain halves repeatedly, I feel confident that this current brain and Crown chakra rewiring (evolution) is going to produce profoundly amazing changes in us and what we’re capable of perceiving seemingly overnight.


April 27, 2010

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29 thoughts on “Our Brain REWIRING

  1. hi – glad you’ve written this – i’ve been having exactly the same stuff going o n – the electrical zzzing when it first started in my body years ago really freaked me out – then i got quite used to it
    my head has been having all sorts of odd feelings etc etc – also v odd eye probs – the latest being seeing a white light from right eye sort of flashing in peripheral vision – still having v bad neck pain too on right side
    its interesting to hear other peoples experiences –
    is anyone having trouble going to sleep right now and then waking up and feeling really hot –
    and feeling v sad
    the list goes on doesnt it

  2. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for your warm welcome.

    Every once in a while, I visit Tom Kenyon’s website and look for the latest as I hadn’t subscribed to his email notifications. Just a couple of days ago, right out of the blue, his name popped into my head a couple of times and then I get two emails from friends with the latest article in it. Usually I am guided to stay away from most recordings and affirmations but Tom Kenyon’s Heart Dimensional Attunement and the Pineal Dimensional Attunement are the exceptions.

    Warm regards,

  3. Renee,

    Hi and a very warm welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m so glad you’ve found us here. 🙂

    I can deal with the crazy symptoms of ascension of my bodies and also of Earths if I at least have a clue about what’s really going on! Then I’m okay with the pains and weirdness, it’s the not knowing for sure about some symptom that could maybe possibly be something physical that a doctor needs to cut out or some such horrible thing! Euw…

    Here’s another ascension anomaly that at first I thought was simply due to my age (I’m 58). My eyes get really blurry and I have trouble seeing clearly while I’m inside of certain shopping stores and other lower vibrating buildings! The second I get back outdoors I can see just fine. That tells me that, due to my changing frequencies from outside to indoors, my physical vision is greatly effected by that vibrational shift and I don’t really need glasses. Just get out of the lower frequency store! We’re all learning how this thing works. 😉


  4. Thank-you all so much for this, really helps me to understand what’s happening for me and to bring calm. It would be easy to judge that something is very wrong physically right now, sharing of our experiences and information recieved is essential to getting through.

  5. I feel so Blessed to have found my way to this wordpress blog! thankyou Denise and all the soul family here! yes this Hathor message was like thoughts had been hand-picked from my very own brain!!
    I feel as if Ive been so alone is this, I’ve been so in fear, with these feeling I’m having in my body through my meridian’s that i knew where connected to mother earth!
    Ive also had issues with my right eye and blurry vision too Makayla! and the eye Doc and GP could find nothing wrong but floaters also that they believe is creating this blurring… all the ascention symptoms have been scary at times and as with you Denise I had a total paranoia with the eyes and headaches and dizziness that i also had a brain tumor! (hense the Doctor visit!)… so these post and your inner knowing that your are sharing Denise mean so much in everyway… look forward to experiencing this shift into our new human with you all!! much love!! X

  6. Maha,

    Is this the same Maha from 5 or 6 years ago? You gotta give me some more info okay so I’m certain? At any rate, welcome to TRANSITIONS and I’m very glad we’ve connected or RE-connected. 🙂

    Yep, I’ve been very busy over the past three years, but I’ve gotten a lot accomplished so I’m pleased.

    Hugs and welcome,
    Denise – aka “Lapis”

  7. Denise!

    Or should I say Lapis!

    Its been too long I see you have been a busy little beetle.

    I have been a little too and I guess I have much to share.

    Kind Regards Maha

  8. Tieshla,

    Thanks for saying that but believe me, I totally get why you were so excited about Tom and the Hathors latest article. Last night I too was so excited because it confirmed literally everything that I’ve been experiencing for months now in Phase Two. That’s why I “jumped the gun” and added what I did in my reply Comment about it. We were experiencing another 5D energetic connection within a Group here at TRANSITIONS, along with Tom Kenyon and his Hathors…which I now believe I saw clairvoyantly in February when this same connecting happened back then with all of us.

    Much love back at you my dear friend,

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