Completely Creating Above the Old Lower Consciousness Box

I’ve never been so happy to reach the spring Equinox as I have with this 2010 one! The time since the 2009 winter solstice has been difficult and often felt like being stuck in quicksand much of the time. After the needed winter months of isolation, hibernation and introspection, I was certainly ready for the spring energies to arrive…and I love winter! The energies increased over the last couple weeks of winter and yet, all that pushing Aries spring energy to create anew, and it still isn’t happening. Here’s one huge reason why I feel—so many are not yet ready or able to perceive far enough outside the old lower 3D reality box.

I recently read a sentence or two by Steve Rother mentioning that the group had let him know about things they will soon be talking about (channelings) that have to do with our (Lightworkers) screwed up beliefs and attitudes about “abundance”. I could not agree more and can’t wait for other Lightworkers besides me to remind fellow Lightworkers about abundance outside of 3D and lower consciousness. We’ve forgotten natural and honest higher abundance, multidimensional non-linear creating, ease and real freedom and I understand why. But, to best create the new higher (5D) world we must get back in touch with abundance awareness and energy for self and all others and fast.

I recently stumbled upon a well-known persons new article/message to fellow “Lightworkers”. I’ve seen this persons name before but this was the first, and it’ll be the last time I read anything by them. To me so much of the information was exactly the same type of ridiculous, extremely limited and downright foolish crap that too many people like this keep writing to inform and guide their many readers with. Obviously, information like this is shocking to me and makes me frustrated and disappointed. I honestly thought we Lightworkers/First Wavers/Second Wavers/Wayshowers etc. were so far beyond this level of consciousness—and many of us are—that I’m always shocked when I encounter supposed “higher information” like this. No retirement for me quite yet because these are the sorts of asinine things that light a fire under my old First Waver backside and get me back on-track again after too much time stuck in the quicksand, hoping for the best. I should know better. Stair-steps remember? Many, many Ascension Stair-steps because we’re NOT all standing on the same one at the same time.

stairstep people2What’s got me frustrated and disappointed is information like this that suggests Lightworkers around the planet get together in meditation to create things for our new fifth dimensional world. Sounds great so far right? The suggestion is made that we shouldn’t wait for those lower vibrating, lower consciousness people to change and grow a heart and higher consciousness (BTW, that’s what Phase One and then “My Lightworker Strike” which was followed by the Sept. 9, 2009 separation of worlds was all about), but that those of us with “higher consciousness” need to create “new monetary systems”. WTF? Are you kidding me? Global Lightworkers who should—in Phase Two of the ascension process—work together to create a fifth dimensional (5D) world reality with a totally new monetary system!? Like I’ve said before, I haven’t gone through everything I have as a First Wave Lightworker up to this moment just so that I and everyone else could find the perfect mate, the perfect dog, the perfect vehicle or the perfect new higher 5D global monetary system! FUCK, I’d cry if I wasn’t so pissed off. Evidently, from their current ascension stair-step many cannot yet perceive above and beyond the old lower consciousness patriarchal money-based systems of 3D. Taking the greed and corruption out of lower frequency planetary control systems is not remotely enough for this old First Wave Lightworker.


1) Brand new 5D global monetary systems where there is no greed or corruption but plenty of money for all. See how much better this way is?

2) Brand new 5D global wars/fighting but  no one is killed. See how much better this way is?

3) Brand new 5D world where everyone is still told what to do by government leaders, but because Lightworkers have sent Light and Love into their hearts they will led the people with Love. See how much better this way is?

4) Brand new 5D world where taxes are equal for everyone around the planet. See how much better this way is?




1) No fucking money at all because we Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathpavers etc. CAN perceive well beyond the old lower 3D world reality and its limited systems and know a truly higher and better way can and will manifest in the new 5D earth that we are creating.

2) No fucking wars anywhere because we have ascended/evolved had our DNA/brains/hearts/beings evolved beyond that level of polarized insanity

3) No fucking governments or country or world leaders because everyone’s DNA has been evolved and each person is integrated and unified within themselves and their High Hearts actually work finally.

4) No fucking taxes because we decided that we do not want to create even a 5D world where any form of money or taxes or anything like it needs to exist because WE have evolved well beyond money and money consciousness.

Why is outside-the-box higher awareness, perception and imagining so damned difficult for so many of these well-known so-called “new age” authors, lecturers and online writers to get this about the evolutionary Ascension Process? I’ll tell you exactly why — because they cannot perceive anything higher as yet themselves.

