Becoming a 5D Group Collective

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One of the exciting new abilities and natural outcomes I’ve noticed over the past six months is that some of us are starting to become what many higher channeled groups are—a small group of 5D or 6D individuals (ET, Starbeings, Angelics etc.) functioning together as a Collective. I’ve long remembered that this is normal throughout the fifth dimension (5D) and even more so in the sixth (6D). The higher through 5D and 6D we journey, the closer back to Source we evolve, the more we slowly group together with other matching frequency like-souls making many small Collectives of highly evolved, highly knowledgeable ascended beings. It took about three times of my experiencing this for myself with a few other people non-physically over the past few months before I was positive of what was happening. I had to compare it to my old lower 3D psychic and telepathic abilities first to be sure it was a higher 5D interaction, and it was I’m very happy to announce.

3D was a specific dimension and frequency range of expression and 3D Earth a world where individuation and seeming separation from Source and everyone and everything else was to be experienced to the extreme within physicality. Once we did that long and hard enough to get thoroughly screwed up and deeply confused, we began the Ascension Process where we start consciously RE-connecting and realizing that we are now both highly individuated beings with huge and impressive spiritual resumes from having been so torn apart and seemingly isolated within polarized 3D physicality, AND that we’re also unified spiritual beings that are beginning to RE-group with other like-vibrating souls into small fifth dimensional Collectives. This is why the majority of  channeled material from higher dimensions and beings are small groups or Collectives. Many of us farther along the Ascension Process (First and Second Wavers, Forerunners, Wayshowers etc.) are now beginning to experience this coming together with other like-frequency souls/people/beings/consciousness and forming small and as yet, non-physical Groups or Collectives. Eventually, this will manifest down into our new 5D Earth physical world also, but those will be called “Communities” which many other people have talked about over the past few years.

  • NON-PHYSICALLY we’re experiencing this fifth dimensional way of being as telepathic conversations, clairvoyant meetings,  conscious dream meetings and discussions and exchanges of information with people who’ve been living the ascension process for years already too, plus some other people who’ve only recently just started the ascension process.
  • PHYSICALLY this will eventually become numerous and different small Communities throughout the world. These new smaller Communities will be highly specialized and comprised of like-vibrating people who are interested in the same sorts of things.

I don’t yet want to share these non-physical meetings and telepathic conversations I’ve had with a few other living people, only because I don’t think all of them are yet consciously aware that we did indeed have these non-physical meetings and conversations. I expect this will change very soon as more and more of us First and Second Wavers/Forerunners become familiarized with this typical 5D trait and way of communicating with each other and with other people at different developmental energy Stair-steps further below us on this great Ascension escalator. Let me add here that I have absolutely no concerns over the possibility of the Internet, phone systems and snail mail going extinct. We’re fast becoming 5D communicators instead of 3D communicators which means we’re evolving into fully telepathic and clairvoyant beings who don’t need any linear physical tools to talk to or see each other. So either way we’ve got it covered through these transitions.


You also realize that it is so much easier and natural now that we don’t always immediately recognize we have indeed  telepathically and/or clairvoyantly communicated with a fellow Lightworker, a fellow ascender, a fellow human, a fellow non-human non-physical? This is us now getting our bearings within 5D, with a like-frequency body, mind, heart and consciousness, and learning that we are much more unified and connected within ourselves AND with each other. I’ve been mildly concerned in years past about how other people would deal—or not deal with—what I’ve called Psychic Etiquette. I’m now certain that Psychic Etiquette comes with ascension/evolution into a fifth dimensional realm and state of being and that we naturally know to not barge uninvited into each others individual spaces, homes, or lives like self-absorbed, boundary-less, unaware children. What an exciting time to be in-body despite the severe pains, confusions and difficulties of transitioning into a higher frequency species on a matching higher frequency planet, in a new Light-filled place in space within a higher dimension.


April 21, 2010

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17 thoughts on “Becoming a 5D Group Collective

  1. -:¦:- Thank you so much for your response, Denise -:¦:-

    I *felt* you on so many levels beyond the words. Your words were so luminously encoded, dear one, and the love transmission I received from them has now shifted my lower heart woes into a much more unified state of high heart-ness. You are truly a treasured wonder. Reminds me how much we really do need eachother during this {{{Phase II}}} fumble through the rich, blackgold Void.

    Bless You!

    -:¦:- Tieshla -:¦:-

  2. “And I didn’t feel I did anything different.”

    And that is exactly what I’ve been talking about for months! Having been psychic my whole life, it’s probably a tad bit easier for me to recognize when these abilities change or morph into ascended 5D ESP traits…which will be normal for the majority. This is one reason why many people don’t even catch that they’ve just communicated with someone across the planet in their minds and hearts, and, that the person on the other end did indeed receive the communication. This whole process may not yet be fully conscious in all of us, but this too is another situation of us moving into these new higher (ascension related) 5D abilities slowly and naturally with us suddenly realizing what we’ve been doing. Cyber places like this are like training grounds for all of us to get familiar with our new evolved 5D ESP (and much more of course) abilities with each other. There really are no coinky dinks. 😉 There is only us perceiving incoming information, energies, emotions, beings etc. It is THAT natural and will soon be THAT normal.


  3. Tieshla & All,

    I can so relate to all you said and how you feel within Phase Two. I’ve had to make huge adaptations and even further letting go of (keyrist when will this end?!? Big, booming inner voice responds, “When you have nothing left that needs to be released…”. ) Phase Two is NOTHING like what I’d hoped it would be, and as usual, I was jumping the gun because I’m so ready to get to where we’re going. I foolishly didn’t realize there was more we and our bodies/brains/hearts etc have to go through first. Lauren Gorgo’s latest Arcturian collective said one word…just one word that caused all this current void weirdness gently tumble into place for me. It was “resurrection” NOT that I am or ever have been a religious person!!! It’s just that that particular word at that moment was like someone lighting a match in the blackness.

    Because of this insight I remembered back to when we were going through the number stair steps and we’d reached the 9 and then for a couple of months or so we entered the 0 which was very much like this current “void” stage before we entered the numerical/energetic spiral at a higher level with number 1. We’ve been in the 0 zero or void area before we are “resurrected” so to speak within bodies/brains/hearts and everything else that is a very different body than what we incarnated into. Slowly, I’m connecting these latest pieces together myself but this last phase has been THE worst on all levels. I too have felt, for far too long, totally alone with no higher beings to even communicate with other than my Higher Self…but even that was cut off from me over the past few weeks. It really has been a case of us moving through some great, silent Void, but I can now feel something trying to form under my feet so it is slowly ending.

    You know one of the things I’m learning in Phase Two is that sometimes my higher vision is the Void! It’s like the periods of low tide – all we’ve got to do is trust, wait, and know absolutely that the tide will come back in eventually, and that it will be very HIGH. 😉

    Hugs and Loves,

  4. I like Balsamic Moon’s naked beach analogy and agree with the concept. I also get what you are talking about Denise in that non-physical state of communication because I have been experiencing it as well of late. And I disagree that there is nothing new here–it may be in the viewing or perceiving that a person feels there is nothing new but it is like when you start opening up you see colors so much differently, or feel things differently–on one level they are still the same colors or objects or feelings but now are “enhanced” and so in truth are not the same–they have become a 5D perception–in my mind this makes sense but getting it in words is not so easy–I will be glad when we can all start “showing” each other telepathically so we can really understand and not have to stumble for words or concepts.

  5. Hi Denise,

    For a long time now I have been getting frustrated with internet/email communication, I mean you can’t attach emotion to words on a screen. A fully aware conscious connection with like minded people is what I have been wishing for, I just hope I’m not being too stupid and not picking up the signs…….

    For me personally, the privacy angle is obvious. I suppose you could call it ‘5-D respect’.

    Anyone who wants to connect to me, feel free to knock on my ‘higher’ door! 😉

    Love and gentle winged hugs,


  6. -:¦:- Denise and All -:¦:-

    I so appreciate your affirmative and inspiring perspective on our ever-evolving collective alignment within uni-dimensional consciousness. I’ve been having quite the bewildering time trying to communicate my new relationship to the multi-d frequencies of time, and the frequency of triality, so I really groove on your (admirable) clarity here. I wish I could maintain a ‘remembering state’ the way you so easily seem to navigate it.