Do you honestly believe that we are evolving, ascending, having our entire bodies, brains, hearts and full DNA evolved tremendously just so we can recreate a slightly better version of the old lower frequency 3D patriarchal world within a higher 5D world and consciousness? Do you honestly think and believe that is what this planetary, cosmic and universal ascension and compressed evolution is really all about? Us Lightworkers banding together in global meditations so we can create a non-greedy monetary system for our new 5D world? I know very well it is not.

Back to abundance and our painfully obvious continued disconnect from it.

The 2010 spring Equinox hammered me with the fact that I STILL need to let go of many old and very familiar habits and beliefs within myself and my body now. For me to continue ascending/evolving/expanding consciously and energetically, I must continue releasing any and all aspects, thoughts, belief systems, old lower expectations and familiar habits that were created when I existed within lower polarized 3D earth reality. They simply do not fit or work for this higher frequency version of me now existing within Phase Two with ongoing expanding consciousness. So you see, we ALL still have our bits and pieces of old familiar but limiting silly shit n’ crap n’ beliefs that we need to keep tossing overboard so we stay floating at the higher level we now exist within. This ascension process will continue for each one of us, no matter how wise sounding or popular or well-known any of us are, because we are living this Process in bodies and repeatedly need to let go of even further old lower frequencies and consciousness aspects of ourselves.  I’m talking about ALL of us Lightworkers/First Wavers/Second Wavers/Wayshower etc.

Because we’ve spent so much time living within lower polarized physical 3D earth reality, we’ve forgotten what higher abundance is like. We came from it, but because we’ve been living within polarized 3D Insanity Land for so long, we’ve become consciously disconnected from natural higher abundance. Our Phase Two ascensions will continue pushing us into this level or dimension and expanded quantum consciousness where abundance exists and is so much easier for us to see and feel and be ourselves. That means we ALL are currently having to let go of and cast-off more of our old habitual lower frequency ideas about how the new higher 5D world can be. What sounds like a truly great idea for the new earth reality  today will be ridiculous to us next month, even more so three months from today, and repulsively unacceptable and infantile six months from today and so on. That is how fast our consciousness and DNA is currently evolving within Phase Two.

I’ve said before that if you consciously remember Mother Lemuria, or if you feel in your Highest Heart what original Lemuria was like, or what your nonphysical stellar, other-dimensional Home station is like then please, oh please I beg of you to use THAT as a blueprint or starting point within your ascending High Heart Consciousness to consciously create and co-create the new 5D earth world reality.

I’m not saying to replicate original Lemuria or our nonphysical stellar or Light level Homes on our new 5D earth, but that we can and will create much higher than that now. It’s a done deal already at higher levels, but we here in our physical bodies going through all this ascension business as Lightworkers/Wayshowers/First and Second Wavers are living out and implementing what other aspects of us have already planned and created at even higher nonphysical levels. But this is how WE do it; we do it at and within multiple dimensions, multiple levels of awareness and being, within multiple dimensions all at the same time. WE can’t mess this one up really so you see even my rant article here is not necessary.  😉

If our DNA is reconnecting—which it is—then you know that we cannot fully comprehend today what we’ll be like or able to consciously perceive, remember, feel or access tomorrow or next month or next year right? So, my point is to imagine, desire, and dream so very much higher, so very much greater and more grand than merely recreating an improved 5D money-based world where that money (and anything else for that matter) is shared equally with  all people! Our growth and ascension isn’t over yet and we are coming close now to having major DNA re-connections activated which will instantly cause us and our consciousness to make further quantum leaps forward that today are hard for us to comprehend. Because of this, I ask all of you to at least consider that we can and should create/co-create our new 5D earth world from a VASTLY higher Heart stance than money or anything else remotely like it from lower 3D lives and consciousness. This too is another learning for these incarnate aspects of us actually here living the ascension process as Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers on the planet in physical bodies. How completely can you cast-off and let go of the lower vibrating past systems, beliefs, consciousness and awareness and get really free to perceive much higher during the spring quarter of 2010?


March 21, 2010

multicolored copyright 2Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2010. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

22 thoughts on “Completely Creating Above the Old Lower Consciousness Box

  1. Hi Denise, thank you for all you said. It means so much to me. Here is another question. I it is regarding you following comment

    “MUST let go of all that needs to over and over again. That is such a huge part of the entire ascension process; our repeated casting-off of the lower everything that we’ve had within us and our bodies/minds/hearts/thoughts or beliefs etc.”