    I still feel so alien to Phase II, so prone to many of the things both Karen and Lauren so aptly describe of the on-going discomforts. Visionary Clarity is often NOT what I’m experiencing, though I’m having many amazing High Heart experiences which affirm my royal place in the new earth. It’s just very odd to feel so many different levels of reality manifesting in those around me, that sometimes I hardly know who or what I am on my own (((rung))). (and I still tend to cringe at the hierarchical language of singularity when, as a numerological 9 at every turn, I want to understand the ‘All in ONe and One in All-ness’ of our Unified Field)

    I’ve been having many altered-state dreams involving people in my midst these days. However, the very quality of my Dreamtime experiences has shifted radically in Phase II, in a similar way that my 3-D telepathy/ empathy has shifted. Like Karen expressed in her latest post, I often feel alone on this very new terrain, wondering where my kindred soul-tribe is. While I’m establishing some significant connections in the 3-D world, many of them still feel polarized and out of synch with me, which causes me feel like I’m fluttering between dimensions, still trying to find my own flow of uni-dimensionality. Sometimes as a default setting, I stick to a 3-D orientation because it’s familiar and functional and helps facilitate a necessary bridge in some circumstances.

    Recently, I’ve come to understand that I am indeed a ‘World-Bridger’, here to assist in unidimensional embodiment and integration via sacred sexuality and creative expression. This means I interface with many converging realities, and sometimes while interacting in it, I get pulled down into denser fields for a time………I’m still getting my bearings with this. While you seem to just “know” what’s going on in Higher Levels, I feel like I don’t know anything sometimes. Like it’s ALL dissolved… it’s just me, my High Heart and the Void.

    I so need my Soul Group to help activate the morphic field of my higher vision. I wonder at times who and where they are, and long for the resonance I remember from times long ago. But, just posting this helps me feel less lonely about my Phase II evolution and once again I express my appreciation for the sacred sanctuary space you hold here, Denise.

    Bright, radiant hugs to All,
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

  7. Hi Denise and to all,

    Did you just say that:

    “… it is so much easier and natural now, that we don’t always immediately recognize that we have indeed telepathically… communicated with a fellow Lightworker, a fellow ascender, a fellow human, a fellow non-human non-physical?”

    No way! :O

    I was yearning for telepathic communication today… feeling and thinking and being it all day that… THIS post showed up! Wow! How odd! And I didn’t feel I did anything different.

    With Psychic Etiquette… I can see it: being alone and feeling the “a-lone-ness” has me also be very aware of any form of neediness I may project unto my like-minded friends… all because I know what it’s like to be manipulated and looked over the shoulder and feel the neediness from others. I also find myself too much sometimes… but that only has me be aware of that energy going all over the place …. in the wrong place… or was that my old “me” that’s no longer there…???

    And yet… I’d so would LOVE to have like-minded others to have meaningful relationships with… not the usual kinds that has us on empty. I have very few but are geographically far, far away. Would be nice to see each other finally.

    It’s not that relationships/communications fill us or make us whole… it’s the kind of gratification when we’re unconditionally sharing something… be it energy/information/gift… to the RIGHT set of people… who are ready to receive and vice versa. I hope this is coming across proper. Words expressed out typographically like this is very limiting.

    I’ve daydreamed and dreamed and fantasized this form of psychic communication for as long as I could remember… and I too can see us communicating from the Heart not a big issue. Heck I wouldn’t mind us moving away from the computer for the rest of my Life: it’s not good health-wise. Has anyone find that when e-chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Hotmail/MSN etc, etc… that there is still a void… that there’s nothing genuine and meaningful in those communications… that they’re shallow and on empty? Only a few are the exceptions… but the majority of it is best to be missed. I’ve naturally no longer used them as much as I used to… in fact hardly. I’m no longer feeling it.

    Looking forward to more and more awareness of telepathic/psychic communication on a Higher Heart level. O goodie…! ^_^

  8. This post is quite timely, for I’ve been anticipating conscious “reentry” into our soul families–and I put reentry in quotation marks because we never truly left. I also know we are forming new groups, the collectives you’ve described. For the past several nights, I have attempted to contact these like-minded souls without conscious knowledge of whom I’m contacting. I feel a bit like a drunken man stumbling home in the dark, although unlike this man, I am uncertain of my destination. I am guided only by a wisp of smoke, something I am uncertain is real.

    Balsamic Moon

  9. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the “no privacy” situation which I feel is approaching, but I do not share your concerns. It’s a natural evolution–necessary, I believe, for our continued spiritual development. Individuals and governments have operated in secrecy for eons, and it’s resulted in widespread manipulation and mistrust. I imagine the experience of “no privacy” will be quite similar to a visit to a nude beach–you may be naked, but so is everyone else! From what I’ve been told, people tend not to ogle each other after a period of time. This human tendency may translate to our new reality; in other words, our secrets will cease to become sources of shame, so we will not feel an urge to conceal them. As always, these are simply my thoughts; I do not claim sole proprietorship upon truth, however one may define it.

    Balsamic Moon

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