    What if a lot of those lower energies are our parents/family members… seems drastic to cut off all contact (even if I wanted to do it many times) does meditating by surrounding them with white light help….do you have suggestions on tha particular topic. How have you dealt with it on a personal basis. I WANT TO TEACH AND GUIDE my children by what I am learning and have learned. I have witnessed many occasion where these lower energies have affected them. Usualy a physical symptom arises or a virus or they become so angry but don t know why. The more tools I can pass on the better. Are children today on the same level as their parents ….Are they more advanced. Do my children need for me to guides them as they age…..just some more questions that pop in my head regularly. I have a very close relationship with my children (3= ages 6 1/2, alomost 5 and 2) and feel they are pushing my growth quicker then if I didn t have them. When I mentioned that things have drastically changed 2 years ago….that was when my daughter was born. She is amazing and makes everyone happy….she glows and everyone stops us and just look at her in amazement. She transformed me and leaves a mark of love on everyone she touches. I ahve had magical moments with my kids when they were babies and we would converse with our eyes (no words required) and other freaky moments when I felt they could see trough me and I wasn t being my best. Maybe they are pushing me. Did you feel that with your daughter…. Thank you for this website. Your are inspiring me to start one in my area and see if I could share what I learn and have others share too. Maybe reach others like me who are rookies on this path. I do beleive in the new earth and want to do my part in healing and sharing in these beautiful energies. -Linny

  2. Line,

    I and many others here can totally relate to everything you’ve said. You are in like-company here. 🙂

    Everything you are feeling and aware of is only increasing because YOU are ascending, both in body/mind/heart/and external reality. Think of this ascension process like sounds and colors that vibrate faster and higher than “normal” human 3D senses can even perceive. Once a person starts the ascension or compressed evolutionary process, they start the process of literally increasing their frequency to the point where they vibrationally leave the old lower “normal” 3D world and its belief systems and consciousness, and (slowly) enter some of the many higher frequency, faster vibrating layers (another dimension) that “normal” people are not even aware exist! To the person living this alchemy of body/mind/reality, it is indeed an intense and painful transformation, but so worth it all.

    I would suggest to you to no longer worry or concern yourself with what other “normal” people, who are NOT living through this ascension process as you obviously are, to not be distracted by their lower consciousness and focus. As you continue this process it does become unbearable to even be in the same area with a lot of people who are NOT going through the ascension process. The energy and consciousness gap becomes too huge, too uncomfortable, and the one evolving rapidly MUST let go of all that needs to over and over again. That is such a huge part of the entire ascension process; our repeated casting-off of the lower everything that we’ve had within us and our bodies/minds/hearts/thoughts or beliefs etc. just like taking off layer after layer of heavy winter coats and clothes so you become lighter and more free.

    Hang in there and keep your eye/Heart on the much higher, better, and sane prize and try not to focus too much on all of the lower craziness and dying of the lower world and its systems. Those of us further along in this ascension process are doing everything we can now to quickly create/manifest the new higher world reality so we all have a new higher frequency world that matches us now. Soon now, if even in steps and layers but it is happening.


  3. Stu,

    I should have let it be known that the number 2) suggestion was MINE and not that other persons. To me that persons number 1) suggestion was AS stupid as say…having wars, but if no one kills each other, then that is some sort of huge improvement. I was being pissy and sarcastic only to get a general point across. So that was me and only to highlight that persons equally as idiotic suggestion. Sorry I didn’t clarify this better in my post.

    I know you are always thinking/feeling/creating a vastly better, higher way of life my friend. 🙂


  4. Wow I love reading everything you write Denise. I just get a little confused and overwhealmed. I don t understand everything and always I have so many questions.

    I did the 3 things at equinox and oops envisioned for my debts and bills to be paid and have lotes of money to get my leaking roof redone and to be able to put moneu aside for my kids education…..So really that was not what I was supposed to do. I should have more appropriatly envisioned what exactly…..the banks want money, daycare, school, utility companies and well everyone and we can barely afford gaz, food and all our credit cards are full and feel we are drowning under all that lack of money. What should I have meditated on instead. I understand that is no longer what I should concentrate my energy on (money) but how, and what ……Arghhh it is frustrating.

    I have always felt that there was something so much bigger and grander and that I lost in this big world that I just did not fit in. I have always felt my life and have been (told a lot how wrong I was how I make descision because I choose to feel instead of thinking). But living this way in our world is hard and exhausting and lately even more so. I written before about how the last couple of years have been very difficult because of all the ascension symptoms I have been having, the aches and pains are less now and easier to deal with (headaches, dizziness and nausea still present)…I feel the changes inside but not on the outside and dealing with people is a constant struggle because some people are still letting me know (they re not telling me, I feel what they are thinking) that I am wrong for what I am thinking and feeling about how I want to live and arghhh I am having a hard time explaining what I am going trough. I feel a lot of hope but frustration at the same time . The more I change the less the outside world changes and I feel even more lost and confused and don t know where I fit in. Where to concentrate my energies and dela with my monetery struggles. I am waiting for things to change but it seems they are getting worst.

    Our debts issues are getting worst continually and relationships with people are artificial and (I feel) a waste of time. My husband and I really notice the disconection with our families and making new friends empossible. Its like we live in a different world then everyone else. The things I feel are important are often being smashed down because people tell me I am not realistic and my vision are not part of this world and therefore I feel even more apart from everyone else. From reading your articles I have felt like I am normal and it has validated my feelings from when a was very little that I was simply born way before my time. I am 35 and was born with this sense of importance on being the best I can be and self dicovery path started very early. I was 12 and reading on the subject of how to be a good friend, daughter……and was even ridiculed even by my own mother because of it. I have always felt different. I was able to see… feel what would happen before it did. I have felt other energies around …….My toddler keeps interupting me and I keep losing my train of toughts so I guess I ll end here. I feel the glow inside but know there is soooo much but and don t know what else to do.

  5. Hi Denise,

    A great rant my dear friend, I totally know why you had it.

    The whole money thing has been seriously pissing me off for ages now, if there was a button to push and crash the entire monetary system, I would push it without hesitation.

    But the bit from that apparently enlightened individual saying this, really took brainless moron to a new level:

    2) Brand new 5D global wars/fighting but no one is killed. See how much better this way is?

    This has to be the most fucking stupid thing I have ever read, arhhhhhhh.

    I am always thinking/feeling a magically new way higher way of life…… 🙂

    Love and gentle winged hugs,


  6. Irv,

    Forty years ago? You too are a lifelong “System Buster”. Very wise words and thanks for sharing them with us all.


  7. Hello Denise,

    Yeah, that is true. We didn’t go through this long, arduous process just to create a slightly ‘better, fairer, pinker, fuzzier’ version of the 3D world!!!
    I’ve never been good with money, and have no savings. (Not due to lofty motives, just because I happily spend what comes in!) 😀 The other week, I thought, ‘I should really put some money in the bank. Just a week’s rent, at least.’ I got a disconcerting inner ‘NO’. It takes a bit of courage, but we have to stop playing the 3D game. As long as we still need to ‘pay money’ for things, we do, in the same way we’d pretend a sand-pie a child’s handed us is “real food”; but we don’t think about it or focus on it, let alone worry and hoard. We should just live life, knowing that whatever we need will be there for us, sometimes apparently by magic! The more of us who withdraw our attention from the old ways of living, the quicker they’ll dissolve like the illusions they are. An inner message I keep getting is that Way Showers are just that: we’re being shown the way by the higher dimensional aspects of ourselves, (who are very patient, & when we keep falling over, they gently pick us up and set us going again :-)), so that we can show others. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The ‘Lightworkers’ who think that living in a fifth-dimensional consciousness means tweaking, forcibly manifesting & ‘trying’ to change things, will find in about a year’s time that pimping up a car doesn’t transform it into a Batmobile – they’ll turn round and ask us what we’re doing, and how we did it, because our lives & abilities will be so obviously different from theirs. This is why we all have challenges in our lives, too, I’m certain of it: we’re being Trained. Every 3D illusory ‘problem’ we dissolve, is one more thing we can show others how to let go of.


  8. GOOD for you, Denise!

    I love your anger when it gets rolling . . . and I’ve not yet seen it better used. Real abundance, as you say, begins when you can let go of the fear-based, security-oriented kind that has motivated society for so long that we’ve forgotten (and can’t seem to believe) what the real thing is all about.

    For those who fail to believe it, I want to say that it’s quite possible to move into that space of doing without what you don’t ‘earn’ (a highly distortive word, in the first place . . . because earn can be positively applied; but when used relative to money it is essentially cheapened).

    I recently found something that I wrote forty years ago, when I first gained this insight. This is just a portion of it:

    “I think the best way to summarize the new approach is that whatever is found to be corruptive in all of its varied contexts, then there is a basic premise at fault somewhere, and every institution which is a part of it or which results from it is suspect. Instead of mis-directing well-intentioned efforts toward trying to live with or cope with a basic error, start fresh, because no institution is God given, and damn few are instinct-based.

    “So that since money quite obviously corrupts in virtually every context in which it exists, any institution which is functionally oriented around money is a corrupt institution. This means the entire capitalist structure of this country — it is impossible to give equal recognition to human values and those generated by the conviction that profit must exceed loss, and to try to compromise this issue is to corrupt your approach to each of them, for they are most often mutually exclusive of each other. It means, also, that the individual career orientation of this country is corrupt because it uses income and the accumulation of money as its prime basis of measurement. The human suffering which has been caused by money-oriented careerism is fantastic to contemplate.”

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